The body tasked with being the juditiary authority of the Universe via the Galactic Law.


Falling directly under the control of Nike who does not often appear, the Universal Court handles cases between the different intelligent races of the universe. It is composed of a High Council which is made up of members of different species. Above them is the Inner Council made up of three stone monoliths of unknown nature but are said to be directly connected to, or manifestations of Nike. Beneath them all are lesser court houses were personal matters between aliens may be judged.

The Inner Council can also order Space Patrol if they reach a unanimous vote. They are protected by Elite Warriors of the Military Ultra bloodline.

High Council MembersEdit

  • President of the Land of Giants and its territories or the Supreme Commander of Space Patrol
  • A Zettonian in a black suit
  • A Cicada Woman
  • An Alien Mefilas
  • An alien with grey skin, long multi colored robes and a long neck
  • An Alien that resembles Mirrorman/Mirror Master
  • An Alien that resembles Fireman/ Glenfire
  • A humanoid female in Fuedal Era Japanese noble robes.


The Universal Court is located in what appears to be a giant silver tree in space, it roots are wrapped around a large orb, an artificial sun and it branches form buildings and massive rectangular block surround it. There are hyperspace gates all around it. This building is the Space Patrol Headquarters although the organization is effectively ruled from the Home department.

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  • Few beings can actually legally ignore their rulings, of these are King and Nike, invaders do not count.

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