Ultrawoman Lila
Human Host/Form: Isurugi Yamato(One Continuity)
Gender: Female
Age: Over 18,000 years old
Height: 49m
Weight: 35,000 tonnes
Home world: Land of Light
Earth(Showa Universe)(Temporarily)
King's Temple
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Ally
Fighter Type: Beam fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Veteran
Family Ultraman One(Husband, married on Earth as human form)
Ultrawoman Jane(Daughter)
Ultraman Zero(Father in law)
Ultrawoman Zeth(Mother in law)
Ultraman Spectrum(Son in law)
Ultraseven(Grandfather in law)
Unnamed Scientist(Grandmother in law)
Zeth's parents(In law)
Unnamed Ultra Elders(Parents)
Affiliation Ultra Brothers
Ultraman King
Father of Ultra
Mother of Ultra
Ultraman Virus(Enemy, Formerly ally and unwillingly)
Ultraman Xena
Ultraman Giga
Created by Zhu Huong Ng
She is the wife of Ultraman One and the mother of Ultrawoman Jane. She has been residing on Earth before One arrives and taking her human persona(Isurugi Yamato). Every since her encounter with Virus, she is the first Ultra victim of Virus Plague.



Born to the family of Ultra Elders in the King's Temple, before entering elementary school, the same as One, Xena and Giga. She falls in love with One but was seperated from each other after One's imprisonment for his mistakes of causing Giga to disappead. After much pleading, her parents agreed to realize her dreams of living on Earth as a human as she knows One one day will comes to Earth and continue their relationship.

Ultraman One

After One's arrival, Lila as Isurugi Yamato would often visit One in his human host at his SACD office, meanwhile, One will occasionally vist her to talk about life and strengthening their relationship. But, she never participated in any battles except for the battle against Fusion Eight King. She had witnessed One fight against Belial and his departure.

Encounter with Virus

Lila one day would return to the Land of Light, the same time where Virus was sent to the Earth(Showa Universe) by Evil Messiah. Lila, believing Virus is a threat to mankind, fought him on a nearby moon after noticing him on flying on space. Unfortunately, Lila was defeated easily by Virus and becoming corrupted by Virus Plague and kidnap her, bringing her to Atlantis, sealed her temporarily. She becomes a darker and corrupted version of herself.

Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus:Darkness Corruption

Lila would later face One and comes back, she would later revert to her human persona. After One defeats Virus, One and Lila finally married in their human forms at a hotel in Tokyo with their human friends and SACD. After the marriage, One and Lila returns to the Land of Light. Shortly after their return, Lila gives birth to Jane.

Light and Darkness(The Series)

Lila reappears in this series with One, witnessing their daughter sent to an universe where dark energies is rising by Ultraman King. Lila appears to Planet Earth of that universe after being sent by Ultraman Zero to stop Civilisation. Lila brings her daughter back along with inviting Spectrum, witnesing Jane and Spectrum marriage.

Ultraman One Season 5

Lila would later meet Cure along with One, knowing Spectrum true origins as a Scorpium Ultra while seeing Ultraman Spectrum embracing Ultraman Cure. Lila soon appears to battle against Evil Messiah.


  • Weight:35000 tonnes
  • Height:49 meters
  • Home World:Land of Light(formerly), King's Temple(Currently)
  • Human Host:Isurugi Yamato
  • Flying Speed:Mach 9.1
  • Swimming Speed:265km/h
  • Jumping Height:500m
  • Age: 7,800 years old(Movie), Over 18,000 years old(After Virus final death)

Body Features=Edit

She appears as a regular female Ultra will look like other Ultras in the Land of Light, her body greatly represents Mother of Ultra and Zeth. She also appears to be more muscular than a typical female Ultra, however, Zeth is much more muscular due to having training with Zero when she was young. Listed here:

  • Color Orb: Lila has two red color orb on her abdomen area, both serves as color timers. This is unique as Lila comes from the King's Temple originally.
  • Crystal: Lila possess a small crystal gem on her forehead, it is unknown what it does.
  • Ultra Armor: Lila possess the standard Ultra Armour, both resistant to fire and cold but vulnerable to lasers.
  • Ultra Breaster: Lila have star marks on her chest area, awarded to her for being able to perform varies duties. Despite that, it also serves as her protectors.
  • Arms: Lila has powerful arms, her muscles are more than an average female Ultra.


Lila originally is one of the members from the medical team in the Land of Light before joining the Space Garrison.

  • Specium Ray: The regular plus style beam.
  • Princess Ray: A loving heart shaped beam from her timer orbs, this is used to heal and purify aggresive foes and injured allies.
  • Healing Powers: Lila has powerful healing abilities.
  • Lila Kick: A fast kick.
  • Lila Punch: A powerful punch, shockwaves are seen.
  • Human Form: Lila can assumes a human form on Earth. In human form, she retained all her powers in Ultra Form.
  • Resistance: Lila was shown to be slightly more resistance against corruption powers.

  • Dark Ray: A dark version of the specium ray, red in color.
  • Jealously Ray: The dark version of her Princess Ray(not shown)
  • Slash Kick: A slashing kick with red shockwaves.
  • Slash Punch: A slashing punch.


  • Lila is the second female Ultra to become a combatant and more muscular than Ultras of her gender, the first Ultra was Zeth.