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  • Akreious

    Since the old one is outdated AF, I'll do it over, AGAIN! BECAUSE REASONS! Well it's mostly the ones for the Neo Mebius verse that's outdated.


    • Titans: At least 3-A, possibly High 2-B, Likely far higher
    • Titan Princes: At least High 2-B/High 1-A, Likely far FAR Higher (Easily toys with the likes of universes and even time, Created the Astral Hammer)
    • Anathium Beings: At least Retard, likely far stupider
    • Astral Hammer: At least High 1-A (Can 1-shot Titan Princes at full power)
    • Clown Mafia: At least 4-B, Likely far higher (Was able to scare beings on even Galaxy Levels to death by their clown powers) Note: They are not actually this strong

    Neo Mebius (Prior to Episode 1)

    • King Joe Black: At Least high 7-A, Likely higher (Destroyed an entire moun…

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  • Akreious

    Akre Rants! 1

    February 11, 2017 by Akreious

    So this isn't actually a rant by me. It's more what my Angsty teenage sister rages about, that I probably have to solve. This is my series. Get over it, :P This series is gonna be short xD

    I feel like Clee can relate to these.


    Pop Quizzes. They simply suck, and I understand my sister's pain. How can you prepare for something you don't know? Now the argument can be made that "It tests you to see if you actually get the material and if you're caught up", to which I say, How's freaking a student out and possibly giving them a heart attack with their anxiety levels going over 8000 gonna help them? if anything, it screws them up more! And now the straight A students has a bad record on their otherwise ACE streak.


    Parents that say "Don't talk…

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  • Akreious


    December 2, 2016 by Akreious 23:00

    Neat, a documentary on Ultraman and how it's made, along with any Tokusatsu

    That is all. Murp.

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  • Akreious

    I'm bored so I'm gonna write this, put what you think your character! Scaled using rays and averages for the generalized ones. Also note for my ones, they are subject to change as I gradually work on it. Also note, these are only my interpretations and the authors of other series can disagree and write their own scales in the comments!

    Neo Mebius Continuity (All Pre-Neo Mebius Episode 1)

    • Civilian Ultras - At least Tier 8-A, Likely 7-C
    • Average Space Ranger - At least 7-C, Possibly 7-B, 7-A (Self Destruction)
    • Elite Space Ranger - At least 7-A, Likely 6-C and 6-B
    • Ultra-Brothers - At least 6-A, likely 5-C
    • Ultraman Zero - At least High 5-C, likely High 4-B (Ultimate Armor), 3-C (Shining)
    • Ultraman Mebius (Post-Ultraman Mebius but Pre-Neo Mebius) - At le…
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