Human Host/Form:
Gender: Female
Age: 59,643 years
Height: 45 meters
Weight: 42 tons
Home world: Argentium
Series: Ultraman Moedari
Type: Protagonist
Fighter Type: Beams
Fighter Sub-type: Wizard
Family Ultraman Utem

Ultrawoman Lunaram

Affiliation The Transcendent Light
Created by Stephan222

"Time is but a product of the mind. Hence its physical manifestations and effects are results of the amazing and complicated minds of countless people. Eventually time will end, as all things will."

―Lunam to The Hidden One

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Lunam is the mother of Lunaram and the wife of Utem. She is a very powerful, queenly Ultra. In the Moedari timeline she is dead, and has become a keystone. In the final episode, she, along with Ultraman Utem, Mater Mundaram, and Stephos channels her energy into the new genderless being created by the fusion of Moedari and Jake with Jake's original form as The Hidden One via the power of the keystones. They bring the omniverse back to order and wipe the Seventh Magniverse from Space and Time, restoring their functions. After this she (along with the others) becomes light and vanishes away forever, after they free Ultrawoman Lunaram and Ultraman Midori from their dead states.


A Song of SilverEdit


Ultra-Fan Mashup: Fan CrossoverEdit

While she does not make any appearance in the crossover series, in the new timeline she is alive and helping rebuild Argentium. She has, however, passed her position as ruler down to Lunaram, as did her husband Ultraman Utem.