Ultraman Xelz is an Ultra who appears in Ultraman Renius.

Ultraman Xelz
Flurr's Ultraman
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: TBA
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Home world: Nebula M78
Series: Ultraman Renius
Type: TBA
Fighter Type: Magic
Fighter Sub-type: None
Family TBA
Affiliation Ultraman Renius (Friend), Hunter Knight Ragul, Ultrawoman Angel
Created by Flurrthegamermixel

History Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Xelz is an Ultra skilled with a variety of spells and magical techniques. When Necrozma attacked, Xelz tried to fight back, but was defeated. He managed to escape with Renius, Ragul, and Angel. Xelz also learned some new spells over the period of time alongside the three.

Ultraman Renius Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Xelz is skilled the magic arts, mainly spells. However none of this can be really specified until Flurr edits this page.

Trivia Edit

  • art made by cdr