Ultraman Spark (ウルトラマンスパーク Urutoraman Supaku) is an Ultra who appeared in the Ultraman S the Movie: Spark of Hope theatrical film.


He was part of the humanlike species of aliens living on the Transversal Ship, a project launched by the human-like aliens of Star R90. His ship was destroyed when an Ultra-like being attacked it, instantly killing the entire spaceship's crew save himself when he escaped with the help of an escape pod.

He was stranded alone on the nearby moon, depending on an oxygen tank and a short supply of food and water. Rune, was his name, as he eventually came to the point of starvation, living with the regret of selfishly saving himself instead of others on board.

Due to his will to survive and to repent, he was contacted by the Spark of Life, and fused with it, to become Ultraman Spark.

Ultraman Spark was next seen in the upcoming movie, details about him are still unknown


  • Height: 50m
  • Weight: 45 000 tons (Earth Gravitation)
  • Human Form: Rune
  • Transformation Item: None
  • Age: 30 years
  • Flying Speed: Mach 9
  • Jumping Distance: 1000m
  • Jumping Height:  1000m
  • Strength: He is able to lift 250,000 tons
  • Home Planet: Transversal Ship; Planet Crackle
  • Relationships:
    • Good Friends with other Ultras.
  • Swimming Speed: 280 knots per hour
  • Occupation: Explorer, Traveller
  • Hobbies: Researching about lifeforms, Rollercoasters


  • Dyranius Ignition Capture: Spark gets engulfed in pure light, and proceeds towards the enemy, creating a large radius explosion. Finisher.
  • Ignisium Fangriles: Spark is able to construct light blades from various parts of his body in an instant. Most prominent upon his forehead, which he uses with flexibility.
  • Luminous Smash: Spark charges his arms with energy, and deals several punches to the enemy.
  • Radiant Thrasher: An "L"  shaped finisher, pure blue and white in color. Can destroy monsters in one shot.
  • Buritius Flare: Spark lets off an intense light from his body, which usually distracts opponents and give him time to attack them.
  • Suran Consecutive: Bullets of light fired from his palm.
  • Luminiscent Bombard: Spark channels power from his core to the arms, charging up and finally unleashing the concentration of energy as a beam of intense power. Has the potential to possibly destroy entire universes, but this attack disintegrates his body at a rapid rate.

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