So this isn't actually a rant by me. It's more what my Angsty teenage sister rages about, that I probably have to solve. This is my series. Get over it, :P This series is gonna be short xD

I feel like Clee can relate to these.


Pop Quizzes. They simply suck, and I understand my sister's pain. How can you prepare for something you don't know? Now the argument can be made that "It tests you to see if you actually get the material and if you're caught up", to which I say, How's freaking a student out and possibly giving them a heart attack with their anxiety levels going over 8000 gonna help them? if anything, it screws them up more! And now the straight A students has a bad record on their otherwise ACE streak.


Parents that say "Don't talk back to me!" when you answer their questions. It's very simple, You asked me a question, I answer. So when you answer, they cut you off all "DON'T TALK BACK TO ME!". WAHT!? And then if you stay silent, they go and say: "Well? answer my question!". WHAT!?! How does both of the options available lead to you guys getting pissed off?!


Mid-term and Finals/Last Term exams. they. SUCK. My sister spent 2 hours in her room crying because she tripped up on the mid term which is 20% of her overrall mark btw. These are retarded! If you're going to test the students on subjects in the past, why not help them review or SOMETHING!? And why is it that it's worth so much!? 20% mid term and 20% Finals?! That's insane! I mean, I've never had these problems but even I was annoyed that getting a single question wrong can DESTROY my entire record! These suck, take them away


Homework. Now studies say that, 1-2 hours of homework isn't bad. In fact, it might be beneficial. BUT IF IT TAKES 5-6 HOURS WITHOUT MY HELP, HOW THE HELL IS THAT HEALTHY!? Sometimes I go to get a drink at like 2:30 AM and she's STILL working on homework from when she started at 8PM! (-Then I do it all in under 20 minutes for her ;3-). Highschoolers NEED. SLEEP. Why do you wake them up so early, make them learn for 5 hours, THEN MAKE THEM DO EVEN MORE WORK FOR YOUR SORRY ARSES!? Quite a bit of Britain and a lot of Europe has done away with homework, why not you!?

Oh trust me there's gonna be more rants.

Side Note: Has anybody went through this phase? You got something wrong and they insist its wrong but you object, even several years later as an adult, you're STILL sure you're absolutely correct and right about the situation and the adults were just pricks? That was me.

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