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  • Ultraman Reuz Theater Special is a story where after episode 6 but before Episode 7 which i will writte it Next Year.
  • This Theater Special is a Half-way cut of the series which it was about 45 minutes of the Special.

Ultraman Reuz: Theater Special (ウルトラマンリえーZ:劇場スペシャル Urutoraman Reuz Gekijō Supesharu) is a Japanese theatrical movie to incorporate the half-way of Ultraman Reuz series.


Keychain Doll Use


  • Skulldross
  • Alien Nackle (Agent)
  • Scorpis
  • Dark Zagi


  • Haruto Shuuya: Shunya Shiraishi (Haruto Soma)
  • Marina Suzuki: Yuumi Shida (Mai Takatsuka)
  • Mai Kerizawa: Makoto Okunaka (Koyomi)
  • Gin Watarai: Dori Sakurada (Kotaro NogamI)
  • Gaku Senjyu: Tasuku Nagase (Kosuke Nito)
  • Shuuya Kaze: Kohji Moritsugu (Dan Moroboshi)
  • Sara Mizuhara: Kyoko Toyama (Sara Mizuhara)
  • Tsukasa Kudou : Junki Tozuka (Shunpei Nara)
  • Gramps Shogi : Hisahiro Ogura (Shigeru Wajima)

Previously On Ultraman ReuzEdit

Infront of Furoboshi School, Axul Dark appeared to eliminated Haruto and the rest of his friend. But Before Axul released a punch that almost hit them, Haruto quickly Ultra Live, Hyper Kyrieloid and persude Axul Dark. The real battle has just started.

But just as Hyper Kyrieloid manage to lure Axul Dark down, another Dark Being called Ultraman Dark appeared back and team up with Axul, they defeat Haruto in short moment. Fortunately, the courage words hear by Haruto from his friend, make him to fight back.

Later, Haruto successful transform into Ultraman Reuz once again, even he was a keychain doll before, but he wouldn't give up. Though, both Axul and Ultraman Dark still can slow Reuz down, they both still far more strong than Reuz alone while his colour timer still ringging and blink red rapidly. But, their hope just appeared, Faust reappeared back when Kenzaki transform into the light of Faust.

After a tough match, Ultraman Dark summon a blade and stabbing Faust stomach, Faust belive his life is half-half Reuz life, so he sacrifise himself while odered Reuz to shot his cross ray. Reuz can't shot to his best friend, but he has to do it for the sake of their friend.

"Sob...sob...Reuz Cross Shot!" Haruto crying while his hand perform Reuz Cross Ray Style.

With Faust merge with Reuz back, Reuz become one Body and a single Ultra back. He unleashed a new colour with a new technique, a Yellow Thunder.

"Reuz Thunderbolt!" 

"Showah!" Reuz released his collective bolt and vortex toward Ultraman Dark and explode in massive flame.

Haruto and his friend watching Marina crying infront of them, they couldn't do anything even Haruto. He know Marina would hate him forever because of his shot killing Kenzaki.

"Are you...hate me...Marina-chan...?" ask Haruto

" You did the right thing, you done for the sake of us..." 

"Thank You Haruto" replied Marina. They all smile, and return to the school once the sky turn dark.


It's has been a month since the last battle againts the Evil Ultra's, Haruto and his friend are taking a break on the last summer they had before school starts. Marina and Mai takking a vacation on a island on Japan, Gaku on loan with his parent for a Photography session on a wedding while Gin is working with his father on the Watarai Group.

Only Haruto is unknown where is he now, even so, everyone now that FEARS member disappeared in space months ago, the mission was failed acctually but the members didn't return until now. 

Beach TimeEdit

"Marina-chan, where's Haruto...?" ask Mai while they were laying on the beach chair where they could relax.

"I also don't know, he been missing since the last two days after the battle...he looks sad that day" replied Marina, her face turn to tears

"He didn't have a choice, he must take a shot, or not we all die... .Kenzaki tried to save us...he sacrifise himself.."

"Don't talk about him anymore!" Marina shouted to Mai, she silent for second.

"I'm sorry, i didn't meant to..."

"It's okay, i know Haruto will be save"

Wedding SessionEdit

Meanwhile, Gaku and his family were in the wedding of their cousins, a big wedding where Gaku in charge on the Photography session. He would regret if he didn't join in, like Haruto said before, Everyone has dream to catch, so he will catch his now. 

Soon, his handphone ringing while in he was taking picture, "Hello" said Gaku. "Oi, Gaku-san. It's me, Gin"

"Ohh, Gin-kun, where are you...?" the smile of Gaku face, his friend Gin called him.

"I was at the Office of my family buisness, i was bored so i want to called all of my friend..." replied Gin

"Wooh, Thank You..."



"It's Haruto, i couldn't call or text messege him..."

"Me too, but i know he somewhere safe now...i bet he is..." Gaku tried to cheer up Gin


New AdventureEdit

At last, Haruto appeared near Machester United stadium in London, Old Trafford. He wearing a black sweater, inside he wear a Pink T-shirt and a Red long pants and a scarf hangging on his neck. 

"Ahh, the sweet snowing day..." said Haruto

"It's been a while since i was here...i wonder, how this city grows like Kobe..."

He hold the Reuz Spark on his pocket of his sweater, it seems to be Unactive somehow only Haruto knows what it mean. The only Keychain Doll that he brough is Ultraman Tiga one, he found in London on his house, how it get in his house it is unknown.

Insert Song, Ultraman Nexus OST, Heart & BrokenEdit

"I know, Reuz loose up lots of his light, but i assure...i will find a way for your power, Reuz"

"Arghh, the soon i get out of this snow stucking my leg..." Haruto tried to released himself when the snow was covering his leg, he cannot move.

The scene start to get blank until they show up the title of "Utraman Reuz: Theater Special" with a burning flame.

Chapter 1Edit

In the year of 2013, Japan got more advance from the start. Although, this is the last summer break for the student to enjoy their last holiday before school start. The beach is full of teenagers around Japan, as for Haruto's friend Marina and Mai was also there.

Gaku and Gin, both of them attendent their Parent's activities, a Buisness and Photography. As for Haruto Grandfather, Kaze, he took his time hellping to clean up Furoboshi School and for Sara, she has a work to do at the BSCT Lab.

Haruto? The fact that it is unknown why he could be in London, in Episode 6, it never shown he was left to London or anything. 

During the last hour, Haruto pack all of his stuff and put in his bag, it's about time he depart back to Japan since the summer is almost over, he need to proetect his school from the Evil force. Time were at 10 o'clock, Haruto was sent to the London Airport by his father, there are many people were in the plane, Haruto sit in the middle. 

While the plane was fly to their destination, to Japan acctually, Haruto seems couldn't sleep, he can't even close his eye. His eye suddenly glow white from the outside, and black in the inside, a new vision was exist in his mind, a evil being destroying an unknown world, he has a red eye, his body is black and red in colour, while in his chest, a shape of an Energy Core.

"Erk...!" "Another bad dream again..." said Haruto

The sun was already rise, the plane that he ride has reach their destination, in Kobe Airport in Japan. When the plane arrive and landed, Haruto's grandfather already appeared to greet his grandson return. 

At last, Haruto set his foot to Kobe, Japan. He wear a pink T-Shirt (Note it similar to Haruto Soma one) and a black long pants. He smile toward his grandfather, and the both hugging each other, the fact Haruto really miss Japan much and also his friend's.

"Hoho, Haruto. How's is London...?" said Shuuya Kaze. "It's been awhile since years ago i visit your parent's their, you just little boy back then..."

"Well, kinda fun....but i really miss japan much..." replied Haruto

"Let's go home, everybody seems to have a sad time since the summer is over by tomorow..." 

"Yeah, i wonder how is my friend is..."

"The last battle really seems conencted you with Kobe huh....?" Kaze tried to make jokes to his grandson, Haruto giggles to his grandfather jokes.

"I know...what i think about it...the battle just not end yet...."

"I had a vision while in the plane, a dark ultra destroying an unknown place...he was black, red stripes and red eye..."

"That's some horror..." said Kaze


The both of them ride back to Touzen City, a small city with contain Furoboshi School, Haruto's former school, he now studying near London. 

In The Dark LayerEdit

In the forest, in the dark place where before it said many shelves was there, where the Keychain Doll was kept, a lot of them are monster and aliens but only one of them are an Ultra, a dark one, the one who appeared in Haruto vision before.

A purple hand with two red orb on it's hand and arm's, hold a Alien doll using his left hand, while his other hand is holding a Dark Spark, he attaches the Doll Mark Of Fate to the Dark Spark mark also.

"Dark Live" said the Being

"Nackle Seijin" the doll suddenly transform into Alien Nackle infront of the dark being.

"Ohh, Master. Thank You for pick me as your Agent" said Alien Nackle

"Now, spread the darkness to the world...reviving Skulldross and Dark Live all the Scorpis as many as you can..."

"That would be my plessure..."

Chapter 2Edit

In the city of Kobe, Haruto was walking around remembering the past and the memorible things that he has done. He stopped for a moment when he saw a Toy Shope which intitle "ToY_SupaShop", Haruto's most well knowns Toy-Shop. There, he meet the good manager name, Tsukasa Kudou and Gramps Shogi, the both of them once potrayed Shunpei Nara and Shigeru Wajima character in Kamen Rider Wizard Tokusatsu Series even.

"Yo, Tsukasa-san..." Haruto enter the shop while seeing Tsukasa was arranging the Toys on the shelves.

"Eh!?....Haruto-kun....!?" Tsukasa was happily hugging Haruto, although it just a week since Haruto in London.

"Oi, stop hugging me..." 

"Oh, sorry...when did you arrive here...?" ask Tsukasa

"Since this morning...."

Soon, the shop owner come out from the certain behind the Cashier, Gramps Shogi wearing a Kimono, and a sandals on both of his foot. 


"Haruto...?" Gramps tried to remember a man name Haruto, he keep remembering about 5 minutes.

A sound of crickets, "Krik krik krik krik krik....". Haruto and Tsukasa already asleep both of them were lean on the wall while their heads hit each other.

"Haaa, Haruto....Haruto Shuuya!?" Gramps loud voice suddenly waking up Haruto and Tsukasa, their head's hit each other while they about to stand up.

"Ouch!" Haruto pain

"Ouch!" Tsukasa Pain

"Argh, you remember me...?" ask Haruto

"Of course, you Kaze-san grandson right...?"


"Hoho, you grow up height must be the same as Tsukasa-san...."

"Not really..."

The door of the shop open by someone, the bell ring means there are customer coming, Tsukasa and Haruto watch closely to the girl wearing a pink T-shirt and a long blue jeans,  with another girl wearing a white dresses and a blue long jean, on her right hand finger is a Ring.

"Oi, Gramps and Tsukasa...are you...." the girl suddenly stop talking when looking at Haruto standing beside Tsukasa, she dropped the plastic bag containing vefetables that she and the other girl buy minutes ago.

"Hoho, Marina-chan, you come to give the vegetables for me...." Marina didn't answer Gramps question, she run toward Haruto and hugged him tigtly, Haruto seems Happy, someone would miss him.

" it really you....?" ask Marina


"Haruto-kun, when did you arrive....?" ask Mai

"A couple of minutes ago..."

"Did Gin and Gaku knows about this...?"

"I suppose not...they quite busy sometime...working to repair the Robot they said..."

"What robot...?"

"I don't know..."

A Spaceship appearance in KobeEdit

In space, a spaceship was flying or avoid a couple of monster's attack, they are a same monster but in large group, they attack. They were too fast to catch the Spaceship, until infron of them, there's is a light hole, persuming must be they way out but they would need someone to giving the Monster's a time, it is worth it for them to escape.

But the last monster shoot a red fireball, at it about to reach the spaceship, a light come from nowhere save the spaceship, a light who has a Crystal Of Light on his forehead, chest, arm, forearm and shin, with abs on his stomach unleashed a barrier strong enough hold the attack for the Spaceship to escape.

"What are you...?"

"Ultraman...Ultraman Ginga" said a human voice

"Ultraman...." said the alien 

"Now, go...i will stopped them..."

'Thank You"

"Sent my regard to my succerssor on earth...."

The alien fly to the Light hole and it's disappeared, Ginga cross his left arm to the front while his right arm cross again touching the left crystal and marking a "V" shape cross, he spin both of his hand while his crystal of light glows brighther blue, and he cross his hand into an "L" shaped and fire a rainbow ray toward the monster's.

The ray destroy every monster's and explode in a big explosion.

" must protect the earth from this evil Scorpis..." Ginga disappeared in light and travel into a far distance.

Chapter 3Edit

Back at the earth, the alien who was save by Ginga before arrive at the Ocean arround Kobe and landed in there, they appeared constructing a their own head quaters in case of the Scorpis attack again, but in the ocean, its nearly impossible for them to survive.

"The light being...Ultraman...why did they save us before..?" said the male Alien

"Maybe...there is an answer we must find out...why..."

"But still, i can't trust Ultraman...never anymore..."

"Hurm...." the female one can't agree with the male one words

The scene of MermaidEdit

As the story of Haruto return has brought to Gaku and Gin, their both throw a party for their friends and Haruto to celebrated his return, even Haruto's gramps Shuuya Kaze appeared with their new friend "Kaka" or his real name is Kakazu Yamasyota, the policeman who is new on duty watching over Kobe, he appearently is 40 years old now.

Not only that, Haruto's former Furoboshi school principal, Principal Tojo is one of Shuuya Kaze comrade and friend back in the 1957. They all eat the BBQ that was fried by Haruto and Gaku, in the BBQ spot, it looks delicious. 

"" Marina hold a beg of Doughnut which is Plain Sugar the way Haruto like it.

"Wahh, Plain Sugar Doughnut...."

"Thank You, Marina-chan...." he took the doughnut and eat.

While they all parting, Haruto was aware that he was looking something suspicious, something not real but turns real, a mermaid swiming via jump from the ocean and return back to the sea.

"Nani...a mermaid...?" ask Haruto

"What mermaid....?" ask Gaku

"T-the mermaid i just saw before.."

"There's no such things is mermaid...your dreaming again...."

"Impossible...." Haruto can't belive by his own eye

The midnight, Gaku planed a trip to the S.R.C station where they are the S.R.C Rockets launch before, one of them is the former member of EYES team, the jeneral, Fubuki Keisuke. He well known Ultraman's, Monster's due to his friend which is to be, Ultraman Cosmos Host, Haruno Musashi convince him that Monster are not suppose to be destroy first.

Gaku hold on his handphone, he dial Haruto's number phone and call him.

While at Shuuya Kaze house, Haruto who has a chatting session with Taro on his bed, he want's to know about Taro life in his world.

"Taro, i want to know...your homeworld, how it looks like...?" ask Haruto

"Ah, it's beautiful like Planet Earth, with green nature fit like this world..." replied Taro

"It's think that someone would show up using Dark Dummy Spark everywhere..."

"It just like how i felt when i was transform into Spark Doll when Ultraman Ginga wh save the earth before..."

"The power of the succerssor's is far more powerful that we expected..."


"But what...? ask Haruto

"I just can't fell that way, why Reuz didn't answer my question after the last fight againts Ultraman Dark...?"

"And yet, why he didn't answer it..."

"Maybe, sometimes things can be revealed easily..." replied Haruto

Suddenly, Haruto's handphone rigging a ringtone of W-B-X, Kamen Rider Double oppening theme, he quickly open it and answer the call from someone.


"Haruto-kun..." said the familiar voice


"Ha, Haruto, i got something to tell..."

"I've planed a trip to the Rocket staion called S.R.C, it's a military force like a Fighter teams..., it said that my father and the jeneral who was a former EYES member agreed my plan so, i like you and the others to come..."

"Owh, sure thing Gaku-san..."

Same answer to Marina handphone also rigging, Gaku called Marina and telling her the same question, he called Mai, and lastly his best friend Gin.

All of them said the "Agree" word and pack their bag pack for their trip by riding Gaku Father's car, the Mitsubishi Triton, a big car fit enough for 4 people including Gaku, Mai, Gin and Gaku father the driver. Taro is the only want who is lucky enough that he is a doll and small, he will be sitting on Mai Dress pocket.

Chapter 4Edit

The next morning, Haruto ride his new motocycle Honda 135 LC, he arrive at Marina house and ride with her to the S.R.C Station, while Gaku, Mai and Gin ride Gaku's father car, they all start to moving to the highway to the S.R.C station like they all planned yesterday. 

In space, Alien Nackle dark live many Keychain Doll, a same type monster called "Scorpis" thats once attacked S.R.C and Tokyo but later drestroy by our hero, Ultraman Cosmos. There are many of army of Scorpis around the space, at last he hold the Full Master, Skulldross which is an Evolution of Sandross. Although it was not strong enough to fight but it may can destroy a full Japan.

"Hoho, with this Doll....the world can be our world..." Alien Nackle act as girly queer.

"Go now, my army of Scorpiss, attack them all..." odered Nackle, the scorpis fly down to Earth but it would take a bit of time for them to across the Earth athmosphere.

While on earth, they all made it to their destination, the S.R.C Station, rockets are build here in Japan, the way the fastest way to Space. 

"I once working here for developmen of Rockets, it's not as easy as i expected is..." said Gaku father

"I heard this place also has a former Attack Crew member name EYES...his name is Fubuki keisuke...he was my father friend...." said Gaku to his friend

"Ouh..." Haruto nodded 

"It's be cool where this place build a fastest full booster Rocket, i hope i can see one of it..." said Gin

"Well, i just want to see the cute guys working here...they all handsome..." Mai making a cute face, dreaming a cute boys

"Haha, Marina-can, what do you want to see...?"

"i wish i could see the rocket, since tomorow is school, i tough watching a rocket can give us a good experience..."

"I agree..." said Mai

They all enter the S.R.C entering door, a man with a big body, wearing a Jeneral Uniform with a Three star marks on his uniform shoulder, a man with a cutting hair. He smile toward all of them, while greeting and hand shake with Gaku's father, Takatora Senjyu, he was also once a S.R.C member, he was the first man who development the Tech Booster and Tech Thunder for Team EYES jet fighter when Ultraman Cosmos first debut on earth.

"Hoho...Takatora-san...." said the Jeneral Tomoyuki Genjo

"'s been a while...." replied Takatora

"Yeah, so this is your son's...?" 

"Acctually, this is my son, Gaku..."

"Owh, Gaku-san, you were tall right now...hoho"

"Haha, it's plessure to meetyou again...Teacher"

"W-what..,Teacher!?" said Gin

"Genjo is a professional Photographer back in War in Japan in 1998...he took picture clearly about the war...his picture won the Gallery Award in Kobe...." said Takatora

"Well, he is first my dad's mentor, but now he is my teacher...thats why i want to be a professional Photographer...someday" said Gaku

"I know you can do it, Gaku-san..." replied Haruto

"Erm, okay! Shall we have a tour...?" ask Genjo

"Okay!" replied by everyone

They all were taken to the space development called Space project or simply called "S project", this place was made to build a high tech booster Rocket, it can travle through far distance. But one of it weakness it that it is not like Pentagon ship that was also have a crew name "Haruno Musashi" who was a former member of Team EYES and S.R.C, he also a human host of Ultraman Cosmos. 

"But, how far can this space rocket can fly...?" ask Marina

"Well, the ship development haven't finish yet..but it can travel as far to Saturn in quick's just not like Pendragon Ship...." 

"Pendragon ship...?"

"It's a ship develope by ZAP spacy said that they were the first flying ship and crew that arrive on Ultraman's world, The Land Of Light"

"Wow, i heard that not any human can enter the place...but they were so cool!" said Mai

"The Land Of Light...?" ask Haruto

"Haruto...don't tell me you don't know, the Ultraman's home..." ask Gaku

"I...i knew.." 

"Now, now...let's head to the other area..."

But while they were in the S.R.C area, the satelite caught a Minus Energy signal from the sky, a lot of flying monster appeared and attacking kobe city. The base area where they all were walking was ringging red alarm meaning there is danger outside, they all went out and checking what is happening,

"No, it's couldn't be Scorpis..." said the mysterious girl in a office with the other people.

"Scorpis attacking again..."

 Chapter 5Edit

Scorpis keep attacking the city, the citizens are running to find shelter. One of the Scorpis shot a red fireball from it's mouth, the fireball hit one of the buildings and it disintegrates like dust. Again, the Scorpis fly away to S.R.C satelite sistem, they about to shoot more fireball's to destroy the signal.

"No!!" shouted Genjo

"Haruto...." said Marina

"Well, it's about time i use the special one that i found in the School..."

"The special one...?" ask Gaku and Gin

Haruto grab Marina's handbag which she keeps all of his Keychain doll in case their is a emergency, he rise up an Ultraman Tiga Doll.

"Ultraman Tiga!" said Gaku

"I use to watch his series when i was 7 years's so cool!" 

"Ultra Live!" Haruto attaches Tiga's doll to his Reuz Spark.

"Urotoraman Tiga!" Haruto rise up Reuz Spark and Tiga's doll, he surrounding by the light with a single galaxy.

Insert Song, Take Me Higher Remix versionEdit

Tiga appeared landding with he Knee down, and he rush to Scorpis releasing a side punch to Scorpis head, and gave a front kick to it's stamoch. Tiga avoid the tail swing attack by Scorpis by jumping over it's tail, he quickly took fighting stance.

The Scorpis shot a fireball toward Tiga chest, and more fireball's come and hit him again and again. Tiga quickly regained his sense, he reverse his arm and push it back to form a "v" shape, he pull back to absorb the light into his colour timer and he perform a "L" style ray, he fire Ultraman Tiga most powerful attack, the Zeppelion Ray. 

"Wow, i don't know i can access their attacks..." said Haruto

The ray hit every one of the Scorpis rapidly, until one of them manage to fly away, while he was up on the sky firing more fireballs, it hit again Tiga's from the sky, Tiga fall down weakened while his colour timer start to blink red.

Just about the Scorpis tried to persude Tiga by jumping on him, an unknown bullet of laser gun hit the Scorpis, it was sent fly away to the back. A robot with a red and white design, landding down, leanding a hand to Tiga to stand up back.




"I'm Gin, c'mon Haruto, i though you were stronger than that..." it was revealed Gin the one whose in Jean-bot controling him. 

Tiga quickly hold Jean-Bot hand and standing up back, he realised there is one Scorpis left, he should let Gin take the final attack.

"How about you take the final shot...?" ask Haruto. But Jean-bot disappeared in split second, while Haruto saw Gin walking to the other's on S.R.C park.


Tiga cross his hand to his crystal on his forehead, it shine purple and Tiga released it, making his body change into purple colour all over his body. 


"Sky Type!" shouted Gaku

Tiga pull his right arm to the right while his left arm to the left at the same time, a purple light absorbing to his colour timer. He rise up back into "V" shape while the light absorb to his palm, he rise down to his left kidney and strike down Scorpiss with a thunder attack which is purple colour.

"Thunder Ramb Balt..." said Mai

The attack finaly hit Scorpis, the monster fall down to the ground and explode in a huge flame. Everybody cheerup to Ultraman Tiga victory.

Tiga disappeared into a light, Haruto save landded on the ground infront of all of his friends, he look exausted during the fight.

"I can't belive you just acctually transform into Tiga..."

"This boy, is a Keychain Doll user...?" ask Genjo to Takatora

"Yes, his name is Haruto...Haruto Shuuya" 

Chapter 6Edit

Once the scorpiss attack was end, the people start to knowing, if the S.R.C has detecting Sandross appearance again since the last time, the battle end with Ultraman Cosmos and another ultraman fire up their ray to destroy Sandross.

Haruto look up on the ground, there are many Keychail doll scattered, the Scorpiss acctually a Keychain doll with no user's, Haruto and his friend's collect the remaining dolls and put on their special case called "Keychain Doll Collection". Once they done, they follow Jeneral Genjo for lunch at the S.R.C cafeteria.

"Oh, there a doghnut on the cafeteria...?" ask Haruto

"What flavour...?" said Genjo

"Plain Sugar!" Haruto smile while shouting Plain Sugar flavour doughnut

"Oh, i'm sorry, but there is no such flavour of doughnut like that..."


"Cheer-up can't eat doughnut all the time..."

"Okay, okay...i eat something else..."

The clock time starting, Alien Nackle saw Haruto and his friends were eating, he began to feel diffrent. He scratching his head or fur, he didn't understand what is human can do or can't do.

"Foolish human, how can they still eating after they destroy Scorpiss army..."

"Uhh, i will show them, they are many more Scorpiss army...My Master can rule the world...!"

"Err, Mai...did you hear something?" ask Gin


"Someone just babbler about us...guess it just my imagination..."

"Shuuya Haruto..." a voice from a mysterious being next to the wall of the cafeteria, Haruto heard the voice, he turn his head to the voice, the time and paradox go slowly making his friend's and other people movement slow except him and the mysterious being.

"Who are you..." ask haruto

"You think Scorpiss army has end after you transforming into on of the Keychain Doll...?"

"There are many more than that, you could even imagin how it gonna be..."

"I hear that there once Scorpiss attacking the Japan, but S.R.C has comrade called Ultraman Cosmos and another Ultraman defeated Scorpiss and their leader, Sandross..." said Haruto

"Tch! That's an old story...maybe this time, the world can be rule by me..."

"You lost your transformation as Ultraman Reuz, what could you possibly can do now...?"

"All i have to do is...not loosing Hope" 

"I will become everyone Hope to protect them...!" 

The mysterious being disappeared after he heard Haruto words, the time and paradox suddenly become normal back, the movement become normal.

"Haruto...?" Marina touches Haruto shoulder, he look like he having a nightmere.

"You look like you having a dream..." replied back

"Nope, i'm okay..."

"You sure...?" ask Jeneral Genjo


Chapter 7Edit

Back in the sea, there are a group of Alien race but they are all human form acctually talking about the boy that Ultraman Ginga mention earlier, the boy who become his succerssor. All of them were thinking, who could it be and why they would appeared back on earth after the battle againts Sandros years ago.

"Argh, this isn't helping us, how we suppose to find the boy...?" said Jen one of the survival of the Alien Race called "Alien Gyashi".

"Could you please relax a bit...? We tried to find the boy..." said Rika

"How can we wait?"

"Next Year...?"

"Next Week?"

"Sooner or later Skulldross will find us..." said Jean again

"I found it...!" replied one of the Alien Gyashi race

"Found what...?" ask Jen

"The boy...that Ginga said before..."

"Where is he...?" 

"On the S.R.C base, i think i know that place, they once help us fighting Scorpiss and Sandros..remember...?"

"Haruno...Musashi...?" said Jen

"Maybe but i can't detect him on earth..." 

"So, what is the boy name...?"

"Perhaps, you and Reka should go and ask..." 

On Space, Alien Nackle Dark Live more army of Scorpiss to prepare the attack like Wiseman or Master wish to end the Survival race of Alien Gyashi and Human on earth. But their will know that Haruto and his friends also prepare to Ultra Live if monster's appeared again.

Alien Nackle stops for a moment as his Master teleport in his place causing him to shock. "Oh, Master! Your appearance shocking me..." said Nackle

"How's our plan...Alien Nackle...?" ask someone from the dark

"It's perfectly well right now..."

"We can't let Haruto interupted our plan again, sent more and more Scorpiss to terminate earth..."

"As you wish, Master..."

At night, all of Haruto's friend were at the Amusemen Ground where Haruto part time job is, with full of fun entertaiment for Kids like the Roller Coster, Merry Gold Round, and cup round, it's a cup where we sit and it spin. 

"Wahh, there's so much fun things we could do here...right, Gin-kun?" said Mai

"Yeah" Gin replied smile toward Mai

"Haruto-kun...let's ride the roller coster...?" ask Marina


"You guys go ahead, i...."

"They said Gaku afraid of Height..." said Mai and Marina

"W-wait, it's not like that..." 

"Well, See you later Gaku..." Gin hold Mai hand, they both walk to the Merry Gold Round while Haruto and Marina went to the Roller Coster.

Chapter 8Edit

They all having fun, while Gin tried to win the game of throwing ball to win Mai a teddy bear, but he keep loosing. His pocket money almost dry out, until his last chance hitting the one million hole, he win the teddy bear for Mai. Mai giving him a hug as Thankful Gift.

While Haruto and Marina having fun riding the roller coster, Haruto feeling motion sickness as in the first place where he ride his gramps Kaze motorcycle, he can't feel his gravity on his body right, so he will he get motion sickness if he ride a new transport.

"Haruto...?" ask Marina after they both walking down after the roller coster, Haruto quickly went to the bathroom, giving out all the sickness from his body.

Marina, Gaku, Gin and Mai went to the Cafeteria not far from the Amusement Park carnival, Haruto went to look for his friend's. The place suddenly close, it dark for Haruto to see around, the park suddenly open again, the light shine revealing a man with a dark green silky outfit and a gold wearing cloth.

"Shuuya...Haruto" said the man


"How do you know me...?" ask Haruto

"I know you when i study about you power as well..." The man throw a Trump Card of Joker toward Haruto, even it a bit little cut a blood on Haruto cheek, he manage to catch it. Haruto cheek bleed a little blood.

"Hmph! You faster than i though..." 

"Who are you...?"

"I'm Alien Gyashi, we're a Alien look like Human, a alien with Human personality and look...we come here with peace, we don't want any war or our homeworld was destroy by Scorpiss army..."


"The monster that attack you remember...when you transform into the Ultraman multi colour..." 

"So you noticed my transformation..."

"We have been working together with Ultraman years ago defeating Sandros, our enemies..."

"Haruto Shuuya!"

"The fate of earth lies in your hand to defend it from Scorpiss army, they might have been more than ten..."

"But, i loose my transformation..."

"Ultraman Ginga ask me..."


"By the way, you are....the Trump Card" said Jen

"What do you mean...?"

"The man that we Gyashi Seijin can and Mushashi Haruno are alike"

"I know him, he's one of the former crew of Team EYES and S.R.C pilot..."

"Hump, let's meet again on the next time we meet..."

"Wait!" Haruto didn't manage to hold up Jean, he disappeared like Gin does when they fighting Scorpiss. 

Chapter 9Edit

Marina come to Haruto, calling his name. She feel weird Haruto still standing in the middle like he saw a ghost. She touches Haruto shoulder, he was shocked, He thought there was a ghost touching him.

"Urm, Marina-chan..." 

"Why are you standing here...?"

"It's nonthing..."

"Why do you always keep it youself...why don't you want to shared with me...or shared to others about your problems...?"

"It's nothing!" Marina shocked to see Haruto replied like that, she make a sad face and a cute one either.

"I'm sorry, Marina-chan, i didn't meant to..."

"It's okay, just tell me...if you had a problem..."


"Oi! Haruto-kun! Food is ready, and you too Marina-chan..."

"Why do they have to date in the time like this..."

"Okay! We coming!" replied and shouted Haruto to his friend.

The next day, Haruto still asleep at his room that he and his friend's was given by Jeneral Tojo at S.R.C base. While all of his friend's awake earlier, they don't want to wake up Haruto as he was a sleeping boy, he didn't have a good night sleep yesterday due to he been studying how to unlock back Ultraman Reuz power.

"Boy, Haruto is such a sleeping's about passing 10 o'clock, Marina-chan...go wake him up" ask Gaku

"Let him sleep for awhile, it's kinda cute when he sleep like that..."

Meanwhile, "ZzZzZzZz..." Haruto snoring, when he move to the left side of his bead it's the near end of his bed, he fall down with his blanket and even not knowing that he sleep on the floor right now.

"Haruto-kun..." non a replied by Haruto

"Haruto-kun...!" again, not a replied by Haruto, unless Marina have a got a bad idea but she must do it to wake him up.

"Oi! Wake up, Haruto-kun...Marina douche a backet of water to Haruto face, he suddenly awake with the strange face.

"Owh, Marina-chan...good morning"

"Good Morning..."

"So, are you baking Plain Sug..."

"Haruto you lazy bump, you must be dreaming again..." Marina giggles as she see Haruto still dreaming about Plain Sugar Doughnut.

"Don't worry, i buy it for you...hehe" said Marina, leaving Haruto on his room.

Haruto went down to the stairs, all of his friend's were sitting watching television, he sit down make a strange face. His friends action like he didn't exist in te cafeteria.


"Yes...?" Haruto was shock again, sawing Jean, the Alien Gyashi and another one which is Female Alien Gyashi.


"Hump, we meet again..."

Chapter 10Edit

Alien Gyashi give a serious look toward Haruto, but both of them was stopping by Gaku as Gaku was the one calling them both for help, Scorpiss wil arrive on earth hours from now, so S.R.C will actived again the Earth Barrier, it would protect the entire earth withouth Scorpiss can even passed through of it.

"Erm, can you introduce yourself..." Gaku straigh to the point

"Hai, Shuuya Haruto. I'm Mari..."

"Nice to meet you..."

"So, you must be the Spark holder which transform you into Ultraman right?" ask Mari


"I hope we can work together...Scorpiss also one of our foe" Mari want to shake hand with Haruto, Haruto respectively while nodded.

Soon, an army of Scorpiss was set ready to began destruction on Kobe, Alien Nackle Dark Live also the King of Scorpiss, Skulldross. The beast still not knowing what is going right now but he is sure to get revenge on Ultraman Cosmos.

"Hurm, where's Cosmos...?"

"The soon you destroy earth, the soon you will find him..."

"Is that a deal...?"


Skulldross rise his claws, odering all the Scorpiss to attack eath once at for all, leaving no mercy to the people on the blue planet. The all fly away from the dark planet, in case of that, S.R.C has set up something special around the earth, a special force field.

The Jeneral, Gaku's father, Gaku, Gin, Mai, Marina, Haruto and Alien Gyashi ready to help once again, as their thankful gift from Ultraman Ginga. But one of the connecters was broke and withouth it, the Satelite that shot the Force field is unfunctional.

"Let me help it..." Jen trust his right fingger to the computer access key, his figher fire a blue calm ray, it easily accessing the main Satelite for moving like it was not broken.

"Thank you" said the Jeneral

"Humph, don't get me wrong, i always want to help..."

"He always like that, don't worry..." replied back Mari

"Now, active the satelite!"


All of the satelite from earth moving toward earth, it start firing a blue ray , where it cover all entire earth with a strong force field, enough to hold more armys of scorpiss.

"This should do the trick..."

"Haruto, we should head to the battelfield..." ask Gin while touching Haruto shoudler. "I will help too..." Marina ask them both for her help

"Yeah..." nodded Haruto slowly

Chapter 11Edit

Insert Song, Cries Of HopeEdit

The Scorpiss army fly toward the earth, they force hit the force field that was set up earlier. And again, their failed to enter Earth. But soon, a dark energy destroying one scorpiss and destroy the force field, the Scorpiss enter with angry feelings to destroy human race.

"No!" shouted the Jeneral

" the same like when Cosmos beating them up..." said Mai

The city was destroy by Scorpiss fireball, hitting the buildings, destroying it. All the citizen run head over heels, they all saving theirlifes.

One of the bulding was seen turn into sand or dust by Scorpiss fireaball. The scorpiss land on the city, destroy the building either than shooting more fireball and swinging his tail. 

More of their armys destorying the S.R.C satelite that was before shooting the force field. 

"Now, everything is lost...!"

"Where is Ultraman Cosmos....?" ask the Head Jeneral on Military Army, Fueki Soda. He was sitting on his chair while watching the scene on his laptop, his office kinda quite that time.

While the people were running, one of them is a 7 yeard old kid suddenly fall down while he was running, Haruto soon appeared lending him a hand, helping him to getting up. Marina also follow him from behind, the boy who wear Green T-shirt and blue long pants holding Ultraman Reuz toy.

"Mister, when Ultraman Reuz to appeared to save the city...?" ask the kid to Haruto.  His mouth just wont open even he was to answer the boy question.

"He will appeared right, mister....?" ask the kid again. Haurto look down and soon he smile to the kid.

"Yeah, he will be" Haruto will kept his promise to the boy that Reuz will appeared. 

"Marina, take him...brought him to the safest place" 

"What are you going to do...?"

"I will fight those Scorpiss..." Haruto tried to make Maria trust him. "But you already lost your power, how can you fight...?"

"Like my friend said from another universe, make the impossible to possible.." Marina smile while holding the boy hand. The boy face remembering him when he once a childe, as cute like that.

Haruto rush toward the battlefield. Meanwhile, Gin was already in Jean-Bot in combat mode battling Scorpiss, he manage to kill lost of them but some of them overpowered Jean-Bot. 

"Gin!" shouted Haruto seeing his friend was overpowered.

Suddenly, a bullet of laser shooting all the scorpiss. It was reveald Mitsubishi Chester 1 and Mitsubishi Chester 3 with his allie team the original S.R.C Team Sea as a captain, Captain Kido with Tech plane. 

They all appeared to help destroying the Scorpiss, Mitsubishi 1 and Tech Plane working together flying at hyper speed passing through the bridge fly above the sea and shot laser attack toward Scorpiss, slowing them down. 

"Thank You!" shouted Elly

"Working together is more function..." said Nakamura (Hibiki Suzuki)

"Support!" Captain Kido appriciated their teamwork

Chapter 12Edit

But the Scorpiss run away assume when their seen Tech and Chester, their destroy every building and even destroy the tree on Haruto part time job place, the Amusement Park. Haruto can't watch this action anymore, he want to protect others and also keeping the kid promise to see Reuz again.

Haruto run down to the sand place, a place infront of the bridge. He bring out the Reuz Spark on his hand. 

"Stop it!"

"Even i can't transform, but i will make the impossible to possible...!" shouted Harutto sawing two scorpiss fly above him.

Insert Song, Called of the HeroEdit

"This is...Hope!" the last Scorpiss shot two fireball at the same time but diffrent direction left and right.

The fireball explode between Haruto site, in the explosion seeing Haruto lean the Reuz Spark to his forehead. "Ikuze, Reuz!" shouted Haruto in his mind.

He rise up the spark, between the explosion. The twin side open revealing Reuz keychain doll spinning over. The sun burn and burn showing a burning flame fly away, it enter the earth destroying one Scorpiss while on it's way to Haruto, he quickly gathered Reuz Doll, the flame enter his body causing Haruto a big pain due the flame.

"Huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!" the flame sudden transform into light, sparkling the scene.

Jeneral Genjo start to feel weard, a ligh was form.

"Could it be.." said Marina

The light shine with a spiral galaxy, the light form a silver pattern and the red pattern until the light was absorb into a ligh giant. Ultraman Reuz was reveald who was the light giant, Haruto can transform with Full energy with the power of Flame of the sun. 

Insert Song, Ultraman Reuz Appeared (Note that this sountrack is similar to Ultraman Cosmos appearance when Musashi Transform again into Cosmos in Blue Planet)Edit

"Ultraman...Reuz" said Nakamura with a smiling face.

"Haruto..." Elly shouted when she sees again Reuz.

Team Sea leader, Captain Kido smiling toward the new Ultra that he never seen before after Ultraman Cosmos. 

"Haruto!" shouted Marina happily.

Reuz flying over to the battle place while avoiding Scorpiss fireball. On the bridge, the kid saw Reuz flying, he was happy that the mister (Haruto) really did said that come true. 

"Gambate! Ultraman Reuz!" shouted the boy couragely and holding Reuz toy doll.

Reuz landded on a area with lots of wood and barrel forest, he turn his head up seeing both of the scorpiss fire multiple fireball, Reuz receipt it using his right arm, then blocked the other using his left arm but in diffrent formation, he again cross his right arm to block the attack, same that he does using his left. The last attack, he cross both of his arm to counter it. 

He then charge his right arm from his colour timer, a purple light force to his right fist, he punch one of the Scorpiss face to his inner organs and destroying the scorpiss pieces by pieces. While the other one running away to the factory area, where they are whole factories. Reuz fly again to catch the running scorpiss.

The Scorpiss landded there, watching on the sky, Reuz cross his both of his arm to his forehead crystal of light.

Reuz "Omni Slash!" he fire a violet colour slash from his crystal of light on his forehead, hitting the scorpiss, it feel down to the ground and explode.

Reuz land down to factory area, walking slowly to see that the Scorpiss really dead or nor, but three of them from the sky roaring. Reuz turn his head up, scorpiss attacking him by firing more fireball. He only receipt it using his shoulder and left arm. He cross both of his arm into "v" shaped style to the front and slowly pull it back by spinning it, light from the earth comes through to his colour timer charging him from the entire of his body.

"Showah!!" Reuz grunts realising a strong amount of energy of Blow Shot to the remaining Scorpiss, destroying them.


"He did it!" said the Jeneral 

Chapter 13Edit

But the battle didn't end yet as a darkness gasses flow down, a big one. The gasses sounds familiar to Jen and Mari as they both once fight Sandross. The darkness gasses reveald to be a skull monster, Skulldross, landding infront of Reuz about five kilometer from him.

Skulldross roar and roar, he was a skeleton version of Sandross or rather the original Sandross from his own planet. "So, you the new Ultraman who defend this earth...?" 

"If it have non of good experience to battle me..." Soon a strong darkness ray hitting Skulldross from the head, Skulldross roar in pain. He explode in a big flame.

The darkness forming a portal of darkness, a dark giant enter and landded on SKulldross place before. The dark and terrible beast who was attacking Shinjiku once, a beast that was defeated by the legendary ultra, Ultraman Noa, the one who will be the last oppenent for Reuz to face, Dark Zagi.

"Impossible..." a little toy soon appeared on Marina shoulder

"Taro-san! Where had you been...?" ask Marina

"I off my day on the beach..but i was too late to warn Haruto that Dark Zagi even more furious than a fight..."

"I belive in Haruto..."

"I doubt it, he surely can..."


"Ultraman Reuz...the junior..."

"Although, i will become everyone's Hope!" shouted Haruto

Dark Zagi accelerated himself to Reuz, while Reuz also accelerated himself, both of them throwing a Medium punch each other on their chest, Reuz and Zagi walking back hurting. Reuz leanding side kick toward Zagi kidneys, Zagi couldn't manage to block it while he perform snap kick toward Reuz abs or stomach. Both of them at equal match.

"I don't understand..Reuz is perfectly match on Zagi like Ginga...." said Taro

"Sometime, don't underestimate the junior..."

"I hope your word can give me the lesson that i learn..." Taro beliving Reuz from now

"Fools! This universe belongs to me..." said Zagi

"Try and get it..." Dark Zagi grabs his fist with a tornado of darkness and purple aura surrounding him, Dark Zagi activing his full energy.

While Reuz started to get chocky, he cross both of his arm front his chest, and actived his deep blue aura mode. Both of them took fighting stance while Dark Zagi accelerated himself, while he perform a heavy punch Reuz dodge turning his head to the left then the right at high speed. 

Reuz grab Zagi fist, he again perform axe kick toward Zagi shoulder, he felt much painfull. Dark Zagi fly to the sky, Reuz first again kicks on his stomach and perform a hook kick to Zagi. He felt down as much pain to him. 

"Impossible...your fighting style, even similar to the one he did..."


"Ultraman Ginga i suppose..."

Zagi then perfrom his technique, Gravity Zagi and hit Reuz on the chest, he feel down backward. 

"I'm not gonna give up...i their Last Hope!"

"Hope? Don't make me laugh..." 

Dark Zagi Average Punch and about to hit Reuz, he immidietly dodge the punch and perform a Palm Trust to Zagi abs also, sending him back far away.

Insert Song, Blessed Wind Edit

Reuz standing up back, Dark Zagi fly to the sky average height, he seems angry toward Reuz performance weakening him. Dark Zagi cross his arm straight and perform a "V" style and a "v" shape appeared infront of his energy core.

Reuz also cross his left arm following his right arm to form a "V" shaped style and spin both of his arm while his crystal of light shines brighter normal blue. 

"Go for head, Ultraman Reuz!" shouted Taro

"Ikuze!" shouted the Jeneral

"Don't give up Haruto-kun!" shouted Marina



"Haruto" said Gin in Jean-Bot who obviously badly broken.

Insert Song, Kimi Dake Wo Mamoritai Piano VersionEdit

Dark Zagi released his Lightning Zagi attack while Reuz also released his Reuz Cross Shot at the same time both of the ray hitting each other causing a big split of aura light. The beam caused a flash of light, all of the people close their eye.

"Huarghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Dark Zagi roar making his ray get more stronger, it almost defeated Reuz Cross Shot.

"I will become Everyone Hopes!!" shouted 

"Hurrr...Showah!!" Reuz add more power to his Cross Shot, his ray successful overpowered Dark Zagi lightning. Dark Zagi cross his arm to protect him from the ray but it was too strong the energy hit his energy core. The explosion causing everything going black and flashing light.

"What is happening...!!!!???" shouted Taro

At the end of the battle, Reuz was in back posted of Dark Zagi while he also doing the same. Zagi turn to Reuz. "Huahaahaha" hes laughing  soon become pain as his energy core broke a part, lot's of his dark energy loosing out .

"Huarghhhh!!!!" Dark Zagi explode with massive flame bom behind Reuz. He turn his head to the back, sawing everything is crystal clear and he won the battle while his colour timer blink red.

"He won...!" shouted Captain Kido


"That's what i talking about..." said Gin

"Haruto won the battle..."

"Yes, he won..."

Chapter 14 EpilogueEdit

The battle won by Ultraman Reuz, the Alien Gyashi gave deep breath of happiness the end of Sandross Saga. Jeneral Genjo shouted " Hoorayyy" and gave a smile to the hero on the monitor screen. Marina also smile and gave a wave of her hand to Reuz.


Time has running fast, it was months already. It's about time Alien Gyashi to said Goodbye to the peacefull Earth. Before that, they meet Haruto and his friends at the Kobe Beach, Haruto wear Hawaiian Shirt and short white pants, Marina where a White T-shirt and a blue skirt, Mai where Yellow T-shirt and short pants, Gaku and Gin sorta wear the same type of T-shrit and short pants.

"Errm, Gaku...Gin...are you...***?" ask Haruto

"No! We best friend's!" said Gaku happily

"Thats Gin alright..." Mai gave a glad breath of herself

"Haruto, Thank You for your help...withouth you Scorpiss and Sandross would never end up.."

"I be happy to help.."

"In case of Thankful gift, here..." Jen show a Reija Keychain Doll

"Thank You..."

"I hope this could use on you journey and battle...reija quite a skill monster" said Mari

"Yeah" Haruto and his friends smile.

Sometimes later, Haruto transform into Ultraman Reuz to clean up them mess of Scorpiss action. Reuz landded behidn the broken Hotel.

"Yosh! Now to repair it..." said Haruto

Reuz gathed a light energy to his palm and released it to the building, it become normal again like it was in the past before it was destroyed. The hotel looks beautiful like brand new.

"My work here is done..." 

On sunset, Alien Gyashi planet set flying from the sea to the sky. Haruto and his friends waving their hand means saying goodbye to Alien Gyashi. A hologram or Mari and Jen face appeared saying "Thank You" .

"Even Aliens has dream to catch..." said Haruto

"Yeah" Gin agree

"I hope we can see them again..."

Insert Ending Song, Something You Can DoEdit

"In the future..." Haruto gave a big smile and the special end to Credits.

The End 

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