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Title: Nemesis fromt the Dark Nebula


Space Dragon- Death King


The Dark Nebula, a dumping ground of the galaxy's worst bio chemicals, and bio-weapons, a cosmic dumpyard. Here the worst space monsters are born and bred, here the Ultras keep a watchful eye for anything going in or out.

One such thing left with impunity, a purple orb of energy, it shrugged of the attacks of the watching Ultras as it sped of at lightspeed to a planet called Earth.

Chapter 1Edit

Orion stood on the moon with his arms crossed and staring at the blue orb. Perhaps he was staring at it because he found it beautiful, or he was thinking about its people, or perhaps because someone who can fly across space on their own would grow bored with stars. Regardless he soon turned to something else, a dark figure, his mother, walked out of a portal of swirling black clouds with red lightning. She was called...

"Zoe..." said Orion

"Really, that is no way to address your mother, I mean did I not teach you manners?" she said in a playful tone.

" didn't raise me at all remember...?"

"Regardless..." she said shrugging her shoulder in a laidback fashion "why did you call me here, you did call me or did you forget out to control your energy core....?" Orion looked at the Earth again for a moment before finally turning to face his mother with his arms crossed.

"I have questions only you can answer..."

"What makes you think I would answer them...?" Orion was silent "So serious..."

"I am not in a laughing mood...this concerns our people, it concerns us...." Zoe became more serious "All Ultras have Color Timers, but our people have something...different. Fundamentallywhat we have are Color Timers, they hold the same weakness, the same functions yet ours is different...."

"We survivors called this a Heart Stone..." said Zoe

"There are others besides you..."

"There were, we hid in the Dark Nebula, we found so many terribly strong monsters, many died..."

"I know the place..." said Orion "The Dark Nebula is filled with poisonous substances and space monsters, it is unwise even for Ultras to go there...."

"Well I am all that's left, of all the changes it seemed my was most suited for survival..."


"Oh yes..." said Zoe "You must've notice my new body armor, in that dark place, fighting those fiends, some of us gained crest mounted blades, arm blades, body armor, we were mutated by that place..."

"No...." said Orion "The stuff of UIltras does not allow for such mutations and mutation like that would be fatal, your bodies adapted, these...Heart Stones, they record damage..." Orion looked at his.

"But you haven't changed..." said Zoe, mocking him "A bit jealous, weakling...?"

"I wonder if it is because of this wound..."

"Wound...?" said Zoe perplex. She then looked at Orion, she truly looked as an Ultra could but a human could not and saw the scar, the old wound in his color timer, it was not very wide but it was deep, going into his energy core.

Orion jumped back in surprise when Zoe's hand approached his color timer. He was even more shocked when she stepped forward and touched it. There was no surge of dark energy, it wasn't an attack, she was just touching it.

"This wound..." she said in a solemn tone "I've seen men die from less to their color timer, how did you survive?"

"I...I nearly died, it was at the end of the machine war..." Zoe was silent, she had heard of that battle, she had seen some of the fights. In this moment she was impressed, in that moment her eyes were yellow, something neither of them noticed.

"My brother was targetted from behind..." that moment was over and Zoe retracted her hand "I pushed him out of the way but didn't have time to defend myself, it was the second time I almost died, the first was when..." He looked at Zoe "When I went to the Dark Nebula...did we....did you?" Zoe stepped back and disappeared in her clouds, leaving Orion alone on the moon.

Chapter 2Edit

"Something wrong...?" asked Shadow. She was Zoe's human host, dwelling inside her inner darkness. There she stood, more aptly she rested on her side as Zoe's original form, the source of the darkness stood silently brooding. She resembled a tolkien (Lord of the Rings) elf, with long black hair in natural dread locks, cat like eyes and talons, she wore plate armor over her clothes and a cape.

"What do mean...?" she replied, not looking back.

"Orion has always been your enemy, I at times even forget he is your son. But just now, I felt something rather...tender..." Zoe gave her a look, "Oh come on, when you heard how he almost died...there was light in her, then when he spoke about his brother...Why do you hate the Ultras of the Land of Giants?" Zoe turned back around.

"All that we were, was not lost when our people went mad, it was lost when they came to our world. Their attack not only destroyed the rabid ones, but also forced us few survivors of world. Fearing for our lives we hid in the Dark Nebula where we were picked off one by one, Many of Orion's siblings and cousins and elders did not die on our home worled, they died in that thick blackness..."

"So now, you hate Orion because he has joined with them...?"

"My son is their pawn, I saw his true potential you know, it is a thing that scared me, power such great power, it scares me even now and i sensed it has only grown. But they have chained it, both mentally and physically, my son can live in freedom or die their thrall, that is his choice."

"Really now, you would want nothing better than to turn him to your side...what ist that...?" An image appeared in the darkness, an image of the depths of space, it focused on a purple sphere flying at post-light speeds.

"It is..." said Zoe "An old 'friend' coming to say hello..."

"I thought you were the only Ultra to survive..."

"I am..." Zoe's eyes glowed red and Shadow watched as the purple orb changed course.

Orion stood in a field blue energy, waves of light rolling all around him, healing his wounds and restoring his strength. He was not asleep although that was what the dimension was for, with his opponent being an Ultra this dimension, meant to be a safe house was not safe. Suddenly his Wiseman's Eye shined it had picked up something he normally would not have noticed. An image of space appeared before him, an image showing a purple orb flying towards Earth.

"An..invader...?" said Orion. He was clearly unfamiliar with the energy signature.

"If only..." said a voice. Orion turned to see the transparent image of his step-father, Torrent.

Chapter 3Edit

Orion was surprised by this visit, especially since his father was in another galaxy, this message would clearly take a great deal of effort.

"Father, why are...what is that thing..."

"That, my son..." said Torrent pointing to the screen "Is the King of the Dark Nebula..." Orion immediately turned back to the image, he knew of that place.

"Do you remember when you visited it, when you almost died, from your wounds the doctors presumed you had ran into that creature..."

"How did I survive long enough for you lot to save me..." Torrent was silent "What...?"

"Now, that you a safe way of accessing that form, you should know..."

"Know, what...?"

"You came out of the Dark Nebula in a red and black form, a darker version of your red form, it bore similar traits to..."

"Zoe..." he said with an unhappy tone

"Yes, you manhandle me, Gigas and Prime..."

"I remember Prime saying something about that... does that mean that..."

"Like Zoe, you have the power to strengthen yourself with Minus energy, or so we suspect...We want you to come home son..."


"Zoe is clearly to powerful for you to defeat, and this creature, the only time you defeated it was when the red light took you and it is still alive...As you are now, you cannot defeat this creature..."

"I cannot just leave the Earth now, how long will my replacement take to get here...?"

"A few days, given his speed..."

"Then until then, I will wait... for whoever gets here first."

Chapter 4Edit

STAR's Zephy Base was in an uproar, alarms went of and people scarmbled about. In this confusion, in this bedlam, no one noticed Alex just walking down the hallway.

In the STAR Elite meeting room, they were all there, Vincent, Haley, Mizuki, Tachibana and the Commander. Vincent was at the top of the table with Haley and the commander controlling the images on the monitor with his laptop.

"These readings..." he said are abnormal and of the charts! All we know is that they are heading towards us and they are gravitational in nature..."

"How much time..." asked the Commander

"Not enought to formulate a plan, it could be here within the hour, a few minutes, we're having a hard time tracking what this is..."

"It's called a travel sphere..." everyone looked back to see Alex.

"Alex..." said Mizuki "Did you come too..."

"What do mean travel sphere...?" said Vincent

"Several species, like my own can generate gravitational warp, they can create a sphere of phase where the space in front is compressed and the space behind is expanded upon.

"Like a warp field...!"

"Yes, that is the basic purpose of a travel sphere, this one is being generated by a monster called...Death King..."

"Death King...?" asked the commander.

"It is a Bio-Weapon created on Planet Torn, a planet long held as invaders, they created Bio-Weapons for use and sale and for that many sanctions were placed on their planet. To break free of the Ultra's shadow they created a beast most powerful..."

"So they sent it..." said Haley

"No, the first world it destroyed was Torn, it's native species is now extinct. Death King then migrated to the Dark Nebula where it lived as king..."

"Dark Nebula...?" asked Mizuki

"Monster are attracted to places strong in Minus energy, dark emotion but also unnatural environments, pollution, deforestation, places where life dies in a continuous fashion generate Minus energy. The Dark Nebula is the dumping grounds of the galaxy, many monster have gone to call it home. Death King is arguably the strongest."

"And he is coming here why...?" asked Vincent

"Zoe..." said Tachibana "You said she generated that Minus field responsible for monsters first appearing right, it is the only thing that makes sense..."

"I cannot..." said Alex "Approve or disprove your theory, but it is not beyond her..."

"Can't you just send her packing...?" said Mizuki. Alex looked at her.

"Her clouds, her pocket dimension, it is hiding her from detection..."

"So how are we going to stop...?" asked the Commander. Alex sighed.

"What...?" said Mizuki

"You came here..." said Tachibana "to tell us not to interfere..."

"What...?" said Mizuki standing up.

"This thing..." said Alex, it is covered from head to toe in beam resistant armor, its energy attacks would just eat through your hulls and armor. You litterally have nothing in your arsenal to stop it..."

"But you can, because you can fire beams from your hands!" shouted Mizuki

"No..." said Alex.

Chapter 5Edit

Mizuki suddenly calmed down, sitting back down as Alex began to talk again. "Another Ultra, a stronger Ultra is on their way to take over my duties..." he said

"What's wrong with you...?" she asked.

"It is clear I am not strong enough to defeat such a creature, that said I will fight him, not to beat him..."

"But to hold him off until your replacement comes..." said Haley


"So..." said Mizuki "You are going into a loosing battle, hoping help gets there on time...that's madness...!"

"Regardless..." said Alex "You cannot enter this fight, if you do, lives will be pointlessly wasted!" There was silence in the room.

"How..." said Mizuki "Could we look ourselves in the mirror if we let an alien die trying to protect 'our' world...!" At first Alex said nothing then he looked up.

"He's here..." suddenly the alarm went of and an image appeared on the monitor showing a purple sphere approaching Earth. The group turned around to see that Alex was gone.

The sphere flew past Earth's defenses, brushing of missiles and lasers alike. It flew past all of these to appear above a costal city. There the 'sphere' burst open and a giant beast landed in the middle of a highway. Its landing kicked up tons of dirt and caused a tremor felt around most of the city. Death King had arrived.

The monster looked around at the city, at the cars, the buildings, the scared people inside all and on the streets and immediately decided it hated them all. Its mouth opened, yellow bolts of electricity arced between its fangs as it prepared to fire. That was when a bright light appeared in the sky, it turned towards it and Orion's image flashed in its head. It fired its beam into the sky, and seconds later a beam struck it on the brow. The attack did little to nothing to such a beast but now its target had changed. its wings opened wide as it took of into the sky at high speeds.

Chapter 6Edit

Death King flew over the sea in the direction of the light that first caught its attention. It flew for mile trying to find it again when Orion suddenly appeared above it and kicked it into the water below. Orion took of top speed and the beast appeared out of the water roaring in rage. Orion flew from side to side dodging potential energy blasts and trying to lure the beast to a deserted island. He looked back to see the monster's wings doing something. Purple energy arced from the body to the tips where they were fired of as purple bolts. Orion turned around quickly and erected a shield, but with every hit he could feel his shield withering away. These were not like the other energy blasts used by monsters, heat rays were mainly high pressure chemicals that immediately burned when they touch the atmosphere, electrical bolts, plasma balls, those were not a problem for his shield, or any Ultra's shield, even lasers. These things however were gravity bolts, bolts of dark energy that interffered with the phase energy that made up his shield. Orion was fighting a monster made to kill Ultras.

Death King fired a yellow beam from his mouth, it resembled lightning but it was a large gravity bolt that shattered Orion's shield and sent him flying back. Orion felt his chest being compressed as the beam pushed him through the air. With a pulse of energy he freed himself from it but was still sent flying, skipping across the ocean surface before catching himself and taking of into the air.

Orion looked down as the beast flew up to him, he moved to the side barely missing being hit. Death King turned and swung at him, Orion back flipped and the gave the creature a flying kick to the chest sending it back. It charged him, Orion grabbed its head, jumped over it and threw the creature back down to the ground. Orion followed it, summoning his flame hair, he coated his energy and gave the monster a flying kick to its chest all the way to the ground, leveling a mountain on the deserted island, one of many man-made islands.

From the dust and ruins that were the mountain, Orion jumped out, covered in light and landed before turning ot his opponent, he was now back to normal. Death King stood up out of the middle of the crater, barely affected by that. It stood up, opened its wings and roared, giving out a bellow so deep and loud it cleared away the smokescreen around it.

Orion was pushed back a bit by that sound blast, knowing the kind of foe he face and knowing they were alone on that island, Orion resolved to fight at full power. He brought his bracelet to his Heart Stone and it shined a pure red light, an aura that covered his body and merged with it turning him into his red Berserker Mode.

Both giants charged the other, each time their foot touched the ground, dirt was kicked up as the left craters. They clashed against each other, locking arms and trying to over power the other. Orion found himself being pushed back and so broke free one of his arms to plant his elbow in the beast's neck. With this position he was now pushing back back Death King, that was until he swatted Orion in his back putting him on his knees. Death King's kick made him stumble back and onto his feet, then the creature lunged for his color timer with its mouth wide open. Orion arms came up, catching the creature by the lower jaw, he forced its head up and delivered several knee strikes to the monster's side before pushing it back and delivering a double jump kick to its chest.

Death King stumbled back and then immediately charged him again. It swung at Orion several times but he blocked them with outward blocks, followed by a double inward block and a double punch to its chest and stomach that made the beast stumble back. Orion lunged at the monster, his fire hair was back for this moment and burning red. He grabbed the monster by the waist and with his summoned strength and planted it face first into the ground before getting back. As Death King tried to pull its head out of the dirt, Orion charged a beam to his side. As the beast finally stood up Orion fired a fiery red beam from his fist into the creature's back. There was a large fiery explosion and Orion went back to his fighting stance as Death King turned around, unaffected by the beam and the fire.

Chapter 7Edit

"Is that thing for real...?" asked the Commander. It was him and Vincet in the Elite meeting room. The rest of the team saw the same satelite footage via the com system in their helmets. They all watched as Orion continued to fight the monster, holding his own but ultimately the underdog of the fight.

"That beam..." said Vincent "Was much hotter than his previous version, it could've probably melted through King Joe's armor....!"

"But that thing just brushed it off..." said Mizuki "I don't think he can win this fight alone..."

"I'd have to agree with you..." said Vincent "Commander...?"

Orion and Death King locked arms again, but this time Orion keeled over when the beast kneed him in the gut several times, followed by several hard slaps to his back, each one stung like a high powered laser, heating up his skin. On the ground, he was sent slidding back by a kick to the chest. Orion got up, only to receive a blow to his face, the creature's claws came down on his face, eyes and mouth, leaving sparks. Orion grabbed his face and screamed out in pain and stumbled, turning around and receiving another swip of its claws to his back, drawing light. He stumbled forward and the creature turned his head and bit him on his side. His teeth punctured his skin, allowing light to escape his body, before picking him up, shaking him about and throwing him away. Orion landed some distance away and got up holding his bleeding side.

Death King marched towards him and then stopped, his wings opened and purple energy arced from the tips to his mouth where it mixed with the yellow energy that arced between his fangs. Orion didn't know what kind of attack was going to be unleashed, he didn't care. His Wiseman's Eye summoned and absorbed particles just before he put his fingers to it and he fired a beam right into the nexus of energy the creature was going to unleash. The nexus, exploded in a burst of energy that knocked the creature down and sent it skidding back across the ground. The shockwave even knocked Orion onto his back.

When Orion got up, he had returned to his normal form and with his now glowing hand was closing the wounds the creature had left on him. It was painful but eventually he got them closed. Suddenly, Death King stood up in the distance, roaring rage as smoke came out of his mouth. It would've charged Orion had dark clouds not appeared above and abducted it. Orion's Heart Stone was flashing now and he collapsed on the ground and disappeared in an aura of blue light.

The STAR elite had gathered in their meeting room again, this time they were going over Orion's battle with Death King. All of them were surprised at how Orion barely managed to survive this battle.

"Man..." said Vincent "I didn't think I would see the day, Orion got beat like that..."

"Come on..." said Mizuki "He could've won that fight if Zoe hadn't interferred..."

"I doubt that..." said Haley.

"The numbers don't lie..." said Vincent "Orion's combat power was more than doubled in his red form, but that creature was still overpowering him, its resistance to beams was greater than his, by far and it bit into his skin. Our missiles, our maser tanks, heat rays, even railguns have failed to penetrate Orion's hide..."

"It's true..." said Tachibana, "The only thing that has ever hurt Orion are alien weapons, monsters and Zoe..."

"Zoe...?" said Vincent, obviously thinking about something

"So basically..." said Haley "Like Orion said, we have nothing in our armory that can hurt this damn thing..."

"But it more than hurt Orion..." said Tachibana "What kind of energy was it using...?" Everyone turned to Vincent.

"Oh..." he said, caught of guard "From the readings I suppose its attacks are gravitational in nature..."

"What...?" said Mizuki

"Those little bolts from its wings, that beam, they are all causing graviton readings, they warp space, not unlike some of the readings Orion generates when firing his beams..."

"So...our armor is completely useless I take it..."

"Yeah pretty much..." Mizuki sighed

"I hope Orion is recovering, we need him more than ever now..."

Chapter 8Edit

Orion, lay on his back in an Ultra Dimension, surrounded by a white field of energy. The aura came from his hand which was glowing white as it covered his wounds. He was healing himself and he found that this Dimenion's physics were enhancing that action.

Suddenly he sat up, his aura faded and though his wounds had closed they were still sore. Without warning a pulse of dark energy knocked him down. As he try to get back up a giant foot stomped on chest keeping him down.

"You..." said Orion.

"That's no way to talk to your mother..." said Zoe.

"What do you want...? Come to finish me of...?"

"Tempting but no, I've come to see how you are doing..." Orion looked at her.

"Okay, if you're going to kill me, at least come up with better jokes..." Orion kicked her back leg, in the cup of her knee, using that opening, to move and while holding her foot flip her over. Zoe flipped but she landed on her feet and turned around.

"Well done, you combat skills are most impressive, particularly when it comes to weaseling your way out of trouble...

"That's the Zoe I hate and know..."

"I'm surprised you didn't run away and send for a replacement..." Orion said nothing "You did...!"

"I have been ordered to retreat, I'm waiting here until my replacement arrives... Someone stronger than me...!"

"How like you, running away..."

"You don't know the first thing about me! So stop pretending to know about my life just because you popped me out...!"

"How rude..." Her claws crackled with energy "I should really teach you some manners..." Orion took a fighting stance. "You can't really think you can beat me?"

"Why are you here, if not to fight...?"

"To offer you a choice...bow to me, by my servant and I will teach your true power...!" Orion stood up straight.

"Are you an idiot...?"

"Excuse me...?"

"I have fought for this world and many others despite injury and the threat of death, I have faced and defeated foes I did not think defeatable! What makes you think I would just give up now!"

"Why, why would you fight for worlds not your own...?"

"All my life I did nothing while our people did monstrous things, I was powerless, now that I have power I have sworn to stop monsters! Why would I become one...!"

"Is that all we were to you monsters?"

"No, but the monsters took everything I cared about on that world...When my replacement comes, we will defeat Death King, or die trying. That is the vow we made as Ultramen!"

"I see coming here was pointless..."

"It was..."

"I will tell you one thing, take it as motherly advice, unless you unleash your 'true power' you have no hope of stopping him, I mean really, who do you think gave the beast that scar...?"


"Yes..." said Zoe fading away into her darkness "It came here looking for revenge...!" She was gone "It came here for you, if you run, it will only chase after you...!"

Chapter 9Edit

"Can I help you...?" said Mizuki. She was standing outside Vincent's room where a man was trying to enter the door.

"Oh..." he said surprised "I'm trying to get talk to Vincent about some ideas for new tech, but he doesn't answer my em-mails..."

"He doesn't answer anyone's e-mail..." she said "But I'll see that he get's it..."

"Not to be rude, but I would rather show him myself, it being my designs and all, can you point me too him..."

"Not a clue..." The man left and Mizuki entered Vincent's room, a mess of a space filled with computer, robot parts and unwashed laundry. It had a certain stench to it, especially with the cat. "How do you live in here...?" she exclaimed. Vincent was by his computer, in a red hoodie with an eye piece on and working with a tablet computer in conjuction with his desktop.

"What...?" he said "You get used to it..."

"The idea of that is more terrifying than fighting kaiju, what have you been doing lately...?"

"I've been working on a new weapon to deal with Death King..." Mizukie looked over his shoulder at the complicated blueprints he was making.

"To kill it...?"

"No, we don't have anything that can do that, but I've been thinking, maybe we can do the next best thing..."

"Great, put the commander wants everyone in the meeting room..."

Sometime later everyone was there in the meeting room. The Commander was there standing at the head of the table with his arms behind his back and a grim look on his face. Everyone could only wait and wonder for the reason for the atmosphere.

"I've spoken with the U.N...." he said "They have authorized the use of Non-Nuclear Explosives..." Everyone gasped. Despite the term 'Non-Nuclear' it was basically the same as saying 'nuclear'. With the appearance of Plasma Tech, undoubtedly there now weapons based on plasma tech, while STAR used most of them, the were WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) based on plasma tech. Non-Nuclear meant, they weapons were not based on Nuclear Fission instead they used Nuclear Fusion. Small Fusion reactors were set to meltdown and explode in massive bursts of plasma, equal or greater to a hydrogen bomb.

"Really...?" said Vincent upset "Is that really our solution to everything, nuke it...! How many cities did we loose to those bombs, heck, most of the damage of the Kaiju Wars were caused by us!"

"Enough!" Vincent sat down "I never said 'I' approve of them, but the U.N. demands they be used to take out this thing..." Everyone was silent.

"Non-Nuclear..." said Tachibana "Do they mean Fusion warheads or..."

"Anti-Matter..." said Haley

"That possibility..." said the commander with some hesitence "will only be explored when all other options have been used up..."

Chapter 10Edit

Orion sat in his private Dimension with his feet crossed, his arms resting on his knees and his eyes turned of, the Ultra equivelant to closing one's eyes. He was meditating as his mother had taught him a long time ago, his step-mother Tori. Orion fighting style was a mixture of what he was taught in the academy, to use his passion for justice to fight, mixed with Tori's lessons, to find the best place to use that passion, a more indirect method that made up his defensive techniques. Now as he sat there his mind wandered to a time, thousands of years ago...

Orion was above the Land of Giants with Tori, the two were meditating in the middle of space, Tori sat with her palms facing upward while Orion sat hunched over and uncomfortable.

"Something wrong...?" asked Tori, who was aware of his posture, despite having her eyes 'of'.

"How do you see when your eyes are working...?" asked Orion.

"It's why we are here, you have greater potential in this art than eye..."

"I doubt that...?" Tori opened her eyes and looked at him

"That light on your forehead, it is neither a simple nerve cluster, nor a Beam Lamp, it glows with the Light of Reason, only King has this trait..."

"Light of Reason...?"

"You know the formula, but not the spirit, Orion, what is the Power of Ultra, the power you discovered in your lab..." Orion was silent for a moment.

"An energy field..."

"Composed of what..." Orion said nothing "Tiny little lifeforms correct, how strange those little things are. Merging with every cell in your body, working on the Ray level to generate more mass, creating giants of light..."

"They also create monsters...."

"So you do know...yes, those little things like al llife forms have two main paths, harmony or discord..."


"Yes,, you know of mana...?"

"The spark of life...?"

"I wouldn't describe it that way but yes, it is the energy that spells out the difference between something being alive or not, it is somehow related to the 'ghost', even artificial lifeforms may somehow gain it in their CPUs. The Light of Nature, is the original form of the Power of Ultra, unbiased, neutral, simply surviving, When the light shined out, it lost its suitable habitat, the light thus sought to merge with other beings, creating monsters and Ultras..."

"Because of harmony or discord..." said Orion in an unconvinced voice.

"Yes, yes, with the way of harmony, one seeks out their place in this universe, they understand it and from their work to shape the universe, for better or worse, with discord one simply seeks their own advancement or goals, regardless of the cost of the world around them..."

"They are evil...?"

"There isn't any real evil in what people do I suppose, but in 'why' they do it. Look at Gigas, he is the most brutish thing I know, he loves battle, but he fights for universal peace, no...?"

"I suppose..."

"The Light is a bond, a more potent form of mana, it bonds with others and follows the path they take...want to know a secret?"

"So many races have the technology to create your experiment, but they will not become Ultras, some are too primitive in terms of biology, but many do not believe in mana, they cannot quantify it and therefore reject it, much like you but they cannot sense it like you..."


"You're a scientist, I get it, but discord or harmony, you're not going to learn everything, that;s impossible, instead you should focus on figuring out what you need to do..."

"I want to become stronger, I want to protect..."

"Orion, if you face force with force, you are just going to make a clash, many good Ultras have fallen because of that idea. Take my advice, before you start hitting things, you should figure out where you need to hit...then you can bash it's brains out!" Orion chuckled a bit.

"Really, why did you marry a guy like Dad...?"

"Simple...I told him if he didn't I would break both of his arms..." Tori laughed while Orion looked at her a bit scared.

In the present Orion opened his eyes, he stood up and crossed his arms, instead of flexing them to the side as he normaly did, he opened them to the side of his body, absorbing energy into his Heart Stone and Wiseman's Eye.

Chapter 11Edit

In the darkness Zoe sat with on leg up and her hand on her knee. It was her 'human' form with Shadow standing in the back as she meditated. She was feeding on the negative emotions mankind was giving of, the fear and the hatred, all focused against anything alien, the work of another organization. With Death King's arrival on the planet, that fear had increased greatly. Dark energy swirled around her and gathered in front of her chest were it was absorbed into her body.

"What delicious fear..." she said

"A shame..." said Shadow "Orion's presence limits the amount of minus energy you are feeding on."

"Orion is not a threat to me..."

"But he may be a problem, after all, since his first appearance the stream of minus energy has gone down, even with those fools helping to spread the terror. But of course you won't of him..."

"I get the feeling your are trying to tell me something..." said Zoe with an annoyed tone.

"Let's face it, the only reason Orion is still alive is because he is your son..." An invisible force sent Shadow flying back "I'm right, aren't I, even if it takes a great deal of energy, with him gone mankind would fall into a deeper dispair, you would be feed freely, or just move to another planet and feed there, but no, you revealed yourself, you taunted him from the shadows and when you do fight him you leave, even though you are winning." Zoe turned and faced Shadow, choking in the air with her mental might.

"I do not like your insolence child, do not presume that because we share a bio-field we share the same mind. I keep Orion alive in the hopes of converting him to my cause..."

"" Zoe dropped her.

"None of your concern, I once turned him dark, long ago, he only now remembers. In his true red form his defeated Death King and gave it that scar. Thousands of years later, it has now worked up the courage for a rematch..."

"Okay...and if you can't turn him...?" Zoe was silent "Even if you get what you want out of this planet and leave, with your end game, you have no choice but to fight him, either now or later. My lady, the choice is yours..."

Inside his pocket dimension, Orion continued to train, his movements had become less physical and more circular. With each movement he made the streams of energy around his moved. By now he was surrounded by a vortex when he stopped, his arms to his side. He sensed it, Death King was back.

Death king landed on the beach next to a small town, his landing caused a massive splash of water and a tremor. Mizuki lead her squadron to fight, STAR was on yellow alert since Death King first appeared and while they knew they couldn't kill, they could at least draw it away.

Mizuki started the attack was a large number of fighters backing her up, they unleashed their vulcan turrets and plasma warhead missiles in a barrage of explosion upon Death King. It did nothing except make a brilliant light show. Death King open his wings and the group scattered, several of them were shot down.

"Vincent...!" shouted Mizuki over the com-system "tell that device is finished..."

"Sorry, you can't rush genius...!" he replied.

"Nor a kaiju attack, hurry up...!" Death King began his march to the town, he could see the people panicking and trying run for their lives. Their existence infuriated the evil creature and it opened its maw, preparing to fire its beam, that was when an arc of blue energy struck it in the side of its face, interrupting it. Death King turned to see Orion standing atop a nearby hill, beckoning with his hand. Death King roared in rage.

Chapter 12Edit

Death King ran towards Orion who flipped back and landed on the otherside of the hill, away from the town. Death King pummeled through the hill, destroying it as it went after Orion in a blind rage. It swung at Orion, who deflected it attack with an outward motion of his hand. The beast swung again and again but Orion kept deflecting its attacks in the same fashion. The beast grabbed Orion by the shoulders, with a circular motion of his arms, Orion freed himself and delivered a palm strike, this one had a pulse of energy behind that made the beast stumble back. It got up and charged its mouth beam only to knocked down by a jump kick to the side of its head with the same force behind it.

As the creature fell to the ground Orion turned and jumped some distance away, he landed turned back to the beast and beckoned it with a gesture in a mocking fashion. As much as a beast Death King was, it was somehow smart enough to know when it was being mocked. It wings opened and it fired purple bolts of energy which Orion blocked with his circular shield. It was clear the shield could not hold of such things for long but Orion wasn't planning to face them head on. With his hand spinning, the particles of his shield began to spin as well absorbing the energy until Orion curled it into his fist and sent it back right into Death King's face. The explosion was large, knocking the beast on its back.

"Clever..." said the commander "He's denying that thing the frontal assault it excells at..."

"Yeah..." said Haley "But it's still a tank of a beast..." Death King stood back up to see that Orion had gone into his red form, yet he didn't take his normal fighting stance. Death King charged and swung again, Orion caught his arm with both hands to the side and then flipped it over. With it on the ground he grabbed its tail, twirled around and threw away in the opposite direction of the town. In mid air it opened its wings to take flight but Orion grabbed it in the sky and the two made for the ground where they fell and tumbled. Standing up Death King slapped Orion in gut making him keel over before throwing him. Orion landed, rolled, got to his knees and turned and fired a beam from his forehead towards the charging beast. It struck Death King over its scar, causing it to cry out in pain and leaving it open for a jump kick to the face, a kick covered in fiery energy that had the monster rolling on the ground.

Orion ran towards the monster as it got up, but suddenly its wings opened and assaulted him with a barrage of purple bolts. Orion crossed his arms and lowered his head to brace the attack. When he looked up the monster was infront of him swinging its arm. He blocked with both arms but still stumbled back. He put forward his hand, glowing white, and stopped Death King's mouth beam, however he still found himself being pushed back before the beam overwhelmed him and struck his shoulder sending him flying back.

Orion was on the ground in pain, the monster was slowly approaching him, savoring the kill. Then he heard her voice, Zoe's voice.

"You're going to have to let go child, nothing from the Land of Giants can save you..."

"Let go huh...?" said Orion "Alright...!" Orion stood up and crossed his arms in front of him. Death King fired more purple bolts but he ignored it, as he opened his arms, shouting, flames or flame like energy erupted from his body. This aura protected him from Death King's attacks and he charged forward.

"You fool!" said Zoe "That's not what I meant!" Orion's body had bulked up and was now glowing red as he ran up to Death King and bear hugged it. With the intense heat he was giving of, Death King slapped Orion over and over, trying to get loose before...


Orion gave off a large pulse of red energy that turned into a massive explosion, creating a mushroom cloud. Several of the STAR fighters nearly crashed from the pulse of the explosion. From the smoke everyone waited to see what had happened, that was when Orion flew out of the smoke, pushed by a beam of yellow lightning, his limp body crashed into a mountain.

His Heart Stone was pulsating quickly and he simply lay there limp, too tired to fight anymore. Out of the smoke Death King came, its armor blacked from the explosion it was steaming, it was clearly injured, badly injured but it was such a beast it would ignore wounds, even though a lesser monster would be dead from them. Then the strangest thing happened, Orion laughed, he giggled, the creature turned its head in confusion. Orion raised his hand and pointed up, everyone turned their attention skyward as a bolt of light crashed down on Death King, planting a stunned beast in an even deeper crater before rising back up.

The light turned into a giant, an Ultra, who landed with his hands in their and shouted for the whole world to hear...


Chapter 13Edit

Mizuki looked at the new Ultra with a look of disbelief, Haley and the Commander rubbed their eyes, Vincent snickered, Tachibana...did nothing and Orion's hand slammed across the back of his brother's head.

"Ow...! What was that for...?"

"I'm nearly dead and when you finally get here you feel the need to announce yourself like some hero out of a kid's show!?"

"Hey, if I don't tell these natives my name, they could give me something stupid like...Max!"

"And what is wrong with Max...?" said Orion crossing his arms.

"It's childish...!"

"...And Impulse, sounds mature...?" Impulse butted his head against his brother's

"My mother, gave me this name...!"

"Actually, dad, did..."

"How do you know?"

"Mom, told me..."

"Uh you're such a momma's boy!" Death King roared and charged the two.

"SHUT IT...!" They shouted out loud in unison, before delivering a double uppcut to the beast followed by two side kicks that sent Death King flying back.

"Woah...!" said Mizuki

"Look..." said Orion "You're here so just deal with this thing while...I get...some sleep..." Orion fell backwards, his eyes were out but his other lights were on signifying he was still alive, just unconscious. Impulse knelt down to check on his brother but turned his attention back to Death King who was getting back up. He touched his bracelet, It transformed into a silver bow, with a handle attached to two bladed edges for him to use, there was no string but it was clearly a bow.

"Oi...!" said Impulse "No one treats my family like that...!" Death King ran towards Impulse, intent on going after Orion, instead he was taken by surprised by Impulse's kick, it sent waves through it body that sent it flying backwards. "Oi..." said Impulse "You face the son of the Raging Pheonix and the Violent Whirpool, the red comet, Impulse!"

Orion had withdrawn into his own mind, to tired to move his thoughts were of his homeworld its last days, then to his time in the Land of Giants, but finally to his step-mother's words. He remembered being with her up in space, meditating and trying to sense the world around him to sense Mana.

"This is impossible...!" said the younger Orion "Mana, it sounds like a faiytale...!"

"You sound like all the other races we explain the concept to that laugh at us..." said Tori "Orion, Mana is not some grand and flashy power, it is the spark of life. It is simple but in its simiplicity it is an important part of the greater universe, we Ultras would not be here without it..."


"The green light, the Light of Nature, the power you discovered was an artificial and more potent form of mana..."

"I know, the Lights of Instinct and Reason...monsters and Ultras..."

"It is more than that, regardless of what form it takes, the light is still mana, still life energy, on a quantum level and a metaphysical level, all things are connected, all life, all the energy in the universe, but you're trying to observe things and not feel them. Not every mystery was meant to be answered, because your mind refuses to accept the answers. You're trying to qunatify things that were not meant to be quantified, instead, you're going to have to be part of that world, not the other way around, now try again..."

"Really, what do you know about my mind...? No offense"

"I know you can't feel Mana...not like your fellow cadets..." Orion blushed.

In the present Orion was sensing the Mana around him, he sensed his brother's, he sensed the dark aura of Death King, he sensed Mizuki and her team he sensed the fear from the people in the nearby city. He felt the microbes in the air, the earth, the trees and the animals, he sensed the life in the nearby sea.

Vincent appeared in his own special fighter plane, this one had a special device mounted on its underside. Impulse slashed Death King across its chest, and delivered a spin kick, knocking it back. The beast stumbled back and opened its wings. Vincent pressed a button turning on the device and Death King screamed out in pain as its wing tips exploded painfully.

"Yes..." shouted Vincent.

"What did you do...?" asked Mizuki

"This thing was shooting Graviton waves and beams, so I rigged up a device to interefere with that." Death King turned to Vincent's plane and charged its mouth beam, the energy exploded in its mouth, but Vincent was still knocked down, from red lightning from the sky. As he went down Vincent suddenly stopped, he looked to see that Orion was holding him in his hand, but he also noticed something different, the light on Orion's head was now sea green.

Chapter 14Edit

Orion put Vincent down on the side and charged up, his energy hair flared up as particles flew to the light on his forehead, reducing his Heart Stone's pulsations to a much slower pace. Death King fired its beam again, but Orion blocked it with his glowing hand. He then raised his bracelet and went into his red form, stepping away from Vincent's plane.

"Bro...!" said Impulse "What are you doing...?" Orion crossed his arms, opened them and his body was set on fire again. "Are you trying to kill yourself...?"

"Trust me...!" shouted Orion, who charged towards Death King. The beast brushed Impulse aside and charged Orion whose fiery aura was brighter now. Orion ran towards Death King and scanned him, he scanned the creature's bio-Field. Then he suddenly disappeared, only Impulse saw it, Orion had accelerated towards Death King at blinding speed. Orion ran into the beast...and merged with it, connecting their bio-field's for just a second, before disconnecting them and reappearing behind the beast. His fiery aura was gone and he returned to his normal form before keeling over. Death King was stunned, it cried out in pain as its body began to glow bright red.

"Oi...." shouted Impulse. Death King turned to him, he put his bow to his Color Timer and it glowed white/blue than he motioned a bow drawing action, upon letting go a blade of energy in the shape of the bow struck the beast, leaving a glowing line down the middle, a line that allowed all the stored up energy from Orion to be released even faster, destroying Death King from the inside out via a large burst of an explosion, not fire, but a burst of red particles.

Orion sat down down with his head hung back, clearly tired and his brother sat down next to him and they slammed their arms together. Orion could sense the fear disappearing  from the nearby city, its wasn't completely gone, but it was nowhere as great as before.

"Race you to space..." said Impulse. The two took of at full speed into the air.

The STAR group returned home, Vincent got a few cheers and thanks from the others for creating that device on such short notice. He returned to his room but stopped outside.

"Was...someone trying to get in here...?" he mused out loud.

In space Orion and Impulse stood facing the sun, bathing in its unfiltered rays, what was deadly to most species was therapeutic to Ultras.

"Well...?" said Orion "I take it you're in charge of Earth now..."

"No, I just came here to deal with Death King remember, you really should start training with that thing bro..." he said refering to Orion's bracelet "I don't know what your quarrel with King is about but he gave you a powerful tool, my bracelet can sense it." Orion said nothing but looked at his bracelet "Anyways, I'm heading home, just remember, unlike Zoe, you actually have love, our bond is stronger than any darkness she can unleash..." Orion paused.

"What's her name...?"


"You of all people are telling me this sappy stuff, either, you've gone crazy or you met a girl, what's her name..."

"Shut up....!" said Impulse blushing. He took of for the long road home leaving Orion to laugh.