hunter Knight Ragul/ ultraman Ragul
Human Host/Form: none
Gender: Male
Age: 8,7000
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Home world: nebula M78
Series: ultraman renius
Type: sidekick ultra/hero
Fighter Type: melee
Fighter Sub-type: ranged
Family TBA
Affiliation Ultraman Renius (brother)
Created by flurrthegamermixel

Ultraman Ragul or Hunter Knight Ragul is the brother of Ultraman Renius

History Edit


ragul is renius' brother. he left the LOL(land of light) with renius. xelz. and angel. he also trained for 400 years in where they stayed.

Ultraman Renius (series) Edit


Rise of the Dark Cross Edit

Ragul appears in the Rise of the Dark Cross roleplay as an ally of Renius, alongside Ultraman Xelz and Ultrawoman Angel. He is a recurring character throughout the first roleplay, though remains absent in the second.

Abilities and Weaponry Edit

  • Ragul Saber: Ragul's main weapon. it fuels most of his attacks(its not in the picture btw)
  • Antroz Mega Strike: Ragul holds his sword up in the air and then swoops it down. creating a beam of energy.
  • Vamprah Super Stream: Ragul pulls out his blade that is attached to his wrist and attaches it onto his head. and then crosses his arms in a L position and fires a blue and cyan energy ray.
  • Ragul Disk: Ragul creates a disk of energy and throws it at the opponent. its like his own ultra slash.

Trivia Edit

  • Art by Zenon

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