Well, now Ultraman Draco and Ginga's crossover movie's page added. Just like most of Kamen Rider's Movie War, Draco and Ginga also have a Movie Battle. But, I don't write this story alone, as Apexz also write the story for Ginga's part. The list of writer is here:

  • Ultraman Ginga: (Title Later) ~ Written by Apexz
  • Ultraman Draco: The Huge Decisive Options ~ Written by myself
  • Movie Battle: Anger and Bond Battle ~ Written by myself

Previously On Ultraman DracoEdit

On Blaze 13, after Draco Ground Burst and Maid destroys Gomora in a combined effort, Mayu suddenly collapsed due to her heart attack. When Mayu was hosptilized, a new Space Beast, Nosferu appears. Mayu is stubbornly wants to join Takato to fight Nosferu.

“Haaaaa…. ha…….. haaaaa…. Taka-kun….. I must fight that monster, haaaaa….. haaaa…… uuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhh…….” Said Mayu while giving a hard breath and clutching her chest

“Mayu-chan!!! How many times I must to tell you!? You almost die, why you still don’t concern about yourself!!! Huhuhuhuhu…….. hik…., hik….., hik….., hik….., if you die….., how I’m suppose to live any more!!!!??” shouts Takato “Taka-kun…..” said Mayu before they are hugging each other

“You must alive, Mayu- chan!! You must alive!!!” shouts Takato

On the other side, Misaki was seeing them. She is shedding some tears.

“Hik…. hik…… hik….. hik….. So, I can’t get in on those two, huhuhuhuhuhuhu,” said Misaki while crying and falls to her knee

However, when Takato becomes Ultraman Draco, he found himself having a hard time fighting Nosferu.

“Guuuuuwwwwwaaaa!!” shouts Draco while he is slashed by Nosferu’s sharp claws

Even, Nosferu keeps bashing the Ultra with his tongue. In a risky gambit, Mayu changes to maid for the last time.

“Mayu-chan…. Why did you transform!!!?” asked Draco

“For you, Taka-kun. I will do anything, if that means you will be saved,” said Maid while still clutching her chest

Though they manage to overpower Nosferu easily, Nosferu finally fires his stun balls, stunning Draco for awhile. More over, Mayu starts to feel that her heart can’t stand it anymore and falls to her knee as Maid.

“Uuuuuuggggggghhhhh……” groaned Maid while clutching her chest

Nosferu wastes no time to slashes Maid furiously using his sharp claws. Mai could only received the attacks hopelessly. Even, Nosferu is stabbing Maid’s stomach with his sharp claws, making the Ultrawoman bleeds light so much. Suddenly, Maid is just standing still. In their mind, Mayu contacts Takato, who still stunned by Nosferu’s attack. Mayu’s clothes were all ripped, her stomach also bleeds greatly and she surely still clutching her chest. Even her mouth spilt blood. Slowly, she faces Takato.

“Thank you, Taka-kun. I think this is the end…. Good bye…” said Maid before she collapsed to the ground

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuu-ccccchhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!” shouts Takato while he is getting up

An enraged Draco soon punches Nosferu, leaving a perfect hole on Nosferu’s mouth, which also destroys his reproductive cells in his mouth. Draco soon approaches an unconscious Maid.

“Mayu-chan, wake up!!!! Wake up!!!! Hold on, hold on, hold on!!!!! Maaaaaaayyyyyuuu-ccccchhhhhaaaaannnn!!!” shouts Draco

However, Nosferu won’t give up. He then charges to Draco.

“I don’t have time to fight you!!!!” said Draco angrily while his eyes become purple

Draco then uses Dual Flame Saber. He then slashes Nosferu furiously, not giving the monster to breath. Draco then uses the level two of his Flame Burs. A projection of dragon soon circling Draco before the dragon hits Draco’s back. The result is a dragon head appears in Draco’s chest. The dragon chest called Drago Skull then opens his mouth. Draco’s eyes also become purple again.

“Drrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaagggggggoooooonnnnn Breeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttthhhhh!!!! Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” shouts Draco while releasing a burst of flame from Drago Skull’s mouth

The flame soon turns Nosferu into nothingness. After that, both Draco and Maid change back to their human form.

“Mayu-chan, hold on!!! Hold on!!!!” shouts Takato while shaking Mayu’s body

Fortunately, Mayu opens her eyes. On the other side, all of PASM members see the two. Though, Drago still doesn’t upset with the events and choose to leave on his own. But, Misaki looks very sad. But her sad is like a jealous sad rather than a usual sad.

“Taka-kun…….. I can’t take it anymore……… haaaaaaa….. haaaaaaaaaa…… haaaaaa…. I will die soon…….” said Mayu while giving a hard breath and clutching her chest

“Don’t say like that!!! You must keep alive, Mayu-chan!!!!!!! You must!!!!!” shouts Takato

“I know, Taka-kun……. But, this is the end….. haaaaaa…. haaaaaa… Don’t worry…. I will always be on your heart…..No matter what…… After all, there is someone who is more fit for your love, Taka-kun…….” said Mayu while secretly looks a saddened Misaki

“Mayu-chan, there is something that I wanted to do for you for a long time,” said Takato before he kisses Mayu

Everyone was shock with this event, even for Mayu herself. But for Misaki, her feelings is like she was stabbed in the chest by her Gomora’s doll. Is like her moments with Takato was nothing. Misaki then sheds some tears and covers her mouth before she turns back them.

“So…….., I just nothing for Takato-kun….” said Misaki in her mind with a saddened tone

Takato then releases the kiss. He then says something to Mayu for the last time.

“I love you, Mayu-chan,” said Takato, making Misaki was even saddened

Mayu then gives out a big smile for the first time ever.

“Mayu-chan…… You are smiling for the first time!” said Takato with happiness

“Surely…… Thanks to you…… Thank you……………… Ta…….ka………….-k……..un……” said stammered Mayu

Suddenly, she feels like her chest was being stabbed, a feelings that she already afraid of at the first place. She then closes her eyes, but still keeps her smile.

“Hey, Mayu-chan, don’t kidding me!!! Wake up!!!! Wake up!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu……. Why you don’t keep your promise!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mayu-chan…….. wake up!!!!!! You must keep alive!!!!! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. Wake up……….!!! Huuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,” cries Takato

But even with that, Mayu still doesn’t respond, making Takato even more desperate.

“Huhuhuhuhuhuhu…………………. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaa, hik……, hik….., hik….., hik……., hik……, hik……, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-ccccccccccchhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” cries Takato


In a dark unknown place, there are so much Spark Dolls in some shelves. The camera keeps moving through the room. Before a claw hand suddenly appears. He then takes one Spark Doll, before he Darklives it with the Darkness Spark.

“Darklive! Kyrieloid!” said the Darkness Spark

Suddenly, the Kyrieloid was summoned. But he was very surprised.

“You…., you are not my master…. Who…. Who are you?” said Kyrieloid scared while walking back

“Don’t worry, Kyrieloid. From now on, you will be my slave. Your master is nothing than just my pawn. Take this!” said the mysterious voice while giving Kyrieloid a Dark Dummy Spark

“Ye, yes… What should I do?” said Kyrieloid

“Easy, just Darklives someone with a great dark heart and your mission is accomplished,” said the mysterious voice

“Yes, my master,” said Kyrieloid while bowing to the mysterious figure

“Oh yeah, take this! Kill anyone on sight!!” said the mysterious voice while giving Kyrieloid the Gatanozoa’s Spark Doll

“Yes…, my master,” said Kyrieloid while bowing again

Kyrieloid soon transport to somewhere. The mysterious figure the laughs.

“Muuuuuuaahahahahahahahahaha, if this is completed, I can get the greatest power in the universe and I will be unstoppable, muuuuuuahahahahahahahahaha,” laughs the mysterious figure

Somewhere else, someone with a golden hair is reading a newspaper. He then grits his teeth. It was revealed that he sees the page which contains Mayu’s photo in the death people section in the newspaper.

“Mayu-chan…… I promise I will kill the one that makes you suffer,” said the man

Suddenly, a waitress places some food on the table where the man were.

“Excuse me, sire. Do you want to use ketchup or…” said the waitress while showing some ketchup and sausage

“Don’t say it!” said the man

“I have a mayonnaise,” said the man while showing his mayonnaise to the sky

Ultraman GingaEdit

In the world that people is living, everybody has their dream's to catch on the future. The night star glowing bright shining the earth, the people watching every star that shine and they all make their wish, they hope that their Dreams can becoming true. At Furoboshi School, Hikaru was shown laying on his tent with Misuzu, they both having a conversation each other.

"Hikaru-kun..." said Misuzu

"Yes...?" ask Hikaru

"I wonder, if we can be together all the time..."

"I promise, we will be together... "

"In case, don't forget everyone, they also help you..."

"Kenta, Chigusa and Tomoya... I won't forget them" said Hikaru smile toward Misuzu, they both fall asleep together.

The next morning, everyone awake even for Misuzu, she wake up early to set up breakfast for Hikaru and the other's too, while they were eating, the Principal of Furoboshi School Kyoko Shirai is watching her students happily with Hotsuma Raidou beside her.

"They all are growing up to be a good people..." said Shirai

"Yes... Yes they are..." replied Hotsuma

But then, Hikaru is stop eating, a strange sound hearing to his ear, although the sound didn't hear by any of his friends, he senses that evil is coming to the school. He quickly ran to the school door, he ran out watching the sky starts to get black, but today supposed to be shine not rain.

"Hikaru...!" shouted Misuzu

"Dark forces... They are coming again!" said Hikaru

"I thought Dark Lugeil was already defeated by Ginga...?"

"I don't know, I feel this is different from Dark Lugeil..."

"Hikaru, watch out...!" shouted Kenta

Hikaru dodging to the leftside, an unknown forces come in front of them, they are two being holding a same type of Dark Dummy Spark, Hikaru and his friends knows the Dark Dummy Spark well.

"I can’t believe it, how come the Dark Dummy Spark is still exist...!?" said Chigusa

"Has Dark Lugeil been revived...?"

"Tch! You humans could not understand the situation, we come here from the order of our master to kill you all..." said one of the dark being.

"If only I got the Ginga Spark again..." said Hikaru wish himself if he had the Ginga Spark back.

Suddenly, Hikaru was in a realm of light, in his dream where he meet a light giant. He recognized that Giant very much, it's Ultraman Ginga.


"Hikaru, we meet again" said Ginga

"Yeah, I’m so glad to meet you, the fight just not over yet..."

"I agree, and I really believe that this is not Dark Lugeil’s work... He's already died..."

"Hikaru, let's fight together again..." said Ginga, before he crosses both of his arms to his chest, Ginga Spark was reborn back, Hikaru jump and tried to reach the Ginga Spark. His hand hold the Ginga Spark, while the twin side open, glowing the light of Ginga.

Soon, when one of the being about to kick Hikaru's friends, a light was shine punching both of the being, they were sent back far from the Furoboshi School. The light standing up straight, until the light disappeared revealing Ultraman Ginga.

"Ultraman Ginga...!" shouted Kenta

"Hikaru!" cried Misuzu for Hikaru

"Now, let's head for the battle..."

Ginga rushes to both of the being, he uses his experience when fighting with double enemies like he did when fighting Tiga Dark and Alien Valky. Ginga grabs the first dark being. The second one tried to punch Ginga but he earlier lands a swipe kick but he uses it on the air, he lifts the first one and throws it to the second being.

He quickly took fighting stance back. But both of the being start to combine effort, they accelerated themselves and hit Ginga, but both of them didn't stop yet. They attack Ginga in blind speed until Ginga was scene weakened, his colour timer began to blink red.

"Argh, if I got like this again...we surely loose, Ginga...!" said Hikaru

"Don't give up, Hikaru..."

"Hikaru is in danger, we must help him..."

"But, we don't have any power now..."

"Don't you remember...if Ginga is here, that means Ginga Light Spark is still here, even for Spark Dolls" said Kenta

"I got one Spark Doll here, one of you must help Hikaru out..." replied Hotsuma while holding a Spark Doll of Monster.

"Gomora-chan!" Misuzu starts to smile when seeing Gomora Spark Doll is cute.

While on her hand, the Ginga Light Spark is really exist on Misuzu’s hand.

"Hang in there, Hikaru-kun..." Misuzu attaches the Spark Doll to the Ginga Light Spark, she also transform into Gomora. She rushes toward the battle, seeing Ginga was beaten badly by those two dark being, Gomora swings his tail hitting both of them using one swing.

"W-what...Misuzu-chan...?" Hikaru was shocked to see Misuzu in Gomora

"Tch! You both fell in our trap..." said the second being while activating his blade. He stabs Gomora back to the chest, with Misuzu was in there but she briefly save but badly injured and almost lifeless.

"Misuzu-chan!!!" shouted Hikaru as he was shocked to see that Gomora has been stabbing by the villain blade.

Gomora disappeared in light leaving Misuzu badly injured on the ground. Hikaru's friends rush to Misuzu’s body, they all cried her name but she spoke weakly.

"You guys...!" Hikaru about to active Ginga Cross Shot.

"Hmm, seeing your friend lifeless already mademy missionfinished..."

"Tch! Next time we meet, I'm going to slaid you in pieces...!" both of the being disappeared in Darkness portal.

Ginga reverts back to Hikaru and rushes to Misuzu, calling her name. Hikaru is hugging Misuzu, he doesn't want Misuzu dies.

"Misuzu!! Misuzu!!...Be strong, Misuzu!! Don't die...!"

"’s… tell you...." Misuzu’s voice becomes weaker and weaker.

"What it is...Misuzu-chan...?"


"Love..." Hikaru knows what it meant but he couldn't believe it all this time, Misuzu keeps silent her feelings over him.

" too..." Hikaru replied back Misuzu word.

"Go for it, Hikaru-kun..." Kenta, Mai and Tomoya are leaving, so Hikaru and Misuzu have a romantic time together, at last they both alone together.

"Why you didn't tell me your feelings from the first place...?" asked Hikaru

"I...keep it....I...was" replied Misuzu

Misuzu’s mouth starts to bleed blood, due to her pain.

"Misuzu...!! Please...don't go!"

"Thank You, are one of my true love..."


"…protect...our friends...and allies....and ne..ver...forget me...."

"Sob..sob...I promise, to keep your wish on my heart..." Hikaru cried tears from his eye.

"Thank You...Hikaru...Good.....bye..." Misuzu kisses Hikaru before she passed away, Hikaru’s face becomes red, but he promise himself, he will keep Misuzu’s last wish.

Misuzu slowly close her eye after she and Hikaru kissed, about one minute. The rain starts to fall down, a sound of tears and crying from Hikaru and his friends even his grandfather and Principal Shirai.

"Miiiisuuuuuzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!" Hikaru shouted Misuzu’s name while in the rain.

Ultraman Draco: The Huge Decisive OptionsEdit


Movie Battle: Anger and Bond BattleEdit


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