The second child of Ultraman Torrent and Ultrawoman Tori. Feng is Impulse's little sister and Orion's adopted sister.


Feng sports two crest weapons one her head, her eyes are round and flat like her mother's and small con ears.


Feng is a silver Ultra with red spots on her shoulders, kneecaps, feet and hands. A golden line runs from her feet to her kneecap, her hands to her shoulder and from her shoulder pads to her color timer, around her waist is a red belt marking with her name, an F like symbol on her belly button.



The only daughter of Tori and Torrent,  Feng is the only member of her family not to join Space Patrol, instead she works as a daycare assistant for young Ultras. Despite this her older brother and father have taught her how to fight and she was trained by her mother in healing techniques.

Profile, Techniques and FeaturesEdit


  • Height: 40m
  • Weight: 25,000 tons
  • Age: Newborn during the series, Just over 5,000 years during the gaiden
  • Relationships
    • Father: Torrent
    • Mother: Tori
    • Brother: Impulse
    • Step-Brother: Orion
    • Niece: Diana
    • Sister-in-Law: Luter

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Crest Weapons: Feng has two Crest Weapons, however she does not use them.
  • Color Timer: Behaves like a standard Color Timer
  • Feng Mark: The symbol on her stomach
  • Protectors: The golden bands on her chest


  • Phoenix Plumage: Feng summons fiery wings whose light purify all around her.
  • Phoenix Light: A ray of light that heals injuries
  • Phoenix Force: A ray of light that restore life force
  • Ultra Kick:
  • Ultra Punch:
  • Ultra Throw:


  • Feng, despite being her step-aunt is only a few hundred years older than Diana, which is why the two get along like sisters.*Feng, despite being her step-aunt is only a few hundred years older than Diana, which is why the two get along like sisters.

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