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    Ultra Seven Son,Ultraman Zero

    Ultraman Zero (ウルトラマンゼロ, Urutoraman Zero) is an Ultra being and the son of Ultra Seven. He was trained under Ultraman Leo after he was banished from the Land of Light by his father for attempting to take the Plasma Spark for himself. Zero relies more on physical strength and raw power in combat and is somewhat stubborn, however he has a caring side shown when he befriended a Pigmon while training and chose to save him rather than continue fighting, leading to his redemption. Ultraman Zero is considered among the most powerful Ultras in the Land of Light and a youg Ultra with Great potential. As he is Ultraseven's son, he has a similar crest on his head to his father, Ultraseven.


In his debut appearance Ultraman Zero is seen training with Ultraman Leo on the desert planet he was sent to after attempting to steal the Plasma Spark, wearing the Techtor Gear Zero training armor. When Pigmon was in danger (A falling rock was going to crush him), Zero decided to save him rather than continue his training battle with Leo. Leo,Ultraman Astra and Ultraman King then reveal to him that saving the life of someone is the purpose of an Ultraman, and when he was exiled by his father, Seven, he was actually saving him from touching the Plasma Spark, otherwise he would have ended up like the evil Ultraman Belial who like Zero attempted to steal the Plasma Spark and ended up a threat to the entire Land of Light.

When Seven's Eye Slugger was sent as an S.O.S. King declares Zero redeemed and frees him of his armor so he may join the fight against Belial. Zero arrived just in time to see his father mortally wounded, destroying some monster in his way he took his to safety on a ledge, when his father died in his arms. The young Ultra was enraged and destroyed the remains of Belial's 100 Monster Army and fought against Belial himself, seemingly destroying him after a long battle.

But when Belial returned as Beryudora, it took him with help from the remaining Ultra Brothers, Leo, Ultraman Astra, Ultraman Dyna, Rei, EX Gomora, and all of ZAP SPACY to destroy Belial. When the Plasma Spark was returned, Zero reunited with his revived father.

Ultraman Zero the Movie:The revenge of BelialEdit

In the film, Ultraman Zero The Movie, Zero is the main character fighting against three Darklops with his father and volunteers to go face the threat. On a distant planet, he comes across Run and his brother Nao. With Run dying and Zero running out of power, he takes Run's body as a host. Run had slipped into a coma, leaving Zero unexpectedly in control of his body. During his travels he becomes allies with several characters including Glenfire, Mirror Knight, and Jean-bot. Zero also battles against the army of the revived Galactic Emperor, Kaiser Belial.

With the defeat of Belial, Zero left with Run fully revived. A new alliance was formed with Zero calling it the "Ultimate Force Zero".
Zero Fight with Belial

Zero battle with Belial

Ultraman SagaEdit

Zero reappeared in the movie Ultraman Saga, along Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Cosmos and the Ultra Brothers. After defeating the remains of Belial's army, Ultraman Zero heard a voice calling for help, following the voice, he traveled to another universe, finding an alternate Earth. Landing a top of skyscraper, he is shocked to find the city was completely deserted. He then ran into Alien Bat's ship getting into a fight with his fighter drones. Taking them down one by one, one of the drones falls in the direction of a young boy and Zero witnesses the heroic act of Taiga Nozomu, who sacrificed his life to save the child, even though Zero saved the boy with his capture ray. Zero was moved by his act, and decided to merge with him and make him his human host, but Taiga Nozomu was annoyed that he had to share his life with an Ultra and refuses to transform, due to a grudge against the Ultras for the death of his parents during an alien attack on Earth where Dyna did not show up to protect them. Taiga and the boy eventually run into Gubila which chases them across the city, despite Zero's urging Taiga refuses to transform and instead runs with the boy in a rather comedic chase. The pair are saved by the appearance of Ultraman Cosmos, who came with Zero, who calms the beast and sends it on its way. Afterwards they meet up with Mushahi and eventually meet Team U and are taken to their base. There they meet the other children besides the boy who they look after and learn that the people of that Universe's Earth were taken in energy form to fuel Gigantic Zetton with their suffering and other negative emotions a year ago. They also learn that Shin Asuka was with Team U for a long time but mysteriously disappear. After a few attacks from Alien Bat, and an incomplete transformation leaving Zero at only five meters to assist Cosmos in combat, the two take off to battle the upgraded Zetton and its master and learn the fate of Dyna. He had fought the evil monster but only managed to seal it in its cocoon before his color timer went out and he turned to stone. During the battle Team U arrived to assist them by digging up the still working Reflasher which Dyna expelled so he could be later revived. With a third Ultra, the battle that Zero and Cosmos were previously losing turned in their favor and they eventually defeated Giganto Zetton. However Alien Bat merged himself and his ship with the fallen form of Zetton, causing it to take on its next form, Hyper Zetton, which easily trounced the three Ultras. Cosmos and Dyna were forced to return to human form due a lack of power but Zero expired from his injuries leaving Taiga with a stone Ultra Brace. Despite their seemingly bleak situation Asuka and Musashi encouraged Taiga to keep going, stating that they still had to protect everyone. The three Ultra hosts formed a Nexus of Souls between themselves and their Ultras, reviving Zero and Team U's captain and causing the Ultra Brace to temporarily evolve into the Saga Brace which then merged their lights into one form: Ultraman Saga.The new Ultra clashed with Zetton in the abandon city, his power now able to keep up where the three separate Ultras could not. Eventually their battle took to space and Zetton and Alien Bat were destroyed, freeing mankind and restoring them to their physical forms. Dyna and Cosmos returned to their universes while Taiga stayed. Zero waved goodbye to his new comrade and continued on his journey as the lights on the dark side of the planet were turned back on.

Profile, Forms, and TechniquesEdit

Normal Form
File:Defult Zero.png
  • Height: 49 meters (5 meters during the battle against Gubira & Gomess (S) in Ultraman Saga)
  • Weight: 35,000 tonnes (45,000 tonnes when wearing the Techtor Gear Zero)
  • Age: 5,900 years old
  • Flying Speed: Mach 7
  • Home Planet: The Land of Light, Nebula M78


Zero has demonstrated tremendous fighting skills destroying remains of an entire monster army and able to fight equally against Ultraman Belial, whereas all of his predecessors had difficulty against him eventually all losing. Ultraman and Ultraman Mebius have both stated that Zero has been thought to have limitless potential. He later gains more power from the Plasma Spark.

  • Ultra Zero Kick (ウルトラゼロキック, Urutora Zero Kikku): A flying kick similar to Ultraman Leo's Leo Kick.
  • Leo Zero Kick (レオゼロキック, Reo Zero Kikku) A flying kick with Ultraman Leo.
  • Emerium Slash (エメリウムスラッシュ, Emeriumu Surasshu): A beam similar to Ultra Seven's Emerium Beam.
  • Wide Zero Shot (ワイドゼロショット, Waido Zero Shotto): A "L" style beam similar to Ultra Seven's Wide Shot.
  • Zero Sluggers (ゼロスラッガー, Zero Suraggā): Two throwing weapons on his head that are similar to Ultra Seven's Eye Slugger.
  • Zero Slugger Attack (ゼロスラッガーアタック, Zero Suraggā Atakku): A slashing attack with the Zero Sluggers.
  • Zero Twin Shoot (ゼロツインシュート, Zero Tsuin Shūto): A powerful beam from his chest with the Zero Sluggers.
  • Zero Twin Sword (ゼロツインソード, Zero Tsuin Sōdo): The Zero Sluggers which turned into a crescent-shaped blade using the Plasma Spark's energy.
  • Plasma Spark Slash (プラズマスパークスラッシュ, Purazuma Supāku Surasshu): A slashing attack with the Zero Twin Sword.
  • Leo-Zero Double Flasher: A combination attack with Ultraman Leo where the the Ultras combine their energies into a powerful beam attack.
  • Combination Zero: A combination attack with Ultraseven using both the Eye Slugger and the Zero Sluggers. The bladed projectiles circle around each then cut apart an enemy.
  • Solar Recharge: Like his father, Zero can draw on the sun to power himself and circumvent his time limit on Earth like planets, however until he gained the Shield of Baradhi, he was unable to draw energy from the suns of other dimensions.
  • Size Change: Like his father, Zero can change his size from human size to his proper giant height. He uses the same stance as his father, crossing arms and bringing upright to the sides of his head to grow and the reverse to shrink.
  • Capture Ray: Zero can generate a small yellow beam from his hand, it encases the target in diamond shape construct moving them to safety at his mental command.
  • Ultra Brace:Given to him by his father, it originally stored energy to allow his transformation three times in another universe, after it gained the Shield of Baradhi it allowed Zero to operate in other Universes without such limits. The brace allows Zero to do the following...
    • Ultra Zero Lance: Zero can summon an Ultra Lance from the Ultra Brace, Zero throws it through an enemy and continues until it returns to Zero. Originally the brace would transform into the lance but when it stored Noa's power the lance simply materialized
    • Ultra Zero Shield: Zero's version of the ultra shield using his ultra brace. The shield can turn into the ultra lance and vice verse as they are the same object in different modes
    • Form Change: Using the Ultra Brace, Zero can enter his Ultimate Form, StrongCorona mode or LunaMiracle Mode and switch between them and his normal form.
    • Form Split: When pressed into a wall by Alien Bat, Zero split himself in two, one was in StrongCorona Mode, the other in LunaMiracle Mode, it is unknown if this was one time incident or if he can do again at will
    • Combine: Zero able to combine with Dyna or Cosmos into Ultraman Saga (required Saga Brace).

Ultimate Zero
File:Ultimate Zro.jpg

In Ultraman Zero The Movie: The Revenge of Belial, Zero gains the Shield of Baradhi from Ultraman Noa, which becomes the Ultimate Aegis which in turn has Zero become Ultimate Zero. This form gives Zero chest armor and a sword on his right arm in addition to more power. This form was first used to fight Ultimate Galactic Emperor Kaiser Belial.


  • Sword: From the blade on his right arm Zero can summon a blade of energy whose length he can choose, used to slice through Belial's planet size ship
  • Final Ultimate Zero: The Ultimate Aegis' final attack has it take the form of a bow with strings made of energy, when Zero pulls it, the construct charges with massive amounts of energy. Used to defeat Arch Belial, ending the evil Ultra's threat forever
  • Dimensional Travel: Like Noa, Zero can use the Ultimate Aegis to travel between universes and probably dimensions as well, however this drains its power and leaves the Ultimate Zero form unusable for a period of time. He can also travel with passengers (all of Ultimate Force Zero).

StrongCorona Mode
File:Ultrmn Zr Strng Crn.jpg

This Strong Corona mode is combined power of Ultraman Cosmos's Corona Mode & Ultraman Dyna's Strong Type. As the powers are combined, the abilities & statistics are combined too. With fiery power from Ultraman Cosmos Corona Mode & Powerful Attacks from Ultraman Dyna Strong Type.


  • Strength: Although a very strong Ultra on his own, in his red form, Zero's body boasts incredible strength, he is now strong enough to tear through the Techtor Gear which previously held back the Ultra's strength as well as over power Ex Red King
  • Ultra Hurricane: Using his new found strength Zero grabs his opponent and throws them into the air with enough force to generate high speed winds/vortex, they are then trapped in a net of light allowing Zero to finish them of
  • Garnet Buster: After using the Ultra Hurricane Zero gathers fiery energy from his Ultra Brace into his right hand and punches a flame covered fist into the air, firing a fiery beam at his enemy destroying them. It is a combination of Dyna's Garnet Bomber and Cosmos' Naybuster Ray.

LunaMiracle Mode
File:Ultrmn Zr Ln Mrcl.jpg

This Luna Miracle mode is combined power of Ultraman Cosmos's Luna Mode & Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type. As the powers are combined, the abilities & statistics are combined too. With a soft heart and energy abilities from Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode & fast speed from Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type.


  • Speed: In his blue form Zero can move and take of at incredible speeds in a blue aura, on the ground or in flight. His reflexes are also increased. The blue aura seems to protect his body as he dove into Bemular's absorption organ and out Gan-Q's eyes (they two were dimensionally link at the time) with out ill effect, destroying the two monsters.
  • Luna Wave:Like Cosmos Zero can generate a soft ray of light that heals the target/ protects them in a barrier. To do this he sometimes gathers light from the Ultra Brace. It also dispels minus energy, from hearts or beings/objects. Used to free the imprisoned souls in Alien Bat, heal and send away Pigmon, and tame a rampaging Silvergon on Planet Fantom. It is a combination of Cosmos' Luna shootless and Dyna's Revolium Wave.
  • Revolium Hissatsu: A pulse of energy from Zero's hand, it was used to knock back Armored Memphilas. It works by by converting minus energy into light energy and firing a pulse of energy into the target. However it has not been shown destroying a target.
  • LunaMiracle Zero Slugger: Zero can generate three pairs of his Zero Sluggers, controlling them all mentally, he can bring them together in an attack similar to Combination Zero

Shining Zero
File:Ultraman Shining Zero.png

Is an upcoming form of Zero that will appear in Ultra Zero Fight Season 2.

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