Hey, talking about Exam, it's really on my nerve so let;s make this quick. FEGS2 Full Update reveal.

Playable Character

  • Ultraman Orion
  • Ultraman Sorta
  • Ultraman Gamma
  • Ultraman Element
  • Ultraman Zach
  • Ultraman Giz
  • Ultraman One
  • Ultraman Pyro
  • Ultraman Nero
  • Ultraman Aero
  • Ultraman Moedari
  • Ultraman Chimera
  • Ultraman Draco
  • Ultraman Reuz

New Character 

  • Ultraman Lugeno
  • Ultraman Vega
  • Ultraman Wildcat
  • Ultraman Eclipse
  • Ultraman Noxe
  • Ultraman Codrax
  • Ultraman Rexuz
  • Any update for adding more Ultraman's can be added here.


  • To many, can help me added.

Secret Boss

  • Lost Mind Reuz (Persumely the strongest boss ever)
  • Lost Mind Reuz is a game setting boss that only appeared in game and exist in the game. It true story, his body was stolen by the final villain of this game. But the story mode never show this story. Only Reuz soul and Haruto's mind in this armor, the players will fight This Boss when defeating the first fight with the boss. Lost Mind Reuz is an armor Reuz, without his memories, body and uncontrol by human host. This will show that when the players about to fight him, he will say "Are you...Dark Ketaros...." show that he think the character that the player choose is the Dark Ketaros, the possible final villain in Reuz series. After the stand up, he shout "Ketaros!!!!" get ready.
  • Data Ultra's.

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