The Ultraman Zach game is a game based off of the series, Ultraman Zach. The game is for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Steam, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. There is a maximum of two players per console.


Ultraman Zach is a fighting game where you play as Ultraman Zach and his allies. The game is updated when a new episode is released. The game will have 60 levels by series completion.

Story Edit

  1. Darkness - Ultraman Kal
  2. Earth - Gasmons
  3. Power Plant - Eleking
  4. Mystery - Pandon, Gomora
  5. Another World - Alien Baltan I
  6. Imitation - Alien Zarab (Imit. Zach
  7. Hell I - Ultraman Kal
  8. Stupid - Reigubas
  9. Undead - EX Eleking
  10. Hunted - Bemstar
  11. Hell II - Ultraman Ji
  12. King - King Ghidorah
  13. Inside - Alien Nackle
  14. Triple Threat - Alien Dada
  15. The Emerald Brace - Zetton, Armored Tracy Wells
  16. Insect - Megaguirus
  17. Crucifixion - Alien Guts
  18. Cyborg - Mecha-King Ghidorah
  19. Hell III - Ultraman Jet

More Soon!




(-) means that the character is only playable in Battle Mode, but an enemy in Story Mode.

(*) means the character is only playable in Battle Mode

(**) means the character is playable in Battle Mode and Story Mode

Ultra MapsEdit

  • NYC*
  • Forest*
  • The Land of Light**
  • The Dark Dimension (Prison Block)*
  • Yapool's Dimension*
  • Emerald Brace HQ*
  • Orbit Above Earth****
  • Coast City*
  • Hoover Dam***
  • Ultimatum's Crypt
  • The Library (DLC Only)*
  • Moon (DLC Only)
  • Blacklands (DLC Only)
  • Ultimatum's Prison (DLC Only)
  • Whentas City (DLC Only)
  • Crown (DLC Only)
  • Tsar's Residence (DLC Only)

(*) means the map is in Story Mode and Battle Mode

(**) means the map is in Story Mode only

(***) means the map is in Battle Mode only

(****) means the map has a limited area to fly in and is in Battle Mode only

(*****) means the map is in Story Mode and Battle Mode and has a limited flying area

(******) means the map is only for story mode and has a limited flying area.


PvE Gametypes Edit

  • Story: Story Mode is where you play as Zach and his allies and fight The Darkness One. There are 19 current levels.
  • Battle: Battle Mode is where you choose from any character and fight other characters. This is a single player mode.
  • Darkness Mode: An extremely difficult version of the story where monsters have 3x their average health.

Ultra vs. Kaiju Gametypes Edit

  • Multiplayer Local: you can face off against friends on the same console in multiplayer Battle Mode, or play the story with player 1 as Zach and player 2 as Kain. There are 2 of the same monster for each level.
  • Ultra Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch, but all players are ultra/Kaiju hosts and can transform after three minutes. if your Ultra or kaiju is defeated you will go back to human form Until your three minutes is up. Ultras and kaiju can crush or shoot opposing team members. EDF members transform into either Ultraman Zach, Ultraman Kain, or A custom ultra. Emerald Brace members transform into Zetton, King Joe, or a custom Kaiju.
  • Ultra Survival: Ultra vs almost endless Kaiju. 5 waves of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kaiju. occaisional Dark Surged Kaiju.
  • Multiplayer Online: you create your own custom Ultraman or Kaiju and challenge other users to battles. You earn coins for winning battles, coins can be used to buy upgrades and new powers for your Ultraman or Kaiju.

EDF vs. Emerald Brace Gametypes Edit

  • Team Deathmatch: In Team Deathmatch the EDF and Emerald Brace fight each other online in a 6v6 first person shooter style battle. First team to 100 kills wins
  • Capture The Flag: The same as Team Deathmatch, except you must catch the opposing team's flag three times to win.
  • Terminals: In a 6v6 battle, all that matters is holding all 3 Terminals until the match ends so that the Darkness (As Emerald Brace) or the Light (As EDF) spreads
  • Survival: Survive against legions of Emerald Brace soldiers and occaisional Kaiju. 5 rounds, each with a higher difficulty.

DLC Edit

Expansion I: The Staff Of Ultimate Power Edit

Story: Edit

  1. Moon - Emerald Brace Ship: Play as John and fight Tracy Wells.
  2. Moon - Return: Play as Zach and Fight Cyborg Zetton
  3. NYC - Ultimus: Play as Zach and fight Ultimus.
  4. Blacklands - The Staff: Play as Zach and fight Ultimus.

New Maps Edit

  • Moon
  • Blacklands

Expansion II: The Reclamation Edit

Story: Edit


New Maps Edit

  • Ultimatum's Prison
  • The Library

Expansion III: Revolution Edit

Story: Edit


New Maps Edit

  • Whentas City
  • Crown
  • Tsar's Residence

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