The sequal series to Ultraman Orion, it follows the story of Ultraman Zwei.


The story takes place after the Orion series, but before the Darkness War and Diana Gaiden.

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: The New Ultraman; A new Ultraman appears on Earth, but not to the delight of everyone
    • Appears:
      • Ancient Monster: Golza
      • One Eyed Space Monster: Cyclopsus
  • Episode 2: Trouble in the Resort Town; strange murders at a resort town cause STAR to investigate
  • Episode 3: Eye on the Prize ; Zwei and Zetsu begin to quarrel on when they should transform, while a monster appears to cause even more commotion
    • Appears
  • Episode 4: The Shadow of the Empire; A threat from the Ultras' past returns to threaten Earth.
  • Episode 5: The Monster Think Tank; twin monsters land on Earth and begin the march towards each other, while an unseen foe tries to stop STAR interference.
  • Episode 6: Galrion's Counter Attack; A space monster arrives on Earth, but neither Zetsu nor Zwei, want to fight it.
  • Episode 7: Christmas Catastrophe; It is the Christmas season, yet sightings of a monster are ruining the mood
  • Episode 8: New Years Devastation; It is new years day, but a mad alien and his pet may make it the last year mankind sees.
  • Episode 9: Choices; A new threat appears in the form of a flower worshiping cult, and Zetsu finds that Zwei cannot get involved.
  • Episode 10:
    • Appears
  • Episode 11:
    • Appears
  • Episode 12: Battle of Kings; For unknown reasons monsters have been appearing all over the Earth, made worse when three of the strongest monsters appear to destroy Zwei and STAR
    • Appears
      • Skull Monster: Red King
      • Bodyguard Monster: Black King
      • Twin-headed Monster: King Pandon
  • Episode 13: Resolution; It is the end, and Zwei must face the most powerful foe ever fought on Earth.




  • STAR:
    • Commander Tachibana:
    • Zetsu: The new ace pilot, distrusts Ultras.
    • Sarah: The new child genius of the group, is an Ultraman Otaku and sometimes disturbs her companions with her antics.
    • Zarko: The current weapons specialist. Is trigger happy sometimes, and spends her free time looking for a boyfriend.
    • Michael Collins 3rd: The head of the investigative division. Is secretive about his past.


Monsters and AliensEdit

  • Skull Monster: Red King
  • Bodyguard Monster: Black King
  • Twin-headed Monster: King Pandon
  • Anti Ultra Monster: Genocide King