The Eagle
Human Host/Form: A Human Form going by the same name
Gender: Female
Age: 30,000 years
Height: 44 meters
Weight: 39,000 tons
Home world:
Series: Ultraman Moedari Specials/Movies
Type: Protagonist
Fighter Type: Physical
Fighter Sub-type: Speed
Created by Stephan222


Her entire body is gold, with countless different shades covering it. She is unarmored but rather muscular, although not overly so. She has a rich crest running up the top of her head, with a gemstone in place of a beam lamp. 

She can summon golden wings, which although they form from energy, are physical in appearance. 



  • She is capable of teleporting behind an opponent. 
  • She can sense threats across great distances. 


  • Standard punches and kicks: She has the standard Ultra moves in equal or great measure than other ultramen. 
  • Sky Slam: She rams her entire body with full force onto an opponent at the speed of light, generating a golden shield, heating to great properties. Capable of incineration. 
  • Sunlight: Her arms can glow with light borrowed from the nearest star, heating them up to great proportions. 
  • Lightning: She can make any of her physical techniques charged with lightning. 
  • Eagle's Wings: Her wings make versatile weapons. 


  • Lightning: She can use all manner of lightning based attacks. 
  • Sunfire: She raises her arm to the sun and brings it down in a chopping motion. It fires an attack of flames upwards of seven million degrees. 
  • Purifying Fire: A beam of white flame from her entire body, driving away evil influence, undesirable things such as dark energy or matter, or mutation influence. 
  • Destroying Fire: A beam of bright orange/yellow flame from her entire body. 


  • The name "Aeta" comes from the Greek "Aetos," which means Eagle. Additionally, she is based on various myths about the Eagle, who was associated with the sun, nobility and the sky.