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Ultraman Powered: THE MOVIE (ウルトラマンパワード:THE MOVIE, Urutoraman Pawado: Za Mubi) is an animated film based on the Ultra Series: Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero. The series was a prequel of the upcoming Animated Reboot of Ultraman Powered.


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  • W.I.N.R. (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team)
    • Kenichi Kosugi: A member of WINR's first team. He encountered Ultraman Powered during a fight with Powered Bemular.


  • Ultraman Powered (referred as Ultraman in the English release)


  • Powered Bemular
  • Powered Neronga
  • Powered Zaragas
  • Powered Baltan


  • Kosugi's name is referenced to the both actor's names: Kane and Sho Kosugi.
  • The movie's actual title is: 劇場版ウルトラマンパワード(Gekijouban Urutoraman Pawado).

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