So, Zach about 2/3 complete, and the expansion of the universe (Omniverse?) has really surprised me. All these wars and factions and events. Speaking of factions, the next episode is going to involve... politics. No, not Donald Trump, galactic scale politics. Before we enter the political side of Ultraman Zach later this week (Hopefully, I may work on the Reclamation instead) we should probably know what we're talking about.

The Union of Light: Actually not all light aligned planets, some are dark, such as the Baltan Dominion. The Union is the remnant of a time when almost all planets aligned with the Light whether they liked it or not, and that ended up in a galactic civil war. I'm probably never going to get into that beyond an article or two. The only reason dark planets are still in the Union is because they dont want to change their way of life. The Union's military is the Ultra Garrison and the Light Militias. It is run by the Senate.

The Dark Legion: Run by a single entity, the Darkness One, the Legion is a religion based faction that forces all members to convert to the belief that the Darkness will consume the universe and bring Salvation to belivers. All membering planets must commit their full military to the Legion and give the Legion all influence in politics. Every member of the Legion is on a devout crusade to destroy the Light.

The Parliament of Independent Systems: The PIS is a group of independent worlds that want no part in the war between dark and light, and if any members are attacked by either side, all worlds in the PIS will side with the other belligerent. Both sides are extremely careful to avoid the PIS.

The next episode will focus on the politics of the Senate and how the war must progress.

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