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Gender: Female
Height: 30m (Normal), 49m (Corrupted)
Weight: 50,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Pacific Ocean
Series: Ultraman S
Type: Enemy Kaiju, Water Kaiju
Affiliation Corruption
Created by Crazybeard1234

Unbadrea (ウンバデレイアー Unbaderia) is an amphibious dinosaurian monster who appeared in Ultraman S: Element One, terrorising the seaside port of Chiba in the middle of the night. It was also the first Kaiju Ultraman S fought in the series.

Title: Ancient Searing Amphibian

History Edit

Unbadrea rose from its supposedly "eternal" slumber, disturbed by several underwater submarines carrying out patrols, and started heading towards the sleepy city of Tokyo. Numerous fighter jets were deployed continuously by the Japanese Military Headquarters and supported by the previously defunct CREW GUYS main base to face the monster in combat. However, to no avail, the fighter jets were either plumetted or electrified down one by one, pilots only escaping by the skin of their teeth through ejection.

Unbadrea, looking unaffected, then destroyed several homes and buildings in its vicinity, while the territorial emergency evacuation alarm was sounded. A ball of light then descended from the sky, revealing the giant Ultraman S, who then proceeded to deflect the monster's attacks with ease, in an attempt to calm it down.

However, the weakened Unbadrea was hit by a blast of jet black gusts, transforming it into its terrifying, deformed but yet evolved form: Corrupted Unbadrea. However, the colossus of light managed to beat down and crush the monstrousity with no effort, with no choice but to eventually destroy it with the Crossia Ray.

Forms Edit


Unbadrea, being an amphibious creature, has access to various water-based attacks, as well as other techniques.

  • Acidic Burst: A stream of concentrated hydrochloric acid that is able to melt down buildings with ease.
  • Pressurised Water Cannon: A highly pressurised stream of water shot out from its mouth.
  • Beam Flash: A sudden flash of light emitted from its dorsal fin, capable of stunning enemies momentarily.
  • Tough Scales: Unbadrea's scales are made of an extremely durable and hardened crystal, making it difficult to break through.
  • Tail: Its tail is capable of crushing fighter jets to the ground and wrapping around them.

Corrupted Unbadrea

Through forced evolution, Unbadrea unwillingly attains its Corrupted form, developing its form into that of a mutilated amphibian monstrousity, enraged and unstoppable.

  • Acidic Photon Beam: Corrupted Unbadrea fires a highly corrosive photon ray capable of pulverising a group of buildings to absolutely nothing in seconds.
  • Electrical Ensnare: With his tail split into two, Corrupted Unbadrea ensnares his foe with them, sending a high voltage electrical shock through their body.
  • Hydro Cannon: Corrupted Unbadrea fires a pressurised blast of water towards the opponent, capable of sending them a few kilometres back.
  • Blinding Flash: Continuous flashes of intense light that temporarily blinds the opponent.
  • Unbreakable Scales: Through Corrupted enhancements, Unbadrea's scales become nearly impossible to break. Only a large force can manage to break through them.

Weaknesses Edit

Once Unbadrea's fins are torn off, he wouldn't be able to use abilties that require them.

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