Hey guys. Its been a long time since login . Its my busy day but what i want to tell you alls about are the true Origin of Reuz and his full detail. This story will uncover the final episode that i didnt have time to write. I've been having this idea about two years ago and didnt have time to write about it. 

Reuz and Ketaros are one entity prior before the start while Reuz chose the light and Ketaros chose the dark side and both of them seperated and move on their next life. The War on Earth begin with Gaixu and Grim Reaper was fighting Reuz and when Reuz didnt burn alive in the darkness flame cause by Gaixus, this put some question in his head. But Gaixus was destroy before he could move by Grim who stole his power and evolve into his power and ultimate form, Fenrir. Reuz was completely lost and dont know what happen.

Fenrir ask if Reuz know his true origin and name. Reuz declined that he didnt know anything but to stop Fenrir. But Ketaros suddenly appeared on his mind and ask the same if he knew who "We" really are. Fenrir then reveal Reuz true origin. Reuz was born as a Demon from the Demon clan call Theriouz. Theriouz was once a strong clan who wipe out many Ultra and Monsters and only ate blood but suffer memories lost. Reuz rejected the story but before he could move, Fenrir stop him forcing him to stand where he is. Fenrir continue as he told Reuz that was not originally an Ultraman making Haruto confuse and declained it as Reuz is Ultraman and hero who save the world. Fenrir not believe what Haruto told. 

Reuz fell unconsioussness as Ketaros appeared on his mind and gave his last appearance and smile as he cannot do anything to help Reuz accept his true existence . Ketaros disappeared and become one with Reuz but Reuz took fully control of Ketaros power and destroy his appearence. Fenrir claim that Reuz is the one who eliminated all Demon of Theriouz Clan leaving him, Ketaros and Fenrir itself. Reuz was comfuse but rejected it, he didnt believe what Fenrir tell him. 

"I dont believe it! I am Ultraman! Neither Demon or Alien! I am Me and nobody else!" shout Haruto/Reuz

Mikasa also shout to Reuz to not believe what Fenrir tell. 

Fenrir "Believe or not, your very existence is a Demon and killing is your habit. Your bear an Ultra like form because you chose the Light and gave you the appearance of Ultraman. Other reasons because of every Ultraman and your friends accepted you the way your are...without knowing you the a Demon from the famous Theriouz Clan kill his own family...Kill lots of Ultra and Monsters and even..."

Reuz shock.

" have died been defeated by Ultraman Ginga and revive you with no memories and become his successor to protect the galaxy"

Reuz fall in despair, so does Haruto.

Fenrir ask to Haruto if his Mutation have started . It shock Haruto and remember that his hand once turn into a demon like arm. 

Fenrir fire a blast of Light of letters from Reuz name. R means Rage, E means Etherious, U means Ultimate and Z means Zenith. Reuz declined it again and fight Fenrir one last time but without knowing that his Rage taking over his body and destroy half of the city. But Fenrir fire an ultimate attack of him but its been block by Reuz who use his own body as sacrifise to protect Mikasa but the attack cut through him and destroy the ground leaving Mikasa lifeless and died. 

Reuz fully awaken his Rage and turn into Cosmic form and brutally fight Fenrir with the assistance of FEARS and destroy Fenrir with Maangaru Blast Cross Shot. After the fight, Haruto couldnt think anything but regret,sadness, and moaned for Mikasa death . Haruto carry Mikasa to the light house where she always been there to draw the beautiful sunset and he see Mikasa in his vision where they hold hands with their future daughter walking through the light. Haruto cry and leave Mikasa on the lighthouse as he gave his wife his last smile and disappeared. FEARS found Mikasa but they cry as they lost of their friend. 

Adventually, Haruto and Mikasa daughter was been taking care by Mikasa mother and until time she will knew what have happen to her parents. 

Apexz (talk) 11:01, May 11, 2016 (UTC)

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