Guys, Ultraman Zach (the series, not Ultraman, because Zach is very original in design in my opinion) is not the most original series on the wiki, here's why:

It is a spring day at my school at like, 8:30 A.M.

My best friend Chris: Brian, you know the biography project is due on Tuesday right?

Me: yes Chris I know, we also have that worthless egg project!

Chris: and the confirmation packet.

Me: Chris, I got it.

Chris: you didn't do any of them yet did you?

Me: who, me? Why yes, I started the biography thingy-ma-doodle.

Chris: when did you start it?

Me: I don't wanna talk about it.

I walk into my first class: Math

I zone out in the first five minutes.

Me in my mind: wow! I can't wait to go home! I have an idea for Ultraman Zach episode 23 already! Ooh, I could make a kaiju, with a mailbox like mouth, with claws, and a big spiny tail!

My teacher: who wants to do number two? Brian?

Me in my head: son of a biscuit.

Me: uh, sure.

My teacher: you don't even know where we are on the page do you?

Me: no.

My teacher: see me at recess Mr. Haughton

Me in my head: I wish I could fire a specium ray like Ultraman, it would come in handy at least ten times per day.

I put my hands in specium ray position in front of everyone.

People start staring.

Me: uhh, (scratches neck) it helps me pay attention.

People look away and roll there eyes, Chris is laughing.

A few hours later while I pack up to go home:

Me in my head: Something with some bushy tail, and fangs.

Chris: Brian can you get my bag for me?

Me: sure.

I bring Chris his bag.

My homeroom teacher: Brian, get back in your seat.

I sit down

Me in my head: this school is so hypocritical, they are all like be nice n' stuff, then when I do that they're all like sit the heck down!

Homeroom teacher: everyone you have pages 102, 103 and 104 in your ILA workbook, pages 97 and 98 in math, and page 81 in social studies.

Me: what was I thinking about?

Later at home:

Mom: Brian, are you almost done your homework?

Me: not even close!

And that is why I can't come up with my own ideas, I have no time to anymore, and the time I do have I write what I have planned out already.

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