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  • The Revival Of The Ancient Warrior special movie is part of the Special Series of Ultraman Reuz, it was about 50 minute's story. It's also the direct- to - videos sequel set between episode 4 and epsidoe 5 of Ultraman Reuz series.




  • Main
  • Ultraman Meteor (Only appeared in the vision and story by the Village leader)


  • Haruto Shuuya
  • Andy
  • Matsumoto the Seer
  • Village leader, Souma
  • People of the Village
  • Monster Hunter, Kate
  • Defender of Village, Munakata
    • Hotsuka, one of the defender of village
    • Rai, one of the defender of village
    • Army of Munakata soldier's
  • Doroki, Legendary wizard with legend power


  • Alien Kirila
  • Dongori
  • Lackey Wizard Mo


  • Rouzorus
  • Menos


  • Tenzo Village 
  • Haruto house 
  • Forest of Dead 
  • Land of Menos
  • Battle Place
  • Forest of Pyramid of Giant warrior of Light


In the early age, 5000 years ago the people of a remote village still belived in the existence of a legendary warrior called Ultraman Meteor. The village was live in peaceful life ever since the giant of light exist, for eternal life, the children's of the village playing a game of tag, chassing each other while been watch by the village leader, wearing a white clothe and have a long beard. The other's was transport water from the fresh river to a basket, other villagers were collecting fish from the the river where they put a pile of rock surrounding the round river so that the fish wouldn't escape. At last the village defender come with his teammates to check their comrades working on the barrier from a wooden wood, they are strong enough to hold of fire or lightning attacks, it take's a years to finish the work with an extra hand's.

"Everything is okay...?" said of the the village defender comrades who is the leader of the workers to finish of the barrier

"Good..." replied the village defender leader

The defender village leader spotted one of the villagers while smilling for some reason, a young boy standing up on the short hills, watching something and he knew someday a giant will come down. He stare at the mountain far away from the village, remembering the story from the village leader about the Giant of light appearance.

Chapter 1Edit

Flashback Story Edit

A long time ago, there was a monster who had once destroyed this village, it has called the people to suffer a fate of die. But their strong hope has bring forth of miracle, suddenly, a unknown giant who the people said Ultraman Meteor who had a twin wings on his back appared and fought the evil monster.

Meteor swing his right hand to stop the evil monster punching using his left hand, while using his left hand to receipt the monster right hand. Ultraman Meteor released a kick on the evil monster and thus to a K.O chop to his head, Meteor move to his side by jumping from his back to avoid the monster punch again, while standing back, he gave again a powerful kick to the monster again, sending him back away. 

But Ultraman Meteor didn't finish his battle using a ray or a special techniques but giving him a multi kick from the aeriel jump thus destroyed the evil monster causing him a big explosion. Ultraman Meteor save the village once, and become a hero said by the villagers. 

After overcoming the monster, the night was no longer seeing as the sunset rise up as a results it's morning. Ultraman Meteor disaappeared in the mountain. After the incident, the villages were very certain, that Ultraman Meteor  is still living in the mountain said by the seer of the village.

The boy turning his head and watch the village working to restore their peaceful moment after the battle of the two giants. He smile at them, and someday he wan't to be someone helpful and a hero to save other's.

"Hoiii, Andy..., the chief is looking for you..." said the voice of the village defender leader

"He want's to see me...?" ask Andy. The leader of the defender village smile with his teammates

"Matsumoto is also waiting for you..." 

"ThankYou very much, Munakata...!" said Andy

Andy run from the short hills, passing the forest, the rocks and he reach the village safe from injuring. He is also good at hunting and also surviving although no one ever belived he's said because of his age is still 11 years old. He run as fast he could to find the seer and the village leader, the both of them were praying on the Stone which is a looks like an energy core of Ultraman Meteor. Matsumoto the seer put a branches of a flowers to the stone as a Thankful to the giant of light for saving the village.

"Are you looking for me...?" said Andy

"Yes..." replied the village leader

"Lately, have you noticed any change about the mountain...?" ask the seer

"No, why...?" 

"I don't feel too good of this...somehow, i feel a bad things will happened..." The three of them turning their head's watching the mountain again, even so their have knewing bad things could happen if the mountain didn't have any change.

A moment of a night, a crescent moon exist as it's time has come, a slash sound was seen by a young girl have killed a giant monster dragon using a sword. A young girl wearing a white shirt, a black short jakets which it's abilities is to protect her from attack, it act just like an amor with a spikes, short black jeans and band her hair as poneytail.

The young girl walked bravery to the monster stomach where she slice him also killed him with her sword, she quickly put her hand's to the big hole, pulling her sword out, she rise out the sword to the crescent direction.

"Ah, it's belong to me now. The most powerful sword..." said the young girl

The sword medal shine's yellow from the moon light, the light show her a unknown crystal behind the rock look's just like an energy core of a Giant. She walked slowly to pick it up even so she didn't know what is it.

"This is...for what...?" ask the girl holding the crystal stone 

Chapter 2Edit

Earth in the FutureEdit

Earth in the future, in the age of 2013, Human' live peaceful in Japan, having working together, they can avoiding war or misunderstanding each other. As the world just got advanced with the new technology everyday, they live in harmony and also sometimes the technology can harm the Earth and may pollute them if they use them in the wrong way.

As for a young man, name Haruto Shuuya walking around the city which got more advanced call the city of Kobe. People was busy working there, either working as a Pilot on Kobe airlines, as a engineer of repairing cars or motorcycle or maybe as a Captain of a ship. He walked to a Kobe most intresting and love tower, Kobe Port Tower which located besides the wide sea but they are a Kobe bridge as result to drive throw the next city, Kobe was seperated like half since the ancient time.

"Haacummm...!" Haruto suddenly sneezing because of the cold wind.  It was spring time at the day, he was alone due he has nothing to do at this moment.

"Man, this wind really cold..or i got a flu...?" 

But as the time past at 4, o'clock, an Alien walking toward the building's of a Gallery museum, holding a black item and a doll. He attaches the doll to the dark item, a darkness spread toward the doll, covering with black aura, soon becoming a Monster roaring toward's the human, while start rampaging the city of Kobe.

"Destroy everything, Rouzorus...!" said the strange Alien, come out from portal earlier, wearing a big goggles with his eye has a shape of a thin cube.

While hearing's people screaming and running from the monster attack, their scream wake up Haruto from a daydream, he saw a giant new monster attacking the city, he quite knew someone must active the Keychain Doll somewhere in the city.

"A new one...someone must have activing it using the Dark Spark..." said Haruto

Haruto pick a Keychain Doll from his purple jacket, he show up his Lock Spark, he attaches the Doll to the Lock Spark.

"Kaiju Live!" 

"Gomora!" a blue light spinning surround Gomora's doll, and Haruto rise up the Lock Spark, he also surrounding by a blue light before disappeared in a galaxy form.

While the monster rampaging the city, Gomora soon giving him an uppercut using his tail, the dinosaur like monster fall down backward, and the other heroic monster landing infront of him. 


"There's another being that hold the same power as me...?" ask the Alien himself

"Let's go, Gomora..." said Haruto

Gomora run toward the dinosaur monster, released his intence punch to the monster face later a kick to his left leg. Rouzorus began to swung his tail to Gomora left hips, his strong force has causing Gomora to fell down too. The monster get really angry in second, Rouzorus run like a bull to gore Gomora stomach, but quicklu jump to his back after Haruto gained control back of Gomora.

"Uh, this dinosaur strong...who's controlling it...?" ask Haruto

"But it doesn't matter...let's finish this, Gomora...! Gomora began to burn fire on his twin hord, an electricity charging to his horn, and he fire a super blast Gomora.

"Super Blast Gomora...!" said Haruto

The attack flew and hitted Rouzaorus, the strong attack defeated the evil kaiju, destroy leaving it explode with big flame.

" wouldn't see the last of it...Ultraman..." said the Alien

Gomora revert back to Haruto, he look's not stresses after the battle, the city was save again but not for long. A yellow and black colour portal suddenly exist, opening it, the gravity power was strong, even for Haruto cannot control his balance and he was sucked into the portal while he was scream dizzy because of low gravity.


Chapter 3Edit

Ultraman Taro who was visiting Haruto's room by teleport himself using is Ultra Physic. But luck just ran out, Haruto isn't in is room or in Shunya Kaze, his grandfather house. But before he teleport back to see Marina, a same portal that sucked Haruto's earlier exist on Haruto room.

"W-what...a portal...?" said Taro

Like Haruto, he also been suck into the portal, he was not strong as he was a doll actually, he was suck in and the portal quickly close.

"Huarghh..." Taro fall down at the same place where Haruto was fell and he fainted for a moment

A Silent DayEdit

A strange sound whom only Andy who got distracted and hearing the sound, his prediction was complete, someone has come to help the village. Andy wake up from sleeping, it was already morning but the sun still didn't rise yet, like the future, possibley it's still 7 o'clock morning. Andy ran away to the mountain where he knew someone that fell there is the one.

He ran as fast as he could, passing the village forest, and to the hills, he founded that the mountain have a crack of a shape of a man. But he was right, there are a man beside the rock, he quickly ran to the fainted young man, with a Red, action figure with two horns.


"Man, are you okay? Hey, man...?" said Andy

Back at the village, everyone was busy walking to the village leader house, to see the young man who Andy found beside the rocks. Each other pushing away also want to see the unknown man that said to bee fall down from the mountain with a some kind of doll.

"You said you found him at the mountain...?" said Matsumoto

"Yes, he left a crack on the mountain where he fall down with the doll..." replied Andy

"I see..."

"Matsumoto...does this meant anything...?" ask the village leader

"I think...this young man come from far away place...his clothing not the same like our age right now..."

"I agree..."

"Erk...urgh..." Haruto suddenly awake, he opened his eye slowly, he noticed why he was surrounding by many poeple

"Ahh..where am i...!?" ask Haruto

"Relax young one, welcome to my village, i'm Souma the village leader...i simply belived from what i heard from the boy that you fall from a mountain leaving a crack a shape of you..."

"What...but i'm actually not fall from a mountain...but i'm come from a orange portal..that must be sent me here..." replied Haruto

"I see, a portal....must be the Alien work..."

"By the way, i'm the one who found you and brought you here..." Andy smile toward Haruto

"What's your name...?" ask Matsumoto the seer who predict the future

"My name is...Haruto...Haruto Shuuya...." said Haruto

"Owh, seems not from here..."

"Actually i'm..." before he could continue his word, the village defender come with a terrible news

"Souma...! A monster...a monster is coming to our village...!" said the village defender


All the villagers run away to the safest place, while been excort by the others village defender to the forest. While Munakata's defender village group starting to close up the gate but until the odered was given, other's set up their weapon such as wooden spear, rocks using their technology to throw multiple rocks toward the enemy and knife. 

The monster walked fast to the village, with the two unknown being, one with barbarian with two horns cover his head weilding a barbarian weapon which is a bold sword and a wizard wearing a mask flying with the barbarian man to destroy the village. 

"Let's go, Rouzorus, let's destroy the Village and find the missing stone of Ultraman Meteor...!" said the wizard

"C'mon...!" said the barbarian

Chapter 4Edit

Meanwhile, the other's village defender was prepared everything such as the weapon, the wooden spear, an army of defender, and the all waiting for the gate to opened. 

"Be prepared everyone...!" said on the village defender leader assistants

"Alright...!" said all the village defender, holding each of their weapon. The assistants walked to the army who prepared the rock's throwing using their technology.

"Hey, You..! Get ready..." 

"Yes, sir...!" 

"Hey, get ready everyone...we have a village to save...!"


The village defender lift the heavy rocks to put on the rock thrower's, even it was heavy, they managely can handle it easily. Back at the village, Souma and Matsumoto calming down the villager's and take a deep breath to calm down a little. Hoping their would overcoming their fear over the monster.

"Calm down, everyone...don't be afraid..." said Souma

"Munakata and his friend's will fight the evil monster...and i belived, they could win this..."

"Now, hurry...we must hide ourselve to the mountain, the village would never last long..."

Hotsuka standing on the mountain, looking for the monster. While that, the monster has been seen by him, the sun shine causing him hard to see yet, he cover his eye by covering his hand to the eyebrows. A smoke, the monster walking has causing a smoke on the ground, Hotsuka turning his head down to the army, his put two finger's on his lips, and whistle to warn them that the monster was a kilometers from here before he reach the gate. 

"There he is...!" said Hotsuka 

The army just gotten ready for the fight, while Munakata, Rai and Hotsuka went out the gate to get a clear look on the monster arriving. Back at the village, the villager were busy helping the elder's to walked away to the mountain, and some of them carrying the things that needed if they got in trouble's. But Andy sister, Toh Yeh, spotting Andy running to the battlefield with the young man.

"Andy...andy...!" said Toh Yeh

"Sister...i thought you were following the village leader, Souma....?" ask Andy

"I'm not going anywhere without you, you still young to go to the battlefield, come with me..."

"No...! I wan't to follow beat the monster..."

"No you don't because you still a small kid...!" 

"No i don't...! Im big now, and i can take care of myself...!" Andy let go of his sister hand which earlier grabbing him to follow her

"I also wan't to follow, the monster come because of me..." said Haruto while running with Andy passing the forest first

"Are you sure...?" 

"Are you really healthy or not...?" ask Andy

"Don't worry, i know what to the way, why are you going to the battlefield...?"

"It's because, i wan't to be a hero...i promise myself that i will save my village one day..." replied Andy

Insert Song, Battle Of The EarthEdit

Munakata and the rest of his friend's are ready, the have set up a big trap which fit enought the monster, the hold actually wide and big with the rock's, he can't see the trap well and he knew it's the path. The monster walked faster, and faster to reach the gate the army build.

"Wait for him to get closer...!" Then, we will lauch the full assault...!" said Munakata rising his Sword the left

"Yes...!" said the army fo village defender

Chapter 5Edit

Meanwhile, the monster Rouzorus was getting closer to the village gate, but no one know's there's is a trap one mile's from the gate. Rouzorus steps on the ground where there are many rock's, he fell down to the big hole where Munakata's and his friend set up earlier to hold off the monster down while the force to engage for the right time. 

"Attack...!" ordered Munakata


Munakata's friend's opened the gate to let the other's shot an arrow using their wooden bow, the arrows was shot from the gate to the monster, but Rouzorus didn't feel any pain on his body because of the wooden arrow just not strong enough to kill him. But backup's coming, the throw lot's of wooden spear with a pointy metal to struck the monster body. But like before, the attack still didn't work on Rouzorus.

Some of them, shot a pile of giant rock's using the rock throwers by cutting the rope so that the basket which hold the rocks and swing fast and hardl sent the rock to the monster hardly. They all cut the rope at the same time, lot's of rock was sent to the Rouzorus, the rock's earlier giving Rouzorus a great pain, he quickly get back to the ground, this time he was angry and fears more. Rouzorus roar and roar angrily to the human's.

"!" said on of the defender village

The village defender's run away while one of them throwing the last sphear but still it won't work on the monster, Rouzorus reach the gate thus he rise up two of his leg and destroyed the gate completely, he enter the village. 

"" said the lacky wizard.  He doing a hand sign to the monster, something happened to him

"Burn all the!"

Soon, Rouzorus mouth began to shake, he spread burst of fire to the village, next to the left, he shot fire breath to the house's, he burn everything. The village was burn into fire, only a left of village defender on the village still one to fight the monster using their sword.

"C'mon....who's gonna fight that thing...?" said Rai

"I don't about you...?" ask Hotsuka

"I can't fight that giant thing...i'm just one feet tall that that thing...." the village defender's start to get scared now that thee village was burn away

Other of the Village defender's run to the other villagers and the village leader to the forest, but they force to stop running as a man who look's like a barbarian jump infront and landing infront of them. He hold his weapon which in the future they look liek a baseball hitting weapon but with a sharp needles.

"Haa...where do you think to run...human's...?" said Donguri

"Haa...we will fight you....!" they show of all of their sword and rush to Donguri. The swing their sword to him but he punch them on the stamoch, one of them tried to punch him but he use his weapon to hit on their hand, many of them are injured and fainted away. But while they all fighting, Hotsuma who lift of a giant rock, he prepare to throw it on the barbarian head.

"Take this....!" Hotsuka throw's the rock, it reach and hit Donguri back head, but he didn't feel any pain beside just roar at Hotsuka, he follow the other's, he fell own and fainted but his arm and legs are rise up.

"That's new...i defeat him easily..." said Hotsuka

On the patch where they are clift and hills, a young woman who earlier killed a giant dragon monster using a sword, walked to the village, she hold the Meteor Energy Core crystal which shocking her it shaking like it telling her there are throuble's on the village. She quickly save to her beg, and start running follow the path.

Haruto and Andy found themselve on a opened road, sawing everything, the village burn by Rouzorus and the army of village defender are down although their are some left of them. 

"Andy...what are you doing...!?" said Munakata 

"I come to help..." replied Andy

"'s village has destroyed by the" the monster was more angry that ever, he saw the three human's standing infront of him

"Hide...!" said Haruto

The three of them jump of to the side, which the ground is lower that the upperground of the village. They all watch the monster burning the village, forest as well as the walking to find something. The young woman arrived suddenly and knewing there's a monster who attack earlier.

"Who are you...?" ask Munakata

"I'm a warrior, let me fight that thing..." said the young woman

"No, it's dangerous...not other's normal human like us could fight that creature...!" 

"I'm not scared...let me do it...!" she turn her head toward Haruto, as he just stare toward her from the very first moment she arrive 

"What's up...?" 

"Uh, it's nothing..." replied Haruto

"Okay, then just watch..." the young woman  who Haruto's stare start to run toward Rouzorus. He just couldn't belived that young woman look's exactly like Marina Suzuki, his childhood friend. 

Chapter 6Edit

The woman rush to the monster, she was confident that she would defeat that evil monster with her sword just like she did to the dragon monster.

"Arghh...i don't wan't to fight that thing..." said Hotsuka

"Don't you see the size of it...?" ask Rai

"Get out of here, i will fight the monster..." said the woman, as she rush toward the monster, while rise her sword to his shoulder

"Well...someone got the heroin here..." said Hotsuka, the three of them giggles for a moment

The young woman suddely fly in somehow to the monster, she released a slashes to the monster face, it roar in pain while her feel on the ground. She was shocked the slashes didn't a bit on the monster, but giving him more angrier than before. It flow again his fire from it mouth burning again the village, he was unstopable.

He rush to the path where it lead to the mountain of Meteor.

"Duck...!" said Munakata

"Andy...!" Haruto grab Andy and feel to the downside for safety, the same as Munakata earlier. But the young woman bag was messed up, all of her thing's fall out but a strange crystal which looks like an energy core really intrest Haruto.

"We must get out of here..come Andy...!" Munakata lift Andy to follow the villagers to the Meteor mountain.

Haruto walked to the young woman bag, he picked up the Silver Crystal, he took out his Reuz Spark, it shine's light somehow they have a special connection.

"Hiaghh...!" the young woman fly up to Rouzorus head and stab her sword to Rouzorus head, he felt more pain and angry to the woman. She felt down again but this time she was not capable to run as Rouzorus is closer to her.

"If this is right...if really the Keychain Doll was here...if this is right..." said Haruto

He kept the Crystal on his pocket, he rise up the Reuz Spark.

"Lock On!" the Spark shine light surrounding Haruto. Before Rouzorus could opened it's mouth to eat the woman, a red and silver giant arrive suddenly giving a push using his right shoulder, he stand up back and released a kick to Rouzorus, sending the monster rolled back further than him and the woman.


The giant who it called Ultraman Reuz, grabing two of his fist, opened it back, he noticed that this is Earth from the past, that's why he can live here.

"So this is earth from the wonder i could transform here..." said Haruto in the form of Ultraman Reuz. 


"No...why is he diffrent...?" 

"Without wing's ofcourse..."

Rouzorus rush to Reuz, same time he also rush toward the evil doll who was Dark Live by someone, he capture Rouzorus head to his stomach, he try to lure him down but he was fast, Reuz fell down while swingging. He stand up back, Reuz released a powerful kick to Rouzorus on the head, the monster doll cry in pain.

Reuz jump up on his back, as he is a four leg monster, he try to stamp Rouzorus head down to the ground but with the doll strength, he push away Reuz who dodge roll to the right, Reuz suddenly disappaering in second but disappared again but appeared back with his colour timer start to blink red.

"Erk, why is disappearing...?" ask Haruto

Rouzorus opened his mouth and released a fire breath toward Reuz, he quickly avoid it dodging it back. But Rouzorus keep attacking him, he rush like a bull who want to kick a human, Reuz could not get up back, the monster fast movement, he started to crawl back using his back, but Reuz didn't have a choice but to join on Rouzorus back to it's tail.

Chapter 7Edit

He grab Rouzorus tail and started to swing the monster from the right to left, he doing it again for the second time, and the third time, before he reach the fourth, Reuz released him, sending him away from the village. Reuz look exausted, he began to knee on the ground and disappared into Human size, Haruto. The young man fainted, the young woman saw him laying down and quickly ran to him, he saw a white thing on his right hand.

"What does this mean...?" said the young woman

The sun is setting to rise down as the Night is coming, everyone is at the forest, the camp outside after their village has burn completely, the Chief of the village still upsad for what's happen, the village defenders finally show up, lot of them are dead and some of them are still alive, the Munakata's group.

"Chief, you wouldn't belived of what we saw..." said Hotsuka

"The monster right...?"

''s...Ultraman...!" said Rai

"Ultraman..?! Did he has the wing on his back...?" ask the Chief

"No, this time, the Ultraman is diffrent from the previous's and silver..."

"Impossible..there another of the giant..."

"I suspected he will help us in the fight..."said Matsumoto

"I belived that young woman who transform into Ultraman..." said Matsumoto

Suddenly, the young woman come with helping Haruto to walk.

"Nope...i not the one who transform into that ultraman...

"This guy...he the one who save us...he transform into the red and silver giant..." said the woman

"You use..this...thing to transform right...?" 

"Yes..." Haruto replied weakly

In the forest, they set up a campfire, the villagers, Haruto, and the woman having a chat to know each other. Matsumoto close her eye to predict anything that could happen, so they could prepare the last attack.

"You said you use this item to transform into Ultraman...what...?" ask the young woman

"Ultraman Reuz, acctually i come from far way place from here...until the portal opened up and sucked me to the earth from the past..."

"Owh...i didn't know you yet...young woman...whats your name...?" ask Matsumoto

"Kate...i am a warrior that fight for Justice..and protect the weak one..." 

"Kate..?" said Andy

"Awesome name...!" 

"Thank You..."

"So tell me, Haruto...what's the function of the Reuz Spark...?" ask Souma

"It allowed me to Ultra li...." Haruto suddenly hear a voice, which he reconized

"Haruto...!" the voice of Taro

"Taro...!" Later, Taro was save by Haruto, he also join them for a conversation, Haruto put him his pocket of his Jacket.

"So, this doll can talk...?" said Matsumoto

"Not only that, he also an Ultraman..." said Andy

"Haruto...we acctually from 5000 thousand year past, they are the alternate Earth and human..."

"How do you know, Taro...?"

"I make some study here, and i belived the evil force has summoned three lackeys minions to kill us here..." said Taro

Chapter 8Edit

In the air, their was a flying ship like a pirate, three human's wearing a black ninja suit, searching the villagers but they were no use. But they were spotted by Rouzorus, it attack them using fire breath, they swing their hand into a form of circle and shot a yellow ball to Rouzorus.

Their ship was crashed, but they use their power to fly to the Villager's, they finally found them. Rouzorus suddenly disappeared.

"We save...!" said Doroki

"Doroki, your save...glad tou hear it..." said Andy

"We want to visit you on the village but we shocked they are destroy, i tough all of you are death now but your all save..." 

"Ultraman save us..." said Andy

"The wing guy...?"

"Nope, it's diffrent from other's..." 


In the dark place, the lackey wizard, and the barbarian stood down hail to their leader, he just smile toward them.

"Boss, your not mad at us...?" ask the barbarian

"I'm not mad, but i'm happy..Rouzorus did give Ultraman a little pressure, he only last long on this alternate Earth for only one minute instead of three..." said Alien Kirila

"Glad your happy boss, we will not disapointing you next time..." 

"Now then, shall we called out our greatest power..." Alien Kirila show the unknown doll with the Dark Dummy Spark, he attaches it to the doll. 

"Dark Live!"

"Menos!" Soon, a giant of amored kaiju started to appaeared infront of them, the monster called Menos was a legacy to Ultraman Meteor that he once defeated the monster. But now the monster was Dark Live back by the three minions of Darker Being.

"Let's Go...!"


Chapter 9Edit

The village defender's was collecting some food from the forest so that they can eat, meanwhile Haruto was telling the truth behind all this.

"So you mean, you come here on purpose, you was suck into a portal...same like the doll...?" ask Matsumoto

"Yes,..right Taro...?" Haruto ask to Taro back


"This mean, Haruto has come to protect us from the monster attack..." said Andy

"If it true, then i will help you all..." Haruto turning his head to Kate

"Maybe Kate can help..." 

"I can't fight the monster...i'm just an odinary human like are should fight..." said Kate

In the air, they are giant amored monster flying with the lackey wizard and barbarian, to the pyramid of Meteor, they would search Ultraman until the pyramid is destroy. The villagers saw the monster who had once destroying their village, now it's return fear them most.

" can't be...Menos...!" said Souma

"Menos..?" ask Haruto

"That's the monster who attacked our village long ago, but he was destroy by Ultraman Meteor..." 

" he was dark live said all of the monster was transform into Keychain Doll...right?" 

"Yeah, but i didn't see this creature yet...he must be new..." replied Taro

Rouzorus was walking straight to Meteor Pyramid, said in there, their are Meteor Statue that only can be revive by the Last Stone Meteor. But no one ever find it yet, until now. The monster start to destroy the mountain nature, growling the trees and land, they were destroy until the are seen a golden top pyramid appeared.

While the village defender's, Doroki and Kate were at the river side, sawing what happening, the just couldn't help it, because they have no power at all. 

"Where is Andy...?" 

Andy run to the forest, he started to fever, his head burn up tempreture, he fall down fainted. Lucky him, Matsumoto and his sister hold him.

" must go...hold this..." Matsumoto give Andy the last Stone of Meteor, it only help when Ultraman, the red and silver with the crystal in danger.

"What is this...?" ask Andy

"This is something that Kate find when she fight the dragon monster, so i give it to you...archived your dream, Andy...!"

Andy nod and stand up back, he start to run to the battle field, he know, he will achived his dream to become the hero of the village, just like Haruto said to him.

"Dream are suppose to be fun and let it be on your head forever" Haruto courage word's

Chapter 10Edit

Rouzorus keep destroying the mountain, half of the pyramid was seen, it could be disappeared in a minute. The lackey wizard and the barbarian arrive, they have to stopped the human's for trying to disturb their plan. Dongori jumped down to the ground, Munakata group, Hotsuka and Rai showing their weapon and start to fight Dongori. 

Hotsuka tried to hit his head but he was hitten on the stomach, he fell down. Rai also shared the same effect like Hotsuka, he was sending fly away.  Munakata is the only one who still avoiding Dongori attacks but like others he also loose and fell to the ground.

"Who'se next to fight me the immortal Dongori...!?" said Dongori

Three of Doroki men come, "Let us defeat him...". They swing both of thei arm into a circle shape, they form a yellow orb, and released it to Dongori.

"Noooo...!!" Dongori was destroy into pieces.

"Dongori...!" Lackey wizard Mo upset his friend die first. "You will pay for this Human...!" He do somekind of spell with his hand, Rouzorus suddenly become more agreesive, he start to attack the human and leave the pyramid.

"Oh no, he coming to us...!" said Munakata

"Run...!" Kate

Rouzorus start to breath fire toward the human, they manage to avoid it but they still not safe. Suddenly, a giant monster come from the sky, his appearance very shock to Kate.

"Look!" They all look up, Menos from the legendary story was true. 


Menos landed on infront of Rouzorus, they both working together to call out Ultraman, he began to walk to the pyramid of Meteor. The human's heard a splashing sound, and knewing that was Haruto, he and Taro manage to come at least to help the villagers like they promise.

"Let me fight them...!" said Haruto

"Haruto..." said Kate

Haruto show his Reuz Spark, beliving himself that he can defeat both of them, he wish to protect the villagers and he will kept his promise. He turn his head to Taro.

"You can do it,'s the right time to defeat the evil force minions..."

Haruto rise up his Reuz Spark, it shine light surrouding Haruto, the light form in the air between Rouzorus and Menos. The red, silver and the blue crystal Ultra appeared from the light, he landding down. He turn his head to Rouzorus, been that the second time he battle with the monster it was easy, so Reuz took a hard battle agains Menos first. Reuz took fighting stance.

Chapter 11Edit

Reuz run toward Menos, he act to give a push using his shoulder, but Menos was a giant, even bigger than Reuz about 10 feet height. Reuz was send fly back to his first appeared, he can't even push Menos, he about to released a kick, a flying kick, his kick about to hit Menos, but the same effect happen, Reuz was sent far away back, he feel to Rouzorus, they both roll down.

He have no choice but to fight Rouzorus first, Reuz lend a hyper kick to Rouzorus head again, the monster start to cry in pain. " I have no choice but to defeat him first..." said Haruto

"Haruto, i just know it...this alternate earth is lower than the original one...Ultra can only live for a short minute..." said Taro

Rouzorus tried to cut loose his body as Reuz jumped and ride on his back, but he was too strong enough, he push away Reuz, sending him backfleep to the back. Reuz fall down while Rouzorus tail hitting him on the chest, he hit again, his tail to Reuz chest, Reuz touches as he was hurt. Rouzorus start to breathing fire again toward Reuz, he dodge roll back to the right.

Reuz began to disappeared again, but he overcome it, he disappeared while his colour timer is blinking red. Rouzorus breath fire again, Reuz dodge to the left side.

"I can't waste more time..." Reuz cross both of his arm to infront of him, his crystal of light began to shine brighther blue, he began to swing it his right arm on the air swing to the left while he left arm swing to the right, until both of his arm form a straight line at the same time.

"Reuz Cross Shot" said Haruto, Reuz cross his arm into a "L" shape style, a glowing of rainbow ray start to blast from his right arm toward Rouzorus, it cry in pain, the sound of his host, Doroki man, Rouzorus explode in a big explosion. A doll of Rouzorus fall down along with Doroki man who was crashed earlier.

"Yes! He did it...!"said Doroki's and Munakatas group's

Suddenly, a walking sound of horror hearing by Reuz, he turning his head and shock sawing Menos was close to him, he began to backwalking using his back, but it was too late. Menos kick Reuz on the head, his crystal of light, Reuz was send far away to the human's but he disappeared, Haruto was left fall down into the river. His cloth, his long pants was all wash up, he was fainted back, while holding the Reuz Spark.

"Haruto...No!" said Taro, he couldn't do anything to save Haruto as he just a talking doll.

Chapter 12Edit

Munakata and the rest of their friend's couldn't help Haruto who was fainted earlier, Menos was closer and closer to stampped Haruto with his giant foot, but a hearing sound of someone running from the river, someone that always dream to save the village. Andy run toward Haruto, he gave Haruto a helping hand, while his left hand hold the Reuz Spark.

"Andy...!" said Munakata

"Haruto, wake up...this isn't the time you will loose to an ancient promise us that you will save our village...don't you remember...?" ask Andy

Haruto still silents, he didn't hear any of his friend word's, even for Taro. Andy keep shaking his body until he wake up's, but it's was useless, Haruto seem Dead to Kate.

"Haruto-kun, wake you promise, you wouldn't want to shared the same fate to die in this world..." said Kate

"Haruto...!" said Taro

"Haruto's...!" said the rest of the Munakata's group and Doroki's

Suddenly, the wind blow away the leaf, crossing the people, Menos was fully stopped, he just couldn't move a step from his foot, Haruto eye blink, he awake, everyone is cheering, he standing up back, fully enough energy to fight the evil creature Menos.

"Like i promise, i would not die until i achived my goal...!" said Haruto, Andy gave him his Reuz Spark, the light of it shine, surrounding Haruto.

"Ikuze Reuz...!" Haruto swing his right arm to his back while his left arm infront of him, he rise up his Reuz Spark, the face was opened, an Ultra Reuz shape face was seen.

"Lock On!" the light enveloped Haruto which forms twins galaxies in an X formation. Ultraman Reuz rise out by spinning. Infront of Menos, Reuz land down kicking up a circle of dirt.

Insert Song, Battle Of The Darkness and Light (Apexz own Battle theme)Edit

Menos was shocked, also of his human host, Alien Kirila sawing another Ultraman beside Meteor, Reuz took fighting stance Immediately after he land down. 

"You Ultraman are simply are strong enough to handle Menos the great...your decision is wrong..." said Alien Kirila

"Your wrong... .It's not the people who will decide other's decesion but we are the one who will decide who we are...!" replied Haruto

Reuz start to engage Menos by punching his chest, next to his head. But Menos regained his motion back, he tried to push Reuz on his back, but Reuz quickly recover back, he sent a high kick to Menos head. They start to push each other, but Menos was to strong, he push Reuz slowly to the back, Reuz hold back Menos arm, he quickly push back Menos to his back, but it was tie, Reuz pulling him back, throwing him while he was laying down, his right leg kick Menos, sending him far backward's.

Just about Reuz about to rush toward Menos, his eye suddenly open wide, a glowing of darkness, Reuz was weak, he coverhimself using both of his arm in "X" formation but a dark shot was released from Menos eye, hitting Reuz on the chest, like earlier, he also was send far away, he fall down but his chest hit first.

Menos shot again his Dark shot from his eye, but this time, Reuz know when to dodge, he dodge the attack easily, the next attack was released, Reuz quickly jump height enough, he perform a hyper kick toward Menos, a flashing of white light like a blade, he kick Menos on the head.

Chapter 13Edit

Menos quickly stand up, he have observing All of Reuz attack, he know his weakness. Alien Kirila just smile, he will and prepare for the final attack. Reuz rush again toward Menos, both of his hand was grab, Menos jumpped and blow the ground, Reuz was stuck on the ground, only his stomach to his leg is down, he tried to get up but it's hopeless.

" are trap..." said Alien Kirila

"Menos will stampped you down until you reach the undergrown, hahaha...!" Reuz was exausted, his hand grope the ground finding the way out but it's to late, Menos was closer to stampped him down.

"What should i do...!?" ask Haruto to himself, suddenly the light passes Haruto, the voice of someone, Ultraman Reuz voice


"Reuz...." said Haruto

"Let him stampped us, we could both can get out..."

"I don't understand but..i will do it..."

Menos stepped Reuz, causing him to dive to the underground, Alien Kirila laugh all he could, his reaction same like Menos also laugh even he didn't have any voice but a voice of horror. The ground shake on Menos foot, Reuz fly and push him to released him from the ground, Menos was sent fly away, he fell again. Alien Kirila face turn angry again.


Reuz lift up Menos, like he did to him earlier, Reuz doing a Head crush, he stampped down Menos head first to touch the ground. He turn his head to the Kate, Andy and the rest of his friend, they all smile and currently can smeel the taste of victory.

But a dark energy surroundin Reuz, he couldn't breath, he knee to the ground, he was weak. Reuz colour timer began to blink red again, but it's did't blink rapidly.

"Oh no...if this ever go on...he will loose..." said Munakata

"Then we must help him...he's not the only one who will protect your presious Village...!" said Kate

Andy walk infront of them, while Munakata's seem knowing that look, Andy dream's to be the protecter and hero who save the village, it's the right time to unleash who is him. He rise up the Last piece of Meteor crystal, it shine light brighter than any other, Andy body was envolpe into Light and he transform into Translucent Ultraman Meteor infront of Menos and Reuz.

"What is that...Ultraman...?" said Taro

"Wowww...i am Ultraman Meteor...awesome!" said Andy in Ultraman Meteor Energy Core

"Andy is Meteor for all this year..Matsumoto prediction was right after all..." said Hotsuka

Meteor rise his right arm, a Meteor Spark on his hand, it shine the light, scared the darkness on Menos. But still the world still dark due to the cloud and night, only the moon was seen shinning the world. Meteor gave Reuz his light to suspass Menos, to destroy him. Reuz rise his hand and took the light, before that Meteor has already disappeared leaving Andy on the river.

"It's okay...Haruto will win...!" said Andy

Chapter 14Edit

Insert Song, Ginga No UtaEdit

Reuz punch Menos on the face, another punch leapt to his chest, Reuz kick Menos by doing a High Kick. Menos fall again, Reuz lift him to the sky, A slow motion scene, Menos was flying to the sky of dark cloud. Reuz bend for a while, preparing that he also will fly to finish the battle, Reuz flying to the sky with the wind blow to the forest and the human, due to his flying speed.

"No no no..go away, go away, go away...!" said Alien Kirila in Menis

Reuz cross his hand into a "X" formation and cross back to his chest, his crystal of light change into Red colour with flame surrounding him.  

"No! Fire...." said Menos

He swing both of his hand to the right and left, absorbing all the power of fire, he form a ball of flame, he force it to the right.

Reuz "Overdrive!" he toast the Stream of light fire to Menos, it too strong even it cut through Menos body on the chest, it explode, destroy in a fire, a big fire of explosion on the sky, even Reuz was in the fire as well due to it big explosion, but he dramaticly save. He land on the ground, as the world start to shine morning, the sun rise, Reuz standding straight watching the sky, it was beautiful than the night.

"Yeahhh...he did it..he did it...!" said Doroki

"Yahoo....!" the Munakata's group enjoy the victory, even Kate and Andy who still hold the Meteor Spark. He is the Hero, without him, Haruto would face a death crisis.

Reuz cross his arm, a blue light surrounding him, he disappeared into a human size Haruto. Haruto walk to the villager's, he finally kept his promise that he would save the villagers.

"Thank You...Andy. If it wouldn't for you henshin to Meteor, i not be able to defeat that monster..." said Haruto

"You are a Hero..." Haruto replied again

"Wow...i really a Hero,..." said Andy

"He did it..." said Taro

"Yes, now let's head back and celebrated this little Hero winning..." Doroki and Munakata's group lift Andy doing a hip hip bounce.

"Hip hip...Horray!"

While they all celebrating the victory, Haruto realised it's about time to tell Kate that she was acctually look similar to Marina Suzuki.

"Kate..." said Haruto

"What is it...?" she ask while smiling

"You look exactly like my friend, Marina..." 

"Hey don't make me know girl don't like it right..." Haruto bring out his handphoe, showing a picture of him and Marina back at their school time

"Kate...Marina wouldn't belived my story if i tell her..." he show Kate the picture, Kate showing a particular beliveble face, she want belived Haruto but knowing that he is from the future.

"Maybe...she was my granddaughter from the future..." said Kate

"Maybe..." Haruto smile while blink his right eye to Kate

"Well, the story i will brought to Marina..." said Taro

As the time start to show 12 o'clock, Kate head back to her path as well, waving her hand as a ThankFul and goodbye sign to Haruto and the other's. Andy turn his head looking at Haruto, he got one more question to ask when he will leave.

" you will return to your homeworld...the portal didn't exist anymore..." ask Andy

"Errm...acctually Taro can Telekenisis ourself to opened Taro own portal..." said Haruto

"Yes, that's what our plan is...Andy..." sad Taro

"Man, i sure will be alone wthout you Haruto..." 

"Haha..don't get to gift to you..." Haruto gave andy a Ultraman Ginga Toy, a toy he buy from a Toy shop back at his homeworld.


"Trust your heart of the light of Ginga, the Legend Of Galaxy...the light can save your Village...." Haruto and Taro disappeared in a light, into a particle.

"I will remember you forever...Haruto and Taro..." Andy eye start to fall tears

"And i will remember you too..." Haruto and Taro was brought back to their homeworld again, to the future of Ultraman Reuz.

"After a long battle, the villager has finaly save, and they all live happily ever after. After a long time past, the village was name,The Village of Galaxy. And the boy who become Ultraman Meteor was a 20 years old in the future, but no one knows where he is. As the time past, the village legend was kept as a Legend story and no one ever remember it again..."

The End

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