Well here's the announcement for the second Ultraman Zach side story! Yeah, I know the last on wasnt too long ago, but this one will have a giant effect on the series such as introducing Light of ResponsibilityUltraman Bornstellar, and others. So without further ado, SPOILER ALERT!

Ultraman Zach Side Story: The Reclamation, or simply just The Reclamation, takes place 10,000,000 years before the Zach Series. It focuses on the ancient Ultras, the Hive, the Primordials, the massive temples encountered in Salvation, and Humanitys rightful place within the Light of Responsibility. Ultraman Bornstellar serves as the protagonist of the story, while the Hive, Mendicant Nexus and later Ultraman Ultimatum serve as antagonists. There will be 15 (XV) Chapters. The project will begin when We are the Meta ends.

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