Hey, it's been a long time. I want to show the newest Ultraman i created, but it should be ready after the end of Ultraman Reuz season. This is a secondar Ultraman that will appeared in my new series called Ultraman Reuz X Ultraman's War or Ultraman Taisen. 

This show surely i will skipped lots of character but put two new characters. 

  • Takumi Jinguji
  • Natsumi Takaneka
The new secondary Ultraman is name Ultraman Gaixus who was known as "Destroyer of Ultras" and non Friendship Ultra. Takumi Jinguji is his Human host. 
2014-04-28 21.14.35

Parts of Gaixus

His head resembels Mebius head fin but with his crystal of light, resemble Ultraman Victory one but not his head. His armor is a combine with Victory and Nexus. But some of his armor on his wrist and shins are made of like Mebius armor. 

His crystal of light is like a shape of dirrections (-->) but point to the up dirrection. His crystal light Yellow red but in night ,it is Yellow. He something bear black, Red and grey. But his armor on his wrist and shins bear grey. His colour timer is V shape resembles Ultraman Victory. (Man, i got no ideas left, Sorry)

Transformation Item

Takumi will use a Pluck or something like that, it a combine version of Cosmos Pluck and Victory Lancer.  It is unknown what it is shape. 


In the new series, there's a army of Kaiju, 100 monsload lead by it's true leader Shadow, but before him, Takumi is the leader for temporary seat. Thats why he was given the Pluck, the item to transform into Gaixusand his title as "Destroyer of Ultras".

When he meet Reuz, he state that he doesn't want to hunt Reuz due to him as the first Ultra. But Takumi still a kind young man, but due to Darkness sometime corrupt Takumi, he become evil. 

So supposely he is Reuz rival, even tought Takumi avoid for been the destroyer, he just want to have friends with all of the people including Haruto.

Secondary Ultra

Xenoz true targets is all Secondary Ultra that was meant to be in the war, making Gaixus the king. (Secondary Ultra in Ultra-Fan-Wiki).


Simple, i watch Ultraman Mebius, Nexus and Gaia, to know about Hikari and Agul and Dark Mephisto. And the idea for Xenoz is i watch Mebius, Nexus and Victory drawing and sketches. 

New Forms Update in the Game UFEGII and Series

  • Ultraman Reuz Cosmic is the strongest form of Ultraman Reuz replacing Wizard due to it's been the same as Kamen Rider. Cosmic mode bear armor on Reuz body with projection of Twin cannon than can be summon on his back to his shoulder, on Reuz back is a back pack that can transform into twin cannon.
  • In this form, all of his special move like Reuz Cross Shot or Thunderbolts are unavailable because of the form lock it. He will ony active three type of move.
    • Reuz Sword Mode - Special Move= Sonic Edge
    • Reuz Blaster Mode - Grand Shooting Blast (Using his crystal Of light)
    • Reuz Photon Kick - Spiral Crimson Strike (His strongest move using his right leg to kick from the air.)
  • Ultraman Gaixus New form called Evolve Tornado.
  • TBA

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