Hai guys, Apexz here. Now as you can see might everyone want to ask why Reuz is similar to Ultraman Ginga. My Ultraman Reuz i created was only base on Ginga Colour and Crystal only not the whole pattern, the pic i put on the page was the first design of him, the second will coming soon after my final exam done.

The diffrence between my Ultraman Reuz and Ultraman Ginga is that Reuz has a red line between his round head which is Crystal like Ginga, his body was diffrent pattern that Ginga but the colour sill same i mean Red and Silver.

His techniques and Power are originally i created without Base on anything. Only Ginga Thunderbolt i modified to Be Reuz Thunderbolt. And Ginga Slash and modified to Omni Slash. Thats all :)

Also, I created Reuz to become Ginga Succerssor, WHy? Well, they are look the same by their Crystal and face. I hope this will help to find the diffrent between them. :D

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