Ultraman Vega is a mysterious Ultra from an another dimension. He is the enemy of Dark Phobos.


Ultraman Vega is an entirely silver and grey Ultra with a V-shaped crest (Like Ultraman Victory's). His color timer is a yellow spiral galaxy-shaped object on his chest. He has glowing yellow eyes. When he is about to fire the Vega Galaxy, his forehead crest glows yellow. His armor is very streamlined and sleek.


Ultraman Vega and the dark Ultra Dark Phobos were once one being known as Ultraman Umbra. At some point, they were split into two beings, one representing positive and one negative sides of Umbra.


Special TechniquesEdit

  • Vega Galaxy: Vega's signature move. It is a powerful golden beam fired from his crest.
  • Vega Starburst: Vega fires a shotgun-like burst of gold energy from his hands.
  • Vega Nebulizer: Vega fires a gold beam from his color timer that sends the opponent to another dimension. Not used in shows.
  • Vega Lightning: Vega fires a golden lighting bolt from his hand(s).

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Vega Spark Punch: Vega's fist gives off light energy and he punches the opponent.
  • Vega Spark Kick: Vega's leg(s) give off light energy and he kicks the opponent.
  • Vega Spark Dive: Vega covers himself in light energy and flies into the opponent.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Vega Changer: Vega absorbs energy from dark-based attacks, and transforms it into light energy.
  • Vega Aura: Vega's presence creates a feeling of hope in those around him.