Ultraman Zora is a rookie warrior hailing from the Primal Magniverse, who finds himself lost in the Ultra-Fan Multiverse, harnessing the powers of legendary Ultra Warriors to do battle against the forces of those corrupted by the Dao Factor and Anathema.

Ultraman Zora
Ultraman Zora
Human Host/Form: Hito Randamuna
Gender: Male
Age: 21,000 years old
Height: 40 m
Weight: 40,000 t
Home world: Land of Light
Series: N/A
Type: Fusion
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Affiliation Space Garrison (member)

Ultraman (childhood friend)

Created by MoarCrossovers


At some undetermined point in space and time, Ultras from across the seven magniverses came together to fight against the cosmic annoyance scourge, Anathema, who had returned from parts unknown and tapped into the Dao Factor, drawing upon power no one even knew that Daorium was capable of granting. Anathema's might was too great for the collected heroes, until the Heroes of Light appeared and banished Anathema into a pocket dimension. However, the intensity of their light affected the Ultras as well, blasting them back into their home universes and leaving behind pieces of their essence that formed into the Ultra Essence Crystals. These objects were scattered across the omniverse, where different Giants of Light from various continuities worked on a way to use the crystals.

Years later, in the Primal continuity, a newly graduated Zora, Ultraman's childhood friend (this is a thing, look it up) was on his first patrol as a Space Garrison member. In his travels, a wormhole suddenly appeared, dragging in Zora and hurling him into an unknown universe. Locating a nearly planet and merging with a recently deceased man, Hito Randamuna, he learned that the Horde of Madness, a collection of Ultras from all over the seven magniverses infected with the Dao Factor, were on a quest to collect the Ultra Essence Crystals to free Anathema from his prison. After receiving the Essence Extractors from Ultraman Zero Alter because plot, Zora set out on his mission to stop the Horde, purge the Dao Factor, and return to his home universe.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Protector: Zora possesses metallic bands on his shoulders, chest and upper back. Their appearance alters with each form.
  • Colour Timer: Like most Ultras, Zora has a Colour Timer.
  • Beam Lamp: Zora possesses a blue Beam Lamp on his forehead.


Hito thrusts the Zora Spark into the air and clicks the button on its side. Ultraman Zora then rises from a swirling, water blue background with sparkles of light.

Hito places an Ultra Essence Crystal into the right Essence Extractor and clenches the Trigger Handle, activating the crystal. He then repeats the process with the left Essence Extractor, activating the second crystal. After a unique catchphrase, he crosses his arms, scanning the two crystals together as projections of the two Ultras form over Zora to create their corresponding form. This causes his silhouette to evaporate and unveil its corresponding form.


"Legacy! Gamma! Lend me the power of your legendary lights!"

―Activation announcement for Legacy Praetorian

During the rise sequence, the background first appears to resemble that of the opening sequence from Ultraman's TV series, albeit green and gold as opposed to just green, before changing to a golden column of light for Zora to appear. Flashes of light occur in the background similar to Ultraman and Tiga's rise scenes.


"Melee! Blizzard! Lend me the strength of fire and ice!"

―Activation announcement for Wilder Glacier

During the rise sequence, the background first appears to resemble a blue background like Leo's, before changing to a swirling blizzard for Zora to appear. A burst of fire accompanied with red and blue spiralling lights appear just before the rise is finished.


"Lightning! Six! Lend me the swiftness of storms!"

―Activation announcement for Megawatt Rainbow

During the rise sequence, the background first appears to resemble a white background like Lightning's, before thunder clouds and red flashes of light appear alongside Zora.


"Flare! Neo Mebius! Lend me the power of gods!"

―Activation announcement for Infinite Solium

During the rise sequence, the background first appears as the Garden of Sol prior to its destruction by Mandaz before a burst of fire erupts for Zora to appear, briefly changing to the Garden's current state before changing to an orange-and-yellow background. As he moves clover, the background changes to a tunnel of orange, red and yellow fire.


"Astro! Wrath! Lend me the rage of light and darkness!"

―Activation announcement for Astrium Wrath

During the rise sequence, the background first appears as a section of space shrouded in a purple aura, as black veins slowly overtake the edges of the screen. As Zora moves closer, the background changes to a blood red background crackling with black and purple lightning.


"Oub! Ultrasaur! I'll exceed the limits of bonds!"

―Activation announcement for Maximum Fusion

During the rise sequence, the background first appears as a massive blue crystal, which shatters to reveal Zora. As this happens, the background changes to a blue background with red rings. As Zora moves closer, the background changes again to show the Ultra-Fan Multiverse.


Ultraman Zora

Zora's original form with the most basic skills and power. Originally used the most out of all his forms before being retired as his power grew.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Zorent Ray: An orange, '+' style ray, charged by raising the arms in a 'Y' formation and tucking them to the sides, attracting energy particles into the forearms.
  • Zora Shot: A blue, Emerium Ray-like attack, fired by crossing the hands in an 'X' formation above the Beam Lamp.
  • Zorium Attack: A series of light arrows from the right arm after resting the left hand on its elbow.
  • Zora Highlight: Beams of light from the eyes that illuminate hidden objects.
  • Zorium Slasher: Zora conjures two arcs of energy in a 'X' shape and launches them at the opponent, cutting through them.
  • Zorium Cutter: A wedge-shaped cutter beam fired from Zora's crest.
  • Zora Punch: A basic punch attack.
  • Zora Kick: A basic kick attack.
  • Zora Chop: A basic chop attack.
  • Zora Lift: Zora picks up the opponent and hurls them.
  • Zora Swing: Zora grabs the opponent and swings them around.
  • Zorium Eagle: Zora charges his foot with energy for a much more powerful kick.
  • Zorium Fist: Zora charges his fist with incredible amounts of energy, then hurls it.
  • Zorium Corkscrew: Zora rotates rapidly while flying, generating a spiralling barrier of energy and drills through the opponent.
  • Zora Bracelet: Standard issue for many Space Garrison members, Zora's serves as storage for the Zorium Trident.
    • Zorium Trident: A silver-and-blue trident that is used in close-quarters combat or hurled like a spear.
  • Zora Shield: A curtain-like barrier.
  • Ultra Psychokinesis: Zora can use his intense willpower to interact with the world around him.
    • Psychic Force: By making a punching motion, Zora unleashes a burst of psychic force to push foes away.
    • Psycho Ray: Zora channels his willpower through his hands by making a '+' shape with his hands.
  • Zorium Chill: A shower of freezing mist from Zora's fingertips.
  • Teleportation: Zora can teleport long distances, but doing so takes up a lot of energy.

Legacy Praetorian


"Ultraman Legacy! Ultraman Gamma!"

―Activation announcement


"Combo Up! Ultraman Zora: Legacy Praetorian!"

―Transformation announcement


"I wield the will of the light across time and space!"

―Legacy Praetorian's pre-battle catchphrase

Legacy Praetorian is Zora's first Combo Up form, which uses assets of Ultraman Legacy and Ultraman Gamma.

In this form, Zora gains access to the enhanced powers of light wielded by Legacy and the Form Change abilities of Gamma, granting him the use of various beam-based techniques.

This form's name is a portmanteau of Ultraman Legacy's various Legacy techniques and Ultraman Gamma's title as Praetorian of Light.


  • Gammacium Ray: A gold-and-blue finishing attack charged in a similar manner to the Gamma Stream and performed in a similar manner to Legacy's Legacy Beam.
  • Gammacium Cutter: Zora discharges a crescent-shaped energy blade from both hands, performed in a similar manner to the Rapid Cutter.
  • Gammacium Shuriken: Zora can launch a small shuriken of light from his hand(s), which is based on Legacy's Legacy Cutter and Gamma's Light Shuriken.
  • Combo Punch: A punch attack.
  • Combo Kick: A kick attack.
  • Combo Chop: A chop attack.
  • Combo Sky Whip: A aerial flipping attack, striking the enemy multiple times with his hands and feet.
  • Gammacium Shield: Zora creates a blue-and-gold shield to block attacks.
  • Gammacium Pure: A purifying beam fired from crossed hands.
  • Power Type's Strength: By tapping into Ultraman Gamma's power, Zora can manifest the brute strength of Power Type. While channelling this ability, the red markings on his body glow.
  • Speed Type's Speed: By tapping into Ultraman Gamma's power, Zora can manifest the super speed of Speed Type. While channelling this ability, the blue markings on his body glow.
  • Gammacium Duplication: Zora can split himself into various copies of himself, each one taking the attributes of one of Ultraman Legacy's Legacy Duplications. Each of these copies can function independently and cooperate in attacks.

Wilder Glacier


"Ultraman Melee! Ultraman Blizzard!"

―Activation announcement


"Combo Up! Ultraman Zora: Wilder Glacier!"

―Transformation announcement


"Time to break the ice with burning determination!"

―Wilder Glacier's pre-battle catchphrase

Wilder Glacier is Zora's strength form which uses assets of Ultraman Melee and Ultraman Blizzard.

In this form, Zora's strength is augmented and his fighting skill is increased, adopting a style similar to that of L77's and harnessing the powers of fire and ice within battles.

This form's name is a portmanteau of Ultraman Melee's Wilder Kick and Ultraman Blizzard's Glacier Ray.


  • Wilcier Ray: Zora fires a blue-and-red beam of flames and frost from his arms in an '+' position.
  • Wild Plasma: After performing a similar setup to the Strike Boost, Zore fires a purple stream of energy from his fist after making a punching motion.
  • Wilcier Slash: A cutting halo of fire and ice that slashes and burns opponents.
  • Wild Spark Punch: Through combining the full power of his light with Hito, Zora can engulf his fist(s) in a fiery aura to increase the power of his strikes.
  • Wild Spark Kick: Through combining the full power of his light with Hito, Zora can engulf his foot/feet in a fiery aura to increase the power of his strikes.
  • Wild Spark Chop: Through combining the full power of his light with Hito, Zora can engulf his hand(s) in a fiery aura to increase the power of his strikes.
  • Wilcier Barrier: Zora can summon a white barrier of light to deflect attacks.
  • Wilcier Rings: By rotating rapidly, Zora can launch restraining rings that wrap around the opponent and freeze them solid.

Megawatt Rainbow


"Ultraman Lightning! Ultrawoman Six!"

―Activation announcement


"Combo Up! Ultraman Zora: Megawatt Rainbow!"

―Transformation announcement


"Feel the rush of thunder and light!"

―Megawatt Rainbow's pre-battle catchphrase

Megawatt Rainbow is Zora's speed form that uses assets of Ultraman Lightning and Ultrawoman Six.

In this form, Zora's speed and reflexes are greatly enhanced and he gains access to various electricity and sword-based techniques.

This form's name is a portmanteau of Ultraman Lightning's Megawatt Current and Ultrawoman Six's Six Rainbow Stream.


  • Slugger Swords: The twin blades on his arms can be detached and used as weapons.
    • Slugger Sabre: Furthermore, the two sluggers can be combined to create a larger, two-handed blade.
  • Thunder Cross Current: An 'L' style beam charged with prismatic and electrical energies that vaporises every molecule of the enemy.
  • Prism Spear: A spear construct of rainbow light that damages or purifies foes.
  • SL Static: A beam of lightning from Zora's fingertips, similar to Zoffy's Z-Ray.
  • Lightning Guillotine: A vertical electrical guillotine that slashes and paralyses foes.
  • Megawatt Discharge: A punch enhanced with light and electricity.
  • Megawatt Conversion: A kick enhanced with light and electricity.
  • Megawatt Crosser: Zora charges his right arm with lightning, then slashes an 'X' projection across the target before pushing and turning it into a blast.
  • Prism Thunder Shield: Zora summons a rainbow energy barrier surging with electricity to block attacks.
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Zora's agility is increased to the point that he can move at incredible speeds and perform extraordinary acrobatic feats.

Infinite Solium


"Ultraman Flare! Ultraman Neo Mebius!"

―Activation announcement


"Combo Up! Ultraman Zora: Infinite Solium!"

―Transformation announcement


"I'll banish the eldritch nightmares in whatever forms they take!"

―Infinite Solium's pre-battle catchphrase

Infinite Solium is Zora's omnipotent form which uses assets of Ultraman Flare and Ultraman Neo Mebius.

In this form, Zora gain access to extraordinary powers as a side effect of Flare's true form and Neo Mebius' connection to the Nexus of Souls.

This form's name is a portmanteau of Ultraman Neo Mebius' Infinite Dimension and Ultraman Flare's Solium Shot.


  • Plasma Nova: Assimilating every particle of light and heat in the surrounding area, Zora unleashes a devastating burst of plasma energy with the potential to annihilate an entire planet.
  • Solus Mebium Cannon: A golden, 'T' style ray, performed in the same manner as the Storium Cannon.
  • Infinite Halo: Through the power of Baraghi, Zora summons a gigantic, serrated halo of fire and hurls it.
  • Solus Mebium Counter: Zora places his right hand over the Zorium Brace, spinning the crystal. It is charged with energy and he releases a powerful beam of plasma and lightning in an infinity pattern via a punch.
    • Solus Mebium Counter Zero: The point blank version of the technique, instead of firing a beam, Zora punches the opponent and releases the energy.
  • Giga Nova Burst: Zora charges energy from the Zorium Brace into his fist, coating it in flames to deliver a powerful punch.
  • Giga Nova Strike: A powerful kick charged with flames.
    • Giga Nova Drill Strike: Zora spins rapidly in the air, generating friction to coat himself in a flaming drill to increase the damage of the attack.
  • Zorium Saber: A red blade of energy summoned from the Zorium Brace, burning with eternal flames, that can cut through the hardest materials and armours.
  • Solus Mebium Circle: Zora can summon a circular shield of energy. Rather than blocking attacks, it transports the energy into a pocket dimension where it is safely disposed.
  • Infinite Flare Wave: Zora uses the Zorium Brace to generate a beam shot into the air to generate the Infinite Garden, a dimensional subspace resembling the Garden of Sol that empowers light beings while reducing the power of darkness. Its main use is to avoid collateral damage during his battles, thus frequent usage of it can induce a huge strain to its user.

Astrium Wrath


"Ultraman Astro! Ultraman Wrath!"

―Activation announcement


"Combo Up! Ultraman Zora: Astrium Wrath!"

―Transformation announcement


"I'll tear my enemies to shreds!"

―Astrium Wrath's pre-battle catchphrase

Astrium Wrath is Zora's berserk form which uses assets of Ultraman Astro and Ultraman Wrath.

In this form, Zora is overcome by a violent rage and his strength and speed are augmented to handle the level of power and savagery he now possesses.

This form's name is a portmanteau of Ultraman Astro's' Astrium Ray and Ultraman Wrath's Wrath Destroyer.


  • Wrastrium Ray: A 'L' style attack performed in a combination of Astro's Astrium Ray and Wrath's Wrath Destroyer. It is a red-and-purple beam surrounded by a black aura.
  • Wrastium Cutter: Zora summons a black-and-purple buzzsaw-like disk to slice his opponent.
  • Combo Chop: A chop attack.
  • Combo Punch: Zora can charge his both hands with dark energy and releases a stronger punch attack.
  • Combo Kick: A kick attack.
  • Arm Blades: The sharp spikes on Zora's forearms are used to slash and stab opponents.
  • Wrastrium Defender: Zora summons a dark barrier to defend himself.
  • Wrastrium Empower: Zora can fire bolts of energy that can temporarily empower other Ultras or kaiju.

Maximum Fusion


"Ultraman Oub! Ultrasaur! Unleash the ultimate potential!"

―Activation announcement


"Combo Up! Ultraman Zora: Maximum Fusion!"

―Transformation announcement


"Through the power of bonds, the possibilities are infinite!"

―Maximum Fusion's pre-battle catchphrase

Maximum Fusion is Zora's ultimate form which uses assets of Ultraman Oub and Ultrasaur.

Ultraman Zora Maximum Fusion


  • Zora Maxi Trident: A trident weapon that Zora uses in combat. It is the upgrade of the Zora Trident.
    • Multicium Unload: Using the power of the Specium Multi Essence Crystal, Zora makes a '+' stance using the trident's crest and unleashes a barrage of energy blasts from the trident's three prongs.
    • Mega Colourium Burst: Using the power of the Specium Attacker Essence Crystal, Zora makes a '+' stance and fires a rainbow energy stream from the shaft of the trident.
    • Merium Blaster: Using the power of the Storium Brave Essence Crystal, Zora places the trident's crest in front of his face to mimic horns and fires burning lasers from the side prongs.
    • Solgerent Slugger: Using the power of the Emerium Solgent Essence Crystal, Zora releases a massive, burning slugger projection.
    • Frost Slugger Spark: Using the power of the Spark Slugger Essence Crystal, Zora fires twin sluggers of ice from the trident's side prongs that generate a freezing vortex around the foe, freezing them solid before Zora slashes them from above.
    • Tigexus Storm: Using the power of the Zepellion Strom Essence Crystal, Zora charges the trident with lightning and slashes the opponent at a blinding pace.
    • Death Star Rush: Using the power of the Star Deathcium Essence Crystal, Zora fires a mixture of light and dark energies from the trident's crest.
    • Phoenix Soar: Using the power of the Galaxy Burst Essence Crystal, Zora charges the trident with energy and launches a multicoloured construct at the opponent.
    • Origium Final: Using the power of the Origin Oub Essence Crystal, Zora unleashes a powerful energy stream similar to the Orb Supreme Calibur.
    • Battle-Array Calamity: Using the power of the Kaiser Array Essence Capsule, Zora captures the opponent with lightning snares from the trident and tosses them into the air, then launches a dark energy slash.


The Ultras used in each of Zora's forms share something in common with each other.

  • Ultraman Legacy + Ultraman Gamma = Legacy Praetorian: They both serve as the main representative of an era of the wiki. Both come from alternate versions of the Showa timeline and exhibit abilities reminiscent of Heisei Ultras. Their fighting skills are also notably well balanced and have the ability to alter their stats at will.
  • Ultraman Melee + Ultraman Blizzard = Wilder Glacier: They both serve as examples of an Ultra going outside the typical norm (Melee being a pure physical fighter and Blizzard harnessing the cold, an Ultra's main weakness, as a weapon). Both are equipped with cybernetic armour in some capacity and seek to reach a goal through any means.
  • Ultraman Lightning + Ultrawoman Six = Megawatt Rainbow: Both have issues with understanding and accepting human society and have a preference to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • Ultraman Flare + Ultraman Neo Mebius = Infinite Solium: Both are examples of Ultras that have surpassed their natural expectations through the use of an alternative power, and continue to evolve as their connection to said power deepens.
  • Ultraman Astro + Ultraman Wrath = Astrium Wrath: Though their allegiances differ, both Ultras have violated the Ultra Code in some capacity.
    • Astro: Siding with darkness and attacking the Earth for the sake of fighting a worthy opponent.
    • Wrath: Giving in to his anger and turning his wrath onto others.


  • I've no idea where I got the idea to use Zora of all characters as the main character. It just happened.
  • Ultraman 3000, Ultraman Card, Ultraman G'd, Ultraman Spoiler and Ultramash served as inspiration.
  • Think as this as a tribute to the amazing and diverse creations by all the users of this wiki, past, present and (hopefully) future.

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