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Ultraman S is a Japanese television series, the first and second installments to the CB Ultra Series, running for a total of 25 episodes. It ran for two seasons of 12 and 13 episodes respectively. The show's catchphrase is "In times of corruption, who will save us?" The series is followed by Ultraman Eclipse.


A scout deployed by the Ultra Garrison, codename "S", is drawn to Earth through the guide of the Elemental Crystals. Meanwhile, a group of astronauts manage to escape a spaceship, leaving a human behind, into the path of an incoming ball of light. When the fates of these two beings interwine, how will the story play out?


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  • 1. Light (光 Hikari)
  • 2. Identity (個 Ko)
  • 3. Wish (願い Negai)
  • 4. Speed (速度 Sokudo)
  • 5. Impulse (勢 Zei)
  • 6. Control
  • 7. Peace
  • 8. Strength (強さ Tsuyo-sa)
  • 9. Guilt
  • 10. Flame (炎 Hono)
  • 11. Loss
  • 12. Darkness (闇 Yami)

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  • Pending.

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  • A Child's Wail

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  • Coincidentally, both songs (Aoi Tori, Bluebird) from both series bear the same title, just in different languages, as if a transition from the first season to the next.