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Fiction RatingNC16

Can be quite dark and sad tone

Warnings: Brutal Fighting and Violence, With Signs of Blood

Categories: Action Packed Drama, Romance, Netherworld, Family and Choices

Smoking/Alcohol: Yes

Violence: Plenty

Crude Humor: Some

Sexuality: Not much but there will be

Ultraman Virus:
Created by: Zhu Huong Ng
Opening Theme: None
Ending Theme: None
Number Of Episodes 13 (+1 [Extra])
Preceded by Return of the Chaos Header (Chronologically)
Succeeded by Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes (Reboot Series) (Chronologically)

Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath is the sixth installment of Ultraman One Series. This will feature Virus Returning to the path of good.


(Takes off directly from Return of the Chaos Header) The son of Virus and Yvon, had decided to take the mantle of being protector of Earth while recovering back his lost Ultimate Form. Meanwhile, Virus, Cure and Yvon returns back to Earth, what fate will behold on the four Scorpium Ultras? Fighting against new threats posed by Jugglus Reflector, who is someone familiar. The other Scorpium Ultras will arrive on Earth as well in order to deal with this threat, and obtaining their ultimate forms as well.




Kaiju & SeijinEdit


  • Episode 1: Dark Sceptor
  • Episode 2: The Return
  • Episode 3: Manipulator of Darkness
  • Episode 4: Virus Return
  • Episode 5: Sakura and Kai
  • Episode 6: Father Saving Son
  • Episode 7: Antithesis of Darkness
  • Episode 8: Robotic Invasion
  • Episode 9: Manipulator of Lunar
  • Episode 10: Manipulator of Rainbow, Storm and Magma
  • Episode 11: Moment of Truth
  • Episode 12: Rise of Evil Part 1
  • Episode 13: Rise of Evil Part 2
  • Ex Episode: Voider

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