Ultrawoman Hitomi
Ultrawoman Hitomi (Hinanverse)
Human Host/Form: Haruka Serizawa
Gender: Female
Age: 7,500 years old
Height: 60 m
Weight: 48,000 t
Home world: Land of Light,


Series: Ultraman: Knights of the Cosmos
Type: Hero
Fighter Type: Swordsman
Fighter Sub-type: Speed Fighter
Family Ultraman Hikari (Father)

Mother (Unknown)
Ultraman Plasma (Brother)
Ultrawoman Sakura (Sister)

Affiliation Ultraman Bushido (Boyfriend),

Good Kaiju

Created by GeedWarrior26

Ultrawoman Hitomi is the daughter of Ultraman Hikari and the girlfriend of Ultraman Bushido. She transforms via twin Knight Braces.

History Edit

Ultrawoman Hitomi is the daughter of the scientist Ultra, Ultraman Hikari.

Personality Edit

She's both brave and courageous, and is affectionate towards Bushido.

Profile Edit

Stats Edit

  • Home World: Land of Light, Earth
  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Age: 22,000 years old
  • Human Form: Haruka Serizawa
  • Affiliation:
    • Ultraman Bushido (Boyfriend)
    • Good Kaiju

Body Features Edit

  • Armor: Hitomi has armor on her shoulders and chest. Is resistant to lasers and fire.
  • Star Marks: Like her father, Ultraman Hikari, Hitomi has Star Marks on her chest indicating that she is also a very respected Ultra.
  • Knight Braces: Given by her father Ultraman Hikari, Hitomi has two blade-like-bracers on both of her forearms. It is used for many of Hitomi's techniques.
  • Eyes: Like her father, Hitomi has the Ultra Eyes. She can see through the rainbow spectrum and perhaps the entire spectrum.
  • Color Timer: Like most Ultras, Hitomi has a Color Timer.
  • Beam Lamp: Hitomi has a mint green-colored Beam Lamp on her crest.

Abilities Edit

  • Huntress Knight Gear: Hitomi can call on the power bestowed by Aarb to conjure the Heroine's Armor and become Huntress Knight Hitomi.

Techniques Edit

Via Knight BracesEdit

  • Knight Shoot: Hitomi first thrusts her right arm in the air, which crackles with blue electricity, then brings it to her chest and covers it with her left palm. She then fires the beam with her arms in a "+" shape, but her left hand is behind the right one, instead of in front. Can destroy monsters in one blow.
    • Knight Shoot Mini: A variation of the Knight Shoot fired from her Beam Lamp.
  • Knight Shoot Blades: From the Knight Braces on her hands, a pair of yellow blades can form. Can slice through monsters with ease. They are more powerful the the Mebium Blade.
    • Blade Shot: Hitomi can charge up the Knight Shoot Blades and swing them, firing two energy beams that can destroy a monster.
    • Blade Throw: Hitomi can launch the Knight Shoot Blades from her braces as projectiles.

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