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Title : The Choosen One Who Weild The LightEdit

Characters :

The rock titan :Gorzelium

The Light  : Ultraman Reuz


The galaxy is a wide on openspace, where stars everywere rain down light on the Earth. The moon shined bright in the night sky. Everyone was happy, feeling safe without the thought of alien invasion, a monster attack or destruction distracting from their lives and work. Kobe was a wonderful city in Japan where people lived in harmony and beyond the fear of, but the crisis occured five years ago that is still remembered by the people as it first happened, destruction caused by the clash of two giants, one a being humanoid being of Light and other a monstrous beast aligned with the dark. In the end  the giant of light won and destroyed the monster saving Kobe before disappearing. Even now the giant was still unidentified by the scientience.

The giant of light had something of a folkhero in kobe, there he had many fans among the children wjp now thought of it as a superhero. The children took to wearing his pattern of silver and red with a crystal, each hoping to one day see him again.

There was darkness is space but also on Earth. It was a strong energy born of tragedy and sin, it was bred in acts and feelings of revenge and war. Sometime's Earth would be polluted by smoke, air pollution, water pollution, this power was due to the dark side inside humans, especially those that didn't care about the Earth's natural habitat. It was something that was being destroyed to make a new city with the use of advanced Technology .

It was five years since that battle, Kobe is still save without being corrupted by anything around it. The destruction in Kobe caused by the two giants remaind in the past as a memory of all people in the city. While in space, a sphere of light observed the Earth and it sensed danger was coming. It rush to the Earth and found a boy, one it had met before...

Chapter 1Edit

The night sky was beautiful, everyone was walking back home and others do they own work. The city light was shine bright to the sky. There was a old man starring at the sky looking it as it was about to call it a day after work.

The next day, an aeroplane save landed on the track near Kobe Airlines. Lots of people rushing to get out form the plane, last one who left the plane is a young high school student. With his hangging his beg on his left shoulder. He walk away to the exit and saw his grandfather standing waiting for him. He was happy to see him again as 4 years away to London for study. After he finish his study, he make a decesion to left london and stay in japan with his Grandfather. His grandfather rought him to his house on Touzen City where everyone is Happy and Peaceful, riding a big Yamaha RR 1 was chocky to his grandson who never ride a motorcycle before.

When they arrive, his grandson 'Haruto Shuuya' feel motion sickness and rush out. After that, They walk around see the technology happen to this town and The history. Touzen City was name for a civilion who took pictures about the giants. 

Haruto was given freely to look around the city as his grandfather 'Shuuya Kaze' ride back to his motorcycle shop. While he was walking, an earthquake suddenly happen, all the people around run in panic as they knew something bad is happen like five years ago. A fearsless Monster come form the ground and roar the people . He began to attack the city , rampaging it, it was like something you will never imagine. It let again his roar let the the people scream in scared , lot of the home were burn as a reason form his rock abilities. It did'nt seem to eat human, but only to terrified it and destory everything that left.

Meanwhile, The Japan Air Self-Defence Force sent two F-15 jet pilot to destory the monster. They shot two missiles to the monster and explode on it making the creature realy angry, it shot a rock form his mouth to the second pilot F-15 , but luckily, he save landed on the ground. The soldiers carrying their weapon was in shaped of ready to fight. 

The tank were use and shot a explosive bullet to the creature. It feel down and Hurt! The soldier was happy to see the first test missiles currently work out, they cheerup for themselve. But the creature stand up back and realy angry. It began shot all magma rock all over the place, lots of the soldier dead and some got injured. The captain has no choice but retreat his troops of army, they couldn't stop the angry monster.

The place start to burn fire .. .  And the monster was headed to Kobe. Haruto who was on his way, throw stones to it . The Beast turn back and saw a human try to stop it, he shot the magma rock to haruto , but managely dodge it by rolling. The F-15 first pilot shot another missiles to the monster and berely destroy the creature, exploade with his rock feel all over the place.

Even so, the people were prised to the pilot for defeating the Monster. But the pilot were still not satisfied about the rock exploading. Haruto went back to his granfather house. His T-shirt were muddy and his jeans scratch a little . Something that he never imagine will happen to the village after five years..., He knew the rock monster were still alive and somewhere on the ground he still sleeping.

He starring up to the sky, looking it. How was beautiful the constellation, the star and galaxy...He still find the answer of his past and the universe it self. 

Chapter 2Edit

It was done, the creature has died, thanks to the F-15 Pilot whom destroy it. But there was something else happen, the rock that feel over geantly move down to the underground. People tought it was over and save right now. 

In the meantime, at the Defence Force, The Captain and his Army of Soldier celebrated their first win. Some of them having a discussion about the creature. Yamashima, The first lieutenant incharge the meeting group and start the session. 

"So, what do you think?" ask one of his soldier. "Are the creature really the same Monster attacking Kobe five years ago?"

"We have no proof about it yet..."said yamashima. Many question was ask but he couldn't answer all of it . He rush out to the door for some fresh air.

While he was standing on the roof starring at the sky, a flashback happen. Memories about the crisis happen five years ago, a lot of people die, some of them saving their live run in panic. One of them involve is his wife die to save a little boy. He open his eye, he don't want to remember it again, he went back to his room .

It was raining heavily, so everyone in the Military Force use the time to relax and training in the training compound. So it doesn't matter if they had their time off. As it about to pass morning, the Yamashima end his duty and leave the Military to spent more time whit his Son and his WIfe.

Meanwhile, Haruto was in Kobe busy helping his Grandfather repairing the Motorcycle. While he was helping, a young girl and boy about his age come to the shop starring at Haruto for some reason. He stand up and look at them, he seem reconized them very much. "Hmm, why are you starring at me like that?" ask Haruto strangely . 

"You didn't remember us, Haruto? We use to be Best Friend remember...?" said the young boy.

"Best friend? Owh!" "Now i remember you Marina Suzuki, the girl who live next to my granfather house. And Kenzaki Haruno..."

They each other hug, as they haven't met for 5 years. Haruto leave Touzen Village at age fourteen and live with his parent in London. His grandfather had live alone ever since that day. But today they all happy to meet again, in Kobe where it all happen. 

"Haruto, how long have you been here...?" ask Marina

"Yesterday morning..." haruto replied

"Do you remember our promise that you made for me...?"


'Nevermind . It's okey if you didn't remember. It was ten yers from now.. maybe we all had forgotten the history..'

They two of them walk away disappointed, knew Haruto has change. He could not remember what he said to them after the crisis happen. Haruto once a comedian at school , he play as the Clown of the school drama . He is the star of the show, everyone respected him even his age was nine years old . No one know his feeling , the feeling of hatred of his dead parent. Only Marina and Kenzaki who knew his feeling from now , and trying to help him back .

In space, behind the mars, A Dark planet was exist. There, live one Ultra who hate Humans and Ultraman. He is Faust and The Reaper. They two were the dark ultra who have a desire to rule the earth and The Land Of Light . However, infront of their planet is Planet Mars way further than earth, so they need a lot of time to arrive at earth. Faust rise his hand ,  fire a dark aura covering the entire planet with darkness and move toward mars. They plan to take over Mars first by covering the planet with dark powers from The Reaper Hand.

Chapter 3Edit

In the underground , Faust make contact with Gorzelium , rock monster that attack the village yesterday with his body now still recover from the explosive missiles . His body now turn a new shape , magma line appear on his body and more stones on his back . He's now stronger than before .

It is now under controlled by Faust . So whenever he want to attack , he will attack but only in Faust command.. .

"Gorzelium... once a monster attacking the city but was destroy by Ultraman..."

"But this time , you will attack again 48 hours from now...". He end the contact and Gorzelium continue his sleep until the time awake.'

Haruto and his grandfather stay all night at the shop repairing all of the motorcycle by tomorow . They take a break  while his grandfather watch the TV, Haruto walking up to the rooftop starring again at the sky . He amazed about the space , he also has a dream to see the space by himsel someday. 'I knew someday i will... Haruto look at the big star shinning bright like a shootingstar about to fall .

'A light...? mumurs Haruto.'

Soon, a weird phenomenon happen to him , in the sky there were a light come to him . In the light , he has a  vision of the Giants Fighting in Kobe . One is a humanoid of Light Being and One is monstrous Beast  , Ultraman won the fight and disappears into Light and a Boy come from his Chest . He reconized that boy as it is Him . Haruto eight years old was with the giant .

Haruto then has another vision of A Light infront of him change into a Skeleton Being looks like the Light . It look toward Haruto .

'Haruto... . said the Light. The world will be corrupted by darkside again , i can't live long at earth unless i got a host for me to live .'

'A host.. ?'

Then to his shock , the light give him a Spark Lens which it look like a Lock on it . But before he can ask a question to the light.. it disappeare . Haruto tought he was dreaming about it after he was tap on his shoulder by his grandfather .  They both went off to sleep after a hard time working . 

The next day , Haruto wake up early than before . He went to his neighbours house Suzuki Family where Marina Suzuki live and Kenzaki also appeare at Marina house  . He began to think that  humanoid light that appeare ten years ago was him , a hero who save kobe but both Marina and Kenzaki laugh at the notion . Then three of them went out for breakfast at Sakutake Restaurant . 

Haruto then sees the same Beast whom he met with the light years ago destroy kobe infront of him . However , it disappears and Haruto passes it as a trick of eye . 

Soon after their finish , they want to visit The Japan Military Air Force as Kenzaki Father was The Captain there . He invite Kenzaki friends to take a tour on the military . 

'If you have a problem..just tell us . ask Marina'

'Nonthing.. i just imagines thing again.. Haruto with his smiles'

'If you need any help , i think my father can understand you situation right know.'

Sure... Thanks Kenzaki.

'Your Welcum , afterall we are Best Friend . We can't break each other relationship.. we must stand together and fight ! Kenzaki with his Angry Face'

'Moment's later , they all arrive at the Military Force compound seeing The Captain welcoming them.'

'Haruto , is that you ? ask The Captain in strange'

'Yes.. , 3 years has passed captain'

"You've grown now...16 years old huh? Yeah, I've been training you like since you thirteen..."

Haruto just only smilling at the captain even tought he didn't know what he feels inside him . Just then , one of the soldiers come and take Haruto and his friend to the weapon store as their tour start . But The Captain were still standing there like a scarecrow .

Chapter 4Edit

In the weapon store , they were given a description about all of the weapon such as riffle , sub-machine gun and snipers . The three of them impressed of the technology developing right now , with all of this earth can be secure and save . 

They end the tour by thanking The Captain , Kenzaki didn't went back home with they both as he will helping his father in the meeting at the military force . Haruto and Marina walk back without Kezaki , they knew Kenzaki want to know more about the Monster and The Light , he spent most of his life trying to investigated the light . He once a fan of the Hero  but now turn into hatred , his mother die because of the crisis happen . 

'One day...i will find you and i will do the same as you did to my mother . Kenzaki anger  He rush out to the private meeting room as the meeting was about to start.

Haruto...!' said Marina


'What are you starring about..?'

'Nonthing..i told you i imagining again..'

'I think you should see my father , he expert on people feeling and a doctor...'Marina note

While they both walking , a strange Alien come attacking them , with no reason. Marina scream terrified not because of attacking but his ugly alien face. Before it could hurt her, Haruto grab its body making it unables to escape while Marina hide herself behind the pole. The alien was angry, he fire a laser from its eye, almost hit Haruto but luckily only hit his shoulder, leaving it little bleeding on it. 

Haruto run toward the Alien and punch its face with blue light acceleration. The alien sudden explode into a particle darkness and a human feel down fainted. Withouth anyone notice the inccident, Haruto grab Marina hand and run away before the people come.

'Where do you get the power..?' ask Marina

'I dunno..but i feel lighter than ever, only hurt my right hand and it was bleeding..!'

Before they to seperated , Marina thank to Haruto for saving her . Haruto smile as he first ever save a girl not to mention at school in London , not all girl are single and beautiful as her . He starring at the star again , a strange phenomenon happen again where he has a vision of all of the light being fighting an evil army of beast and monster.One of that is his favourite is the Giant with red strip and silver pattern .

Then he got another vision of a light being who he first met in the Light that come to him yesterday . The giant was fighting another light being but it is dark colour being . But adventualy lose to the dark being and was sent off to space , he come back and fight , the light being win once again. Open his eye again , it was all a dream or it could be real dream .

He knew if he tell Marina and Kenzaki about his dream , they will  laugh and never belived such things like that . So he kept his dream vision as a secret to him , not only his friend but to his granfather also .This is the second time he had this weird dream , where it come from and why it choose Haruto was a question to him . He close his eye and try to forget all that happening but he just couldn't forget the weird world .

Before he could call it a day , he look at the frim picture holding on the wall was him and his grandfather first ever fishing trip and he feel asleep .

Chapter 5Edit

The next day , he has lost hope  to find the answer about the light giving him a vision of a Giant . His grandfather looking at him , knowing his grandson have something to tell but he just couldn't . Before he could knock the door,the phone was ringing , he pick it up and answer . Strange voice was talking to him , telling Kaze the monster will hunt his Grandson Haruto and also destory Kobe .

'This voice , i heard it before...but i couldn't reconized it in the phone...the voice of evil.' Shunya Kaze mumurs

At the botton of the ground, the contact was made. Gorzelium with his new abilities and amor set to awake as Faust command him to. It will take him about 10 hours from now to reach kobe from the underground, which giving a least time for Haruto.

After he finish his talk on the phone , however he has a bad feeling that the monster will be back. But to his older age and no proof of it,  no one in the city could belived him especially the Defence Force. So only his grandson will understand him, as he know the Light has choose him as the light weilder to protect the earth . He also once with the light .

"Even to his young age,i see no problem with that..." said Kaze

"Grandfather..." Haruto replied, strangely "So who do you talking to like somebody in the house ?..."

"Oh, is nonthing.I was talking to the phone,a... old friend of mine calling...?"

"Don't cheat me again... it is the light right ?..." Haruto rise his eyebrow

"The...Light ?" Haruto what are you suspecting about..? ask Kaze 

"They light was called the most developed of humaniod being, ten years ago the crisis happen in this town was caused by the two Giants, One is call The Light and other was a Monstrous Beast, maybe that what you talking about me..."

"What does it want from me...?"

"Haruto, im sorry to keeping it as a secret, the light being who you saw on your vision was called Ultraman , and the phenomenons you got was also created by him ..."

"So what do he want from me anyway...?"

"You remember the crisis happen...?, the clash of two giants was originally has a human as the host for them,  and the host for the light Ultra was..."


"The host was you Haruto, an eight years old boy..."

Haruto was puzzled, he just can't belived his grandfather story... .All of his vision, weird phenomenons was happen to him because of his relationship with an Ultra .

"If you know all of this might happen, why can't you tell me years ago... !?. Why have to be like this...?"

Kaze watch his grandson dissapointed look. He knew he was wrong and should tell him before , but to his promise made by the Ultraman, it was for his own good even tought almost five years he kept it as a secret . 

"Haruto go..." said Kaze 

"The light waiting for you at the shrine near the forest of  Touzen Village..." quipped his Grandfather

"The light was meant for you , as it's the bond that pass along to people kindness and peaceful heart, when someone inherits the light, it will shine again."

"Alright, for the saked of people and the world..."

"Its is the time for the monster revenge again, if you can't stop it so no one will..."

Haruto run from Kobe to the shirine where it located near the forest of Touzen City, he can feel the light was realy closed to him, he also sense a dark energy was coming on his way to the city.  

Chapter 6Edit

He now reach the shrine where the Light was sleep within. However, before he could walk to the stairs , earthquake happen again but this time its located at the city Kobe. The monster that attack the village was awake from his sleep, he is now much fearsless, stronger, and new amor. He began rampaging the buildings , people run in panic as they saw the monster again , the ADF was on they way sending two F-15 Eagle and soldiers to evacuated the entire city.

They targeting the main road , where the monster start appearing. But luck run out, the tank shot the bullet mainly hit the monster but it did not feel anything. On the scene, The Captain and his army was there to help the soilders , using the rifle which is modified by modern technology, not only shoot bullets but lasers. 

But it's no use of it, the monster amor protect him from the bullets or lasers . Later, he began shooting fireball to the buildings again, the people were still running to the safest place guarding by the Elite Soldiers . The minus energy from the monster were felt by Haruto, as something was controling the monster, he couldn't sense it because it is strong energy.

"Are you alright...?" Haruto turned around to see a little girl and her mother finish pray at the shrine. She looked at the boy with concern but it seems he was also want to go and pray.

"Yeah i'm alright..." he replied, the girl was smiling at him like she was happy to see the boy smiling at her too .

"Be careful...the monster will..."

"Dont worry , it wont come..."

"I keep that promise..." the girl smile again before she walk away with his mother.

"Hmm, she's not afraid of anything..."

"She look like familiar to Eliza, maybe..." 

"Maybe she is her sister , or related family to her...", 

"Haruto...!" The voice came from his grandfather using a telepathic messages."The earth is nearly in danger... and why are you going...? his grandfather angry voice on him

"I dunno you can do the same vision to me...?"

"I can use it, as i have such power like that in your dream, listen , now you only need is tough the stone looks like a Spark..."

"Ikuzo...! Haruto speaking in japanese word..."

The monster began to assault everything in the city, the F-15 Eagle has come, shooting the missiles on the monster back. It currently work , the monster hurt. But it soon wake up, and shoot a fireball of magma at the two jet. This time the jet was explode during the crash on the ground, the pilot was save as they manage inject the parachute before the jet crash.

The monster stop rampaging, leaving the smoke and fire on the buildings or streets... .It change into an amor and sleep to regained his full energy. Althought the monster stop attackking, but the soilders were still covering the entire area so the people will save inside. 

The Captain look so serious about the amor on the monster body.As the Night has fallen , but the monster was still sleeping inside. The soildier already have plan to battle incase of the monster attack continues.

"I see, so thats how it work..." The Captain was talking to someone on the rectengular shape phone.

"So, how do we destroy the amor, any idea Dr...?"

"Base on my research, the only thing that could break the amor was a strong ray or a beam, looks like the only thing that could do that was..."

"What...?" The Captain waiting for the answer...

The phone call was break suddenly. The Captain knew something was hidden from the scientist and didn't want to talk much about his research.

Haruto finally reach the spark stone's. Between of the stones was another giant stone with the light being face and body shaped. He walk to the stone of spark look, and touch it. A light come from his hand passed trought to his body and he was absorb into the stones of Ligh.

Chapter 7Edit

Haruto woke up and found himself in the light. He couldn't belive by his own eye, like he was in the vision he got. Soon, a red light come near to him and reveale itself, a glowing light of an Ultra. It is the same light he saw back for ten years ago, the first giant he met before they become one. 

The monster let his roar to the at the soilders, many of them died in protecting the city . The Captain calling the Ace  for backup,  Ace was the trained pilot who finish their trial on the F-2 aircraft in hope they can destroy the monster like they did three days ago. However, The F-15 Eagle have a damage due the magma rock that been shooting by the monster anger, so they can't fly the jet until it finish reparing. The tank was ready to be use, two soldiers in one tank, one for moving and one for shooting the bullets. Seconds later, Yamashima come with Shunya Kaze, unfortunately they had they own reason to come. 

"Captain Tsuguta..." said Yamashima 

"Yamashima, i thought you retired from the Defence Force...?" he replied with the other soldiers rise they hand as the Mark Of Respect for the retired fighter..."

"I just come by with my old friend, it seems you got trouble..."

"Before that, may i ask something..." said Kaze "

"You must be Haruto Shuuya grandfather ..." 

They hold their conversation after the trainer F-2 jet plaine has come, the pilot was a young girl, she shot two missiles at the monster, one is freezing missile and the other was explosive. The attack work's , the monster no longer moving as i was frooze in ice. The soldires cheering up for the young ace pilot and themselve.

"You got some pro pilot , a young one of course..."said Kaze to Tsuguta with a smiling face.

"Haha, yeah. I think i have..." said Tsuguta "The pilot is the best among the best while in training before..."

"The F-2 Suzuki was made to shot to diffrent missiles at a time , it was made to freze and explode, but this monster isn't dead yet..."

"We all remember the time when the first monster attack Kobe..." said Yamashima.

"Yes,Fudo Kudo AKA The Beast. He is one of the scientist assistanst but..."Tsuguta pause for a moment.

"It was an accident happen to him, all of the animal was turn into a terrible beast..." 

"The only survivor was me and the doctor, we just got lucky not been killed by him..." 

"The Beast..." "The giant light..."Yamashima note

"Fudo was something unnormal, he face suddenly has sharp scales..." said Tsuguta "It was the first phase of his transformation before going to Reptilianz..."

"First phase...?" Kaze replied  "But after he turn into his second phase, no bullets in the world can kill him even a hundred shot..."Because of his angry, he began to call all of the lizard to fused with him and the third phase was release Raikugentilia..." 

"But there is one boy try to stop it as..." Tsuguta stop "He was the only one who can defeated the Beast but he much weaker at first battle..."

"Although he was only eight years old boy, he manage to lure the Beast down before it could run away..." said Tsuguta

"At the time he was weak, his chest crystal thing was flash rapidly and was transform back to the boy..." "Right now, the codename for the light giant has been given..." Its codename was 'Ultraman'..."

"Until now he has dissappeare from his last battle againts Fudo, for somehow he change into the partical of light..." said Yamashima

Before they could speak, things has gotten worst, the monster was heating his body temperature making the ice melt and he was free . It was angry at the human, he shot a lot of magma rock at the city and the soldiers, the place was burn on fire. Lucky, the ace pilot and the F-15 Eagle pilot was there to help.

Chapter 8Edit

Unfortunately, the two jet fighters plane was easily destory by teh monster fearsless magma rock. They were save landed on the ground, but the were stuck because of the jet door broken. The monster was headed to them in anger.

"It's no use, we stuck...!" said the ace female pilot.

"Calm yourself, we will think out a way to get out..." The monster was on his way to the crash jet plane.

Before it could reach it, the monster was shock to see two other flying jet shot missiles at him. He feel over while roar in hurt. The two fight plane was the emergensi fighter jet that was keep for uncoming monsters.

"So thats the plan..."

"You were still young to know..." said the Pilot F-15 Eagle."The real fight has just began..."

"The name of the jets is Mitsubishi K-8 and Suzuki F-4 , its our only hope, if it destroy and we all die..."

"Obviously, it's weaknees only on the engine, it could easily got burn out if it get lot damage..."

"Why does no one ever talk to me about it...?"ask the ace pilot

Maybe due to your young age, practicly you will not be able to learning it yet..."

"Okay, thats a good reason why i should not know it..." Everyone else look at me like i was a kid.

"In fact i tried many times to tell you, im not little girl anymore..." "It only good on you , you are the old solder. The only pilot who could survive at cold...!"

"That it is..." "On my age, i could easily die right now, if you haven't arrive earlier..."

"So you still our ace pilot, little girl.." said the F-15 pilot.

The monster was trying to persude the fighters jet but was not in condition due to his hurting on his hips because of the missiles. But the pilot was to negligence and happy,  the monster finaly cought uo one of the fighters, he throw the jets on the grown and tramped it. Now everyone has lost hope, the pilot died in respect of his bravery, everything was lost, there's no hope.

"Captain Tsugita, trust me. There's is only one hope..."

"Hope...?" asked the Captain.

"You will find it soon enough, the history of this city will at last continues..."

"Is that something that i should belived...?

It's up to you whether you belived or not..." said Kaze, raising a smile on his face

"Is there anyone here who also side of you...?" 

"Actually, there is..." Yamashima paused for a moment.

"He was the special among all the teenages..." 

"If that so, would him help us...?" Tsugita looked at Yamashima.

"Help what...?"..."

"Deal with this creature, if we cant destroy it, maybe he can..."

"Captain, he's not some kind of fighters or killing machine, he just an odinary boy."

"I see..." The Captain knew what it meant while rising an eyebrow.

"What's that meant...?" ask Yamashima

"Your face, telling me to belived in you.From now you are one of our comrade for Japan Air Self defence Force Kaze Shunya" The Captain with certainty.

"It is an honor to attemp on the team even at my older age..." said Kaze in smiling.

The monster was wake from his feel and began walk to the Forest. The tank, the pilot jet fighters and soilders are all in prepare at the forest right now. The had knew the monster will go away from the city, and headed to the right spot.

"The monster was in my trap afterall..." It was base on my plan, content in knowing no one in the army will be foolish enough to understand it's meaning.

Chapter 9Edit

In the light, Haruto saw everything in t he scene which show in the middle of the light between him and the light. He was glad the monster set to went to  the Captain's Trap at the forest village where it save from the city. The human tried their best to beat the monster but it was a waste of time. Lot of soldiers died, and soem of them got injured.

Haruto really want to help them, but his merging was no complete yet, if it isn't complete maybe the light could turn into the grey and black giant where he first fight with the Beast second form. The light also saw the scene happen, as it is know the monster was 'another of him' creation.

Haruto seem quite while saw the monster walk over the city the trap line, while catching the fighter jet plane K-4. In his mind, who knew there might be something is hidden from anyone that he shared with his grandfather only. 

"Captain, the monster was headed to this way..." said one of his soldiers.

"Good. I want everyone ready for the next attack..." He looked at Yamashima and Kaze "How about the two of you join the fight, you are one of our member's..."

"I hear you, loud and clear Captain!" said Yamashima

The monster was traped on the Captain trap plan, he was stuck in a electrical defence, it can't move and shot on magma rock. It let a big roar at the human but none of teh soldiers scared to it roar again, as it's trap. 

"Don't mess with the soldiers. Got it...?"  claimed to be one of the sodliers.

"You talk to much, you just got lucky it wouldn't eat you. Only city it destroy...". "I'm sure you all know that the monster targeting is the city and anything that would be destroy..." said the unknown person who to be the scientist.

"Professor Genjo, i tought you will never come..." said Captain Tsugita in strange.

"I come here on purpose, i had news to tell. The monster was created by a strange energy secuense known as Meta Guls. A minus energy that is..." said the professor.

"So, how to deal with this thing before the defence last gone..." said the Captain Tsugita

"Simple, like i tell you, the only thing that could destroy this creature is with a massive energy ray or a beam..."

"Yes, we know, but where we could find that much energy stream...?"

However, the professor did not answer the question and leave the army with his car. Forcing the Captain really angry whit the professor ego. But the monster finally release from the trap after a long movement tail of spike destroy the barrier, making the soldiers shot it rapidly.

Haruto suspected the professor seem really strange and reconized but he didn't know where the scene happen between him and the prof. As about the monster destroy the village, the Light make it move in his merging with Haruto almost success. The red light forming his body was also happen on Haruto entire body and his face, forming a form like the Light.

The light present him the Lock Spark, a legend spark lens known to be the key to pass trought time. Only the choosen weilder of the Light could hold the power, an it choose Haruto. Haruto hold the spark lens and saw a flashback about the light versus another giant but currently dark and similar to him. They also hold the same spark lens which is diffrent in colour. But the light lost the fight and was trasport to the light planet where he was born.

Are you sure Haruto...?" said the Light.

"I'm sure. And i know now, why we are choosen to meet in the first place..." said Haruto

"Choosen to meet...?"

"It is because 'Destine'..." Haruto nodded.


"It is like you were riding a motorcycle on a road, not all the riders can ride any specific motorcycle. It's depend on the rider skills and abilitie to control the handle..."

"By that, its is why we are destine to meet when i was eight years old boy..."

"You truly are kind Haruto..." the Light spoke.

The both of them complete their merging, while the place was start to light up. Haruto found himself outside the stone of Light. He was holding the Lock Spark which he was given earlier. He rush to the forest village where the monster was trap.

While on his way, he was block by an unknown man wearing a black toksido, red tie and a mask. He was mentioning Haruto merging with the Light. Haruto rising an eyebrow, feel strange on the man personality.

"So, you do complete you merging with the Light, how good are you ..." the man spoke

"Who are you...?" ask Haruto

The man suddenly disappeare before his sight. He didn't answer Haruto question, and leave him alone on the temple. Haruto continue run to the forest village, he didn't want to waste anymore time or the village could be destroy like the first tragedy.

Chapter 10Edit

The monster began burning the village, leaving no mercy to the people living there. They run in terrified and some of them hide behind the tree's. Some also  was rescued by the paramedic soldiers, and was giving treatment for those who was injured. The Captain was force to retreat the troops as they have no plan at all. Nonthing can stop the creature who is indestructable.

The F-4 Mitsubishi is on the way again, and let a diffrent missiles to the monster. It explode with a bright light, the monster was blind for a second and couldn't hit anything. This is giving the Captain time to preapare the next attack, and trap for it.

After a moment, the monster sight was clear and it was angry to the soldiers who shot it. The F-4 was shot and this time it couldn't been save, the pilot is dead and the jet explode fire. The monster began to walk away to his next target 'The Nuklear PowerPlan' the only place that could destroy japan. Haruto finally arrive at the village but it was to late, the village was destroy with no hope.

"Im late..., now where the monster was lead...?"  said haruto

"Well, are you going to revealed yourself as Ultraman...?"  ask the man in black toksido again

"Ahh, You...?!" 

Haruto shock to see the Man in Black toksido infront of him. He smile at Haruto with a reason why he come. The man introduse himself to be a good guy and not a enemy, he come to earth to investigae the strange energy that destroy his Planet. He inssist Haruto to be his friend and allie to help in on his mission. Haruto without any word, shake hand with the man who his name Zoro El Amigos with smiling face.

Haruto began touch his head as it hurt a while, he saw the monster was walk to the powerplan with the Captain and his tropps followed it, his grandfather Kaze and Uncle Yamashima also followed. Then, he was back to nornal, now he know where the monster next target. He tell El that the monster location and the both of them run to the powerplant waiting them all to come.

"Ohh, a ESP, You can sense an enemy movement. That's why you got a headache..." said El

"ESP, why i got that..?"  ask Haruto

"Because of you complete merging with the Ultraman or his real name Reuz..." 

"Ultraman Reuz..?" 

"Yes, he is the New Ultra which no one even know him ever since he was a boy..." 

"He need you, because you are the only boy that he first meet before facing The Beast..." 

"I am it is Haruto Shunya, the choosen weilder of Light..."  

El Amigos smile at the teengae boy, and suspected he was the same as Reuz back at the Land Of Light. But to fight, he must learn his abilities.

Chapter 11Edit

The forest was burn in fire by the monster anger, and it's finall destination was the 'PowerPlan' where the place might destroy entire Japan if it explode. The captain keep following the monster from behind to make the next attack before it get nearer to the powerplan.

Everyone on the powerplan was force to run away when they saw the monster walk on to the power nukleur. Luckily, the captain was first arrive before the monster because of it's complete plan. He call for the first ever fighter jet 0-Eagle Mistubishi. If it also destroy, the human race will never again exist, what should the soldiers do to protect the human client?

While trackking their Location, Haruto finally found the powerplan, it was defend by the soldiers. They both wouldn't be in there with the soldiers around. So Haruto and El both seperated to trick one of he soldiers. First the failed, but thw second time they manege to get inside. On there, Haruto meet his grandfather and the captain. The both of them on sad look.

"Grandpa, where's the monster location right now...?" ask Haruto

"Haruto, yoru back, so how's..." 

"Don't worry, i have done it with the help of my friend El Amigos...

"Well, the monster will come hear about 2 hours more, so we have time to prepare the attack..."

"Long enough for it to arrive..." 

"Haruto, look...!" El shock to see the monster arrive even faster than 2 hours more. They all terrified and run but not the captain and the others. They all ready to fight even they will die in honor fighting. But Haruto and El run away to find a hidden spot. His grandfather already knew what his grandson planning and it's about to shock the world.

Moments later, the soldiers began shot the monster with the bigger rifel. Some of them work, bur some are failed because of the monster hard amor. Finally, the O-Eagle arrive and begin shooting the missiles to the monster. It work positively but the monster shot the magma rock to the fighter jet, it dodge by the skillfull pilot. 

Chapter 12Edit

The human race soon will be over, if the monster come nearer to the power station. The workers was resque and evaquated from the place to the safe place. Captain Tsugita was already in ready for incoming attack from the monster. The Mitsubishi fighters plane was ready to engage.

"Captain, you know we're ready..." said the army of soldier "We are ready to combat for the sake of Earth and Human..."

"I hear it loud and clear, lets end this battle..." said the captain 

They soldiers run out on bravery and attack the monster. Some of them failed,  dying in respect and some still try to kill it but also failed. The monster shot is magma rock to the soldier's, but the manage to doge it and run away. Their weapon did not match the monster size power. If only the light was here, his power will match equal, but it just a story, the light was long disappeare and never return.

The monster is aproching nearer to the power station and the human has lost hope to live. 

"It's now or never..." said Haruto

He trust the Spark Lens to the air and it face open, a ultra shape was shown and his body enveloped by light which it is form a twin galaxies in a X formation. An ultra rise out by spinning. Suddenly, a light giant land in front of the monster by kicking up a circle of durt. He stand still infront of the monster, looking forward to stop it. The light giant from ten years old history is return!

"It's that, its that what i think it is...?" ask the Captain

"Ultraman...!" cheers from the soldiers

"I always knew he will return and fought for human sake..." 

Ultraman run toward Gorzelium, giving it a little effort on punching on its body, before jump high to performe a kick on the neck. Gorzelium fall over in anger and stand up again to fight the giant, it's tail began to stretch longer and cought up Ultraman. It was to tied with fire energy hitting Ultraman, making it loose strength to fight.

The monster run toward Ultraman and throw a punch to its face, Ultraman fall down spinning. Ultraman Notice that the monster was headed to the power station again, and at this time he standing up again and accelerate himself faster than the monster speed. Adventully, he made it before the monster, he grap the monster and took of into the air. The soldiers impressed of his flight speed just over Mach 10, even faster than Any flying object that was invented.

Ultraman throw the monster up into space before it fall down to land, he using his Ultra kick to put on effect on the monster stomach, it fell down in hurt. Ultaman fly down on the land sofly, but the monster stood back and fire multiple magma rock toward Ultraman, it hit ultraman shoulder's and body, he also fall down. He stand up back, watching the monster started to fire more of it's magma rock but Ultraman block it everything he had to stop it. He accelerated himself and jump over the monster back and kick it, it fell again.

But the monster was changing itself into something new, an unexpected thing happen about it. The monster become Gorzelium II, on his back is a crystal that conduct thunder, it stand with four leg's instead of two and its face change into sharper form. It suddenly disappered withouth the ultra notice, he was blur. He couldn't see the monster disappearing and movement, same as the human's, soldiers and the Captain, they also couldn't see anything despite nature. 

Out of nowhere, ultraman leg was bitten by something invisible, it's the monster appeared who bite ultraman leg. Ultraman look at Gorzelium bitten his leg, he chage up his fist and release a light punch on Gorzelium head, making the monster dizzy and roar hurting. 

Gorzelium become more agressive, and angrier that before. He oppened his mouth, ignoring ultraman, he fire more magma rock but this time diffrent spot at the same time. Ultraman has no choice but to use his acceleration to persude and stop magma rock from hitting the human's. He manage to block all the rocks, but one fully hit him again, he sense more danger coming up and the monster let it's tail stretch to caught Ultraman, and let it's electricity flow to it's tail hurting Ultraman. In Ultraman, Haruto also tied as Ultraman Does, Haruto was panicked, he couldn't get out of Gorzelium tail.

Just about Ultraman was about to hit by Thunder Storm, or it final attack, two missels come somewhere hit Gorzelium leaving it in pain and release Ultraman from it's tail. Haruto/Ultraman grab the monster tail and swing it twice, before he release it the left side. Ultraman charging up a light energy from it's colour timer, running to his leg, and kick Gorzelium on the right side of it's body. 

The monster screamed in pain, it roar at Ultraman before it release his deadly attack, Thunder Strom. It started shooting at Ultraman, but before it could hit him, ultraman rise his arm toward the thunder attack and stop it, leaving it's like a spiral shape of Galaxy. Gorzelium become more furious that ever, he run toward Ultraman and push him away, Ultraman fall down again, while the round colour thing on his chest start flashing red.

As Gorzelium about to disappeare again, he quickly gattherd it's tail, now the monster couldn't go anyway despite Ultraman pulling him before throw it to the right side. The monster roar in pain before roar more noise, and it stop. K-2 Mitsubishi shot final missels to the monster but all failed, the monster body was to hard to been hit.

Just about Gorzelium start to feel weaker, Ultraman crystal on his head, arm and chest start to glow as 'blue light' , he rise his arm while performe a circle shape technique, he move them apart and then put his arms in L position and fired a blue-sky ray. The ray hit Gorzelium directly who is not capable to fight again. Gorzelium screamed in sad noise while it's body turn blue and explode, with flames around before shattered. The monster finally kill and it was save by The Giant Of Light once more, Ultraman stood up with his colour thing's flashing red. Inside Ultraman, Haruto was exausted that he couldn't defeat the enemy but he won with Ultraman, while holding the Lock Spark. 

People on the village cheered and the Self Defence Force was happy to see the hero defeat the monster, the smile at Ultraman while rise their arm to their head as a mark of respect to him. Everybody except Faust who was standing behind the tree, looking at Reuz defeation his creation, he also disappeare in disappointed. El Amigos notice Faust was there, but he just ignore him.

Ultraman revert's himself to Human size Haruto Shunya. Haruto was not noticed he was in his human life again, he run back to find his friend Marina, she promise Haruto to keep his apparance as Ultraman or his name Ultraman Reuz as a secret. The both of them smile each other and leaving the forest.

Chapter 13: EpilogueEdit

The Captain, Kenzaki and all the military head captain were again in there meeting, discussing about the Light Giang apperance and today's victory. All of them celebrating, all except Kenzaki, he was in his bad mod to talk, he finally had to see Ultraman again and his revenge it still bury on his heart.

"So today, you all doing a good job on today's mission..." said the Head Captain

"I think we should form a special Elite Team to fight alongside Ultraman and defend earth..." said Captain Tsugita

"Yes, i agree. I have the right member who will enter. They are all trainner's here but i know they ready to face even bigger thing's than just a dool..." 

"The name of the new elite team will be, FEARS or Force Engage Attack Resque Squad..." said Tsugita

"Agreed..." said the Head Captain


"How about you, Kenzaki...?" ask his father

"Something you want to shared with us...?"

"I...i..i agreed, and don't ask me again about the team..."

"All right, thats the only answer we need, start by tomorow. We will inform to every country on earth about the new elite Team..." said the Head Captain to all the meeting member's was there listening to his word.

Kenzaki walk away, leaving the his father and the Head Captain conversation, he walk to the roof. His mind was corrupted by the screaming voice of all people who was the victim's of the destruction in Kobe ten years ago, and her mother was one of them. He bury on his heart that one day, he would defenitely Kill Ultraman with his Hand. 

Next In Ultraman ReuzEdit

(Preview Song: Life is Showtime)

"An unknown flame just come out from the big hole of the city...." said Nakamura

"We just can detect any lifes in it..." said Kaiba

Seen, Haruto and Marina arrive on the Japan air self defence force introdusing the FEARS member on the stage to all citizens.

"Well, if you just do that, everyone would just hate you and hate you..." said Captain Reina

"So, what i suppose to do..."

King Goldras was scene fighting the new treat Ezpadas, his shot a lightning attack toward it but he easily dodge the attack.

"Haruto, beside the Reuz Spark can trasnform into me, it can transform into something else.."

"Who are you...?" ask shotarou in the flame, tried to help the poor kid beside

"Calm Down...I'm Haruto...Haruto Shuuya"

"The dark ultra destroy my home planet and cause destruction..." said Princess Elmirana

"What dark ultra...?" ask Axul (Axul Dark)

"The crystal type ultra..."

The scene pop up to see King Goldras was beaten badly by Ezpadas until Marina arrive.

"Haruto, Don't give up!" shout Marina

Reuz perform a high kick toward Ezpadas then a throw to the back, he slide down using the Zantetsuken technque.

"I know the place you should explode..." said Haruto.

Reuz was stare toward Ezpadas while his landding place was all burn by Ezpadas.

Next time on Ultraman Reuz. 

(Song End)