• Note that the reason Ultraman Zach is on hiatus is because of Final Exams. 
  • PSAs will still come out during the hiatus because they are shorter than regular episodes.
  • Please dont take these tips seriously, they are meant for entertainment, if you follow these tips you will fail! (Exept the first tip, follow that one)


Jose: Hello everyone, i am Jose from the popular Ultra Series Ultraman Zach.

Caboose: And I am Caboose from the same show.

Jose: It has recently come to our attention that many students across the world will be facing one of the most evil things that the Earth has to offer...

Caboose: Alarm clocks.

Jose: what? no, i meant Final Exams.

Caboose: What about Final Exams with alarm clocks?

Jose: No, just Final Exams...

Jose: As I was saying, this week is Final Exam Week for many schools across the globe.

Caboose: and we have decided to give all of you people some tips to pass your exams.

Jose: First, NEVER forget your pencils

Caboose: always have 3 sharpened pencils at your diposal, just in cas you lose one.

Jose: here is what happens when you dont have a pencil:

Caboose: Max and Charles are taking an exam.

Max: (whisper) Charles.

Max: Charles.

Max: Charles.

Charles: what?

Max: Can i borrow a pencil?

Caboose: I am a teacher! Recess all day! YAAAAY!

Jose: Caboose!

Caboose: no recess all day.

Caboose: Max and Charles! You were talking during the exam! Your tests have been...inval...invalid...invalidated!

Max: aww.

Jose: so always bring a few pencils.

Caboose: Now, John and Amy will be demonstrating how to get good sleep before your exams.

Jose: It is 9:00 the night before Amy's exam.

John: Amy, you need to go to bed.

Amy: can i finish this level?

John: fine.

Jose: it is now 3:30 AM and Amy still hasnt gone to sleep.

John: Amy...(yawn) go to bed!

Amy: Still havent finished the level!

John: What have you been (yawn) doing!

Amy: well, i got a snack, baked cookies, got a ride at the local llama farm...

John: we live near a llama farm?

Amy: well, i asked Caboose to act like a llama, then i rode him down the street for an hour throwing bananas at people's houses, made a cure for cancer, and launched the first manned rocket to Neptune.


Amy: then i came back here.

John: how did you do all that without me noticing?

Amy: I'm a ninja

John: go to bed!

Amy: fine!

Jose: Now Caboose and I will be demostrating how to get a good breakfast.

Jose gets out of bed

Jose: uh-oh... it's exam week!

Jose gets dressed and heads to the kitchen

Caboose: hello beloved child I have made you breakfeast

Jose: you mean breakfast?

Caboose: you say tomato i say... pomato

Jose: ...

Caboose: I made you cereal an hour ago... but it's all mushy now... enjoy!

Caboose hands Jose a bowl of mushy cereal.

Jose: thanks?

Caboose: I would make a great mother.

Max: This is a very healthy breakfast, eggs and bacon, pancakes, and waffles are not good for you and you wont be able to function when you have to take an exam.

Jose: Good luck on your finals everyone!

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