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Fan Story
Series: Ultraman Zach
Name: Brother of Darkness
Owner: Brian Haughton
Previous Episode: What's So Funny?
Next Episode: TBA


Ultraman Zach was being beaten by a Dark Surged Gatanozoa, and the EDF was trying to help, but did no damage whatsoever.

Jose: you've got to be fricking with me! This thing is invincible!!

Amy: calm down Jose

Amy's VTOL is hit by the monster

Amy: why you little piece of...

Jose: and I need anger management.

Amy: shut your pie hole.

John: both of you concentrate on the monster!

Charles: Max are you ok?

Max: I'm fine, Zach is taking most of the pain.

Zach: maybe if you helped this would go a lot smoother for both of us!

Max: ugh.

John: we all could have killed it by now if you guys weren't arguing all the time!

Zach: I... need... help...

Amy: Zach!

Charles: Zach!

Jose: Zach get up!

Zach: I'm requesting help...

​Zach used an ultra sign to request for help

Zach then disappeared.

Charles: Zach no!

Amy: Zach please wake up!

John: a moment of silence for our fallen hero.

The EDF held a moment of silence as the monster disappeared.

Charles: Wait, did you guys see the monster disappear?

Jose: yea, odd

John: maybe it was hunting down Zach... under someone's command.

Max then awoke on a medical bed hours later.

Max sat up immediately and felt pain in his back.

​Max: Zach! Guys is Zach ok?

They all shook their heads

Max: why are you all... crying?

Amy: Zach didn't make it bud.

Max: what!?!?!

Max: he's... he's dead?!

John: I'm so sorry.

Max: Ultraman Zach doesn't just die! This is impossible!

John: The Monster just left after Zach died.

Max: he sent up that ultra sign, didn't he?

John: we don't know when backup will get here.

Max cried.

John: we'll leave you alone for now.

Max: I can't believe it worked!

"Max" turned to its true form: Dark Surged Alien Zarab

Dark Surged Zarab: (overr radio) My Lord, Ultraman Zach is dead! I killed him by shapeshifting into Gatanzoa! Then I shapeshifted into Ultraman Zach's human host and tricked the humans!

The Darkness One: good, are the you sure he's dead?

Dark Surged Zarab: yes! We've won my Lord! 

Dark Surged Zarab: wait... whats that in the sky?

The Darkness One: don't tell me he's alive...and if you do I will destroy you.

Dark Surged Zarab: yes master,but what about the thing in the sky?

The Darkness One: hmm, investigate it Zarab! 

Dark Surged Zarab: yes master.

At the EDF command room, everyone is discussing Gatanzoa.

Jose: it was big,and ugly and well... ugly.

Amy: anyone have a mind wiper?

Max enters the room

Max: why didn't you guys pick me up when I was injured?

John: what do you mean? We picked you up.

Max: Um... no you didn't! I was lying there for five hours!

John: We just talked to you in the medical center.

Max: odd, did an alien or something impersonate me?

John: you were acting a little strange, like you didn't know Zach was defeated by Gatanzoa.

Max: then whatever was imitating me, was setting you up! It was a trap! Whoever they are shapeshifted into me and the got you to bring him inside and...

John: wait, Ultraman Zach is destroying the city?

Max: I'm starting right here!

Jose: the imposter!

Amy: it's like a Dark Ultraman Zach, like a evil brother.

John: well I guess it's our duty to protect the Earth. So let's go to the VTOL.

Charles: sorry you have to see this Max.

Max: I'm ok

The imposter was destroying buildings, houses and anything else.

Ultraman Zach: that's my brother! Ultraman Kain!

Ultraman Kain: Zach?!? Why are you blowing up stuff?

Imitation Ultraman Zach blasted Kain with the Gallium Ray.

John: Zach! Save your brother!

The real Ultraman Zach appeared!

Citizen 1: Ultraman Zach!

Citizen 2: he'll have to save us!

Imitation Ultraman Zach: what? They still trust that loser!

Ultraman Zach: give up Zarab!

Imitation Ultraman Zach: never!

Ultraman Zach: then we can do this the hard way.

Ultraman Zach held up Zarab and Ultraman Kain shot Zarab with the Kellium Shot.

Ultraman Zach: Neo Mode!

Neo Mode is when Ultraman Zach turns full red and has more muscle, and a new power: The Zach Punch. Similar to the Leo Kick, Ultraman Zach punches his opponent with a flaming fist.

Ultraman Zach punched Zarab in the head with the Zach Punch, killing Zarab.

John: ah, no more confusions.

Jose: Zach is all red now

Max: this one he called Neo Mode.

Charles: so he has his original mode: Super, his Fast and agile mode: Shine, and his Melee mode, Neo.

Amy cool!

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