Hai, everyone. Welcome back to my blog post. Well, this is holiday so i was bored waiting for my friends to hang out with me. Seens i will tell you the nest story happen of Ultraman Reuz series.

Ultraman Reuz Episode 5 : Sacrafise

Kenzaki Haruno who also Haruto's childhood friend weild the Dark Dummy Spark (Fan Version) and Nosferu Keychain Doll. After he and Mai, Marina and Gin save Haruto from been test subject in the BCST science lab, he puch Haruto away, and telling him he wan't to fight Him and kill Haruto.  Haruto agree, thus summoned Reuz to fight his best friend even so he can't accept his fate fighting his best friend..

During the battle, Nosferu unleashed a new power, using his telekenisis, grab Haruto to the sky, while they on conversation, Darker Being released the darkness spread surrounding Reuz, but it take 1 second Reuz disappeard, nodded Haruto fall down and only Reuz Spark was on his hand. Acctually, Reuz was turn into a Keychain Doll as well. Chaiyooo, see you next time.

About Keychain Doll, their just like Spark Doll but only one the chain attaches on the back on their neck and the keychain hole. Their not like prisonners. :)

Apexz (talk) 06:00, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

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