Unitang is a Super Monster that appeared in the series Ultraman Element. She appears in episode 2

Subtitle: Female Ninja Super Beast

Ele unitang
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Gender: female
Height: 56m
Weight: 57,000t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft


Height: 56 m

Weight: 57,000 t

Powers, AbilitiesEdit

Webs: When her claws are out she can shot webs from theme

Horn Flash: When her horn is avalible she can make a bright flash from it

Horn Launch: She can launch her horn at foes but, does not hit accuratly

Human Disguise: she can disguise her self as 10 women

Teleportation: She can teleport between dimensions


The orbs on her body can setermine what parts are which if one is destroyed it will disnigrate but will reform back in time. If all destroyed she to will be destroyed


Near a EVT radar base the super monster Untiang appeared shooting webbings at the radar dish melting it. two EVT jet flyers soon attacked but, only for it to dissapear but, near by ten cycling women were going away from where the monster was. Wanting answers Forrest, went cycling with the women and soon camped with them. In the middle of the night he soon discovered a strange gloweing pattern and what turned out to be thoses girls communicating with Yapool. He tried to run but, was soon surronded and hypnotized. He was soon discovered by the team and went back with the girls but Juliana realizing the truth She snapped him out of his state and the two transformed into Ultraman Element. Seeing the plan failed they to transformed and a fight insude. Quickly he shot Ultra Slashs and one hit a gem and the limb dissapered. Now knowing her weakness he fired multiple Ultra Slashes until she was no more.


  • The diffrence with this Unitang is that she has more vibrante colors less texture, and add orbs and bicycle parts like wheels and handlebar.