I'm so glad to be finished Endgame. I was really iffy with it at first, but I think adding Wash to the roster of good guys and bringing in Locust and Felix was a good idea. The ending fight with the Meta was definately my favorite part of the whole story. What did you guys think? The next story arc will focus on what Zach did in the months before Relocated in Ultra Garrison operations on different planets. A certain wartorn planet in particular. The first episode will have nothing to do with Zach, and will be focused on The Senate of the Galaxy and which side the Garrison will back up in the Civil War. After that, I'm planning on having another new Villain (Sort of) added into the mix. Next there will be some VERY important human drama (It's hinted at in Episode X and the Epsilon Unit). Then we'll have the final story arc in Universe 000. So yeah, that's all folks. 

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