Ultraman Touch
Human Host/Form: Adriatius Nikvoch
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 45m
Weight: 36 000 tons
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Touch (Continuity)
Type: Anti-hero
Fighter Type: Ranged Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: None
Family Unknown
Affiliation None
Created by Crazybeard1234

Ultraman Touch (ウルトラマンターチ Urutoraman Tachi) is an Ultra, who seemingly has amnesia and has lost the memories of his past.


Ultraman Touch Edit


Profile and Body FeaturesEdit

  • Height: 47m
  • Weight: 36 000 tons
  • Age: Unknown
  • Other stats unknown
  • Relationships: Unknown
  • Transformation Item: Sicarius Brace

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Damnum Indicator: Touch has a timer-like device on his chest, but this doesn't work as a timer, but an indicator on how much damage Touch has taken.
  • Mouthpiece: A mask-like device covering Touch's mouth, what it is used for is unknown.
  • Tactus Crystal: A rectangular crystal on Touch's forehead, used to manipulate energy for attacks.
  • Sentire Bands: Headbands on Touch's head, absorbs light energy.
  • Power Eyes: Used for seeing far distances, in the dark and through objects. Unusually, Touch's eyes differ from a normal Ultra's, it is unknown why, but it gives him the ability to scan an enemy's weakpoint.
  • Sicarius Brace: A brace that stores Touch's K-N9, which is a small blade, similar to a assassin's. There are three buttons on the brace, which power up the K-N9 to three different levels.
  • Cybernetic Arm: How he got this cybenetic arm is unknown, but it increases the strength of his punches from that arm. Similar to the Remolded Ultras' from the Ultraman 0 story manga.
  • Aqueous Flamanoid: A viscous liquid flowing through the tubes connected to his body, powers up the Phase Shift Biotics, which morph Touch's body to be of perfect transparency without refraction of light waves when the Shadowstitch ability is activated.

Forms and Techniques Edit


Touch's base form.


  • Sicarius Brace: The Sicarius Brace, with the K-N9, can perform several abilities with the three buttons on it:
    • Precise Slit: When button I is pressed and the Friction Gear is spun, with the K-N9 in Attack Mode, the K-N9 gets charged up with energy, and can perform an energy slash.
    • Hidden Shot: When buttons I and II are pressed in consecutive order and the Friction Gear is spun, with the K-N9 in Attack Mode, the brace charges up with intense sparks of energy. Once the Release Counter is hit, the charged K-N9 can be shot out to pierce through the enemy, or electrocute them. Moreover, it can also be utilized as a grappling hook, as versatile as it may be.
    • Molecular Burst: When all three buttons are pressed in consecutive order and the Friction Gear is spun, with the K-N9 in Stasis Mode, particles of charged protons start to react. When Touch's hands are placed in a left "+" position, a highly concentrated cannon of positive ions is released, colliding against electrons on the opponent's body and causing a widespread explosion. Strong enough to literally delete monsters.
  • Power of Touch: What is assumed to be a power, is used by Touch to transmorph the molecules in objects, into two forms.
    • Aqeuum Arrow: A bow that attaches to the Sicarius Brace. Can be used to perform a shooting finisher.
    • Secare Slicer: A scimitar that attaches to the Sicarius Brace. Can be used to perform a slashing finisher.
  • Shadowstitch: An advanced ability that requires Touch to mentally rewire his biotics and skin, turns him invisible for a few seconds, allowing for quick reflexes without detection. The only one able to detect said movement is Ultraman Caecus.
  • Zeta Drift: Touch gathers energy from his Damnum Indicator into his hands, and then shoots out a highly concentrated plasma-type energy blast, similar to Saga's Saga Plasma.
  • Magnium Crush: Touch gathers energy directly from his Damnum Indicator into his arm, allowing for a a powerful punch technique. Similar to Saga's Drill Saga.
  • Dragrium Saw: A buzzsaw-like energy attack. The normal variation is similar to Saga's Saga Trasher, while the weaker variation which can be fired in rapid succession is similar to Saga's Saga Shooter.
  • Neo Ultra Block: A circular shield that he can erect to protect himself from incoming attacks.
    • Neo Reflect: Touch can absorb the energy blasts from the enemy, and reflect it back alongside the shield's energy.

Diablau Reformation

The unstable form Touch gains when he offers his soul in exchange for a portion of the Depths' power.

Trivia Edit

  • The "Shadowstitch" ability is taken from a popular TCG (Trading Card Game), Cardfight!! Vanguard, specifically from the clan of Murakumo, who are a shinobi black ops agency, similar to assassins.