She is the wife of Ultraman One and the mother of Ultrawoman Jane.


Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus:Darkness CorruptiomEdit

Not much is known about Lila's past execept she is an old friend of Ultraman One during her times in elementary school when One and herself fell in love at one spot at the Land of Light. Her parents died when she is young and entrusted her to One.

In this movie, Lila is seen fighting Virus at the beginning but eventually loses and corrupted by Virus to her dark form, vowing to avenge her parents, putting her vengence on One and the Ultra Brothers.

Lila later fought One in the ancient city of Atlantis where One fought hard, dodging all of her attacks and eventually purified her with his Wisdom Core. One teleported her to safety before One, Xena and Giga blew up the ancient city due to a massive amount of corrupted particles present undergrond and statues of Ultras Virus defeated and stooped Virus plan of using them.

Lila is later brought to safety by the SACD members.

In the end, One revealed his relationship with Lila as both were married on Earth in their human forms before departing for the Land of Light.


Soon after she married One, she give birth to Jane but it caused her much agony and pain as she continued to stay in the King's Temple for treatment and swore allegiance to King and One.


  • Weight:35000 tonnes
  • Height:49 meters
  • Home World:Land of Light(formerly), King's Temple(Currently)
  • Human Host:Isurugi Yamato
  • Flying Speed:Mach 9.1
  • Swimming Speed:265km/h
  • Jumping Height:500m
  • Age: 7,800 years old(Movie), Over 18,000 years old(After Virus final death)
  • Family:
    • Unanmed Parents(Deceased at young age)
    • Ultraman One(Husband)
    • Ultrawoman Jane(Eldest Daughter)
    • Ultraman Zero(Father in law)
    • Ultrawoman Zeth(Mother in law)
    • Ultraman Spectrum(Son in law)

Body Features=Edit

She appears as a regular female Ultra will look like other Ultras in the Land of Light, her body greatly represents Mother of Ultra and Zeth. She also appears to be more muscular than a typical female Ultra, however, Zeth is much more muscular due to having training with Zero when she was young. Listed here:

  • Color Orb: Lila has two red color orb on her abdomen area, both serves as color timers. This is unique as Lila comes from the King's Temple originally.
  • Crystal: Lila possess a small crystal gem on her forehead, it is unknown what it does.
  • Ultra Armor: Lila possess the standard Ultra Armour, both resistant to fire and cold but vulnerable to lasers.
  • Ultra Breaster: Lila have star marks on her chest area, awarded to her for being able to perform varies duties. Despite that, it also serves as her protectors.
  • Arms: Lila has powerful arms, her muscles are more than an average female Ultra.

Powers and TechniquesEdit


Lila originally is one of the members from the medical team in the Land of Light before joining the Space Garrison.

  • Specium Ray: The regular plus style beam.
  • Princess Ray: A loving heart shaped beam from her timer orbs, this is used to heal and purify aggresive foes and injured allies.
  • Healing Powers: Lila has powerful healing abilities.
  • Lila Kick: A fast kick.
  • Lila Punch: A powerful punch, shockwaves are seen.
  • Human Form: Lila can assumes a human form on Earth. In human form, she retained all her powers in Ultra Form.
  • Resistance: Lila was shown to be slightly more resistance against corruption powers.


  • Dark Ray: A dark version of the specium ray, red in color.
  • Jealously Ray: The dark version of her Princess Ray(not shown)
  • Slash Kick: A slashing kick with red shockwaves.
  • Slash Punch: A slashing punch.


  • Lila is the second female Ultra to become a combatant and more muscular than Ultras of her gender, the first Ultra was Zeth.

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