Ultrawoman Zeth
Human Host/Form: None at the moment
Gender: Female
Age: Same as Zero
Height: 49m
Weight: 35,000tonnes
Home world: Kings Temple(Now), Land of Light(Occasionally)
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Family Ultraman Zero(husband)
Ultraman One(son)
Ultrawoman Jane(Grandaughter)
Ultrawomen Lila(aunt, in law)
Unnamed Father(Alive)
Affiliation People of Kings Temple,Land of Light
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

She is the wife of Zero and the mother of One.

History Edit

A female Ultra born in King's Temple.She is trained in terms of her healing ability and her grip strength.She later married to Zero and have a son named Ultraman One.She currently lives in the Land of Light.

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She is serious and sometimes likes to joke around. She is extremely proud of her healing and strength she possess. She is loyal to her family members.She has a similar personality to Ultraman Zero and both are considered to be the perfect pair. She is extremely angry if others do not follow instructions such as One when he commits mistakes.


She is green in color and some stripes of blue around her legs.


  • Human Host:None at the moment,she create her own human form.
  • Age:Same as Zero
  • Flying Speed:Mach 8
  • Swimming Speed:Mach 6
  • Grip Strength:150,000tonnes
  • Home World:King's Temple,Land of Light(marriage with Zero)
  • Relationship:
    • Ultraman Zero:Husband
    • Ultraman One:Son
    • UtltraSeven:Father in Law
    • Father:She comes from the King's Temple,her father is one of the Ultra Elders and good friends with King)

Body Features Edit

  • Jewel Heart: Unlike the ultras from the Land of Light, she has a jewel heart in her chest that functions like a color timer. It is heart shaped.
  • Chest Armour: Armour protectors on her chest, has different design from the Land of Light ultras.
  • Beam Lamp: She has a beam lamp.
  • Zeth Bracelet: She has a bracelet on her hand, use from various techniques.

Powers&Abilites Edit

Being skilled in Melek combat and has incredible healing powers.She is fast but not as strong as Zero.

  • Zeth shower: A soft energy that revives fallen ally.
  • Zeth Blast: L style beam.
  • Zeth Healing: Zeth can heal other being with a touch and creating a shield from attacks while doing it.
  • Energy Transfer:Zeth can transfer her energy to allies.
  • Zeth Punch:A fast punch that she uses.
  • Zeth Kick:Zeth can use a fast kick against her opponent.

  • Zeth Bracelet: A bracelet she has in her left hand.It is unknown what can it be done.But several techniques had been known that can be used.
    • Telepathy:Zeth can shine in her bracelet and she can talk to someone who is far away, used to talk to One who is on Earth.
    • Zeth Light:Using the bracelet, Similar to One's Solar Light, Zeth can fire a orange ray that can calm monsters and heal others.
    • Zeth Barrier: Zeth can summon a barrier from the bracelet to shield herself from attacks.
    • Flash Travel: Zeth transport method.
    • Zeth Bullet: Zeth can fire light bullets from her bracelet, used to slow down foes.

  • Reuz Mantle: A mantle created by Zeth to give Reuz. It can restand high temperatures and pressure.
  • Zeth Magic: Zeth is shown to be skilled in magic due to she being the daughter of the Ultra elders. She has powers that is considered magical.
  • Mental Abilites: Zeth is shown to be extremely powerful with her mental abilities due to she being able to control foes, stopping a battle faraway and limit movement. This is inherited from her father.


  • She is considered one of the female Ultras with the grip strength of a male Ultra. The second Ulta is Lila. The only female Ultra to be able to, single handed defeat Emperor without effort.
  • She is also considered one of the strongest female Ultras due to she being a descendant of Ultra Elders and some of her powers are considered magical by other Ultras.
  • She is green in color where she inherited to her son,Ultraman One.