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Fiction RatingNC16

Can be quite dark and sad tone

Warnings: Brutal Fighting and Violence, With Signs of Blood

Categories: Action Packed Drama, Romance, Netherworld, Family and Choices

Smoking/Alcohol: Yes

Violence: Plenty

Crude Humor: Some

Sexuality: Not much but there will be

Ultraman Virus:
Created by: Zhu Huong Ng
Opening Theme: None
Ending Theme: None
Number Of Episodes 16 (2 Extra Episodes)
Preceded by Return of the Chaos Header/Scorpium Ultras: Rise of Good and Evil (Creation Order)
Succeeded by Ultraman Geed Reboot

Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath is the sixth installment of Ultraman One Series. This will feature Virus Returning to the path of good.


(Takes off directly from Return of the Chaos Header) Virus returns to Earh after his adventures in another universe. Virus resumes back human form and observe the humans once again. Dark Sceptor whom lose his Ultimate Form after using almost all his powers to kill Dark Gale and Dark Chaos, was choosen as Earth's protector by the other Scorpium Ultras for his courage against any future threats like monsters and aliens. Another threat in the form of a ghost mage rises, whom call many powerful monsters and aliens to deal with the Scorpium Ultras. And Virus Ulimate Form will unlock the ultimate power of Voiderium to stop the known mirror mage. New battle arrives.


  • NOTE: Except for Jugglus Reflector, Sky Demon and Star Dragon, the rest will be reused/taken from offical series.

Main SeriesEdit

New Monsters/Aliens
  • Jugglus Reflector: The main threat of this series, a schemer/magician whom plot to conquer Earth and kill humans appears. He will resurrect various aliens and monsters to combat the Scorpium Ultras. He possess the strength and power to reflect and change the elemental effects of other Ultras? And Virus True Form can counter it?
  • Moetaranga: Tribute to Ultraman Max Episode 31. Moetaranga appeared in episode 6 and almost killed Dark Sceptor with his own virus. But Kai Tomoya/Virus whom possess Voiderium in his body is immune to his virus. Under Sakura's pleading, Kai Tomoya become Virus and void off Moetaranga's free will and killing him with his Vampire Sun-Ray.
  • Queen Bezelb: Tribute to Ultraman Orb The Origin Saga main villain. Kugutsu vs Voiderium? Who will win?
  • Galactron MK2: A more powerful and stronger variant of the regular Galactron. Three of them appeared, in episodes 7 and 8. Tribute to the Galactron the appeared in Ultraman Geed The Movie.
  • Scout Berserk: Tribute to one of the Berserks that appeared in Ultraman Max Episode 37-39. He appeared in episode 1 and was killed by Dark Sceptor alone.
  • Bemzeed: A Belial Fusion Monster of Bemstar and Zetton. He appeared in episode 11.
  • Hell-Death: One of my creations, a fusion of Zetton, Pandon and Gatanothor's pincers and tentacles. He appeared in episode 10.
  • Sky Demon: A new creation, he will appear in episode 9. A creature whom can alter rainbows and rainbow is his weakness. Ultraman All starts up to this threat.
  • Gomorant Strong Gomorant: He appeared in episode 12, he can channel anti gravity waves. Ultraman Windy stands up to his threat.

Extra EpisodeEdit

  • Magatanothor: Appeared in Extra Episode 2. He will fight against Ultraman Trident, his Normal and Ultimate Form. Who will win, the manipulator of light or the master of darkness? Tribute to Ultraman Tiga Episode 51 and Ultraman Orb Chronicle Chapter 4.
  • Star Dragon: A dragon that embraces the power of light into evil energy, he is afraid of darkness/shadow. Appeared in extra episode 1. He will fight against Ultraman Vader in his both forms, who win? The manipulator of darkness or evil being of light? New monster.
Main article: Ultraman One (Continuity)#Scorpium Ultras


  • Episode 1: Dark Sceptor
  • Episode 2: Kai Tomoya/ Virus Returns
  • Episode 3: Cure and Yvon returns
  • Episode 4: Sakura and Kai
  • Episode 5: Personal Things
  • Episode 6: Moetaranga Invades? Dark Sceptor's death?
  • Episode 7: Invasion of Robots
  • Episode 8: Fateful Day
  • Episode 9: Manipulator of Rainbow
  • Episode 10: Manipulator of Moon
  • Episode 11: Manipulator of Mudfire
  • Episode 12: Manipulator of Wind
  • Episode 13: Queen Bezelb Alternative
  • Episode 14: Rise of Evil, Part 1
  • Episode 15: Rise of Hope, Part 2. Truth of Voiderium.


  • Episode EX 1: Manipulator of Darkness
  • Episode EX 2: Manipulator of Light


  • Monsters or aliens will only appear in episode 1,6-15, Ex1 and Ex2. They will not appear in episode 2-5, this is more about character development than battles.

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