Ultraman Rexuz is one of the members of Society X.  He is the evil ultra born from Ultraman Reuz's powers in the mini-series.


Rexuz was born from Ultraman Reuz. His first was found by Ultraman Xorion, alone on Space, he didn't remember anything due to his memories are all vanished. He was rank by Ten (VIII), when he realise the truth about the Society that been using him and Codrax as a puppet to obtain what their want, Rexuz and Codrax decide to leave and become the side of the good Ultra. Even thought that their died, both of them were happy to see their counterpart win and alive. 

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Rexuz Cross Shot : Another version of Reuz Cross Shot, with Rexuz point his ray to the head of the enemies. The minimum power of this shot is similar to Reuz Cross Shot
  • Rexuz Saber : Another version of Reuz Saber, with Rexuz point it to Blank Point of the enemies, Reuz also capable enough to demonstrate the ability.

Rexuz Twin Saber Edit

  • Spinning Slash : Rexuz aeriel battle when he spin his twin saber to exchange his attack with a spiral magnet.
  • Horizantal Slash : Rexuz can perform a horizantol formation attack in the middair.
  • Cross Swing Blade : On the ground, he charging up his saber and accelerate to perform a cross attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Rexuz and Codrax solo, leaving the society withouth even been noticing, they want to see their original self yet before their died.

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