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Title: The Gate Of Hell OpenEdit


The Demon Warrior: Hyper Kyrieloid


The deep space, consist Eight planet part of the Solar System, a Red crimson ball travel from the opening Dimension to our beautiful planet Earth. In the Red ball, an Alien with a Wing, a red colour crystal on his rigth chest flying cross landed on the Moon. The Alien stood outside like a Human do while looking at the Blue Planet, he eat all of the Body of Alien he collected from diffrent universe.

He opened a Portal after he eat, it leed's him to Earth without using his Red crimson ball. Tatsumi Kidou, a drunk man from a Latest bar sit on the Bench on the park looking at the star. All of his dream was vanished after been a drunker, he was stupid to follow his friend to drink and now he has no Hope but to die with sins. A vision appeared in his mind where he was on a middle of a conversation with an Alien.

"What's the matter, young man...?" ask Kyrieloid

"My dream was vanished after i be a drunk, now i waiting to death..." replied Kidou

"Who, who are you...?" 

"As you can see, My name is Kyrieloid. I come from a far away planet call Planet Kille. I'm here because to kill someone. In the meantime, i will help you get your dream's back..." 

"You do that for me...?" 

"I only do because you part of my Human disguise..." 

"I guess, we reach our agreement..." said Kidou

"Yes, yes we are..." 

"But, what do you want in returned...?" 

"I want you to be my Human host, so that i can disguise my self to Human like you. I know about Ultraman Apperance and the new Human squad, if they ruin my plan, you and i will never archived anything..." said Kyrieloid

"Well, we just about to set thing's right. I will working with you..." They both Laugh out loud.

Chapter 1Edit

Marina walked to the peaceful city, through the new construction site which before it was destroy by the last monster, she stop at the music shop selling the music Instruments, Haruto was there looking something at the shop something that she want's to find out.

She looked at Haruto from behind, seen him looking at the blue guitar, it's the new pakage sent from London to Japan. Marina wore a Pink long arm Shirt, jeans, shoes and Winter Cap as today weather is Cold. While Haruto wear a Red sweater, Black T-shirt inside, blue jeans and Nike Shoes. She called Haruto who watching the new Guitar, he smile to Marina for calling him, their both off to see the Sunset fall on the Beach.

Lot of people rushing off to their home as the day work was done, it's the time to Relax and spent time with Family. Everyone except the man who standing behind the car, watching the Both of them set to the Beach.

"Hee, Haruto, there so much i want to talk about..." said Marina

"Really? Well, this is the perfect spot..." said Haruto "This is summer..."

"Did anybody know you are Ultraman Reuz...?"

"Unfortunately, no. No one will know, guess keeping the secret is Hard..." he replied, feeling hard to keep it long

"Yeah, don't worry. At least i still keeping it safe from anybody..."

"Haruto, how did you can transform into a Monster...?" she ask

"I don't know, i just starting to discover all my Abilities, since the last time i can sense the monster movement..." Haruto said defensively

"That's doesn't meant anything to me..." Haruto was silent

"If it does, why don't you tell me in the first place...?"

"I didn't know about my power's now, now i realised that it come from the Spark Lens..." 

"I see..."

"Ultraman, was called the most developed form of Light from the Nebula M78 and it's home Land Of Light, but for Reuz, he tell me that he originaly no from Nebula M78, he was unknown and come from other Galaxies..."Haruto said with facts

"He first come to Earth when i was eight years old, did you remember...?" ask Haruto "We both safe him from running out of Light..."

"Of course i remember that, it's the most memorible things in my life..." replied Marina

"Haruto, i wanna ask if you want to be a trainners of Air Self Defence Force, the Captain offer you to come after he saw your bravery saving the child..."

"For now, i think i pass, but i keep the offer..." said Haruto, he smile at Marina 

"Really..." said Marina "I hope you will accept the offer..."

The sit down on the Beach sand while watching the Sunset down before the Moon rise up upon night. Marina still happy to have Haruto have a good time with her even that He forgot the most cherish the promise he made once. 

((This momen'ts happen before Haruto and Reuz got up fighting with another Ultra in the movie of Climatic Battle! Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Faust.)

Chapter 2Edit

Commander Nakamura Seiichi entered the FEARS base with full of distresses. Carrying a data filed of something new, and  he checked no one was in there except Captain Megumi Reina and Elly sitting on the chatting spot behind the Chester lock out. The place exist for the Member's to rest and also they have a coffe devise to make coffe drinks.

Elly noticed Commander Nakamura enter their room, brought the file to research more about Ultraman, contain's all of it logical explanation about all the past Ultraman that save Earth.

"Nakamura, anything new today...?" Nakamura smile toward Captain Reina, he give the file to Elly to search it and post on the Map Connecter, a big video that allowed them to see monster's attack and invation using the Eagle Spacy satelite.

"I tought this resting time is good for us to investigated Ultramans, who knows we might got something about them..." replied Nakamura, sitting on his favourite chair and took a coffee from the glass pot.

"Now im upload all the note's into the Map Connecter, just give me two minutes..." said Elly, giving a relief to Nakamura, he tought it could not enter it to the Video

"Well, how's the others doing...?" ask Nakamura to Captain Reina

"Still having a great time on the city, actually beautiful city, Kobe..." 

"Good to know..."

"Okay, i finally upload it to the Map Connecter, and there is it..." said Elly, watching the screen show's the Ultraman full bio and Abilities gallery

"Slurpp...From what i know, this is the unique one from the others Ultras, it has a crystal on his head,  chest and arms..." Nakamura finish his coffee and giving some teories to the Captain and Elly

"Yes, he does..." said Captain Reina

"On my information gathered from the old man lived on my village, he knows very well about Ultras and what the most sharing secrets about it is that he is an Ultraman..." Elly notes her information to Captain Nakamura and Reina

"Nakamura, isn't you want to know about Ultramans...?" said Captain Reina

"I do, but the most want to know is Nakajima, he is very intrest on the light being Firing Ray, hand slash and also super strength and hyper flight..."

"Which his flight is much faster than any other vehicle like Mitsubitshi Chester 2..."

"He is the Ultimate Superman, our Superman and Ultramans..."

"There still a lot of things we had to know from this universe, especially about our second trainning team to space..."

"That's the most memorible time on my entire life, even one of our crew died...saving our life from a creature attacking us..."

"Even his death was long time ago, it's bothers me like's like, im the one who cause him to die..." said Nakamura, grabbing his fist

"We not involve to his death..." 

"I don't want to think about it anymore, i have my own life back...and that's matter..." said Nakamura

"That's the spirits..." Elly take a permision to rest on her room and Captain Reina granted her permision, Elly walks toward her room and to the bed, she lay down on the comfortable bed and falls a sleep.

She is not sleeping in happy mode, besides it she is dreaming again about her past live, she wearing a pink pyjamas, carrying her favourite doll, a bear doll with fur, holding her mothers hand while walking to the forest becuase of a traffic jam, they have to walked away to the main road where her father wait's there. But after a mile walking, Elly's mother stop walking, a man wearing a brown jacket and black jeans, but couldn't see his face walk from the tree.

" of the great scientist in Japan, i should eliminated you..." said the Man

"W-what...?No! Don't ever touch my daughter...!" it was to late, Elly mother was killed by the Man using a spear create from his hand but it back to normal once. Elly looking teriffied as her mother was killed infront of her, she step by step backward scare at the man.

"I wouldn't kill are weak. But the thing that make you strong is that you are smart like your mother..." 

"W-where's my mothers...?" ask Young Elly

"She's in heaven right now...and you wouldn't see her forever. Before the man turned back, Elly father come's stop him, but like her mother, her father also killed by the man. Elly was left alone, only her teddy bear keeping her company. Until in the morning, part of a group of police arrived and save Elly but they feel sorry for her, as her parent's died, Elly wasn't the murrder, there are someone else. Ever since that day, Elly were a silent girl until she reach 18 years old, giving her a courage by her grandmother, she become normal person again. 

"This is the contract that we made for you, we need a scientits daughter like you..." said Captain Tsugita

"I accept the contract, i want to be like my mother did..." Elly smile toward Captain Tsugita and they reach their agreements.

Elly opened up her eye, waking up from her sleep time, she look at her watch on her left wrist, it was twelve o'clock, still midnight. Elly continue her bedtime as soon she close the light switch beside's her bed.

Chapter 3Edit

Tatsumi Kidou walk to the entrance of the Baseball stadium, with his body become weaker and weaker due to the drunks he eat it. He was stopped by a local police who standing by the exit door, the police showed him a gun to a drunker like him.

"Hey you! Where are your clothe...?!" ask the policemen

"I don't need it, i can become what ever i want...!" replied Tatsumi

"You little street rat...! Come here you...!" the Policemen tries to catch Tatsumi, past away the long road, the park with full og trees, something increadible happening and the police was shock to see what infront of their own eye.

Tatsumi jump as high as a bird flying up on the buildings, the tallest of all, the police was stopped to catch the drunks and called for backups but it's useless, their phone are shutting down and Tatsumi disappeared.

"W-what...? Where did he gone...?" said the police

At Touzen City, Haruto holds the side mirror to fix the side to the back, using his feet he press the gear on the motorcycle and ride it. While he was riding, he saw Marina cross by the yellow side walk, he park his grandfather motocycle besides her.

"Oh, i see you master the motocycle riding techniques..." said Marina, hangging her handbag on her left shoulder

"Yeh...i did. It's the least i want to study...hehe..." replied Haruto

"So, do you need a ride home...?" 

"You can take me to my house..." 

"Okay...Let's go"

Haruto ride back to the peacful city and sent Marina home, where she will be save. He went back to his grandfather house and park the motocycle. He off the his bed as the night fall, the star blinking on space and the it shines light to keep the world brigth with light. Haruto didn't close his eye, he just thinking what he has done passing these days, become a kaiju and fight a kaiju. He just wouldn't understand what these means.

He geantly close his eye for a moment, there was dreaming a vision of a war happening on other universe. He saw a lot of light being same as Ultraman Reuz fighting the evel darkside, monsters and Aliens. But while they are fighting, a giant size unknown dark being getting up, he has black body and a red stripes is his eye, he swing a type of Spark Lens which have a similar looks like his Lock Spark. All of the Ultra, Monsters and Allies was turning into a keychain, it hold's the Ultra but the Chain was not like the one human's know, it's hold on their neck.

They all fall down to earth like a meteorroid and landed on the city forest on the hill, but a hero come at the time landing infront of the dark being, Ultraman Reuz holds the Lock Spark and battle Dark Being but like others he lost and almost turn into a Keychain doll, he disappeared and live in the Spark Lens together fall on the hill. Haruto suddenly woke up, he tries to go to the hill tomorow, to find the missing Ultra.

Morning has come, Sun has rise behind the hills, Haruto woke up early to go up to the Shinjiku Hills where it all began. While he was walking the main road lead's to the Old Shrine, Marina adventually come and meet Haruto there. 

"Haruto...!" Haruto turning back and look toward Marina, she wearing a colourful sweater, yellow jeans and a straw hat because of a hot day today

"M-marina...?What brings you here...?" ask Haruto comfuse, he didn't ask Marina to come helping him out

"I come here to pick some mushroom's for the big anuall dinner at the Furobushi High School, our High School once..." 

"Owh, right..." Haruto understand Marina words

"You are invited even for a second class student..." Marina smile at Haruto

"M-me...? Thanks..." Haruto replied

"Ermm, if you were here, you must be looking for the Keychain's doll right...?" ask Marina

"W-what...? N-no...y-yes..." said Haruto

"C,mon...i help you looking for i also the Priestess of the Light Shrine" said Marina

"Uh..Yeah...." Haruto simply remembered

While they were finding the missing Ultra's Keychain's dolls, two middle age of man with they truck throwing rubbish infront of the nature, Marina was upset of the Man's doing thus Haruto know what to he's doing,

"Haruto, can't you do something...?" ask Marina. Haruto walk to the man and talk to them.

"Hei, what are you two doing there, didn't you read the sign, no littering..."

"Hahahaha..." Both of the man turning to each other an laugh

"Hey little kid, get out of here...we can do what ever we want..." Haruto want to start a fight but he was punch on the face, he fell down


But the fight stops as the policeman of Touzen City who also the friend of Haruto and Marina even of his age was thirty years old, riding his bicycle ringging the bell on the holding bike. Both of the man run out to their trucks and drive away.

"Are you okay...?" ask the policemen

"err..yeah. Uh, Keusuke...?" 

"Haruto..." said Keusuke "Haha, it's been four years after you and your parent had to move to London, you still remember you friend..."

"Haha you also, Keusuke, you remember me..."

"Well, you are my best friend..." Haruto smile. "Okay, now to catch the bad guys..." 

"Goodluck..." said Marina. "Let's go..." said Haruto

Chapter 4Edit

Haruto and Marina walk's to the picnic area, they were interuptted by something, an Ultra Doll appeared on the picnic table. Haruto shocked for a moment but not for Marina, she guess it's about time to tell Haruto the truth about what's happening now.

"W-who are Ultra doll...?" ask Haruto

"I'm Ultraman Taro, yes i know a doll...but litsen to me, i will tell you the truth behind this..." 

"The Truth...?"

"It's all happen back when the War happen on other universe, somehow the Darker Being turn every Ultra, Monster's and Alien's into KeyChain Dolls including me..."

"So, there must be more on Shinjiku Hills..." said Marina

"That's i can't really maybe the only surviver to survive and landed into Furobushi School where i found Marina..."


"But, i just comfuse, Haruto..."

"Comfuse what...?"

"About the new Ultraman that fought Gorzelium and Ezpadas..., just how did you can Transform into him, did he turn into a KeyChain Dolls...?

"I seriously not, Reuz didn't change into anything beyond been an Ultra from the Lock Spark..."

"Owh...i see. He must have survive from transforming... . Haruto can you revive me back into my original size using you Lock Spark... i see your Spark Lens has a same power as Dark Lock Spark..."

"Okay, i try..." Haruto holds Keychain dolls Taro and place his Mark on the right shoulder to the Lock spark mark of destine. But it didn't show any results

"Look's like it didn't work..."

"I know it... it didn't work because i still unconsciousess form..."

"Thanks anyway Haruto..." 

"Don't worry Taro, we find a way to help can come with us if you want" replied Haruto

"Thanks..." said Taro

Haruto Lock Spark began to flashing light, it detecting something. Haruto hold's the Lock Spark and to the bushes, he found a Monster Keychain dolls, a monster that once defeated by the Flash Ultraman, Ultraman Dyna. The lock spark began to scanning the monster, it flashing yellow light meaning of complete.


"That's must be the power of it, scanning the monster and be the monster...just like it become Ultraman..." said Taro

"Yeah... . Too awesome..." replied Haruto

Chapter 5Edit

In Kobe, everyone stops their work time as something mystical and new thing's happen on the sky, a big door from Hell come out of nowhere on top of the city. In the city Screen where they post the latest news for sports, Politics and Ultraman,Tatsumi Kidou appeared giving a word for the people living there. Everyone hearing his word, while the hold some kind of doll on their hand, a Angel doll.

"Litsen up Everybody, we come in peace, we are no enemies for Human. We come here to let you know that we are the hero who will let you live forever with peace and no destruction..." said Tatsumi

Captain Megumi Reina adventually come, she's the only person who didn't belived Tatsumi word, she tries to call the FEARS headquaters but the line was blocked by a minus reading. She didn't have a choice but to wait.

"The real enemies is...Ultraman!" shouted Kyrieloid in Tatsumi body

" our enemy...Ultraman is our enemy..." said the citizens of Kobe

"No...! Ultraman is not your enemy..." said Captain Reina, even so her word's is not capable to hear by the citizens, they were just hypnotised.

"All of you, come to this city at 8.00 o'clock to the Heaven through that doors..." Tatsumi pointing his finggers to the Hell doors

"Yes...we can finally go to heavens..."

"I better go now...that man is crazy..." said Captain Reina. She walked back to the Chester 1 and start to fly to Freedom Nest, to tell the story to other's members.

While that, it was start to get everning soon, but Haruto, Marina and Taro Keychain dolls still couldn't find other Keychain dolls except the Monster doll he found earlier, Thunder Darambia. Haruto and Marina got exausted for a moment, he took a desecion to walk home as the day become darker and darker.

On his way home with Marina and Taro, they noticed a big door on the sky on top of Kobe city, Taro seemly reconised the Door very well, it's come from Ultraman Tiga old foes, Kyrieloid. 

"Haruto..., it is the Hell door..." said Taro

"What...? A hell door..." Haruto quickly turning his head to the door

"Who's created it...? ask Marina

"I simply belived, it was our Ultra warrior foes whos name Kyrieloid..." replied Taro

"Well, what ever it is, we don't have much time, let's go...!" 

Haruto, Marina with her holding Taro run to Kobe in short cut they use to go when in emergency. Tatsumi Kidou began to see through far Human sense and he sense someone who hold the Light power and the Lock Spark incoming to the city. He sent twin Kyrieloid ghost to slow their movement so that his plan with Kyrieloid will succeded without Ultraman interuptting.

"Go slow ther movement...Kyrieloid A and Kyrieloid B...don't let the boy transform into Ultraman..." Tatsumi Odred his Kyrieloid

"Do you think our plan will succeded...huh, Hyper Kyrieloid? ask Tatsumi

"If the human refuse to go to the Hell door, we will failed it..." said Kyrieloid "Then we just have to make it quickly, they beliving what we told them this evening..." replied Tstsumi

"Huahahaha..." Kyrieloid laugh out loud for almost victory

"After the human got suck into the Hell doors, soon Ultraman must come out and face me and i will use the moment to kill him, seek my vengence..." said Hyper Kyrieloid

Chapter 6Edit

Commander Nakamura stood infront of the Map Connecter, a strong minus energy was sense in the sky, but they couldn't see it. Elly and Nakajima was busy with they investigation on the strong energy, the level of the energy on earth get lower and lower somehow it getting bigger and strong.

The night has fallen, the citizens of Kobe walked away from their home to the Heaven Door to meet with their Hero, some of the kid wasn't belived what the Man said this evening, they keep pushing their parent's to go home but was useless, their Parent was no longer hear them shouting their name. Then the ceremony of hell is started, Tatsumi with Hyper Kyrieloid, they all walk from the Hell door seeing the dark blue world of night.

"Everyone...come here..." the Hell door began to open it's gate to let the citizens walk in

The warning sirent's was flashing, it's about time FEARS get their amor attaches. Captain Reina and the other's as well attaches their amor, along with their survival belts, their wear their helmet's and the most important things, the Rizer Shooter and Rizer Laucher, Commander Nakamura leads the team to the Chester Lift, a special lift where it take them to Chester home, Chester one, two and three.

"FEARS...Go...!" only Commander Nakamura voice could active the Chester lift

They were seperated in three groups, Captain Reina and Kaiba in Chester theree, Commander Nakamura and Nakajima in Chester two and Shotarou in Chester One. The Chester gate was opened, at the same time, the Chester's flew away to Kobe, in hope Directer of FEARS or the Founder of FEARS and Air Self Defence Force Captain Tsugita Haruno belived his team can win.

"This babe can fly at maximum speed...ah,  the smell of my favourite chester's..." said Shotarou

"Shotarou just don't mess it up again..." said Elly in the screen, she's did not participate her team as she will be the advise and analyzing all the enemis attack

"I know..." 

Haruto and Marina was surrounded by two evil ghost whom is Taro called, the Kyrieloid Gens, the ghost Kyrieloid that once defeated by Ultraman Tiga. Marina holds Haruto left arm, she was scared of Ghost even for Alien ghost. They suddenly turn into a young lady who where a sweater covering her face and body, the both of them jump while spinning and gave a kick to Haruto, landed on the face and he fell. Marina and Taro was capture by the other one.

"Uh...! Haruto...!" shouted Marina

"Why are you tyring to stop us, human's...?" ask the lady

"It's is because we live to archived our dream's, as i wan't to save the world and this precious city...!" said Haruto "Alien's like you have no right to invade it...!" one more punch leapt to Haruto stamoc, his face was bleed red and his right face was swollen blue and purple.

"Haruto...! Your face..." 

"Its okay, Marina. I'm fine..." Haruto replied moved out and sit beside the bus stop

"Let me ask you again, why does Ultraman wan't to save the universe if the Human are all going to hell...?" just about the lady hold her leg and about to kick Haruto, Taro succeded to sneaking out from the barrier and use his Pychic power.

"Ultra Pchycic...!" A swurl of rainbow colour attack the lady, she can't move or even stood up. She was force to return back to her original self and also her partner, they become ghost again and greatly destroy.

"Thank You, Ultraman Taro..." said Marina and Haruto

"It's at least i can help for the choosen weilder of Reuz light..." said Taro

Tatsumi awoke from his sense, he really knew the Ultra can defeat his two body guards. But his plan was almost started as the Human was almost on the way to Kobe. Out of nowhere, a group of firing missels was shoot hitting the Hell doors forcing it to closed back. The FEARS has come, two fo the Chester landing on the ground, Captain Reina run back to the Human to stop them. 

But even for Captain Reina voice couldn't hear by the citizens, she spot something. The human's hold a doll of an angel, she tought that it is why they were hipnotised, the doll contain great power of darkness.

Chapter 7Edit

Shotarou who piloting the Chester one fly toward the Hell door, he shoot some more missels ahead and managely hitting the doors again. Following by the newest firing techniques that was equip on all Chester's, the blue lasers, he shot the lasers toward the door again but it was suck as the door opened it again.

The door release it's black smoke to Chester one, it is done Shotarou have no choice but to landed his fighter jet on the ground. It has become more dangerous if he keep attacking the door, Nakajima still in his experiment on how to close back the Hell Doors. But even the latest technology that was invented now, still no other's staff can destroy that door.

"You are wasting your time...humans..." said Tatsumi, he was sitting on a chair that was created for him

"If we keep attacking, i wouldn't get any better. The door kept opening until full...the human's will suck in to Hell..." said Commander Nakamura

Dark smoke coming out from the door, it was revealed Hyper Kyrieloid was the villain who behind all this. He opened up his wing and fly to the ground to seek his human who will participated Hell. The human's bow to their God or Hero to lead them to Heavens.

"Human's, now...come to mee. We shall go to heavens where we could live at least peaceful without any fighting or action that cause War..." odered by Hyper Kyrieloid was heard by all the citizens, they started to move. Shotarou come to give a helping hand, he rise his Rizer Shooter and start shooting at Kyrieloid. The bullters hit Kyrielod red light on his chest. Kyrieloid touches his wound and roar at the Human Force.

"You...little Being...!" Just then, Kaiba show up his new skill using the double Rizer Shooter. He shot double bullets at the same to Kyrieloid but he disappeared before the bullets could hit him

"Geez...he is scared at us..." said Shotarou

"Don't understimated our enemy, they have their plan...that Alien name Kyrieloid. He is a Hell Alien, who created fire and flame around. He was defeated by Ultraman Tiga once..." replied Nakamjima, holding a toy of Ultraman Tiga. The first toy as gift from his father when his Eight birthday.

"Nice Ultraman..., but that's not the time to show your kid's toy...the door keep openeing..." 

"I'm only showing because it is my presious toy..."


Meanwhile, Marina helping Haruto walking acroos the street. He was beat up and feeling little weak with the injuries he got, he don't know if he can transform into any other Monster or even Ultraman.

"Haruto you must rest look so weak now..." said Taro

"It's okay, Taro. I can do this...i still have some energy right now..."

"Don't push yourself to hard..." replied Marina. Taro agree with her words, he can't let Haruto face Kyrieloid alone. Taro use his phycic power and disappeared in flash of purple light to somewhere the both of them wouldn't know.

"T-taro...? Where did he go...?" ask Haruto

"I don't know, by the way we must go now...what ever we doing now, Taro might find a solution's of all of this action..." Marina comfort Haruto wounder which is bleed red with a square shape cotton and past to his wound.


"Don't mention it...hehe..." Marine hold her hand to Haruto and give Haruto a little pull to stand up. But Kyrieloid already found the Ultraman he seeks. 

Chapter 8Edit

Captain Reina and the others planning to destroy the Door but like Nakajima said, no advance technology could destroy that big. While Commander Nakamura excort the children's, Captain Reina shocking to see her youngest son was capture by Kyrieloid and to the buildings.

She tries to catch Kyrieloid and at last brought her to the buildings, she enter the buildings and saw a man holding up a kid which is her son. The man smile at Captain Reina, he knew with this plan Ultraman will fight him.

"Kyrieloid...Put my son down...!" Captain Reina rise her Rizer Shooter toward Kyrieloid

"Why human's always interfear my work...all doing for nonthing...wasting your time..." said Kyrieloid

"We...promise the world that we would protect them from Invation or Monster is our duty to do that and also with Ultraman..." replied Reina

"Than...i have no choice but to sacrafice this boy so Ultraman can hear this boy cry..." 

"No...!" the man use his telekenisis power and stamp Captain Reina on the wall, she was stuck and couldn't move her body

"You stay here...weakling human's..."

"Mommy...!" cry Captain Reina son

Just then, Haruto showed and kick the man on the stomach, the man quickly released the boy and fell down. He wouldn't tought someone else knew he was here as a Kyrieloid and the captain, he was in his angred mod for the teenage boy to interupted his conversation.

"Sorry...this kid wouln't be any sacrafices..." said Haruto

"You...the general of first squad grandson right...?" ask Captain

" is me..." 

"Human's...why are yo..."  the man suddely disappeared and Captain Reina was released from telekenisis power

"Thanks...err...what's your name...?" 

"Haruto...Haruto Shunya..." 

"Thanks again for saving my son...i tought i have lost him..."

"Thanks brother..." said the Boy

"My plessure..."

The ground of the city start to shake rapidly, one of the area of Kobe got blown up by Flame from the underground, same as the selected Area. Commander Nakamura odered Kiaba to piloting Chester two so it wouldn't got damage by the flame, while Shotarou piloting Chester one. Nakajima has set up something new, a technology created by him who he name the SuperSonic wave. 

"Hey, guys...! Come down, i need to attaches something...something new..." replied Nakajima

"Okay..." both of them at the same time

While the Supersonic wave is attaches, they fly the Chester with the technology to the area which got blown up by Flame. They lower their height and waiting for the new odered.

"Okay...Lauch now...!" said Commander Nakajima

"Supersonic wave...release" said Kaiba

"Supersonic wave...release" said Shotarou

Both of them attack at the same time, the supersonic wave hit the area and cause a major shaking, the human can't control they body gravity and lot's of them fall down. Only Nakajima stayed straight, he was holding the tent pole.

Chapter 9Edit

"Did it work...did the supersonic work...?" ask Kaiba

"Yeah. It currently work, long enough to keep the flame from melting..." replied Nakajima

As the night just get midnight, the citizens still on they way to the hell door whether they knew or not it was heaven or Hell. Time just wouldn't stop for a moment as Captain Reina was injured on her left leg, she can't walk or standing up straightly. Lucky there, Haruto safe her son and he help carry Captain Reina to FEARS tent where Nakajima and Commander Nakamuka were located.

Tatsumi become anger, this time the human really messing up his plan. He didn't have any choice but to face them as Hyper Kyrieloid, he will destroy everything in the city, at the same time waiting for the humans to reach the door. He jump down from the hell door to the side road, Kaiba and Shotarou noticed Tatsumi appearance and they really knew that guy. He was a friend of them back at High School, Tatsumi was the best student with all A's. He was price by teachers and also the Girls, but ever since he follow his friend footsteps becoming a drunker, he disobeyd oderes and live under tunnel. His parent really upset of him.

He watch carefully toward Chester one and two, he reconised both Kaiba and Shotarou. Tatsumi then rise his arm, which it's was burn with flame. Soon, a flame was surrounding him and also the flame from the underground rise up killing him, Hyper Kyrieloid was reborn with Wings and sharp blade from his both arm.

"So, thats his true form..." said Shotarou "Ever since at High School...he never change..always selfish as ever. He couldn't just get back from his drunker days and become a student again..." 

"We can't change the past...he's our enemy now..." replied Kaiba

Haruto made his way to the tent with the other's and Marina also there. Commander Nakamura helping Haruto brought Captain Reina down to a sit. Her leg was injured, the paramedical adventually came by and give her some medicine.

"Thank You very much...young man..." said Commander Nakamura

"My plessure to help..." Haruto turning back to see Hyper Kyrieloid was rampaging the city, it's about time for him to transform into Ultraman or Monster.

"Haruto...your going right...?" ask Marina

"Yeah...Let's go, Marina..." Haruto invited Marina to help him

While rampaging the city, Hyper Kyrieloid sense Ultraman coming but he couln'd see from the sky or surround him. He tought Ultraman was hiding from the buildings, he shot some fireball's toward the building's but nonthing comes out.

Just then, Taro appeares on a Bus Stop next to a sits. He brought some Monster Keychain's dolls for Haruto to transform into it. Haruto and Marina was suprise to see Taro appearance.

"Haruto...take the new Keychain dolls i got at the back of the school..." said Taro

"Okay,...err Gomora..." Haruto took the Keychain dolls and run to Hyper Kyrieloid while been watch by unknown kid besides the Car.

"Hmm...?" Kyrieloid sense again Ultraman but this time it's on the human who hold the Lock Spark

Haruto trust Gomora Keychain doll to his Lock Spark.

"Kaiju live!" the device began to sound. Haruto was rise up his Spark lens and began to surrounding by galaxy light. Gomora then revive back and landed infront of Hyper Kyrieloid.

"Gomora...!?" Kyrieloid began to comfuse that Gomora actually exist now tought he was turn into Keychain doll

Chapter 10Edit

Without waiting the right time to attack, Gomora dash toward Hyper Kyrieloid releasing a uppercut using his tail, it hitted Kyrieloid face and he fall down. Haruto trust again his Lock Spark, this time Gomora jumped and stamp Hyper Kyrieloid using his body, the alien wasn't sure how many ton's does this monster Gomora is, he was heaving then him.

Hyper Kyrieloid rise his left arm, soon a burst of flame coming through Hyper Kyrieloid and through Gomora burning his entire body. Haruto share's the same effect he got as Gomora, Hyper Kyrieloid released his twin wing's and start to fly to the Hell Gates, he can't waste anymore time but he got only minutes to take all the human into hell. They will be good carbon for the flame to rise greater and burn all the city.

"Do you have what it take's become the super alien power like me...?" ask Hyper Kyrieloid

"Even i don't have super power like you, can conduct flames and everything but i ensure to protect everyone in the city..." said Haruto in Gomora

"Hmm, you human are weak...non of you can safe other but instead killing each other in war..."

"It's because they can't...their heart are not clean enough to save others...even so, Human's have one thing that make they not capable to killing each other..."

"One thing...?"

"Human's can change whenever they want, to become someone important and someone special to the city, have no right to to just that..."


"Haruto...shunya...!?" said Tatsumi seeing Haruto also a host of a monster rathor than him become a host of an Alien

"Come back...Tatsumi...your parent's really miss you a lot..." ask Haruto

"'s my path that i choose to inherits the Darkness...the sweet power that can destroy Ultraman...!" 

" once a smart student back at Furoboshi High School....why did you become a's like you choose the devil path..."

"You have no judge me...i'm stronger than anybody and non human now..."

Just then, Gomora was shot by flame bullets by Hyper Kyrieloid from above, his speed geatly increase and he shot's more Bullets, Gomora was not capable to avoid it, he was hit many times and was sent flying falling down to the ground.

Chapter 11Edit

Gomora standing up again, Hyper Kyrieloid landing infront of him, he rise both of his hand at the same time causing Gomora was struck by a hell flame from the underground, Gomora was weak to avoid it, and about to disappeared if he didn't release himself from the flames.

"Everyone...can change their heart from badness to goodness people...and you just wouldn't see it on you very own eye...!" 

Haruto swing Lock Spark to his back and his left arm to infront og him, then he rise up the Spark Lens.

"Lock On!" The lock lock the door of an Ultra, it shines out Light and surrounding Haruto into a form of galaxy. Ultraman Reuz rise out while spinning from the twin galaxy.

Soon, another being of light landed down infront of Hyper Kyrieloid causing the Ultraman Appearance shocking Tatsumi and a avange time for Hyper Kyrieloid. The human force cheering for Ultraman, they didn't expected he will come again and yet it was revealed that he is the true protector of Earth.

"Ultraman...!" shouted Hyper Kyrieloid

Hyper Kyrieloid shot a burst of fireball from both of his hand toward Ultraman, before it could hit him, Ultraman quickly accelerate himself without knowing where he would be. Hyper Kyrieloid couldn't find Ultraman everywhere, from right side, left side or flight. Using his sense, Tatsumi and Kyrieloid itself with awe and shock to as Ultraman was behind him. 


"Before we fight, i wan't to ask you something...why did you like to follow the darkness when the light is always shine to human...and whi did you do to your parent like that...?" ask Haruto

"Isn't it obvious, it's my destine, i am from the darkness in every people heart, you have no right to judge me like that...! said Tatsumi "The smell of fire...!" Hyper Kyrieloid about to swing his blade to Reuz but he movement was faster than him, he was chase by Hyper Kyrieloid and stop in the middle of the city park, but Hyper Kyrieloid just past away from Ultraman and he stop infront of him. Reuz give a kick to his leg then to his right leg, he didn't stop, he quick do the same action. 

Reuz grab Hyper Kyrieloid from behind, he throw him to the black night sky but he didn't realised that Kyrieloid acctually can fly in greater speed.

"You really don't know my power yet, i can fly like you, in maximum speed...!"

"What...?" Haruto comfuse, for the moment he didn't see any wings on Kyrieloid back but it adventually exist after he throw him to the sky.

Reuz touchs his left crystal on his left arm, he cross it and shot a light slash using his rigth arm towards Kyrieloid. But it didn't hit him, he quickly do the same action but still have the same results. The FEARS knew they had to do someting, that may help Ultraman in easy battle but using the advence technology nonthing can do.

"This really powerful..." said Haruto

Chapter 12Edit

Soon, the humans throws lot's of rock's to ward Reuz, he crossess his hand to protect him from hit, he couldn't move a little step or else he has no time to safe the people. Hyper Kyrieloid just watch from the doors, laughing to Reuz, watching him beaten by a weakling humans and it's about time he use his deadly attack enough to kill Reuz forever.

"Ultraman is the enemy, we must kill the devil...!" shouted one of the people nearby

"He's the devil, me must destroy him...!" shouted another man

"Wait...wait..." Haruto looks exausted, he doesn't has right to stop the human, they didn't belived anything beside the devil and the angel

The people action really making Shotarou a stressful time, he fire up his Rizer Shooted and shot to the sky, a large explosive bullets successful making the people realised something, something they had never trully see before. A fireworks, only in Sakura Blossoms time, will a firework work out lately and that the time they all have a happy time with their sons and daughters.

"You guys, Ultraman is not...the enemy...!!" shouted Shotarou

"If you guys really think he's the enemy, why all this time he sacrafise himself to save us...!" 

"Don't you remember..., five years ago, The Beast attack, the light come and battle the Beast, he acctually won without us helping him, he should have died years ago...!"

"Shotarou..." said Commander Nakamura

"Ultraman...! " said the childrens coming from the city



Ultraman was badly injured punching by Hyper Kyrieloid, he kick Reuz in the stamoch then to the rips, he throws Reuz backward like a Judo master as Tatsumi was a Judo Belt Black back in his High School. But Reuz wouldn't give just yet.

Insert Song, Ginga No UtaEdit

Reuz throwing a chop on Hyper Kyrieloid head, the strength of Childrens have giving him courage to fight the devil. Forcing the the left, Reuz kick on Kyrieloid face sending him fly back to the buildings, it smash the buildings completely.

While Hyper Kyrieloid was weak, Reuz finally dodging to right side. He stood knee infront of Hyper Kyrieloid who was weiling his sharp weapon from his right arm.

While Reuz crosses his arm infront of his chest frocing it again like a v shape, a long light was created from his right arm crystal, but a blade was generated. With the two set for the final duel, Tatsumi was knewing his match was Haruto when fighting a sword fight and he knew all along.

"Are you ready to face death...?" ask Tatsumi

"No, but the one is dead is you...!"


Reuz rise up his blade which he generated earilier using his right arm crystal, he then strike it to the ground, a bang of shockwave was seen in the ground, the gorund crack and about to hit Kyrieloid but it stop one step from Kyrieloid. 

"Reuz Saber...!" shouted Haruto

The shockwave explode causing a burst of magma come from the underground where Kyrieloid landing after he was kick. The magma burn Kyrieloid into dust, and he was disappeared into light particles and never seen again.

"He never did use on fire..." said Haruto

Chapter 13Edit

The battle end again with Reuz victory, the peoples of Kobe was back to normal, they began to ashame themselve what they have said earilier and they promises never trust a devil again. FEARS members clap their hand to Ultraman, he was very similar to an Ultra who once fighting the dark side, his relationship with a high school boy is yet unknown somehow.

They turning their head back, Reuz finally disappeared, they hope another fight he will come again to help them, they can't fight without him. They all return back to their base as the mission today is a successes, if it wouldn't for Reuz, they had to battle until die in the hell.

Haruto seen at the park, Marina adventually come by to help him anything. Haruto injuring his arm again, it's bleed red, and again Marina wrap his bleed arm with a fine wraping cotton. It's feel Warm and comfortable.

"Thank You...again Marina..." said Haruto

"It's what i do, beside's im also a paramedict at the Trainning Area, you should come back to be the pilot..." 

"I can't...the inciden't happen, might risk me not to go again...give me time to think, the school summer vacation still on..." 

"Yeh..." Marina agreed

"But...since the grossory store is destroy, we can't have an anuall dinner tonight, it will continue next week..."

"It"s okay, i god enough time to rest my arm..." 

"Hehe, yes..."

Marina giving a hand to Haruto, he stand up back and they both walked back to Touzen City. Taro come by and landed on Haruto shoulder.

"Haruto, thats some battle you had, even you arm was bleed, Kyrieloid indeed a strong warrior..."

"Yeah...he is..."

"Shall we go home now...?" ask Marina

"Yep..." said both Taro and Haruto


At the farthest behind all the trees, the loneliness place where no other people yet going there because of a strange feelings, they set up to close the forest forever. In the dark covern, live one darkside that was seeing everything he see, he was impressed Ultraman Reuz skiiled defeating Hyper Kyrieloid. But that just the first phase of his fight, the second phase will be more chalanging than before.

Beside's him, a long big case like closet with no doors passes all along the quite and dark room only a little light come from the fire of the candle, the unknown being stood up and pick something from the shelve, it's a Keychain dolls, he place it to another thing he brought, the Counterpart of Haruto's Lock Spark, a black and purple colour spark.

"Dark Live...!" said the device

"Gunz's Seijin...!" said the unknown Being

Soon, a two alien finally come alive back from beeing a Keychain Dolls, they were prise to the dark being and thankful to him. With the happines they got from being a prisoner, they started to dance like Crazy Human's do.

"We Alive, we alive, we alive, you are not, all of you are stupid doll...haha!" but when he turn back, he saw the dakr being stare at the both of them, they quickly standing straight like a soldier.

"Hmm...!" the dark being looking sharp to the Gunzs brother, there the both of them was giving a same device when they live back, the Dark Dummy Lock Spark allowed them to pick any other Monster, Alien and Robots Doll to alive back and use the Human as they host.

"Do not worry my lord, as a Thankful gift for you by us, we will sure to invade Earth..." said on of the brothers

"I trust you both to do my work as my assistants..." said the dark being

"Ki Ki Ki..." 

The wind blowed up the cave, the most think they hate much is Wind causing them to feel cold and not feeling very well on earth. The light of the candle suddely gone. All the place dark once more.