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Title : ConnectionEdit

Appears :

Burning Beast : Ezpadas

The Light  : Ultraman Reuz


The construction side was busy everyday with all the turck's, worker's everywhere in the construct building which it will finish two months from now. The city was cold because of windy day, which giving the human some fresh air to survive in sand from the construction buildings. Who know's, the human might be happy living in Harmony, but one living thing weren't like the sound of it.

As the people, singing, whistling and running a round, the ground start shaking, and shaking until the construction building was swallow by the ground along with the workers and construction engine. Before anything could go worst, the ground finally return to normal, leaving a big hole on it as a marking the construck building. One of the man calling the police to investigate the hole and where it come from and who does it. All leaving the same question until now, everyone could hear a scary roar from the hole, and sometimes there even fire coming from the hole and to the sky. Lot people saying that the ghost of the worker's dead was trying to find the way out, but nobody belived such story like that.

Chapter 1Edit

The city was crowded with lot of people coming from all of the world, the Prime Minister also was there along with his bodyguard too listening the new anouncement made by the Japan Air Self-Defence Force. The day was fine, and the blue sky was beautiful to people eyes. Finally, the new Elite team was born and promise their made that they would protect the Earth from destruction and chaos, also fighting alongside the Red, silver and blue Giant, Ultraman. The member's was Captain Megumi Reina, Commander Nakamura Seiichi, Elly, Sosuke Kaiba, Nakajima Tsutomu and Shotaro Haruka. They are first tranner from Self Defence force but was encourage by Head Captain and Prime Minister to protect Earth, they are FEARS (Force Engange Attack And Resque Squad).

The member's cheer up for themselve and all of the people clap hands for them, the soldiers rise their hand to the head as Mark of respect to the New Team. Later then, they were taking a tour by Captain Tsugita who is the dirrector of the Team, to their Team Base, Freedom Nest. They were amzed on all of the latest gadjet and technology, Nakajima is one of the head scientits were the one who was impressed this modern day.

Then, they were bought to the tranning compound where the trainers train the Mitsubishi Fighter jet, One of them are Marina Suzuki who is new on the compound. Shotaro the only young member who stop by, peaking on Marina but was distracted by Elly by cubes his ear loops 

While their on tour, Captain Megumi Reina was officially Captain the Squad FEARS, she was a loveble person and kind woman. She once the leader of the Scientist squad to investigate and research the Lost Island, a bad thing's happen, but she don't want to tell the horoble dream she had to her Member's, as a Captain, she will lead her Team to fight all enemies and also she was really intrest to investigate Ultraman Reuz.

On their FEARS, Freedom Nest, or simply call their base, the member's introduce each other to all member's, the Captain smile on her teamates for such spirit on fighting and keeping Earth safe from disaster's. Before their leave the base, one of the soldiers suddenly come to warn them about a strange reading from the bottom of the underground on the area A-15.

Lot's off people said that the dead of the construction workers are live and trying to get back on the ground, but some of them said it just rumours and who gonna belived such nonsense story. The member's of FEARS put on their amored, shin guard and glove. They put on their helmet's on, and role out to the Chester Section, where their Fighting Jet are place.

The Mitsubishi Chester 1 was ready to flight off, same as Chester 2 and Chester 3, the gate was opened, their flyat the same time, leaving the Air Self Defence Force Nest which located underwater while the Freedom Nest was above.

They arrived on the Area where the soldiers mentioning about, their shocked to see a big hole. This area was once  filled with Construction buildings, workers and kid's playing on the field, but now it left dust and a hole weather it is deep down filling with ghost or just wind.

The FEARS investigate the place, while Nakajima and Elly are searching for clue where might be the caused of the big hole coming from. Everybody tought's it was an earthquake, some say's a monster doing the ativities but no one belived it, the last Monster who attack Kobe was killed by the Light Giant Ultraman.

Chapter 2Edit

FEARS went back to their base, leaving on traks, clues and toughs by the people living there. One think they culd belived is their is more than One Monster who still attack earth, besides the Beast who Once cause crisis on Kobe, Gorzelium attack the villagers and now unknown monster cause a big hole.

The Member's have a meeting, they discuss about the scary noise coming from the hole, one of the clues they got by the people. They said, every twelve hours midnight, they will be a scary noise come out, thats why the people tought it was the Ghost of the workers who work on the contruction side.

"Look at the clues we got from the people on Area-15, it's not something we seen before..." said Nakajima

"Well, that's all we got. Now, we're about to know what the scary voice their heard on twelve midnight..." Kaiba replied

"On my theories, the voice might be the answer to all of this, the voice must be the monster voice, no human in the world could sound like that..." said Elly

"We don't know yet if it a monster voice or the Ghost..." Commander Nakamura replied

"Do you belived such a thing...?"

"I do when it sound spooky..."

"I don't. On this modern days, there's no such thing's as ghost, and if it do, my Grandfather hunt it..." Shotarou said in serious face

"Don't be so sure about that, your joke are not funny..." Kaiba try to make a fight on Shotarou who doesn't know the meaning of respect.

"What are you gonna do tough guy...?"

"Stop it the both of you, Kaiba and Shotarou, please, we all at the same team and you are Partners and member of FEARS, there's no need a fight..." Captain Reina spoke to both of them

"But he stared it first, why should i been warn to...?"

"It;'s not about who's fault or not, this is our base and we must work together to accomplish our mission as the protecter of Earth...!" Captain Reina in angry

The both of them stop talking and didn't know what to do, this is the first time the Captain ever scold them. They turn back together without looking to everybody, they leave the meeting group to get a fresh air. The both of them headed in diffrent path without spoke to each other anymore. Captain Reina was confused about them and she didn't know how to create the bond bewteen them, if they still like this, FEARS will never complete a single mission without teamwork.

"That's shotarou sure is his attitude like a kid, still don't want to hear people saying but pretty girl sure his best part..." said Elly

"Young man we never knew, Shotarou on his teen age, he could get trouble or could risk on other member's as well..." 

"I got something to show him tomorow, so he better get ready to listen if he don't want to get trouble or something..." said Captain Megumi Reina on her team

Chapter 3Edit

The next day, Shotarou was brought to some place special to him just like Captain Reina said, they wear sweater and jeans, because of the cold weather. They have a conversation between them, while the watch the beautiful sky up on earth.

“So, what you want to talk about, Captain…?”

“Why do you like to start a fight on other's…?”

“It's because when i was a little boy, all people call me shorty and even bullying me, so i come up when i was 18, i had revenge on everyone who condemn me…” 

“You can't do that to people…” 

“Why not…?It's part of my revenge idea”

“Well, if you do that, everyone just hate you forever, and no one ever want to see you…”

“I don't care, all i know that i been risking my life to avoid from been bully…”

“Why don't you take a deep breath and talk slowly, i know you feel, but now you had better future…”

Shotarou speechless for a moment, he smile to Captain Reina for brought him to peaceful place so that he could think, and a support she gave to him.

“Now, i know, what the mean of relationship and revenge…”

“I promise myself that i avoid from revenge from now…”

“Glad you overcome you revenge spirit, i keep you words…” said Captain Reina in smiled

Back at the base, the member's was still on their room, sleeping. Nakajima on his science room investigate the giant name Ultraman, Commander Nakamura was at FEARS Gym at sector 4, Kaiba was sleeping on his bed and Elly was chatting with her friend on the Internet. All doing their own work as it was Saturday weekoff, everyone on vacation or could see their family back.

Chapter 4Edit

Captain Reina and Shotarou were back from their vacation, they both went back to their room to rest. The city was surrounding by scary noise again and this time it more louder than ever was, the whole japan can hear the noise, the people start to move out to other place and country, they can't live on the city anymore.

Haruto who was sleeping sudden heard the scary noise, he knew something was going on sinse three day has past. Not only Haruto but Marina and Kenzaki also was there hearing the same sound, the three of them try to find where the noise coming from. The clock was reach at twelve o'clock, the noise start to get louder and louder until the city began to destroy it self.

“Where this noise come from…?” ask Marina

“I can't even find it…”  Haruto replied

“Hey, look at this big hole, this might be the noise come from…”  Kenzaki nodded

“What is going on here, this city use to be peaceful place, this is Kobe, but now turn into bad things…” 

“This area was a construction site acording to the note on this letter,…”

“Construction side…?”

“They said this is will be the new Building that going to be the Prime Minister office…”  

The ground start to shaking again, A fire stike out from the hole and a monster was coming out from it, infront of Kenzaki. Haruto and Marina was shock to see the monster, it began to destroy the buldings by shot a fire bomb from his hand. This monster was diffrent from the last Ultraman fought, it's weild a fire attribute.

Haruto, Marina and Kenzaki hide behind the bus stop, watching the monster rampaging the city. While Kenzaki and Marina run to warn the people, Haruto Spark Lens was sounding something, a Conversation was go between Haruto and Ultraman.

“Haruto, beside the Lock Spark can transform into me, it can transform into something else…”

“What…?What other things i can transform beside you?”

“I have scan a monster who partically once fought Ultraman, it can do well to fight the new creature…”

“Awesome…” Haruto replied

The Spark Lens began to light up, while forming a Mark of Courage on the middle of the spark lens.

“Kaiju Live!”

“King Goldras!”   

Soon, another monster appeared on the city, a good monster where Haruto transform in. The two of them start a cat fight. The monster did't give up firing the Fire Bomb to King Goldras, but mange to stop it by its electric bolts from his horn and hit the monster. Marina was suprissed to see another monster was trying to help people but Kenzaki look concern about it, how could a monster fight to save humanity?

Chapter 5Edit

King Goldras grap the monster hand before throwing it to the other side of the city, a big lake which located the east of Kobe. But after the monster was throw in, he disappeare in the water and never show up, leaving King Goldras alone at the city. Goldras reverts back to Haruto on a silent place where nobody was see it, he ran back to Marina and Kenzaki. 

The FEARS was alert about the new creature but they were to tired to work, they come to their base with pyjamas, some with singlet and shorts. Nakajima open the navigation of the area which been attack by the new monster, they were amazed about the monster fight another monster, one is the new one and one is use to fought Ultraman back they were at childhood age. But the monster but disappeare leaving the good monster alone, And then he also gone from sight.

"Do you see what i see...?" ask Kaiba

''This is intresting, i must have to investigate that monster, is he trying to save the human too...?" said Nakajima

"We don't know yet, he must have a reason why he fough that monster..." said Commander Nakamura

"Maybe he was summon by Ultraman...?" 

''Nonsense, Ultraman can't summon a Monster like that, Ultraman just fight itself to save Humanity..." 

The next morrning, the FEARS member's member except Nakajima who was start his research on the biological about the monster, the other member's was outing to take a view on the city by flying the Mitsubishi Chester 1 and 3. They also brought some kid's with them who is verry lucky today to sit on the Chester sit and fly with the Fighters like Kaiba and Shotarou. If the kid's are happy flying, so is the FEARS.

"Wahh, the Mitsubishi Chester 1, what i always dream to fly is come true..." said one of the kid's.

"Haha, hey kid, if you wanna drive this cool fighter's jet, plant the dream on your heart and become the trainners on the Air Self Defence Force..." Kaiba said in sof voice

"I will, i will be the Jet Pilot someday to follow my father footsteps who was the First Lieutenant piloting the F-15 Eagle, his name is Shunichi Maki..."

"Maki Shunichi...?" ask Kaiba

"Yes, he is my father and a hero who save Shinjuku once with the Silver Giant..." 

"Ok kid's, it's time to flight down, the sun it's about to fall down..." 

"Uh, oh man, it's night already..." 

"Bye-bye Mr. Kaiba, Arigatou Gozaimas for flying with us..." 

Chapter 6Edit

At space, An unknown Ultra fight a hundred's robot's ultra which similar to the Ultra brother's, he use his Specium Ray and heavenly defeated them all at one shot, he also help by a blue, silver and yellow eye looking alien. 

"Thanks for the help, these robot's keep tracking me anyway, so im not safe on the space..." said the Ultra

"Sure thing, i been travelling to space to find a new home to live, i was given a mission to excourt someone to find a place so that she will be save..." replied the alien

"Well, how about the both of us come to earth, that a planet can be save and no war..." 

"Good idea, let's together of us using the space robot jet..." 

"Robot Jet...?" 

"He is my friend from another universe, he excourt the Princess and me to find the save planet..." 

"Since it was jet, may i stay in there, i change back into my Human Host form..." 

The three of them fly to the opened portal to the universe call the main Solar System, it consist eight planet and one of them is Earth.

"Hey, my name is Togabito Ichouji, you must be the princess right...?"

"Yes, im Princess Ariana, the daughter of Prince Ran and Princess Elmirana from our new planet, Planet Life, but currently it was on war, so i was given odered to stay away so i could be save, thats why i need to find a new home so that i can live in peace..." 

"A war? Your home was on war...?"  ask Togabito

"Yes, it was the Dark Ultra fault, causing the Dark war on my planet, she is black, red and female ultra, a crystal on her head, chest and arm's..."

"A crystal...?" 

"It's shine bright red light..." 

"It couldn't be Reuz..." Togabito said in quite 

"Reuz...? May i know who is this Reuz guy you mentioning about, Mr. Togabito...?" 

"Reuz, Ultraman Reuz. He's a friend of mine, we born in the same place, The Land Of Light where Ultra's like use live, but Reuz disappeare ever since the Earth was start to attack by monster, and that's why i want to search for him on space..."

"He has yellow eye, red colour body and silver, a blue round colour timer on the middle of his chest between the Crystal Of Light which it's shine blue colour..."

"Is he has the same crystal like the female dark ultra have...?" 

"I don't know, if i can saw her face, i can tell if he and she are the same, it's depending on their Crystal Of Light colour..." 

"Reuz is the successor of Ultraman Galaxy or his real name is Ultraman Ginga..." 


"A legendary Ultra, promise me you keep this secret so no one know his real identity..." 

"We all promise you..." said the Mirror Alien, Princess Ariana and Robot jet.

In the far distant universe, they all made their way to Planet Uranus, the eight planet and the second coldest planet.

"I don't want to die on cold, fly faster Jean-bot to Planet Earth...!" said Princess Ariana

Chapter 7Edit

The robot jet flying at his maximun speed, passes all the planet and their orbit's and they reach the planet called Mars, the fourth planet. They were caught by something up, a giant spaceship up on Jean-bot, and they were suck into the spaceship and accelerated to Earth without reason. 

The FEARS vacation was end, and they all have to continue they investigation on the City, where the two gigantic monster clash. They were watching the playback that was caught by the Eagle Spacy, the monster fighting movement sure giving Commander Nakamura such concern look's, how could a monster fight each other if they are the same species? 

"Is this somekind of joke...?" Nakajima said while holding a file

"The monster isn't attacking the city beyong killing the new creature..." Nakamura rise his eyebrow

"What are we going to do right now...?" 

"Captain Reina, what are you thinking...?" 

"Owh, no, i was just mummuring again, if we want to know more details about the monster, see where's the last spot he's going..." 

"The Lake...?"


Haruto was still on his bed, he was not having a goodnight sleep as the last battle happen on midnight and he even didn't have enough sleep,  for the rest of his day, living on his bed. The Spark lens was shinning on light again, but this time it showing a vision of a war happening on the unknown Planet, Haruto was suprissed and shock, a dark ultra, with a red stip and black colour body and also a crystal of light similar to Ultraman.

The Planet was completely burn and was destroy everything, the war was cruel, lot's of people living there died, and they still a soldires still fighting for the sake of their planet. But the vision didn't last longer before it disappeare, Harurto seem reconized the dark ultra, it is quite similar to Ultraman, did Ultraman have a brother?

"Reuz, do you have a brother...?"

"No, i have no family, i live my own..." 

"So, who is this Zoffy in my vision...?"

"A teacher of mine, he a lot helping me to become an Ultra, he the one let me come to earth..." 

"Awesome Reuz..."

Everyone in the city is beware on the monster, as the city was not save as usual, even for Ultraman, no one trust it gonna come right now to fight. The sky was covered by dark cloud, a massive lightning coming out, a sign of it will rain.

Chapter 8Edit

The rain finally wash the city of Japan, Kobe, lightning strike and everyone feeling cold beside's waiting to end the day. Marina went up to her room, as the day take her off, trainning to be a pilot of a Fighter Jet's, she really exausted about her feelings and she suppose to tell Haruto about her new career but was prohibited by Kenzaki, he don't want Haruto to know his plan, his Father already choose Marina as his future wife when his age rise 20 years old.

She opened her phone on her bag, one mesege from Haruto, she geantly close her eye, remembering the last memory about him before leaving to London. He was childish back they were nine years old, Haruto kind heart never loose to such a hatred of friend, as for Kenzaki jealousy of Haruto he aware of Haruto and pretend to be his friend, he did not like Haruto the way his kind heart.

Marina fall asleep on her bed, leaving her phone beside her and the picture frame on the wall, a childhood memory of her and Haruto. The past already happen and their's is no way it would happen again, the time will always go foward and never return.

Haruto still waiting for the rain to stop, he also exausted, like the rain will never stop. He remember the last time he transform into a Kaiju, it's something like he never imagine it will happen, all of Ultraman series he saw on the video only transform into an Ultra. But this time, it is uniqued type Spark Lens, not just it can talk or sound, it also leave a unknown Mark on his hand holding the Lock Spark.

Back at the Freedom Nest, FEARS member Kaiba was practicing his shooting skill using the GG Shooter and Rizer Launcher, while shotarou take a flight with  Mitsubishi Chester 1, the both of them was on duty to stay up all night on their Base, as the sentence for a fight while they all meeting's.

"It's oke if we're both got sentence, but don't ever gave us opinion to leave FEARS..." said Kaiba

"Yeah, i've agree with Kaiba, i can't afford to loose this job and as a protecter of Earth..."

"You both get trouble, as the director of FEARS i can't allowed it happen to you, you just stay up all night and sleep here..."

"By the way, where's is Captai Megumi Reina...?She suppose to be here right now..." said the Director

"Owh, she's at the air-port today, said that She waiting her son who was studied on London, return to Japan after a long stay up on England..."

"It doesn't seems very like her, go somewhere without imform to me first..."

"Maybe she just forgot to do that or you likely didn't often come here as a director, the trainning squad need a Captain like you to lead the new squad..."

"Of course i must lead the squad, what do you think i am, sitting on a comfortable chair and drinking coffe...?"

"Who knew's, sir you might end up like Captain Nakamura hidding secrets but can't hide from us, he also drink at his friend bar, fresh milk only..."

"I take back my word for it, Commander Nakamura was always be the best to lead us, as seen he is cool and level-headed guy to all hot chicks on Japan..."

"That's Nakamura i know..."


"Tell us about Ultraman, what did he look like when the first time you saw them, director..?."

"Well, same like the original we saw on TV, he has blue shape round head on his head, a blue light source between his glowing light thing and he has a red and silver strip, that's all..."

"Actually, the glowing thing on his chest is called a Colour Timer, a warning life force to him, if it flashing red that's mean it was warning Ultraman his time limit is up, if it blue it condition still fine.."

"What about the blue light thing on top of his round head...?"

"That will leave us a question, as you can see Ultra come from various universe such as their Original planet Nebula, M78, their home..."

"Uh,uh. I've understand right now..."

"You both may leave now, i need to be alone for few minutes..."

"Roger..." said Shotarou

"Roger..." said Kaiba

"I can sense something was coming and it is not good..." Shotarou said to Kaiba. The both of them run to their base and opened to map sequence, they are one red point on the map as a conclusion there are Monster was there but it cannot be seen.

"Called out the member's, we're got monster to destroy, it reaching fast from the lake to the city, we may have no time for this..." Kaiba using his Pulse Connecter on his right wrist and he connected to call out FEARS members.

Chapter 9Edit

FEARS was reunite on the Freedom Nest, Shotarou showed the red point signal on the Map sequence, it is shown the area is a Lake. The signal getting's strong anf strong, the time maybe not it's waiting, the number of Dark Energy become increase time by time.

Now it's not the time to relaxed or having a coffe break, the city could get attack if they didn't ready by now.

Kenzaki and Marina was at the city mall, Marina think's to give a gift to Haruto as a welcoming back to japan gift. The city began to shake again, the thrid time having the same trouble, everyone was panicked and run away in fear. They tough it was an earthquake will happen at the city, but they were wrong. The lake turn into red colour in circle shape, it release a fire roar and a large monster jump and landed on the city.

"What was that...?" ask Marina

"I don't know. Whatever it is, it don't like it..." 

"Hey, you don't like to see this, a monster was rampaging the city, you all get out of here now...!" shout Commander Nakamura to the people in the mall

"A monster...?" she asked, somehow it's doesn't seem true

"Didn't Haruto just defeated the monster last night...?" 

"What do you say...?" ask Kenzaki

"Uh, It's nonthing, we should get out of here right now..."

"Why do you say that...?" he asked, somewhat disturbed by the comment.


"By the way, where's is Haruto...?He should be right here right now...!" said Kenzaki

"I don't belived it, how come a monster still alive even it was defeated by the other good monster we saw last night..." 

''This is not the time to think about that, save our life's more important than that. If we all die, our dream's will be nonthing but just a stupid things..." 

"How can you say like that...!This isn't about a dream, it's about it lifeforce still alive, if this happen the whole people could get killed eating by him..." 

"Sorry, im late again, i knew he still alive, the Lake are just like a nest to him..." Haruto noodded


"What are you telling about it's nest...?"

"I said that, the Lake operates as the monster nest, so he get air from the water and food from a living thing's on the lake..."

"You guys over there, what are you doing right here...?It's not safe right now, go to the Defense Military shelter" said Kaiba

"Director Son Kenzaki and young trainner Marina, and the Grandson of Veteran leader squad Haruto...?" 

"Don't worry, the Human race will never fall and extinct to that Monster, we all gonna be safe as long FEARS on duty. Trust me, the battle just began to have fun..." 

Chapter 10Edit

The clock needle start pointing to twelve afternoon, the monster start it's rampaging. Lot's of city was burn in fire, leaving no mercy to people living or running there, he stamp it if anything blocking it's way. As for FEARS was ready, the highly newest tech Mitsubishi Chester one, two and three was flying across the city towards the monster location. 

They start louching some missels to the monster, it hit it's body and it roar in pain. He unleashing it fire bomb from it mouth. The chester freely avoid the attack in good looking shape, it is ture they are the skilled trainners once. Chester three launch another attack but this time in a lassers form attack.

Illurstrator of FEARS, Yazumi list it's codename will be Ezpadas, a fire type monster living underground, the same as the last Monster. He tried to connected with Ezpadas but normally not all monster talk much then Alien's. 

Chester three lasers was hit Ezpadas head, and it fall down in hurt, a dark energy surrounding him. It's given him a new red eye and power's, a sharp blade on his rigth arm was released. This time Ezpadas was more uniqued and stronger. Even for Haruto, the Dark Energy come from an unknown dimension itself, same as the Illustrator shock to see the dimension which it possible that someone has created it.

"Unknown Dimention...?Impossible!" said Yazumi

"This is rarely happen to this beautiful city, where's is that boy anyway...?" said El who appeared on the main side road


"Where did you come from...?"

"Not my day to replied, you will now i will disappeared and appeared everytime..."

"At one point, this monster was name Ezpadas by the Illustrator from the Human force squad..."

"They are called FEARS or Force Engage Attack And Resque Squad, it's the new Human squad to protect the world from disaster like this..."

"Well, i respected the crew. They fight like a real soldiers, and that's important to save the world..."

"Currently this is not over yet, i saw a portal sent a dark energy to give the monster a new strength and power, you see the blade right..."

"Must be the other King's that want the monster power up so that the human will have no chance ..."

"Seem like it..." Haruto silents for a moment

Chapter 11Edit

Shotarou ran to the main road in such speed, he was the School runner once in his teenage life schoolboy, so it doesn't weakend him or get tired. His mission is to evacuted the remaining people there, but it was full with fire burn everywhere.

He looked at a child on the road, he cried and cried because he was stuck between fire. Shotarou called out the child but he couldn't here, he's too far away.

"Hey, Kid...!Where are you...!?" shout shotarou

"Help me...!! It's hot right here...!" the kid voice

"Hold On, I'm coming...!Wait for brave!" 

But Shotarou deal with a bigger problem, a big rock which just got crash is blocking his way to the kid, it's is between them.

"Kid, are you there...?!" said shotaoru

"Yes,please help me, i can't breath..." the kid voice become slower and slower like he will die smell the Haze of Fire.

"Be brave, i know. I have been lile this once when i was a kid..."

"The city was destroy by a Beast, i giant one. It destroy everything in his hand, tough Kobe was the one his destroy. I belived, if Human can created a spirit among their Heart, we can win this just like Ultraman did to save us..." 


"He will defenetly come, even i just hate him, but i ensure and i can't fight if he not around..." 

"I wan't to see Ultraman, it just part of my dream..." 

"The soon i can't get you out of here, we can all see Ultraman..." Shotarou also was about to painted in fire

"Are you okay...?" the voice of Haruto

"Who are you...?" ask Shotarou

"Calm down. Im Haruto, a friend of Kenzaki, the son of the Director of FEARS. I come to help..." 

"Uh, Thanks anyway. I can't handle this my self, help me push this piece of rock..." 

The both of them push and push as hard as they can, but nonthing works. Haruto remember that he also has some abilities he didn't masterd. Haruto and Shotarou push for the second time, this time they did it, they finally move away the rock. The boy was painted on the road, Shotarou rush out to picked up the boy, the both of them make they way out.

Chapter 12Edit

FEARS keep to attack Ezpadas, everyone in the evacute place watched theire fighting the monster, including Marina and Kenzaki. Ezpadas fire a firebomb from his mouth in odred to blow the Chester away, it's not working because of Chester two high speed movement making the Monster hard to targeting his fire bomb. He walked slowly to the Old building's and crushed it into pieces, he's aware of the more missels coming up from chester three so that he would not get more damage on his body.

Ezpadas keep his movement to shot his fire ball to Chester two, but couldn't reach the flight jet movement in air. Unfortunately, his fire bomb manage to knocked down Chester three where Commander Nakamura piloting. He was not safe as the oxygen finally out and he term that he will crash on the Mayor building's. Again, he was crashed on the bulding's but Commander Nakamura safe from dying. Ezpadas smile happily to it's first pray, he set to fire another Fire Bomb to Chester three, Commander Nakamura still inside the Jet, he was stuck and couldn't get out. 

At the time, Haruto run by the main road while avoiding the pieces of crashed building's, he rise his Spark Lens to the sky.

"Kaiju Live!"

"King Goldras!" voice of the Spark Lens

Haruto transform into the good monster who once fought Ultraman, King Goldras. Ezpadas was shocked to saw another creature besides him, Goldras charge up his horn in a lightning bolt and shot a Thunderbolt's to Ezpadas. It hit Ezpadas and the monster roar in pain, it began to become angrier of his unknown species who suppose to attack earth like him turn into Enemies.

"It's that monster again we saw on the Video Replay, it come to battle Ezpadas..." said Elly

"Well, i don't care who is he, all monster must we eliminated at once..." Shotarou voice defensively

"Don't ever forget, not all monster we have to eliminated, there are some species that don't attack earth but they are one of a living thing's on earth..." 

"Chester one and Chester two, get ready. Back up the Lightning Monster..."


Ezpadas shot another Fire ball to King Goldras but it has no effect on it's hard amor on his body. They both of them start a catfight while Chester one and two are on King Goldras back. But Ezpadas was to fast to release him from King Goldras punch. Suddenly, his hand start to change into new look's, a sword was exist on his hand. With his speed, he slash King Goldras on his body. Only a little scratch of wound and it's was bleeding.

"If it come to this, i have no chance to fight him. His much powerfull at this point..." said Haruto

Chapter 13Edit

King Goldras keep avoiding the blade, so he could not get more damage or he also disappeare into the Spark Lens. He charge up his horn again, and strike Ezpadas with lightningbolts. Like Ezpadas, he dodge the attack easily. He shot two Fire Bomb at the same time ot King Goldras, it hit him and he roar because of the pain, Haruto also feel the same but he didn't get any scratch on his body or somewhere. Chester one and two keep firing the laser's at Ezpadas. Like King Goldras, it hit him and fell down rolling around on the ground.

"Why it's is so hard to beat Ezpadas, like it have some kind of Dark force surrounding him...?" said Kaiba

"Calm down, the creature's didn't feel anything with laser's, how about we try bullet's like Bazooka..." Commander Nakamura showing up the Rizer Launcher

King Goldras stand up again wtih much spirit to fight, he rush to Ezpadas and throw him a punch on the face. Just about King Goldras release his tail to knocked down Ezpadas, he has been fired by Fire Bomb from the back. He was weak to fight now, King Goldras was punch by the creature's and slash again on his back. Marina on the other hand adventually come to support Haruto even she now it was dangerous situation. Haruto sense Marina coming, but couldn't do anything while he was King Goldras form.

"Haruto, Don't give up...!" said Marina 

"I can't loose now, i still have dream to archived...!"  Haruto, rise the Spark lens with his right hand, a Mark of Destiny glow on his right hand and the face of the device open up

"Lock On...!" the device voice. He swing it to his back while his left arm in front of him, then he rise up the Spark Lens again

The light come out and surrounding Haruto. Ultraman rise up while spinning in the form of twin galaxy. Ezpadas was staring at the the blue light, Ultraman landing on the ground by kicking up circle of durt. The people start cheering to him as the Hero come again to save the city, the Children's also smile and some of them shout Ultraman. The creature's start firing a fire bomb to Reuz, but he receipt it with his right hand easily. Reuz keep his fighthing stance as he prepare for Ezpadas next movement as he did before.

Ezpadas start to move toward Reuz with super speed, same goes to Reuz with his acceleration even faster than the monster speed. He grap Ezpadas while giving him a punch on it's stomach. Again, Reuz moved to give a kick to the left side of the monster, it rolling down again on the ground. The monster want to slice Ultraman like he did to King Goldras, but Reuz already sence it's movement, he grap the blade with his right hand withouth getting damage, he swung it to the left. Reuz bent his hand and performe a elbow attack to Ezpadas, he swing his hand to the monster head, it fall down again, making the monster cry out in pain.

Commander Nakamura and Shotarou watch the two giant fight like a Cat and Dog, but they keep cheering to Ultraman and hope so that he could win this battle. 

Ezpadas seem's moving his mouth, he start to communicated with Reuz which the Human could not understand. He rise his hand to front, a fire bomb glow out and fire to him. Reuz crossed his hand around, protecting him from the Fire Bomb.

Marina watched Reuz forcing to crossed his hand to protect him from the Fire bomb, it didn't stop firing at Reuz. Haruto was exausted and couldn't do anything beyond protecting from hitting him. Marina giving confident to Haruto and she belived that he could win this battle.

Chapter 14Edit

"Kaiba, Now...!" Commander Nakamura sending a call to Kaiba using the Pulse Connecter

"Im already on it, Commander..." replied Kaiba

Chester one shot two type of missels from the sky, the missels moving fast and it hit Ezpadas. He stop firing his fire bomb to Reuz, he opened up his hand and standing on Ezpadas who is roaring in pain. Reuz turned to Ezpadas and his fist start to glow blue colour, Reuz give Ezpadas a punch on it's face again, this time he didn't fall. The monster body start to burning and burning like the temperature was in high level. Elly who was on the computer saw the Monster motion and she move to press her computer keyboard to detect the Monster inner body.

"Impposible...!""There's a bomb on his body, and about to expload...!" said Elly

"Commander, there's a bomb on the monster body and it's not waiting time to blow..."

"What do you say...?"

"Now what we gonna do...?If it's exploade now, the whole city or maybe the world will shared the same fate..." replied Shotarou. He could not control his motion

Reuz turned and look at Ezpadas who cannot control his body and movement.

"I know the place where should die..." said Haruto while swing his spark to the right

Reuz ran toward Ezpadas, he hold him from the back and throw in with little effort to the space. The FEARS didn't belived what the Ultraman have done second's ago. When Ezpadas reach the space, Reuz start to take a flight to the the sky, with his Extreme speed, his nowhere to be seen after he flew out to the space.

"Woah, that's the fastest thing i ever see on my whole life..."  said Kaiba after seeing Ultraman flew 

"He, even faster than a jet plane or a rocket..." Captain Reina nodded

On the space, Ezpadas stop his gravitional which surrounding him and release it, he stop in the middle of the the Moon and Earth. He saw Reuz flying toward him in hyper speed, he couldn't do anything but the start counting down to exploade. With that start, Reuz put his hand in X formation between his chest, his Crystal of Light start to change colour which before it was blue now it was red with flame surrounding him. Reuz gathers red light energy from the heat of Ezpadas while spreading his arms apart, a energy of  fire ball form holds by his hand, he forcing it to the right direction.

"Overdrive!" said Haruto in the form of Ultraman Reuz

Reuz tosses a fire light ball in a form of a beam with his right hand while his left hand balled up into a fist. The beam strike Ezpadas with no chance to avoid it, it hit Ezpadas on the chest and destroyed the monster in large explosions. After the battle over, Reuz change into a Light and send Haruto back to Earth while he was now at the Spark lens. 

The FEARS member's taking a deep breath before releasing it away. They set up to return to the Freedom Nest as today Mission was success with the help of Ultraman. Haruto appeared on the park as sun rise down, it's getting night.

"Marina, you wouldn't belived what i saw on space..." said Haruto

"The beautiful planet Earth, the star shinning bright and the other planet's, i hope someday i would be an Adventurer..."

"Woah, tell me more what you see on space, i never truly saw it yet.." Marina smile at Haruto

"C'mon, i tell you with Kenzaki at the Shop..." he said to Marina "Thank You Haruto, You save the city that we love again..."