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Ultraman Zeka is the fusion of Ultraman One,Xena and Giga.He is born to challenge Dark Hazel in the movie.He is also when One,Xena and Giga fill of hope.



Profile/Body Features and TechniquesEdit



Body FeaturesEdit

  • Super Time Stone: Zeka time stone is the upgraded version of the time stones.
  • Super Energy Lamp: Zeka has a beam lamp in his forehead, use to fire beams and manipulate beams.
  • Eyes:Zeka's eyes can see better than One,Xena or Giga.
  • Zeka Bracelet: Zeia has an upgraded version of the One Bracelet and Xena Brace.Becasue of this fusion,Giga and Xena obtained a Lighting Light Spark.
  • Enlightenment Power: In this form,One, Xena and Giga has realize their true powers and their true potential.
  • Zeka Tector: His protector, a powered version of the three ultra protector.


  • Zeka Blast: Zeka finisher move,Zeka maniplate energy from his Super beam lamp and charges his hand and fires a powerful beam via thepose of'X' style.
  • Zeka Beam: Zeka fires a beam from his Super Energy Lamp.
  • Zeka Core: Zeka most powerful attack, Zeka can charges his Super Timer Stone and gathers light rays and particles. Zeka can then fire a beam that is powerful enough to defeat Dark Hazel in one shot.
  • Zeka Slash: A normal hand slash Zeka can fire. Similar to the hand slash of Ultraman Tiga.
  • Zeka Slicer: Slicer Techique. Zeka's own version of the Halo Slahsh
  • Zeka Kick: Zeka can jump high in the air and covered himself with fire and lightning and perform a flying kick.
  • Zeka Punch: Punch version of the Zeka kick.
  • Full potential: Zeka has full potential in this form, he can possibly defeat beings like Darker Gale and Belial.
  • Zeka Dive Kick: Similar to Ultraman's Dive Kick.
  • Zeka Neck Hanging:A physical techique, Zeka grabs his opponent by the neck and slams them into the ground.
  • Zeka Cannon:Zeka can launch the beam powers of his component Ultras, only slightly stronger. 
  • Zeka Hyper Punch: Zeka can released an intense and powerful punch with an aura on his fist.
  • Zeka Hyper Kick: Zeka can send a powerful and stronger kick with an aura on his foot.
  • Zeka Hyper Elbow: Ultraman Zeka can released a powerful elbow attack.
  • Head Lock: Zeka prosses a powerful headlock, it's nearly impposible for the oppenent to released themself.
  • Zeka Lifting: Zeka prosses enough strength to lift any being that is heavy than Ultraman.