I'm bored so I'm gonna write this, put what you think your character! Scaled using rays and averages for the generalized ones. Also note for my ones, they are subject to change as I gradually work on it. Also note, these are only my interpretations and the authors of other series can disagree and write their own scales in the comments!

Neo Mebius Continuity (All Pre-Neo Mebius Episode 1)

  • Civilian Ultras - At least Tier 8-A, Likely 7-C
  • Average Space Ranger - At least 7-C, Possibly 7-B, 7-A (Self Destruction)
  • Elite Space Ranger - At least 7-A, Likely 6-C and 6-B
  • Ultra-Brothers - At least 6-A, likely 5-C
  • Ultraman Zero - At least High 5-C, likely High 4-B (Ultimate Armor), 3-C (Shining)
  • Ultraman Mebius (Post-Ultraman Mebius but Pre-Neo Mebius) - At least high 5-C, Likely high 4-C (Burning Brave)
  • Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave (Pre-Neo) - At least 4-A, likely high 3-C
  • Ultraman King (No Baraghi) - At least 4-B, likely High 3-B


  • Ultraman Alpha - Unknown (Adapts), At least 3-C (Paladin), High 2-A (Aether), Unknown (Full Powered Aether)
  • Ultraman Orion - At least 4-B, Likely High 3-B, Possibly High 3-A to 2-C (Zen), Unknown (Full Powered Zen)


  • Void Eye - At least High 1-A, Highly likely 0
  • Baraghi - At least High 1-A, Highly likely 0
  • Transcendant Light - At least High 1-A, Highly Likely 0
  • Weekees - Likely 2-A, High 1-B or Low 1-A (With Technology, Lesser to the Void Eye)

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