Ultraman Xena
Human Host: Haruto Kenki
Gender: Male
Age: 7,500 years old
Height: 49 meters
Weight: 35,000 tonnes
Home world: Land of Light
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Hero, Secondary Ultra
Fighter Type: TBA
Fighter Sub-type: TBA
Family Unnamed Parents, Ultraman Zero(Adopted Father)
Affiliation Ultraman One and Ultraman Giga(Childhood best friends)

Ultraman Zero(Adopted Father) Ultraman Belial(Rival,enemy)

Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Ultraman Xena(ウルトラマンゼーナUrutoraman Zena) is close friends with One and Giga,all three entered elementary school together. He also comes from the Land of Light. His bonds with Giga is stronger than One as he is able to combine with Giga to become Ultraman Seminar. When they are together,they can become Ultraman Contrast. Xena is shown to loyal to his friends and will be angry and hatred for anyone who betray him including his friends.

History Edit

During his young age,his parents was killed by a monster when they protected him until Zero appeared and saved him from the monster and adopted him for several years. Eventually,he became good friends with Ultraman One and Giga. But,Giga was regarded as his best friend while One is his second best friend during elementary school.

One special day,when Giga,One and Giga were playing and training on a nearby moon,a black hole suddenly appeared and sucked Giga into the black hole,he disappear. As a result,Xena was mad at One for suggested this and walks away,becoming enemies with One.

One was punished as a result for many years until One redeemed for his past mistakes,Xena forgives him and befriended him.He and One both vowed to save Giga from the black hole.

Ultraman One Series Edit

When One is appointed to Earth to guard it, Xena will assist One serveral times.

Season 1 Edit

He has appeared in the first episode to assist Ultraman One to defeat Spider Zetton and getting a human host to help him live in Earth without difficulties.

He also appeared in EpIsolde 4 and episode 8,assisting One and the SACD memebrs in helping the people out from the assaults of Leo and Ace Dark.He later assists One to defeat this two ultras and win the game.

He appears in the later episode 9,as one of the main characters.He returns to the Land of Light with One and Giga.

He laters to defeat an imposter in order to clear his name.

He returns near the end to fight Belial.

Movie Edit

Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus:Darkness CoruptionEdit

Xena returns to Earth in this movie to assist One and Giga to battle against Virus and his Ex monsters to save Lila from Virus's evil clutches. He ended up being crufixied by Alien Guts along with Giga until Ultraman Zero appears and saved them from him. As a result, Xena face up against Alien Guts and destroyed him with his Marine Xendium Ray. He later combined with Giga to become Seminar to defeat One and bring him back. While One is busy with Lila, Giga and Xena as Seminar destroyed Virus.

Later, when Virus is back as Fusion Virus, One, Giga and Xena transforms into Contrast and beat down him.


Xena is hot-blooded and gentle personality as he always stays calm and tries to resolve things in a less violent method. He is a very friendly Ultra and shows a lot of empathy and care for his friends and will go mad and rage for anyone who do something terrible to his friend and developed a sense of hatred unless they show signs of redemption and regret about what they did. Against monsters or evil Ultras who cannot resolve via peaceful methods, he will go with the hard way in order to defeat and end their evil doings. Against his hatred people, he will go berserk and rage, which leads to him unable to think careful and tries to beat them no matter how many things he is beaten. He can be very aggressive when he fights. He is quite smart like One and Giga, who can think of a good strategy when faced with diffCult opponents. He is very cool Ultra.


As an combatant Ultra,he is red and sliver in colour with traces of black colour around his arms and lower legs,which is a pattern which represents his name.He possess the regular color timer and has a circular solar panel like protectors around his color timer that could recharge energy like One.He has a symbol around his abdomen area that represents his name when an Ultra Sign of his is produced.


  • Age:Same as Ultraman One
  • Height:48 meters
  • Weight:35000 tonnes(Armor:40000 tonnes)
  • Home World:Land of Light
  • Human Host:Haruto Kenki
  • Swimming Speed:Mach 10
  • Flight Soeed:Mach 5
  • Burrowing Speed:Unknown
  • Relationship:
    • Ultraman Zero:(adoptive father)
    • Ultraman One:Brother in arms
    • Ultraman Giga:Brother in arms
    • Ultraman Seminar:Fusion with Giga.
    • Ultraman Contrast:Fusion with One and Giga.
    • Deceased Biological Parents
  • Hobbies:Lazying around, Interacting with friends and other Ultras.

Body featuresEdit

  • Light Time Stone: Like many Ultras,Xena color timer functions like other Ultras.
  • Ultra Armor: Xena's armor,resistant to fire and lasers.
  • Beam Lamp: Like One,Xena possess a Beam Lamp.
  • Eyes: Xena had eyes like the ultras in the Land of Light,his is able to see through the entire spectrum.
  • Symbol: Xena has his name on his stomach,represent his loyalist to the Land of Light.
  • Protectors: Xena has protectors similar to One but different funtions.It is circular version of One's Protectors.


  • Ultraman One: Brother
  • Ultraman Zero: Grand cousin.
  • Unnamed Father: Father
  • Unnamed Mother: Mother

Techiques and FormsEdit

Ultraman Xena
Special MovesEdit
  • Xena Phoenix:Xena most powerful attack. Xena gathers light energies and his protectors glows orange in color. Xena can create multiple golden fireballs and hurl it at its opponents. Another version is where Xena rushes his opponents and burn them.
  • Xena Cannon: 'L' style ray. Xena charges energy from his color timer and fires the Cannon in fire plasma energy.
    • Xena X Cannon:A more powerful version of the Xena Cannon when Xena thrusts his hands in X style.
  • Xena Slash: A beam from his beam lamp.
  • Xena Spark Lamp:By charging his beam lamp with light energies, Xena is capable of fire a powerful laser beam from his beam lamp.
  • Xena Shooter:Xena can charge his both hands with plasma fire energy and fires it in both hands to release a very powerful beam.
  • Xena Light: A beam from either of his hand, orange ray beam.Capable of doing some powerful damage.Used in episode 5.
  • Xena Barrier:A barrier conjured to protect against attacks.
  • Xena Field:Xena can summon a dimensional made up of pure water to power beings like him by using the water to heal any injuries quickly and weaken being of darkness.Used in the movie but countered by Virus abilities.
  • Form Change:Xena can change into his armor form at will.
  • Merger:Xena is capable of merging himself with Giga himself to become UltraFusion,matching to those of One's Wisdom form.He can fuse with One and Giga to form Ultraman Contrast as well.
  • Xena Transfer: Xena can transfer some of his energy to his allies.
  • Xena Repel: When touch and close contact with foes, Xena is capable of repelling them away by releasing electricity impulses.
Physical TechiquesEdit
  • Xena Punch: A strong punch from his hand covered with flames.
  • Xena Kick: A kick Techiques.
  • Xena Fiery Kick:Xena's version of the One Ultra kick.
  • Xena Heck Tighten: Xena can tight the neck of others and twist it around.
  • Haisuto Swing: Xena can lift its opponent and swing it and throw them.
  • Xena Slender Punch: Xena can punch his opponents rapidly.
  • Hyper Flight:Unlike One,Xena flights without using any hand movements and flights very fast like supersonic jet.
Combo TechiquesEdit
  • Giga Xena-One shot::Xena combine his Xena Shot with other Ultras to form a more powerful ray of light.
    • Rainbow Xlash:Combination of Reuz,One,Xena and Giga finishers.
  • Double kick: One combine with Xena to form a powerful kick.
  • Shield Release: Xena combine the shield with One and push back the shield to release a powerful beam. Able to knock back enemies thousands yards.Similar to Cosmos's Prominece Ball.
    • Triple Blocker:Similar technique but is a shield made by Reuz,One,Giga and Xena.Where the Ultras create a very big shield to shield attack.
  • Ultra Combination Stream: Xena can combine his Xena Cannon, One's One Cross Shot and Giga's Giga Shot together to create a very powerful beam.


Armor Form, his secondly form, Xena can conjure a piece of armor.It may be rocks, buildings, whatever stuff he can absorb.He now posses a armored and powered protectors in his color timer.This forms grants Xena more stronger attacks by 50%. It grants Xena additional 5000 tonnes.

  • Weight:40,000tonnes.



  • Enchanced Chop:A more stronger and Enchanced karate chop attack.
  • Enchanced Kick:A more stronger and Enchanced karate kick attack.
  • Enchanced Punch:An Enchanced karate punch attack.
  • Durability:With an Armour,Xena Ultra Armor and Protectors is more hardened and solid,allow him to withstand any forms of attacks without much trouble but not the strongest attacks.

Special Moves

  • Marine Xenium Ray:A more powerful version of Xena Cannon that is rainbow in colour.L,style beam.
  • Xena Slash:An energy slash.

Ultra Fusion

Giga can fuse with Xena to become a more powerful force.This form is the same strength as One's Wisdon Form.It represents their friendship.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Rainbowrium Beam:Xena Giga charges his hands with energy and raises it to receive sunlight and crosses bis hands and place it 'X' style,it is powerful enough to defeat strongest monsters and molecular bonds are destroyed into particles.
  • Beam Lamp Shot:Xena Giga fires a very powerful ray of energy from its beam lamp,it is the combination of Xena and Giga's beam lamp attack.Capable of hurting an Ultra.
  • Timer Pure:Xena Giga releases a very lightbased attack from his color timer and releases the bam made up of light of purity to purify any dark energies in the beings's body,beings of pure evil are burned with this attack and be vanished by it.It is used to bring Ultraman One back to his former self.This attack is used on the friendship the three ultras have.
  • Heroic Arrow:Arrow shaped energy blasts,it can purify an area of darkness and converts any dark light into pure light for use.
  • Physical attacks:Xena Giga's physical attacks are basically ultra punches and ultra kicks,there includes Ultra Ram,Head Butt and Elbow Cutter.It also includes swinging of the monster legs and throws them,also,it includes lifting of them as well.
  • Barrier:Xena Giga can create a very huge barrier to protect himself from any attacks,it can stop the most powerful attacks.
  • Lamp Relase:Xena Giga can release a beam of lamp to get other out of others control.
  • Teleportation:Xena Giga can teleport short distances or long distances.


  • In some One episodes, Xena appears to fight on its own without One assistance.
  • He is shown to have hatred towards Belial as he go berserk when Giga is defeated.
  • His bonds with Giga is stronger than One as Xena gained a hatred towards One when Giga disappeared.

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