"Don't keep that pain feeling in your heart, Shiro. It's just makes even worse for you"

―Seed to Shiro
Ultraman Seed
Ultraman Seed
Human Host: Shiro Shindo
Gender: Male
Age: 10,000 years
Height: 45 m
Weight: 50,000 t
Home world: Cosmic Era
Series: Ultraman Seed
Type: Hero
Fighter Type: Offence and Aerial fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Power and Speed
Family Unknown
Affiliation Ultraman Geed (Relatives/Predecessor), Ultraman Xead (Creator)
Created by DominatetheFreedom

Ultraman Seed (ウルトラマンシード Urutoraman Shīdo?) is an Ultra known as "Lord Monster Seeker".

Design Edit

Being a successor from Geed, he has the same body mark as him, the black colors are replaced it in a blue color.

History Edit

Ultraman Seed Edit

At some point of unknown time, Ultraman Seed is traveling to the earth to seeking the Lord Darkness Beast, a beast that contains the Seed power, was escaped from another universe, for some reason.

However, he was interrupted by the giant centaurian kaiju, EX Tyrant, sending him to the Venus planet. Thanks to his heat resistance body, Seed is able to battle the centaurian kaiju, however his mobility does affected him, making him slow to move, and can only jump at short distance. But after a while, he did manage to defeat EX Tyrant, while at the same time, Seed falls from exhaustion, but still not die.

Realizing he is not strong enough to descent to the earth, he decided to change himself as an transformation item, Seed Brace. It manage to descent to the earth, while at the same time, creating a meteorite-like things and it impacts to the Japan, located in Yakushima forest. It stays there, 'till the fates has come.

Profile Edit

Statistics: Edit

  • Height: 45 m
  • Weight:
    • Heavy Striker Mode : 55,000 t
    • Light Aerial Mode: 35,000 t
    • Freedom/Void: 50,000 t
  • Weakness: Unlike any other Ultras that has a 3 minutes ruling, Seed's color timer starts to blink when he is in the critical condition. However, when he is in the state of rampage, it restricts to 1 minute.

Body Features: Edit

All Forms Edit

  • Color Timer (カラータイマー Kara Taima?): Seed possess an "0" shaped Color Timer.
  • Ultra Armor: Seed has the normal Ultra Armor, being resistant to fire and lasers.
  • Seed Crystal: In his Freedom form, Seed has a purple glowed crest located in his forehead.
  • Protector: Seed has 2 large metallic pieces on his chest.

Transformation Edit

Coming Soon


Heavy Striker Mode
Ultraman Seed Heavy Striker Mode

Heavy Striker Mode (重いストライカーモード Omoī Sutoraikā Modo?) is Seed's offence-based form with the high punch and kick skills. This form debuts in episode 1.

In this form, Seed utilizes offence attacks, which increased his strength and decreased his mobility, making it, this form is only suitable in ground fight.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 8
  • Running Speed: Mach 2.4
  • Jumping Distance: 950 m
  • Striker Hammerfist (ストライカーハンマーフィスト Sutoraika Hanmāfisuto?): Seed's arm boxing-like weapon that can be used for melee combat.
    • Juggernaut Bomb (ジャッガーナウト爆弾 Jaggānauto Bakudan?): An attack which involves him launching his knuckle to his foes from his arms, strong enough to shredded out his armored opponents. This attack can be only used once per battle and per knuckle he had.
  • Igestelium Blaze Stream (イジェステリウム炎流 Ijesuteriumu Honōryū?): Seed's finishing beam, in Heavy Striker Mode.

Light Aerial Mode
Ultraman Seed Light Aerial Mode

Light Aerial Mode (軽いエーリアルモード Karuī Ēriaru Modo?) is Seed's acceleration-based form, with the high mach of flying and running speed.

In this form, Seed utilizes aerial attacks, which decreased his strength and increased mobility, making it, this form is suitable in any dogfight situations.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 13.5
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Distance: 1600 m
  • Aerial Dagger Blade (エーリアルダッガーブレード Ēriaru Daggā Burėdo?): Seed's energetic sword that can be used as a sword fight.
    • Swordbreaker Impact (ソードブレーカー衝撃 Sōdo Burēkā Shōgeki?):
  • Igestelium Thunder Bullet (イジェステリウム雷弾 Ijesuteriumu Raidan?): Seed's finishing beam, in Light Aerial Mode.
  • Aerial Sonar (エーリアルソナー Ēriaru Sonā?): Seed's eyes are able to see through to any camouflaged monsters.

Ultraman Seed

Freedom (フリーダム Furīdamu?) is Seed's true form, which is acquired from Shiro's will to protect his friends and humans in earth.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Running Speed: Mach 4
  • Jumping Distance: 1100 m
  • Freedocium Ray (フリーダシウム光線 Furīdashiumu Kōsen?): Seed's finishing beam
  • Freedocium Thunder Attack (フリーダシウム雷撃 Furīdashiumu Raigeki?): Seed's electrical ray. Strong enough to make any robot monster temporarily disabled or stunned for a minute if it's organic kaiju. It can also be used as an energy restore from the blackout to the whole city.
  • Freedocium Flame Ring (フリーダシウム火炎輪 Furīdashiumu Kaen Rin?): Seed's performs by creating a flame ring in his palm hand, as a slicing ability.
  • Freedocium Dodge (フリーダシウムドッジ Furīdashiumu Dojji?): Seed is able to counter his opponent's shot, at fast pace. The downside is, it decreases his power if using it too much.
  • Freedocium Thermal Sonar (フリーダシウムサーマルソナー Furīdacium Sāmaru Sonā?): An improved variant of Aerial Sonar, where Seed can now see his opponent while in the very dark place and whenever he sees the monster, it will heat up in the monster' body, even through the fog. Useful for any imposter monsters.

Ultraman Seed Void

Void (ボイド Boido?) is Seed's darkness form.

  • Flight Speed: Mach 10
  • Running Speed: Mach 5
  • Jumping Distance: 1500 m
  • Void Genocidium Ray (ボイドジェノサイディウム光線 Boido Jenosaidium Kōsen?): Seed's finishing beam. It is much dangerous and deadly beam compared with the Freedocium Ray.
  • Black Thunder of Void (黒雷の虚 Kuro Kamirani no Kyo?): Another version of Freedom's Freedocium Thunder Attack. However, it is much overkill as it can cause the opponent stunned for long time and unable to move or either walking. Estimated more powerful than Magata no Orochi's Magata no Thunderclap.
  • Red Flame Ring of Void (赤い炎輪の虚 Akai Homura Rin no Kyo?): Another version of Freedom's Freedocium Flame Ring. However, instead of slicing, it is actually distinguished everything into ashes.
  • Link of Domination (リンクの支配 Rinku no Shihai?): Seed is able to mind control to one of his opponents as if the opponent is possessed.


Majesty (マジェスティ Majesuti?) is Seed's unknown form, which is supposed to be a form inherited from light and darkness.


  • Voice Actor: Soichiro Hoshi.
  • Seed is the first ultra that does not use gimmicks, since Ultraman Zero.
  • Seed is the first ultra that able to change modes without having to performed the changing sequences, since Ultraman Zero.
  • Seed's Freedom form first design is to have him a bright blue color on his body, and the lack of his Seed Crystal.



  • If any of you want to use this Ultra for the sake of your oc Ultraman, you have to ask permission to me. Make sure to put my credits as well.
  • Grammar corrections is allowed in this page (Since my english is poor).

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