Ultraman Xach
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: Newborn
Height: 45 Meters
Weight: 39,000 Tons
Home world: Unknown Dark Planet
Series: Ultra-Fan Wiki Crossover Mini-Series
Type: Villain
Fighter Type: ?
Fighter Sub-type: ?
Family Society X
Affiliation Society X


Created by Brian Haughton

Ultraman Xach is the sixth member of Society X, he is known for his tricks and schemes. He is the evil clone of Ultraman Zach. Ultraman Xach is very intelligent, he comes up with most of the society's plans. He despises all other members except Xorion, whom he looks up to.

Personality Edit

Xach is probably one of the smartest members of Society X, he makes up all the society's Plots. He, much like his counterpart, is cocky and sarcastic. He looks up to Xorion, yet despises and hates the others.



​Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Xallium Ray: Xach's version of the Gallium Ray.
  • Eye Zlugger: Xach's version of the Eye Slugger.
  • Dexium Blast: Xach's version of the Decium Blast.


Ancient Form Edit

  • Xach's counter to Zach's Neo Form.
  • Ancient Form is a dark purple primary color and a black secondary.
  • In Ancient Form Xach is slow and strong
  • The Unique ability is the Ancient Punch.

Blackened Form Edit

  • Xach's counter to Zach's Shine Form
  • In Blackened Form Xach is a black primary color and dark grey secondary.
  • In Blackened Form Xach is fast and weak.
  • The unique ability is the Blackening Beam.

Wrath Form Edit

  • Xach's counter to Zach's Mythic Form
  • In Wrath Form Xach is full black.
  • In Wrath Form Xach is powerful and normal.
  • The unique ability is the Wrath Beam, which takes up 75% of Xach's energy.

Zagi Form Edit

  • Xach's counter to Zach's Nexus Form.
  • In Zagi black primary and red secondary.
  • In Zagi Form Xach has Dark Zagi's powers.

Dimensional Form Edit

  • Xach's Final Form and counter to Zach's Galactic Form.
  • In Dimensional Form Xach is primary black and purple secondary armor.
  • In Dimensional Form Xach can use the Dimensional Magnus, counter to the Galactic Magnus.

Quote Edit


"Ok guys, we need to come up with a plan, and when I say we I mean I'll come up with the plan and you dopes sit around doin' nothin'"

―Ultraman Xach before coming up with a plan

"I wish I was in charge, then things would be much more fun."

―Ultraman Xach wishing be was Society X's leader

"Seriously, how does Xorion deal with these lunatics!"

―Ultraman Xach talking about the other members of the society

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