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Ultraman Reuz and Ultraman Brother The Movie related to its creater Apexz

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  • The movie take place after Episode 9 and before Episode 10.
  • The movie will insert some of Ultraman Draco characters such as Young Takato and Koyomi, Takato sister.

Ultraman Reuz and The Ultra Brothers (ウルトラマンリえーZ & ウルトラ兄弟, Urutoraman Reuzu ando Urutora Kyōdai) is a Ultraman Reuz theatrical film adaptation, was released in Japan and Malaysia on March 1, 2014.


Keychain Doll Use

  • Ultras
  • Monster
    • Lidarias
  • Original Ultra
    • Ultraman Tiga
    • Ultraman Dyna
    • Ultraman Gaia
    • Ultraman Mebius


  • Alien Metal
  • Alien Luna
  • Alien Heat
  • Alien Eternal


  • DeathJoker


  • Haruto Shuuya: Shunya Shiraishi (Haruto Soma)
  • Koyomi Kagawa: Riho Takada (Hina Izumi)
  • Takato Kagawa (Young): Kirato Wakayama (Young Kosuke Nitoh)
  • Seiji Kagawa: Hiroshi Nagano (Daigo Madoka)
  • Yuuko Kagawa: Takami Yoshimoto (Rena Yanase)
  • Taiga Izumi: Takeshi Tsuruno (Shin Asuka)
  • Tetsuo Kawaguchi: Takeshi Yoshioka (Gamu Nakayama)
  • Kaito Hibino: Shunji Igarashi (Mirai Hibino)
  • DeathJoker voice: Mitsuru Fujio (Zu-Gooma-Gu)

Previously On Ultraman ReuzEdit

Hibiki appeared infront of the school, his eye glows red. 

"There's an evil, he use his partner as an excuses to him to take over Marina.." said Gramps Shogi

Haruto were suck in into a strange hole and enter in the past life of his childhood friend, Marina.

"This is, Marina memory" said Haruto

A man wearing white detective suit, and he wear fedora hat on his head, Haruto knows who is him.


"Haruto disappeared, i don't know where he is..."

"Ever since that, i know the past can kill your life, but you must overcome it, Marina" said Kaze

Marina memory began to crack, something coming out from the cracking.

"Why did you do this to Marina-chan...Hibiki!!" shout Haruto

Jean-Bot fighting with illusions of Monster, created by Ultraman Dark. He enter Marina memory to destroy Haruto.

Reuz seems been overpowered by Ultraman Dark, Ultraman kick Reuz on the face while perform a bicycle kick toward Reuz. 

"Naomi Honda is...."

Naomi Honda appeared pick up Marina Suzuki, or Haruto knew, her real name is, the past time of Marina.

"Marina...this is Marina childhood life before she ever meet me..."

Reuz took the final lap to battle Ultraman Dark. After a furious battle agains Ultraman Ace Dark, Reuz punch the ground, change his crystal of light into new colour, Brown. Finishing Ace Dark with...

"Reuz Land Crusher!" shout Haruto

The volcano rock hitting Ace Dark continuesly and explode. Leaving Hibiki down and the dark dummy spark was destroy. 

"Marina have restore to her original self back..."

"Taro-san...i fought with your two brothers..." said Haruto


All of leaving mysterious clue behind all of this adventure, starting when Hikaru found the Ginga Spark until now. 


On the Moon, four Ultra being battling a strong opponent, evenly match their fighting skills but seems they never loosing up Hope. One of them tried to fire his ray but it was block, the attack reversed back to him. His colour timer start flashing. Other of them were slightly having a tough battle, they keep on fighting even it will cost their life to protect the humans.

"We have to do like we always do..." said the Ultra with red, purple, silve stripes to his friends.

"Let's do it...!" said another one who has red, silver and blue stripes Ultra.

All four of them gathered on the edge of the moon, charging their power to maximum and fire their Ultra ray toward the monster. It is unknown wheater the beam really destroy it or not, it's explode in explosive flame much of it. 

"We did it...?"

"No.." said the monster

He retreat to Earth, the four of them follow him until they meet on the sea of Kobe. The monster laugh when he sees all the Ultra's colour timer start to flash red means their times almost done.

"Let's use the Sealed Mirage" 

"It's the only thing we got..."

"Even it will cost our transformation power..."

"It's for the love of the Humans"

They all charge again but this time, the combine power to form a diamond shape and hitting the monster from the upperside, until he was drop to the sea, the seal power continue for them to give all of their power to complete the seal mark and it's finish.

"This will keep you for eternity..." said Tiga

"As long as we here...we should take a job on this place..." said Mebius

"To make sure that he never escape..." said Gaia

"Yosh! Ikuze..." said Dyna

The scene black out when the title come out with light of galaxy theme, "Ultraman Reuz & The Ultra Brother" with the scene break when a plane suddenly come out.

Chapter 1Edit

"Please all paangers, put on your seat belts, the plane will depart at the Air-Port minutes from now"

"Thank You"

All of the pasangers do what the Captain said. A young man wearing pink shirt, blue jeans and black jackets seeing on the window.

"Such a beautiful world..." said Haruto

"The last two battle on an alternate universe really make me crazy..."

But something happen, the aeroplane surrounding by darkness corrupting everyone mind, they soon disappeared except Haruto. He left alone.


"What is this all about...!?"

"Haruto..." said a young girl voice

"Haruto..." said it again

"Who...calling me..."

"Haruto, only you who can save our world..."

"Why me...?" 

"Because you're the choosen saviour of the Light of Galaxy..."

"Tell me what's is happening here..." reply Haruto

"There's a four hell Kings that wanted to restore a typical monster...but our long live hero, Ultraman never suppose to be exist, they had been banned by Humans, or they never seen an Ultraman before..."

The plane shake meaning it going to crash, Haruto use a a new keychain doll he found on Ultraman One universe. "I hope this will help...". He attaches the doll to Reuz Spark.

"Ultra Live"

"Lidarias" light of twin little galaxy surrounding Haruto and it form a single galaxy when Haruto rise up both Reuz Spark and Lidarias Keychain Doll.

Lidarias flying from the plane when it explode in the sky. Lidaris soon diasppeared land on a building transform back to Haruto. 


"I manage to escape from the creepy Plane..."

Chapter 2Edit

In a Five Star Restaurant, a family was having a good dinner, one of them is a girl want to pick up the spoon but her accidently push the glass of mug before it reach to the carpet, a man suddenly hold it and pick it up at time. He wear a chef outfit and a chef hat. He put back the glass on the table.

"That's was close" said the man smile at the girl

"Thank You" the girl reply

Next, at school, a teacher was busy teaching his student's a lesson while sawing at the window is a young man whom he know the choosen saviour.

"He's really come..." said the man happily smile

At a guitar shop, a man selling all types of intruments for music, once more he look up at the sidewalk road, saw a young man who he know's to be the choosen saviour. 

"So, he's has come..." said the man

At last, Haruto enter the Oceanography Where they 

A New BeginingEdit

Haruto walk around  the side of the Oceanography Place while a car stop infront about kilometers from him, a young girl comes out and greet him.


"Er, Hai"

"You must be Haruto Shuuya right...?" ask the girl

"Yeah, how did you know me...?"

"It's possible that you the choosen one..."

"Come, i take you to Dolphine Place..."

"Dolphine...?" Haruto flashback remember Kamen Rider Beast change mantle to dolphine.

"Sure" Haruto smile at her.

He and the girl enter the car, drive to the Dolphine Place where their keep a harmless dolphine that was suppose to live in the ocean but due to the Marina population, this will keep their safe.

"Kobe, looks like it's similar to one of mine in my home world..." said Haruto

Chapter 3Edit

Haruto and the girl walk in to the Oceannography Office, they walk pass through Marine Life, where they are all kind of Marine creature. 

"This is a place that keeps all type of Marine, due to a population of their existence, we need to safe them somehow..."

"I see, but i rather heard of you before..."

"Kagawa, don't tell me you are the Kagawa the genius oceanographer that study Marina life and the expert who got to be the Daughter of a great Hero..." said Haruto

"Yes, my name is Koyomi Kagawa" reply Koyomi

"I am right..."

"The tempreture of the ocean has gone to far and higher, this could risk Marine life and caust them to extinct, i have the results that to keep them safe here..."

"But somehow, this little one scared of something..."

"They all scared..."

"Scared...?" ask Haruto

"Anyway, we should head over to the research buildings and exemined the data i collect for you..."

Haruto nodded, he follow Koyomi to the research buildings.

But instead, the both went to the Dolphine place that they had to go before, Koyomi brought Haruto to meet her young brother. She knows her objective to brought Haruto here is because she trusted Haruto to make her brother believe back in Ultraman's and PASM.

A man brought a young boy to meet Haruto, but the boy keep holding back somehow he doesn't want to meet Haruto.

"See, Takato-kun!"

"Takato-kun.." said Koyomi

But sadly, Takato run away from three of them. Haruto somehow look disbelieve, he can tell that Takato feels very lonely and sad hatred feelings.

"I'm sorry for that..." said the man

"It's getting lately, he got scared..."

"It's alright..." 

"This is Mr. Hotsuma from the Curator, he's been sort for keeping on eye on Takato.


"He's my little brother..."

Chapter 4Edit

Haruto didn't know what is happening but he tought that Takato didn't like him much. 

"I think Takato-kun didn't like me..." said Haruto

"No, Takato always wanted to meet you because watching the news about your awesome Magic skill..."

Suddenly, the pool splashing water everywhere because of the Dolphine jumping like their seeing unnatural being in the sea. 

"Not you guys too...?" said Hotsuma

He went down to the pool to check up the dolphines. "Let's head to the research lab..." ask Koyomi


Up in the sky, a Ultra Sign suddenly appeared, Haruto watch closely, he seems can understand what it's mean to be.

"Why i can understand their language...?" ask Haruto in his heart

"Because you are Ultraman..." said Reuz in the light between Corner

At the restaurant, the man also find out the Ultra Sign, said that "Someone is going to unlock the seal..."

At the guitar shop, the man understanding the Ultra Sign too. "There's no time left, we need the choosen saviour to protect the humans..."

At last at the school, the man read the Sign. "It's from Seiji-san..."

The Ultra Sign disappeared, Haruto still watching the sky. 

Koyomi watch the sky, but nonthing intresting or something happening. "What are you looking at...?"

"Oh, it's nonthing, i always doing this when i dreaming again..."

Something flying from the sky, a yellow spaceship flying. In there, four Aliens assemble for a meeting. 

"I guess it's about time for Phase 1..." said Alien Metal

"Yes, it's is time..." replied by Alien Luna

"I think the best man i think thats should be Alien Eternal...the strongest goes first..."


"I should go first...!"

"Alien Metal...!?"

"I want to defeat Ultraman Crystal by my the strongest...!"

"Anybody who didn't agree may rise your hands..."


Chapter 5Edit

Haruto and Koyomi enter Koyomi's Research Office, she had many pet such as fish and birds. Even tought, Birds are not Marine life, but theres a note say that it belong to her. Koyomi sit down while writting a piece of paper. 

"This is your office...?" said Haruto

"Yes, why?" replied Koyomi

"Urm, nonthing"

"Why Takato-kun looks scared and i can read his heart that he's scared of something..."

He saw small picture on the desk, a picture of Takato playing with Ultraman Toys on a Beach and one that he's holding is Ultraman Reuz doll, having red stripe on his head, diffrent marking beside Ginga and armor. 

"Takato know Ultraman Reuz...?" ask Haruto

"Yes, i forgot to mention you that Takato is a big fan of Ultraman..."

"Ultraman Reuz doll is the newest toy in this town, so i brought him a gift on his six birthday last year..."

"He really like the doll..."

A white fur dog suddenly come, it come close to Haruto while he rub his head even touch him. Koyomi noticed her dog appearance.

"Oh. Art"

"I forgot to gave your food again..." said Koyomi

Koyomi take a bucket of dog food and let her dog eat. Haruto smile at her.

"This is Takato-kun pet dog, Art..."

"I take care of him after Takato-kun leave his responsiblity on him..."

"Takato-kun didn't know that Art still alive ever since the monster attack him..."

"My family and i found him scared, trauma from whats happening...."

"No way..." said Haruto

"Thats why, you are the only hope that can gained Takato-kun trust on Ultraman and PASM again..."


"A new attack team that protected the city Kobe and Tokyo..."


Haruto hear a strange sound, until it suddenly shaking the ground. A new treat has a arrive as well as his first counter enemy in alternate universe.

Chapter 6Edit

They went outside, seeing a flying alien with grey and silver metal plate across the Factories station, he land down there. Everyone who work's on the Factories stations, noticed the Alien appearance, they run to save their live in matter of second.

Takato seeing the Alien, he's somehow remember the tragedy happen to his pet dog, Art, he lay down scared about his past.

In a split second, a red siren in a office. A group of young people and one of their leader who about 45 years old man asking whats the situation. One of the young man tells an Alien make havoc on the city, the captain odered them to destroy the Alien. 

"Roger!" said all of the member

At the time, Haruto arrive on the deck revealing Reuz Spark rise up, his front hand glows the Mark of Destiny, while Reuz Spark lock and opened, reveal Reuz Face the Twin Side open reveal Ultraman Reuz doll, Haruto grab and attaches to the Spark.

"Ultra Live"

"Ultraman Reuz" the spark glow the Mark Of Destiny it get bigger, Reuz rise by spinning in twin galaxies. (This is the first time Haruto transform withouth seeing him in a Transformation scene, he transform in real world)

Ultraman Reuz land down by kicking up circle of dirt. The Metal Alien soon turn back to see his target has arrive. 

"Ultraman Crystal!"

"You have arrive..." 

"I'm Alien Metal...your great and strong opponent!" said Alien Metal

"Yeah, yeah...Now, its Showtime!" said Haruto

Reuz run toward Alien Metal and he block Alien Metal chop using both of his hand, he again block from downside next he block again the chop. Reuz kick Alien Metal on the chest, sending him fly away to the Factories station. 

"Tough Guy..." said Metal

Alien Metal summon his eternal Slicer which is long, electro shock whip, Reuz wasn't know what the attack is he just standding there watching while Alien Metal attack him using his whip hitting Reuz shoulder, he feel pain. 

Another attack comes, Reuz dodge it clearly and again dodge role to the left again. After that, when Alien Metal use his whip to transform into Whip cross Shift, make it longer Reuz jump backfleep and kick Alien Metal from his back neck. 

"What the...!?"

Reuz punch Alien Metal double times like a boxer champions while the scene capture by the three remaining Alien who watch him fighting Alien Metal. 

Again Alien Metal summon his Whip this time is double the Whip about to hit Reuz, he manage to fly to the city escape from the battle. Alien Metal soon set his wing and fly following Reuz to Tokyo.

Chapter 7Edit

Both of them firing their small slash beam, no one got hitted by their slash, they fly to the ocean, Alien Metal use his Shift and transform it into longer one and caught Reuz, bidding him on the stomach throwing him to the ocean. A great splash comes up.


"He really are strong..." said Alien Heat

But Reuz comeout of nowhere hit Alien Metal using a Trump Card ability, Joker Punch. Throwing him back to the sky. Alien Metal about to end this battle, he will destroy the crystal ultra no matter what.

"Let's end this...!!!" said Metal

He summon a energy bullets forming a big amount of cloud with thunderbolts. Reuz stop flying while cross his right arm follow by his left arm to V shape and spin, his crystal of light shines blue. "Too late" said Alien Metal shot hundreds of Thunderbolt toward Reuz.

Reuz sees has got hitten by hundreds of lightning bolts, Alien Metal asure Reuz has died and loss. But what he sees is truly wrong as a magic galaxy barrier protect him from whole area, his movement still on spining.

"Reuz Cross Shot" said Haruto making a L style ray.

Reuz fire his Cross Shot, hitting Alien Metal and destroy him on the ocean, he fall down and explode in the sea. In a tv scene in their spaceship, the three remain Aware of Reuz abilities, they must find a way to defeat him.

"That metal just talk too much..."

"But thanks to him, we got all the data we need to study about Ultraman Reuz abilities..."

"Reuz his name...?" ask Luna

"Yes.." said Heat

"Shall we head to the second plan...?" ask Eternal

"We may..."

Haruto appeared back on the place where Kobe Tower is, he saw a neclace of someone owner, he look on the picture of Takato and Koyomi. "This is Takato neclace...i should return it..." said Haruto

Takato sitting down afraid beside the pole, he walk to talk to Takato to return his neclace but Takato appeared gave him a sad look, he run away. "Wait.." said Haruto

"Won't you have a chat with me...?"

"I could by you some Ultraman toys..?"

Takato just run without seeing Haruto at all. "Haa...Kids nowdays surely don't want to talk..."

Chapter 8Edit

An man come to meet Haruto. "Kids are like that if they don't have trust yet..." said the man

"Haa..are you..."

"You must be Haruto Shuuya, the boy who just defeated the Alien before right..?" 

"You know my identity...?"

"Of  course, im Ultraman too...I'm Ultraman Tiga, on earth i was known as Seiji Kagawa"

"Ultraman Tiga...?" 

Haruto remember he had a Keychain Doll he left on Marina's handbeg to keep it save, that is suppose to be Alternate Tiga. (Mr. Seiji is the real Ultraman Tiga i guess...") said Haruto in his heart

"Come, let's meet the other Heisei hero to have a chat about you, we want to know about your skill.." invited Seiji

Seiji brought Haruto to a Five Star Restaurant where one of his friend who also a host of Ultraman. "Are you guys..." before Haruto could ever continue the other already spoke.

"Oh, young's been awile..." said the man name Taiga Izumi

"This is Mr. Taiga Izumi, he's the best guitarist ever that what's he been doing i mean what we been doing after loose all of our power.

"I'm Tetsuo Kawaguchi, a teacher of High School..." said Tetsuo

"He and i was known as Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Gaia..." 

"I'm Kaito Hibino...known as Ultraman Mebius" said Kaito

"Haruto...Haruto Shuuya"

"We heard you been saving life of people...and we also heard that this is your third time on alternate dimention..."

"Yes, it's quite a journey..."

"Reuz, you still young to understand what the meening of traveling through another's hard"

"I know..."

"In this universe, there's only one Ultraman that can travel through Time..and thats Ultraman Ginga"


"You he's succerssor right...after two years battle against Dark Lugeil...he must have sent his own Succerssor to destroy earth right now..."

Suddenly, a voice come from the ocean behind the Restaurant which is located beside the Sea under the bridge.


" think i can't escape...i will find a way to released my self..."


"He's been sleeping for over 20 years now...he's has revive..."

"The four main Alien that one of them you defeated before have tried to released DeathJoker so that he can take a little piece of earth than explode..."

"This might cause a population of Human..unless..."

"Unless what...?" ask Haruto

"Unless we had the power of the Mebius he can only transform into Infinity if the Ultra Brothers are all here..."

"Don't worry..i will protect everybody in this world...i'm the Final Hope..." said Haruto

"I know we can count on him..."

"Haruto...don't let your guard down" said Taiga

"Yeah" replied Haruto

Chapter 9Edit

Haruto went back to the Dolphine Place again, his luck turns good when Takato was there starring at the dolphines, he walk close to Takato. Takato notice Haruto appearance, he start to run away. "Can we have a chat...?" ask Haruto

"How about...five minute...?" said Haruto again

"Five...minute..?" ask Takato

"Yes...about Ultraman's..." Takato smile

"I want you to know why Ultraman didn't come or even PASM when the monster attack you two years ago..."


"At your age, Ultraman never live yet in this world..i figure it out because there's never been a protecter before, the Ultraman you had is a toy that transfer from another country..."

"So, who was the Ultra with the crystal on his head that fight the evil alien before...?"

"He's name is Reuz..." reply Haruto


"It's mean Destiny...Takato, if you ever never give up, i promise something that Reuz will come to give you hope..i will become your last hope" 

"What if he never come...?" 

"He will...Takato may i ask you something...Which ultra is the strongest?" ask Haruto

"Erm, maybe Ultraman Tiga..." 

"Wrong, sorry..." Haruto smile

"Then who...who is the strongest...?"

"Light within Ultra...Ultraman that combine their strength and power to become Ultimate..."


"Sorry..but there's some monster that Ultraman can beat alone...they need support and light from the humans...even You..." 

"Enemy so tough that make them scared to fight sometime..."

"But then again Ultraman will always win the fight with the help of his friends, humans friend and the light..."

"Maybe this is why they can win the fight even they had to put such painful and hard fight..." 

"The most important thing is...never loosing hope and never give up..." said Haruto

"Never loosing hope...?" ask Takato

"I just borrowed my predecessor words...maybe that just stuck on my head"

"If you do like Ultraman, you want to fight beside him and bond a friendship with him...and i know that your hope will make it come true..."

"I can't believe it...."

"If next time Ultraman Reuz appeared and beat the evil aliens again..he will do a peace sign at you..." Haruto show the peace sign at Takato


"I ask him to do that...when you never loose hope and keep on fighting..."

"Really...?" ask Takato smiling

"I promise..." said Haruto, hold his hand to deal with Takato that he will kept his promise. Takato slowly movie his hand to shake hand with Haruto.

Both of them sitting together, watching the dolphines and everything that Haruto need to tell. 

Chapter 10Edit

Haruto enter Koyomi office, his time was late again. "Sorry i'm late..." said Haruto. But no one is here in the office, only a picture of Takato playing with all the Ultraman doll. He look at the picture.

"I have to bring his smile back..." said Haruto

From behind there is someone walking, the sense fast enough brought to Haruto nerve, he turn back and seeing Koyomi who brought a cup of coffee for him.

"Ah, Koyomi-san...sorry about that..."

"Good Work..i just went of get some coffee for you..."

"Thank you very much..." Haruto take the coffee and smell the aura.

Something hit his nerve when a something talk to him.

"It's very kind of you" he said to Koyomi

(Don't drink it Haruto, i know that's not your real friend)

Haruto drink the coffee, tasty and good, while Koyomi just watch him smile at him. Haruto eye suddenly open wide, the cup suddenly fall down break a part as it is glass cup, the coffee spill on the floor, Haruto feel pain on his stomach like he's been poison.

"Hahahaha..." Koyomi laugh

"How were told not to let guard down..." said somebody else voice inside Koyomi

"Didn't your predecessor tell you to be careful...?"


Koyomi eye suddenly turn red, she put both of her palms infront of her face and spinning revealing a black and yellow alien. 

"I'm Alien Luna..."

"Kisama..!" said Haruto

"What happen to Koyomi-san...?" ask Haruto

"Do you really want to know where she is...?" said Alien Luna

"Give her back...!" Haruto about to punch Alien Luna but the poison has cause him pain to all over his body, he fall down.

"With the poison i gave you, your body paralyzed you shouldn't be able to move around...that's what you called Last Hope...?"

"But no worried...I will cast a terror and destroy the humans in this world...after all i'm the final hope...Muahahahaha!"

"Including your little friend Takato Kagawa...he will fall down into deep despair when he sees Reuz didn't really make his hope come true..."


"Let's the game begin!" Alien Luna disappared flying from the Oceanography to the city. A yellow light suddenly come and land on Tokyo city. It was reval Ultraman Reuz but diffrent marking on his body.

"Look, it's the new Ultraman, Ultraman...Reuz's!!" said the young man

"He looks sharp and hensem as always..." said his friend

"But where's the monster...?"

"Yeah...i bet you he want to fight"

"What..get real...why would he fight me...?"

"You kow what..your are Baltan Seijin...CrabFishSlicer"

Takato come to sees Ultraman Reuz standing in the middle of the city. "Maybe Reuz is here because of the promise he make for me..."

Haruto can't run or even walk properly, his body has come to limit when paralyzing, he run and stand behind the thin tree. "Run..that's not...Ultraman Reuz!!" he fall down again

"That's Alien Luna...!"

Chapter 11Edit

Depth Of DespairEdit

Takato went closer to see Reuz, obliviously he didn't know that was the fake one. Fake Reuz sees Takato his black stripe between his eye (Similar to Fake Mebius) watching him, Reuz fire a hand slash destroy the construction buildings. It was destroy Takato and the other humans run away seeing what Reuz has done.

"Heh.." shouted Takato

Everyone run away, they had been terrified by Reuz completely. In PASM office, they saw everyting on the screen. "I know he's not good...he destroy things!!" said one of the member

"Captain, we should move..."

"Look closely on his eye, it's obviously a Fake..."


Reuz waling freely destroy everything he saw, he stab down on a small house, it destroy it too. Reuz summon purple hand slash again, hitting all the tall buildings.

The two young mans before run away screaming like a girl. "See, he's after you..!"

"Why...what is happening!!?" 

"Go fight him!"

"No, it's not going to happen!"

Reuz walk again on the city, when he stabb on something explode, he didn't mind at all. Haruto see Alien Luna has a lot copying his power and ability. 

"Stop it, Reuz!"

"Why are you destroying this city...?" Takato about to cry. The monster image soon remembered by Takato, how it destory and kill his pet dog art similar to Fake Reuz destroy the city. He knee down crying."


On a a railway, a electric train move at normal speed as usuall, the train conductor was having a conversation with the Chief Of Kobe with his assistant. 

"The Opening Song for Take Me Higher was played from the Chief handphone" the sound was heard by his assistant and ask to pick it up.


"Yes..yes..i'm on my way"

"What's that..?"

"One meat, two extra large cheese, one beef and two chickens...?" 

"B,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,,b,b,b,b....bosss!!!!" his assistant shouted like she saw something horrible.


"Stop the train..!"

"I tried but we just don't make it..."

"Looks like i have to..." said Haruto

He rise up the spark, the twin side open along with the face reveal, the Reuz Doll automaticly attaches to the Spark, rising rainbow colour spalsh.

The Fake Reuz about to stab on the rail tracks, it even can blow the train, the happy smile from the face of the black, red and silver ultra but soon was kick from the left face, he fall down, while the original knee down saving the day.

Reuz stand up, revealing his true personality against fake Reuz. "Impossible, there's two Reuz...?" ask the Chief

Reuz took fighting stance while been followed by Fake Reuz doing the same but he rise up higher on his right arm. "Heh" grunts Reuz

Fake Reuz use his two fingers calling Reuz to start the battle, Reuz don't have any choice while Haruto anger taking control, he punch fake Reuz but he reflect it, when Reuz perform an side kick Fake one reflect it while kicking the right side of Reuz.

"It's impossible to battlel like this...i need strategy...."

"Herm, you don't need one...i kill you!" said Alien Luna

Both of them kick and punch each other, fighting like a Hundred Years in Monster Graveyard. Four of the legendary Ultra host come to see the battle, but their for sure Reuz will lost most of his time if he's battle like that. "Haruto! You need to relax..."

"At this rate, he will loose his time..."

"And Energy..." said Tetsuo

Reuz punch on Fake Reuz stomach, while the fake one hitting his chest, both of them jump and start to punch each other at the same time. Only Fake one who fall down, Reuz land down backward he perform a handstand reverse at acceleration move and sit on Fake Reuz, he punch and punch on the face, the movement of Fake Reuz face reveal Alien Luna true identitiy.

Fake Reuz kick back on Reuz back, while he was standing up, Reuz fire his Arrow Hand Slash hitting the Fake colour timer, he's roar in thunder and reveal the Alien Luna.

"Huh..." Takato soon believe the purpose of the battle.

"Yosh!" said Tetsuo

"That's more i like it!" shout Taiga

"But he has reach the bottom of his limit, even Haruto finally control his anger away..." said Seiji

Reuz again battle Alien Luna, both of them started a swing kick in slowmotion view, next their perform a uppercut punch, and again Alien Luna kick Reuz on the face. 

At the end, Reuz manage to hit back Luna with a side kick, both of them fall down exausted. Reuz colour timer flashing red like Seiji predict it would happen. Alien Luna charge his dark power into a pure light energy to finish off Reuz, but Reuz also charge his Cross Shot.

"Wasabi!" Alien Luna fire his ray.

"Reuz Cross Shot!" said Haruto. Reuz fire his cross shot at the same time hitting Alien Luna beam, Reuz power up his cross shot and finaly destroy Alien Luna. 


"He win..."

"Reuz -san! Urutoraman Reuz..." shout Takato

Reuz turn back to see Takato, when he about to show the peace sign to Takato, a fireball hit his back, hurtin him. "Heh..." Takato shock

An unknown treat appeared, the one who shoot the fireball. "Masaka....who are you?" ask Haruto

"I'm Alien seems you don't know what our real invasion is all about...." 

"It doesn't matter, i still gonna beat you..." Reuz run toward Alien Heat but soon he disappeared, a giant fireball up in the sky, while Alien Heat appeared behind Reuz. 

Chapter 12Edit

Reuz ready his fist to punch, but a chain from the fireball grab his fist. Reuz was burn with fire, while another chain grab his stomach burning him. "Arghhhh!!!" grunt Reuz

"Oh, the third Alien..." said Tetsuo

"We must help Reuz!" said Taiga

"But we lost our suppose we will help him...."

"Don't you forget, our jet still here...Guts Wing, Guts Alpha, XIG Fighters EX and Gun Winger..." said Kaito

"He's got point..."

Reuz colour timer began to flash rapidly, and its like to stop in any second. Reuz was lift to the air, as soon his colour timer began to black out, his eye black out and he has no energy left. "No!!!" shout Seiji

A Guts Wing soon fire laser beam toward Alien Heat, he was shock and got hitted to many times. "How dare Ultra Brothers...interupting us...."

Guts Alpha and XIG fighters EX shot more laser beam, toward Alien Heat, he disapperaed in the flame but reappeared back destroy Guts Alpha and XIG fighter EX. "We falling down...!" said both Tetsuo and Taiga.

Guns Winger appeared already in Meteor Form, Kaito shot tens missels at the same time three golden laser beam toward Alien Heat, he reflect it the beam but the missels hit him. 

Alien Heat blow everything to blaze, including both Guts Wing and Winger destroy but Seiji and Kaito safe landded. They meet Tetsuo and Taiga safely. 

"Reuz, we're sorry...we can't save you..." 

The city was destroy by Alien Heat, all the people are safe evacute by the police, PASM arrive helping too. Takato run back to the Oceanography place, he didn't find his pet dog Art, Takato run out again and see dark cloud already passing, the meta field already close the city from magnetic objec or laser beams.

"Where's sis...?" 

Alien Eternal come in flashing darkness from their ship, both of them began to destroy the city again. "This day, we strand victory over Ultramans, now that Reuz is dead. Reuz was hangging up in the chain of fire in the sky, seem lifeless. 

Chapter 13Edit

In a dark of blue dark colour passes, it can be comfirm that Haruto is in the Realm Of Darkness inside Reuz, which it exist due to his darkness inside his heart. In a lonely place, he sat down on a rock, thinking what he has been through all this time, time travel, saving other universe, he just couldn't do it alone.

"It's no use...i've lost...."

"C'mon Haruto...i tought you were stronger than that...." said a voice from nowhere.

"Who are you....?"

A dark portal open, revealing a man with black coat covers his face. His hand hold a item like a lancer, but Haruto didn't see it. 

"I'm someone from the dark, you know i got a feeling we will see each other again in the next life..."

"Next life...?"

"In the second season...." he disappeared again in the darkness portal.

"I just can't give up now..." said Haruto

Takato and his mother come to see Seiji and his friends. Takato's mother is the only one believing the Ultra's has hope. "Yuuko, why are you here...?"

"I believe in Ultramans, they can do it..."

"But in this rate, i can't and no longer Ultramans, same like my friends..."

"Haruto, the boy would never give see, he like Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, Gaia and Mebius who never give, at the end he stands victorious..."

"That's right, as long we not loosing hope, we stand to fight..."

"You want to use it again...?" ask Kaito

"Let's go..."

"Well, if it isn't the Ultra Kyodai....lovely meeting here, but this will be your grave..."

A big buildings suddenly explode, it's up in the air and about to crush Takato and his Mother, Yuuko. Kaito, Tetsuo and Taiga nooded and run. While Seiji stand his leg again, he's right arm, a light form something that he need to become Tiga again. 

A Spark Lens, holding by Seiji right arms. His memory yet appeared, he remember the day he save the world as Tiga. "Seiji-san...!" shout Yuuko

Chapter 14Edit

Seiji rise up the spark lens. "Tiga!!!!!" he shout. The lens open a flashing light evelope Seiji body and legendary Ultraman Tiga rise in his new rise scene. Just as the building about to crush Yuuko and Takato, a light just lift it, defending it from falling. Yuuko knows the light, she open her eye and see Seiji once again as Ultraman Tiga. Tiga nooded. 

"Father is Ultraman...? Awesome!" said Takato

Tiga lift the building throw back to Alien Heat. "So, you transforming again....?" ask Eternal

"Let's end this..." Tiga took his usuall fighting stance. Alien Heat and Eternal stand by side and run toward Tiga. Tiga also move, dealing with two opponent is acctually nonthing by him, he has experience it. Tiga block Heat punch, while kicking his stomach, while grabbing Eternal, he use his elbow to strike Eternal chest.

Heat firring tons of fire, Tiga perform his shield while perform a hand slash back. "Enough!" shout Eternal

"This should end this way...." Alien Eternal duplicate himself into three, four of them including Heat beat Tiga, Tiga couldn't hold of longer, but he need his comrade right now.

Taiga, Tetsuo and Kaito appeared, three of them have confident they can win, but in their age now, they had to try. "To save the choosen one..."

"Light of Galaxy...."

"Samurai Boy, wait for us..."

Tetsuo summon his Esplander from the light, Kaito summon Mebius Brace on his right arm while Taiga summon his Reflasher. Three of them in their ussuall position to transform. 

"Dyna!" Taiga

"Gaia!" Tetsuo

"Mebius!" Kaito

Dyna rise in his new rise scene, same like Gaia and Mebius. Three of the Ultra strike down Alien Eternal and Heat saving their friend.

"Seiji, are you okay...?" ask Taiga


"We here for Ultraman's once again..." said Kaito

"Even four of you fight us, there's still no hope..."

"There's is hope..." Tiga stand again.

Insert Song, Fateful Encounter BattleEdit

Tiga and Dyna battle Alien Heat while Gaia and Mebius battle Alien Eternal. Tiga got punch on his hips, Dyna was kick on his stomach, but they both keep fighting. 

While Gaia and Mebius had a tough time battle, they seem easily overpowered due to because they getting old, they strength isn't as always as they were young. Gaia fall down backward, when he stand up back, Alien Eternal shot a purple fireball hitting him like a bubble, his colour timer began to flash. Same as Mebius.

Tiga and Dyna was beaten badly, both of their timers gone red. "Mother, will father will be okay...?" ask Takato

"He will, he is Ultraman of the Ultra heroes in Tiga Pyramid..."

Chapter 15Edit

Alien Heat summon his chain and grabbing Tiga and Dyna, sucking their energy. While Gaia and Mebius easy overpowered by Alien Eternal. Haruto inside Reuz saw the fight, he can't do anything beyond staying in the dark. 

"I promise Takato...that Reuz will do the peace sign...and i will...i'm his last hope!" 

Takato believe in Ultramans, in slowmotion seeing Tiga, his father fight until victory. "Shuh!" Tiga grunts.

Dyna fighting, he will never give up thats how aa guitarist play. "Shuwah!" Dyna grunts. 

Gaia, forcing himself to dodge all the attack. "Hiarhh!" Gaia grunts.

Mebius tried his best, even he had to sacrifise his life. "Hiahh!" Mebius grunts

"Gambate! Ultraman!" shouted Takato

Tiga and Dyna released themself from the chain the started they counter attack and combo, Gaia and Mebius do the same. Tiga kick Heat while Dyna jump and perform a strike kick. 

Ultraman Gaia jump follow by Mebius both of them flying kick strike Alien Eternal on the head. "It's finish!"

Tiga charge up his light energy and fire his powerful Zepellion Ray, Dyna charge up his light energy and fire his Solgent Ray, Gaia fire his Quantum Stream and Mebius charge, fire his Mebium Shot. 

Both of them ray hit Alien Heat, he fall down. While another two ray, hit Alien Eternal, he fall down. Four of the Ultras fly to the sky, the trust their light to revive Reuz but something hit them from the back. A purple ray all of them fall down. 

"What...?" Seiji

"Hem, you think we will beaten that easily..., you wrong!" 

In the Dark, Haruto finds a light that open a new route for him, he walk to the light. Reuz colour timer began to flash light, like galaxy spinning, his colour timer still blink red he was revive back, he destroy the chain and fall down. 

"Reuz..." said Seiji


Insert Song, The Next (Best song ever!)Edit

Reuz fall down perform a punch attacking Alien Heat, he roll down while kick Alien Eternal while he summon his saber. 

"Reuz Saber!" shout Haruto

Reuz was about to slash Eternal but he jump to the back, he knee down infront of Eternal. Both of them charge down a powerful ball attack. "Nani..." said Haruto

"You should never been exist in this world..." said Eternal

"We will sent you to hell..." said Heat

"What is this world anyway....?"

"This is....Ultraman Draco future world before he enter here, we should destroy this city first..."


"Now die!" The fire their fireball, a purple ball hitting Reuz. "Hiarghh..." Reuz grunts. His body become plastic rainbow aura, he fainted and disappeared. 

"No! Reuz..." shouted Taiga

Chapter 16Edit

Haruto fainted, he lie couching on the floor similar to Reuz before he disappeared. Haruto cloths are dirty with dirt and also his face, but he couldn stand up. He lost all of his strength. Both of the Aliens start to rampage again, the Ultra brothers been chain on the fireball again like Reuz before. 

"This use!" said Haruto

"I couldn't protect this world...."

People run away to the save direction, PASM member still on duty even so they don't need Ultraman's as long as their here. "Is that all the civilian here...?"

"My calculation said, yes..."

"Let's move on...!" 

Takato also walk with her Mother, while all the fire from the attack, giving the people shock, Takato meet Mr. Hotsuma and his friend, both of them warn Takato not to leave his mother and he should go to the save place.

"Let's go Takato!" 

"I need to find Haruto and Art!"

All of them fall down, due to the firing from the Aliens. "Believe in Takato..." said his Mother, Yuuko

Takato run to the Oceanografy place again, he must find Haruto and Art. But Alien Heat come but he didn't see Takato. Haruto suddenly come in the middle of Koyomi office, but the wall behind him broke appart and hit him, he fall down, the wall overlayed him.

"This is isn't helping..." Haruto mind in pitch black. He saw Art with his neck tied up with a rope that tied on the pole.

Haruto suddenly saw Takato running toward Art who want to released him, to save Art, he would not want the same tragedy happen to Art. But Takato small hand can't open the tightly rope, it's impossible for him.

"Go...Takato! Run!" shout Haruto. But Takato didn't hear from distance far from Haruto.

"Hiarrrrrghhh!" He use all of his strength to lift up the wall, he run toward Takato he hep him tight up the rope. "Haruto-san..." Takato shock. Haruto finish tight up the rope, he gave Takato the rope. 

"Why are you here, Takato-kun...?" ask Haruto

"The Ultra Brothers never give up, they still fighting even they have no energy i won't run away this time..."

"You tought me to be brave and never loose hope..."

Haruto smile. "Yeah, i did..." 

"Takato, brought Art away from here..."

"What are you gonna do...?"

"I gonna beat that Aliens once and for all..."

He run to the office, about 3 seconds, a light of galaxy shine beautiful flying hitting Alien Heat sending him a very far distance, to the city. he fall down.

Reuz land down in cirle of dirt like he usuall does. " should have no power left..."

"I know now...i'm the last hope!"

Reuz took fighting stance. He run toward both of the Aliens, he first perform a deadly punch, next he kick Heat with brutally. Reuz dodge roll, while grabbing Heat, he then use suplex, Alien Eternal about to disappeared, but Reuz earlier cross his arm and fire a light that hit him, he cannot move. 

Heat manage to butterfly kick Reuz, but he counter it back with a side kick, his fight was seen by Takato, he impressed and know Reuz will come again. 

Memories of the Ultra Brothers, they remember when their young, they save the world as Ultramans.

Reuz spin his arms, his crystal of light shine brighter blue and perform an L style..."Reuz Cross Shot" said Haruto

He fire his cross shot on Alien Heat and destroy him completly, Reuz colour timer have blink red he sense Eternal about to punch him, he turn back his head and jump. When Alien Eternal turn his head back, Reuz fly down showing his fist with burning purple aura, "Trump Card!" said Reuz

His fist punch Eternal head, he fall down smashing the road. Reuz slide down his palm to his right crystal of light, he spin it similar movement as Ultraman Nexus when he want to active the meta field, Reuz shot a light to the sky where Ultra Brothers was chain, the light scattered break the chain, and freed Tiga, Dyna, Gaia and Mebius.

All of them reunited on the Air-Port, only the good place not let the humans in danger.

Chapter 17Edit

Reuz fly down meet his predecessor, two of them exausted. "Are you guys okay...?" ask Haruto

"Thanks to you, Reuz..." said Dyna

"Your bravery have save us..." reply Mebius


A red thunderbolt suddenly struck down, all of them stand up and turn their back. Alien Eternal absorb all of the energy, his body was covered by plastic red aura.

"What are you...?"

"Don't you reconize, i am...DeathJoker!" said Eternal

A sworn of lightnings crush him, transforming into something big and terrible beast. All of them watch the scene, DeathJoker rise with twin gaint claws, a big crab looking but up DeathJoker hand has four, Alien Metal Shift, Alien Luna illusion hand to stretch, Heat that summon fireball and Eternal head itself. 

"Woah, that DeathJoker sure is Ugly..." said Haruto

"Don't let our guard down..." 

"Let's go!"

All of them fly, reverse their attack, tried to attack DeathJoker on the chest which it is his weakness. But their loose lot's of their energy, they couldn't attack much, they fall down. 

"It's no use..."

But seeing Reuz still attack DeathJoker like he has lot's of energy left, he multiple time firing his hand slash, but keep dodging their attack. 

DeathJoker really mad, he summon Metal and Heat head blast Reuz with supernova power, he fall down greatly infront of DeathJoker.

He rise up and fly to the sky, he cross his arm into V shape, and spin his arms to fire his Cross Shot, but his movement stop when Koyomi appeared as a host on DeathJoker head crystal, Reuz light disappeared from his hands. Death Joker shot fireball at Reuz, he fall down again. 

He stand up back, but DeathJoker giant claw about to stab him, he quickly grab the giang claw with his little hand, he tried to push hard. But Reuz suddenly knee down, meaning his not gonna make it.

The four of the Ultra Brothers appeared landing down behind Reuz, all of them cross their hand and touch each other hands of light, Tiga and Dyna rise both of their hand. "Haruto, we trusted our light's to you.."

"In odered of that, you must win" said Mebius

"Go" said Gaia

They sent their fusion light to Reuz, his body absorb the light. Reuz slowly stand up back, "Showah!" said Reuz

Chapter 18Edit

DeathJoker fire a giant blast of blazing fire it greatly passes Reuz, but in its fire, Reuz disappeared into light particles. The sea was the last stop for the blazing fire. 

Takato look up in the sky, a beautiful Galaxy was form, a light shade and spining around to form something new. A new being with hyper power and will never loose Hope.

The light forming Ultraman Reuz with a new forms and upgrade of his version. Takato was impressed. "Reuz...has change into new Ultra!" 

Reuz cross his right hand to his left crystal of light, it began to light rainbow. A silver lines running along his body become dark in color, and is somewhat roughe similar to Mebius Infinity. But his crystal of light remain normal blue with a black line from his cheek making him like a new born.

"You all will suffer!" said Deathjoker

He lauch all of his cannons from his body, the weapon Metal Shift, Fireballs, Illusions Strike and Eternal Punch all launch with a powerful dark missles.

Reuz start flying up, and down, up again dodging all the attacks and fire. He miss one but it only slow him down, he fly at super speed even faster than his ussuall flight, he rise up his hand and charge his hand slash.

He fire everywhere, and at last, he want to reach Koyomi while open his palm, and fly toward DeathJoker. When Koyomi open her eye, seeing Reuz about to save her from the crystal, she open wide her eye couldn't lie and believe what is going to happen. Reuz Infinity strike DeathJoker when he fly into him, a sound of blood and half of its inner meat has been destroy, Reuz suddenly come out from DeathJoker back bone.

Reuz fly to the sky to a save place after save Koyomi in a Blue sphear. While DeathJoker become rotten and break appeart into pieces, all the four main hell Aliens was disappeared into dark particles. "No!!!!!!" said all of them

He landded on where Takato was, Takato run with his pet dog, Art, Reuz knee down sent Koyomi to the ground near Takato. "Big sis...?"

"Big sis...wake up" Takato waking up his sister.

Koyomi wake up, when she open her eye, she saw her little brother, Takato with his pet dog, Art. "Haa..Takato-chan, you okay" Koyomi smile

"Ultraman Reuz help you...he save you from the evil monster"


Both of them look up above, Reuz standing up, he began to light away, his body change into light particles, it completly unfuse with all the Ultra Brothers.

"Wooo..." Takato Smiling

Reuz perform a peace sign toward Takato. "Woah.." said Takato while smiling.

All of the invasion is over, the barrier was destroy, Tokyo is save. 

Chapter 19Edit

Haruto depart at the air port, he want to ride home. Takato and Koyomi appeared, they want to save goodbye to Haruto. Koyomi also thanking Haruto for helping Takato believe in Ultraman's again. "Thank You Haruto-san..." said Koyomi

"It's my plessure to help.." reply Haruto

"I just want to know something...why Ultraman still living and protect the people...?" 

"Who knows, i might find the answer for you question in the future...maybe Ultramans love that why they want to protect them.."


"Haruto-san!" Takato called

Haruto turn back, Takato make a peace sign at. 

Koyomi, Yuuki and Takato wave their hand for goodbye, at Haruto. The flight will take off on five second, the Ultra Brothers appeared, to wave their hands on goodbye to Haruto.

"Thankz You!, Haruto!" said Taiga

"Thank You.." said Tetsuo

"Thank You...sayonara" said Seiji

"Sayonara..." said Kaito

Haruto write something on his journal, something that he won't forget when he's memories will disappeared including Reuz memories when Darker Being take it. Something he found out when he inside DeathJoker. 

"Ultraman Reuz Infinity...." said Haruto

The End

Ending Song, Life is Showtime.