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Gender: Male
Age: 60,000
Height: 45 meters
Weight: 49,000 tons
Home world: Argentium
Series: Ultraman Moedari Side Story: A Song of Silver
Type: Protagonist
Fighter Type: Physical
Fighter Sub-type: Veteran/Wizard
Family Ultraman Lunaram (daughter), Ultrawoman Lunam (wife)
Affiliation Ultraman Lugeno
Created by Stephan222
Ultraman Utem is Lunaram's father. Like her, he is silver, and is the ruler of Argentium. Like his wife, he was a military commander of some renown, and a skilled fighter. He had a close friendship with Lugen (Ultraman Lugeno) as well.

He commanded the second corps in Argentium's battle against The Hidden One.



Lugen was one of the last original Silver ultras -- when their home star was rebuilt they were not so strongly mutated by the rays of the plasma spark, and thus wandered through space abandoned and weak. However, they came upon Argentar which transformed them into powerful, elite warriors. Due to this many of them harbored a grudge against the colored ultras, believing they had been outcast purposefully.

A Song of SilverEdit


Ultra-Fan Mashup: Fan CrossoverEdit

Utem is confirmed to be alive in the new timeline but does not appear in the story. He passed on his place as ruler to his daughter Lunaram and helped rebuild Argentium.



  • Starlight ray: a beam from his left hand which he uses in quick or up-close combat.
    • Starlight Sword: He can condense the beam to transform it into a lightsaber-like sword.
  • Argentium Beam: A stand L bright silver beam.

Matter ManipulationEdit

  • Sword of the Stars: a thin metal rapier which he can summon at well. Can be heated to glow white.
  • Master of Metals: He can manipulate minerals and metals in the earth, causing walls, barriers, or other formations to appear out of the ground.
  • Structured Strike: he can summon matter into various forms, even creating lesser kaiju which are controlled by his mind.
  • Celestial Body: he can control the movement of some lesser celestial bodies if he needs to. Unfortunately, he cannot use this ability at will.


  • Utem is Latin for starlight.