Ultraman Skull (ウルトラマンスカル, Urutoramansukaru) is the first Mentor or rather a friend of Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Taro that appeared on two Ultraman Reuz movies, Ultraman Reuz Theater Special : Feat. Ultraman Skull, The Begins Night and Ultraman One, Draco and Reuz Hyper Battle: Dance With The Dance Spark. His human host is Naomi Honda, Haruto "Boss" on the great Detective Agency. He has unknown appearance like Ginga and Reuz.



Ultraman Skull have a secret story and it's only can be revealed after the two movies of Ultraman Reuz end. The secret appearance will be reveale on Haruto Shuuya: Specials Secret Theater. 

Power, Body Features and TechniquesEdit

Not much known for Ultraman Skull as he only appeared like a Kamen Rider Skull base form from Kamen Rider Double. But he bears a similar body features as the Original Ultraman and Ultraman Ultraseven X. 

  • Height: 51,000 meter
  • Weight: 0~Infinity
  • Age: Unknown
  • Students: Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Reuz


  • Skull Shot: Ultraman Skull most powerful techniques. It's has a same power generated like Ultraman Ginga Cross Shot and Ultraman Taro Storium Ray.
  • Skull Hyper Blash: The unknown techniques. This is the last attack he use againts Ultraman Reuz in the movie, Ultraman One, Draco and Reuz Hyper Battle: Dance With The Dance Spark, although he is the fake one which is the villain illusions.
  • More to explore


  • Ultraman Skull has a scar shape from his head pass before to his right eye. 

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